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Is There Proof Of Heaven

Is there any proof of heaven?

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 ---Ken on 8/26/06
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Larry,proof is to God the same as Truth. Truth-the state of being the case,Fact-the Body of the real things,events,or facts,idea that is true. Proof-The cogency(appealing forcibly to the mind or reason) of evidence that establishes,that compels acceptance of a truth or fact (Convincing).
---Darlene_1 on 10/18/09

Proof is beneath God and anything he created.
Proof won't get you into a right relationship with God and certainly won't get you into heaven.

What is proof to God?
---larry on 10/16/09

As to the color of Christs eyes there is only one place ,I remember,which speaks of that. Revelations 1:10-14, verse 13 speaks of one like unto the son of man (Jesus)14,His head and his hairs were white like wool,as white as snow,and his eyes were as a flame of fire. There are blond headed,blue eyed Jews. I Samuel 16:1,13 tells of David being ruddy. I Samuel 17: tells of David being ruddy and of a fair countenance. Ruddy means having a healthy reddish color.
---Darlene_1 on 10/13/09

If anyone of you are curious there are books that give testimoney to people going to heaven and hell and coming back to give their story. 90 minutes in heaven and 23 minutes in hell are great things to read about this. and also jesus freaks are good to read because even though they are being martyred they die with unexplainable joy. God bless and I hope you find what you are looking for!! :)
---mandy_williams on 10/5/09

Well, I have seen hell. Just prior to my salvation, God flashed hell right infront of me. So, if there is a hell there has to be a heavern. The Saints has to have a permanent home. Just like the sinners, only theirs is hell. I have proof that there is a God, a devil, a hell, and a heaven. "Ofcourse, it's best if each person finds these things out for themselves". Praise God.+++
---catherine on 8/18/08

the Bible talks about heaven. But above all, as a Christian you have faith. So why do you need physical proof? It is like when you have a job, you work first then you get paid, but you trust that your employer is going to pay you after you have worked. Well in the big picture God is my employer and he will "pay " me for doing what his intentions for me are. And that includes heaven
---ginn on 8/18/08

The word of God speaks of heaven. And the word God is proof enough.
---mima on 7/31/08

I have spent some time looking for proof that there is a heaven. In my time, I have decided that we will never ever have proof. You know why? Heaven is your reward (for lack of a better word) for behaving well on earth and BELIEVING in God. Believing is God, obviously is called faith. Faith is believing without having proof. If you go searching for proof, you'll never find it . the absence of proof is a test of your faith. if you pass the test, you go to heaven.
---pinky on 6/2/07

I do not mean to be crass, but if heaven is just a fire escape for some "Christians" those are missing out on the best part of life. Life in Christ is the most wonderful experience and it starts the day one is born again.
---MARK on 4/23/07

Yes there is proof of heaven, but if you must earnestly ask such a question the faith to reach it may be .... hopefully in your future.
---MARK on 4/23/07

I agree with all you've said except the part where Jesus has blue eyes. How do you know what color his eyes are? I don't know that many Jews but the ones I've seen all has brown/hazel eyes. How did you come to this conclusion?
---Rebecca_D on 4/23/07

Well, my goodness what are we saved from? Answer>> The firey fires of hell. So why were we saved?answer>> So we can go to heaven, if we keep our pretty blue eyes on JESUS'S pretty blue eyes.
---catherine on 4/23/07

Well, I have proof that there is a God, and I measn some serious proofs. I for one. I know what and how I was before Jesus got ahold of me. I do have other proofs. So there has to be a heaven. We know there is a devil because of his handiwork. So there has to be a hell. Just pure logic.
---catherine on 4/22/07

What kind of proof are you looking for?

Obviously, heaven, hell, or God Himself cannot be proven scientifically.

But we know these things in our hearts by faith.
---Jack on 4/22/07

Helen, the book of Romans tells us that there is proof of God. Read Romans 1:19,20 and 21.
Romans 1:20 says: For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been CLEARLY SEEN, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse. You can read verse 18, and 19. in Romans 1.
---Donna9759 on 8/28/06

Ken If your mind has been elevated above your senses, If your perceptions reaches beyond the tangible, If you believe heaven is where the Father resides, If you believe the Father dwells within you. Then you have your proof, heaven as the kingdom of God is within you. As one of His called and choosen you will experience heaven tangibly here on earth during the millennial reign of Jesus. If not you will never have proof. You will simply stare through the gates and wonder.
---josef on 8/27/06

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If you are of a scientific mind and believe in math...try to figure out the probability of earth having any form of life and then the probability of having human intelligence. And then think about matter. Even H20 takes up space in a vapor form. The human body loses more weight at the time of death than the weight of air has that would be expelled from the body.
---Amy9384 on 8/27/06

Hey, the only thing we know is that our soul has to go somewhere when we pass away. When God died, he wanted us to beleive there is a heaven because he wants us to follow him and go live in his kingdom. If you want to beleive there is a heaven, then there is, but if not, then that's on your fault. God wants us to beleive the best.
---Alexa on 8/27/06

I have least I believe so.
It lives within me as a hope that blesses my soul.
It's revealed to me when I pray knowing there is no other way unless God does it and it happens.
I know it's true when I lay in bed at night and thank God for the day I've had and he fills my heart with his love.
If you find Heaven's a lie, please don't tell me, I'd rather be dumb and decieved.
---Pharisee on 8/27/06

it does not require a vision to qlimpse the eternal shores of our dreams come true.are we to believe without seeing ,for now ,no matter how dissappointing it is not to have heaven truly revealed ,but would we pass it off as a night mare for being so different from what we expect it to be."it has not yet entered into the heart of man".
---earl on 8/26/06

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Read: Prov. 3:19; Eccl. 5:2; Is. 37:16; 40:12; 42:5; 45:18.
---Debbie on 8/26/06

There is no scientific proof, which is probably what you are looking for. Unless you believe in God and what He says through the Bible, you cannot believe in Heaven. if you do beleive in God & Jesus, the proof is there in His words.
---alan8869_of_UK on 8/26/06

What Kind of proof you need? Is the bible not enough? John 1:14
"And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth."
The "word" (Jesus Christ)is full of Grace and Truth. Jesus spoke about Heaven. If he spoke lies, then he is not "Full of grace and truth" has John 1:14 states.We cant not prove Heaven, Hell scientifically, but this all comes down to Faith.
---Ramon on 8/26/06

Look up. look up. look up.
---Rev_Herb on 8/26/06

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No there is no proof of heaven, just the same as there is no proof of God. Takes faith to simply believe there is a heaven, a hell and a God who loves you.
---Helen_5378 on 8/26/06

No. Not real proof. Maybe some have dreamed about it, or had near death experiences of it, but I think if there were real proof, many more would be Christians.
---sue on 8/26/06

Ken, Yes. Because Jesus said there is a heaven and we choose to believe what Jesus said. "I go and prepare a place for you." "Today you shall be with me in Paradise." In the beginning God made the heavens and the earth. Research it for yourself, it will be a fun study for you to do.
---Donna9759 on 8/26/06

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