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When Is Jesus Returning

The time and the hour unknown but to the Father. The time of the Jewish new year is set as the sun appears over a specific mountain. It is different every year. And since ancient times Rosh Hashana to Yom Kippur has been considered a day of judgement? Is Jesus going to return on Rosh Hashana?

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 ---Amy9384 on 8/28/06
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It is written that nobody knows the time of the return of the Son of man, not even the Son of man himself, only the Father knew.
---duke on 12/16/07

greetings,for amy ,"every eye shall see him".jesus also said "(only my father) knows".by many, it is believed that jesus will come soon but how soon? is it not so that one thousand years is only one day of our solar time?to do the math ,it has been only a few seconds over two solar days.
---earl on 7/3/07

Jack, just as there were various prophecies that Christ had to fulfill there were Talmudic requirements Christ also had to fulfill. It also is the real reason there was no room in the inn. The Augustan Census had a relatively wide time window for registration. Every one was going to Jerusalem for High Holy Days and every inn in every town around Jerusalem was filled to capacity. That is also the fall time when shepherds are in the fields with their flocks, they were always penned up in the winter.
---Phil_the_Elder on 8/30/06

No. In Matthew 24 Jesus tells us exactly when he is coming back. And the reason he did not give the exact day or hour of his arrival is because he is going to come back before he planned to; just as a woman with child knows that she will give birth, but she does not know the exact day or hour, so too does Jesus Christ know and promise that he will return, and it will be in a very dark time, and so dark that he must come back sooner than he planned to, else no flesh would be saved.
---Eloy on 8/30/06

soon I hope ,but thats about as much as I know.point is live a life where you are always ready.The master is out but he is coming home soon and I must be ready attitude.
---tom2 on 8/29/06

See prophecy is coming alive each day, as jesus said in LUKE 21;36, WATCH. And matthew 24;14.
---winna on 8/29/06

**The Jews always believed that Adam was created on Rosh Hashana, and to be acceptable to the Jews as a Messiah - the Second Adam would have to be born on Rosh Hashana and Christ was born on Rosh Hashana**
Where did you get the idea that Christ was born on Rosh Hashana? Can you give Book, Chapter, and Verse for this?
The Jews expected their Messiah to set up an earthly kingdom. The Apostles at the very moment of the Ascension were still expecting Him to restore sovereignity to Israel.
---Jack on 8/29/06

Well said, Pierr.
---Jack on 8/29/06

Jesus could come back anytine now! As a member of God's "modern" Israel I believe that we live already in the time of the judgment and anytime now our record could be up for review. Let me suggest however than to look for His coming on a specfic day, we seek to live as if He were to come today! P.
---pierr5358 on 8/29/06

Amy9384, you seem to understand a few things that a lot of Christians are ignorant of, good for you dear. The Jews always believed that Adam was created on Rosh Hashana, and to be acceptable to the Jews as a Messiah - the Second Adam would have to be born on Rosh Hashana and Christ was born on Rosh Hashana. Your speculation that Christ would return on Rosh Hashana has very high credibility.
---Phil_the_Elder on 8/29/06

You have rightly said in your question that the time and hour is unknown but to the Father. So regards your question as to whether Jesus will return on Rosh Hashana, the answer is noone knows.except the Father. I think its safe for us to be ready at all times. Speculating is a very futile exercise/
---pkay on 8/29/06

We do not when Jesus is returning. Only the Father knows that. We should not speculate on Jesus' exact return ... some people could become disillusioned.
---Helen_5378 on 8/29/06

Hasn't Jesus been coming 'any minute now' for about two thousand years?
---Brad on 8/29/06

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