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Christ Left Us For 1,500 Years

Christ told us that he would remain with the church till the end of days, why would he leave the church for the first 1,500 years until the reformation?

Moderator - He didn't. There were millions of Christians outside of the Catholic Church.

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 ---ted on 8/27/06
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Jesus said Mat28,20 "Always through ALL ages"The RCC has never doubted these words & relies on the guidance of the Holy spirit.unfortunately those who apostisise have their own adgenda.but as Pharisee says HE IS GOD do not equate him as being a present day human.HE IS NOT HE IS YOUR CREATOR YOUR SAVIOUR you are to improve if you want to be and spent the rest of your eternity with Him.
---Emcee on 3/17/08

It would be better said that the church left him.
Jesus is Holy, let's not make him like us in our mind, because he's not, and if we do that then he is no longer worthy of worship.
We can also say that many protestants are not right with God either, but that is not the focus of devout Christianity.
The focus is on me and my God, how truthful am I, how faithful am I, and what does that truth really mean to me.
---Pharisee on 3/17/08

augusta, the truth is true Christians are not catholics. There are no true born-again Christians who can call themself a catholic: for one is either Christian or one is catholic, but not both, because after becoming a born-again Christian one cannot be a catholic; for that would be like saying one is a roman Jew, or a worldy Saint; because one can either be Saved or lost, but not both at the same time.
---Eloy on 8/31/06

if you want to read about cruel murdering, after king george formed the anglican church so he could get a divorcee, the protestants in europe killed thousands of priests, bishops and nuns and burnd down churches. i think it last a few hundred years.
---ted on 8/29/06

If millions of true Christians existed outside the Catholic & Orthodox Church our merciful Lord, Who wills all men to be saved would have left us evidence.

Don't fool yourself, the truth is far too glorious.
---augusta on 8/29/06

Jesus never left us. He is the same yesterday, today, & forever. As for any "Christian" group being pure, who led the Salem witch hunts? Who burned & killed the Mormans? Who tortured people in England in God's name? It was people. Good, religious people. Groups that just knew they were the only ones with the keys to knowing God's will. Even the Nazis "believed" (GOTT MIT UNS). God with us, on their belt buckles. Read the messages to the 7 churches from Jesus.
---mikefl on 8/28/06

moderator ... Jack who contributes here shows us that the Eastern Orthodox churches hold many of the doctrinal beliefs about mary, the Eucharist, etc for which you condemn the Roman Catholic Church. And my own observationin an Orthodox country, ids that salvation is self based, & earned by absence of sinning, and not by faith, yet strangely, they seem not to hold that faith should lead to works.
---alan8869_of_UK on 8/28/06

**Moderator - He didn't. There were millions of Christians outside of the Catholic Church.**

Almost all of them were Orthodox!
---Jack on 8/27/06

moderator, any text to say Jesus would remain? by your saying this, then His going back to the Father witnessed by the disciples on the mount will be futile and a farce..He meant He is with us in our hearts and minds..He said in John 14:2,3 I go to prepare a place for you and I WILL COME AGAIN (not yet) and receive you unto myself..that where I am there you maybe also.Pharisee I support your statement
---jana on 8/28/06

They were groups outside the Catholic Church before the reformation.They spoke against the Catholic Church and some were burn to the stake because they spoke out against the Catholic Church. Research it.
---Ramon on 8/28/06

#2. I believe the correct question is "Why has the Church left Christ"?

Christ himself said "and, lo, I am with you alway,even unto the end of the world. Amen."Mat 28:20. Christ has been in every Christian ever since. He haven't left them.

However many Church's has left Christ and the Apostolic teachings(Heb 3:12), teachings pagan, and false doctrines. They have "have forsaken the right was, and are gone astray"(2 Peter 2:15).
---Ramon on 8/28/06

I agree with the Moderator, the true church consisting of the true Christians of Christ were never abandoned by Christ, but we have always been persecuted by the enemies of Christ, who falsely call themself Christian when in fact they are not. Just as the ones who said they were of God, but they had Christ murdered; they were not of God, but in fact were of the devil. Please read John 8:39-47.
---Eloy on 8/27/06

**In addition, read the Catholic literature of the mass killings of Christians throughout the Catholic Church prior to the reformation.**
Ted, Protestants did the SAME thing to Roman Catholics when they got the chance. NOBODY comes to this discussion with clean hands.
---Jack on 8/27/06

moderator, you need to read some history and look at what the orthodox and catholics beleive and practice. its pretty much the same.
---ted on 8/27/06

my point is that i see alot of anti catholic stuff on here and it is totally wrong, i agree that as today christians we should be as one and not accusing each other of a splinter in their brothers eye.
---ted on 8/27/06

Your response moderator is that there where Christians outside of the Catholic Church like the Protestants of today, can you point me to your historical evidence of this? In addition, are there any of these groups practicing their faith today? I know that the early century Christians where labeled cannibals and where martyred because they truly believed that the bread and wine where Christs body and blood, just like the Orthodox and Catholics still believe and practice today.

Moderator - Eastern Orthodox Christians aren't Catholic. In addition, read the Catholic literature of the mass killings of Christians throughout the Catholic Church prior to the reformation.
---ted on 8/27/06

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He didn't.
The Church is both invisible and visible.(a) The Church invisible is the body of true believers untited by their living faith in Christ.(b) The visible church consistes of local congregations containing faithful overcomers(Rev 2:11,17,26).
This includes those "Professed Christians" who are false(Rev 2:2), "fallen" (Rev 2:5), spiritually "dead" (Rev 3:1) and "lukewarm"(Rev 3:16).
---Ramon on 8/27/06

I,am with you always even until the end of time. That,s what jesus said.Ted, once saved jesus lives within you and is always with you,thru the holy spirit. Thats what he meant. whether you are catholic,prostestant or whatever if you are truly saved he will never leave.
---tom2 on 8/27/06

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