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My Question Wasn't Posted

Several times I have asked questions which have never been posted. I don't know why. What if the moderators would send private emails to concerned individuals explaining why a particular blog question has not been posted?

Moderator - If the rules are followed, the question makes sense and it wasn't just asked, they are usually posted. However, we don't have time to send emails.

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 ---pkay on 8/29/06
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Remember now, he is only a person. He still falls short at times. I wonder if this reply will be posted!
---mike on 3/11/08

Robyn>>> Has anyone ever said to you that you are lacking in confidence?
---catherine on 6/8/07

I think I see why they weren't posted.
---PB on 6/8/07

I only asked a simple question. I did not start this particular blog and I certainly don't need a babysitter. I am a very independent person. I could care less about receiving emails,also. I receive too many as is. With a lot of these questions that have gotten through. I know full well my questions were 10 times more important. Some of this stuff I see is not even worth the space it takes up. I don't waste my time or any one else's,for that matter, with inane and irrelevant questions.
---Robyn on 6/8/07

Robyn ... I think PB's posts speak for themselves and show they should be ignored
---alan_of_UK on 6/7/07

Are you Cynthia 1?

Evidently, I hit a nerve. I was telling you the truth, but it became very personal.
If you read the Mod's comments, "we don't have time to send e-mails, if the rules aren't followed and the questions don't make any sense, they're not posted," bottomline.
---PB on 6/7/07

PB__I am an intelligent and very well read and educated female, therefore I ask intelligent questions. Not only that I am also a discerning female Christian. As you can probably tell from my posts. Is that the reason for your very ungodly comment to me?
---Robyn on 6/7/07

Robyn, that would be a fulltime babysitting job. If your question didn't post, you can assume it was not copasinki, or maybe stinky.
Just move
---PB on 6/6/07

Robyn, as you read above, they do not have the time to grade your papers.
As you can imagine, I've had questions that don't post. Some of us have a gift for answering and not the gift of asking. None of us are 100% in the head, after all.
---PB on 6/6/07

How do you post a new blog? Those don't seem to be coming through either. What's the scoop on that?All the rules were followed but still nothing. I know they don't have time to send private emails but something should be said or posted when our questions and blogs do not post.
---Robyn on 6/6/07

Thank you for asking this question. I too have submitted questions that were not posted, trusting I was following the guidelines. I believe God did not want it shown at the time.
---G on 6/6/07

Bro. Elder, I am thankful for CN and their stand. We need to be aware of the devices of the devil. He will use every little thing he has to deceive and destroy, even a word where the first letter was left off. He hasn't won the war and he didn't even win THIS battle.
---shira on 9/3/06

Alan Of UK::Your thoughts are congruent with mine Ha! Ha! mine WORDS are however silent besides I have never commented on this V system as it bears no significance to Jesus OR me for that matter.'TASTE & SEE THE GOODNESS OF THE LORD"
---Emcee on 9/3/06

Alan of uk, thanks for the advice. It is well taken as you can see. I know there is another shira, but she doesn't post very often.
---shira_9639 on 9/3/06

Emcee sorry I misspelled my name (again).
There are many here that feel the same way about "gutter" language as you do. Shira and myself are among that group along with yourself.
Cond #2
---Elder on 9/3/06

Cond #2
The CN staff is on the wall and guarding against the evil that would corrupt this ministry. I am sure that if you were deleted they would be glad to tell you why if it hasn't been too long ago.
Did you notice the issue with Shira.
The CN staff is very busy seeing that the ministry works yet they took the time to deal with one person.
If you were deleted I can assure you it wasn't because you are RCC or any personal issue. It may have been just like Shira.
---Elder on 9/3/06

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Alan, Yep, Eler is the same ol' senile Elder with the blind typing fingers.
I do not mean to type Eder, Eler or those others of the same letters.
Little did I know that my post about our misspelling would be so apparent as this.
---Elder on 9/3/06

Eler & shira::I do not cry over spilt Milk.I dont use profanity,My vocabulary is broad enough & as a Catholic & gentleman it is unbecoming of me .I abhor abuse of any kind in thought word & deed.The friends I choose Shira were Christians Good women or Men who wrote & wished me for my Birthday & this lead to our friendship.Butter flies & butter dont ring a bell.However all is well & I bear no grudge >__Blessings to all.
---Emcee on 9/2/06

Shira ... I think you should show your ful pen-pall name in the "Your first name" box when you post, then you will be shown as Shira 9636
I suggest this because I think there maybe another Shira here.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/2/06

Eler ... You must be Elder, suffering under a mistype!
As you say, making a mistake is not a sin, so we will forgive you for what could otherwise be taken an attempt to be two people here (and you could get double point in the "helpful" voting contest)
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/2/06

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EVERYONE: Thanks for your concern. CN has been very supportive and I appreciate that. I did find out the offending word (I think) and the first letter of that word was left off somehow and maybe I didn't type it correctly. God knows and that is what matters most. I thank moderator for all his help and I thank Bro. Elder (love you) for everything you have done to support me. Shira 9636

Moderator - :)
---shira on 9/2/06

I did re apply and I am now shira 9636. I am trying to forget it. Emcee, thank you for you encouraging words. I am not looking for boyfriends or opposite sex friends, but christians loving christians. Bro. Elder and Ms. Jareldeen are my friends and I couldn't have gotten thru this had it not been for him.
---shira on 9/2/06

Shira ... I think the Moderator is trying to tell you that the offending "word" occurred when you were corresponding with someone, and as a result your PenPal profile was removed. So there is no profile left for him to delete.
But now, in order to be on the PenPal system, you need to sign up again... start a completely new membership Profile.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/2/06

Emcee, what makes you think you were not wanted somewhere? Could it be that your spelling made something sound like something else?
If I make an error that sounds like I am using profanity I thank God that someone somewhere cares enough to see that it doesn't go public. Make that error publicly and you will never live it down.
Mistakes can be corrected. Mistakes are not sin.
Cond #2
---Eler on 9/1/06

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Cond #2
Has anyone noticed that CN believed and trusted Shira when she said she didn't use a word of profanity/off color purposely? Have we noticed they never accused her of using profanity? It was the computer system that kicked out a word that it noticed as "off color."
Don't eat Butterflies and then say Butter taste bad.
Get back on course and handle the important things like God expects you to do.
---Eler on 9/1/06

Shira, Please tell us that you are going to sign back up and continue on.
---Eler on 9/1/06

I have tried several times to delete my profile and it keeps telling me I am in error. Please delete my profile for me. Thank you moderator.

Moderator - How can you delete a profile that doesn't exist? Remember, the computer deleted your profile which is why you asked to get back in?
---shira on 9/1/06

Moderator, I did find out the word I supposedly used. I don't use that word in conversation with my husband and certainly not on cn. Please go back and look once more to be sure it wasn't someone else. Please tell me in which blog I "used" this word..

Moderator - You used the word in the Penpal system taking to someone. Maybe you mistyped, however we are 100% sure as the computer can't lie. Does someone else use your computer? In all seriousness, does it make any difference at this point? We don't think you did it on purpose. Just re-sign up.
---shira on 9/1/06

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Shira ::I was also in the Pen Pal pen. Never ever went on Chat was too insane, besides I would pick & peck. But suddenly One day I found I was not allowed on about 2- 3 years ago, did not know why? But made friends with 3 ladies who I still correspond with & are great Friends.MY attitude is "I don't go where I am not wanted".I was looking For Friendship after My wife Of 54 years passed away. This I have found.just to inform you.
---Emcee on 9/1/06

# 2 Except that the other comments made by Mod do show that he actually means "re-sign" or sign up again.
OK neither of those words are rude, but the possibilty remains that she does not realise that a word she uses in her profile may, to CN, be rude. There are words used quite openly here on this site, which in the UK would not be acceptable on a Christian site, and there are words used regularly in American films, which would not be used in a UK film of the same grade.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/1/06

# 1 It's quite interesting really, and f.f. makes a valid point about words meaning different things. This present correspondence provides a case in point. Moderator uses the word "resign" ... to a Briton, this would mean "give up, surrender, accept the inevitable" So Shira may be thinking that Mod is telling her to go away and accept that she can't be a PenPal member.<
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/1/06

Shira I would just stop worrying about this if I were you. Different countries and even different areas view the use of words differently. I could easily use a word which would offend you but which is not considered offensive where I am. We just have to accept that C.N. have deemed certain words 'not printable'. It's a shame that they cannot, somehow, tell you what this word was though because you might use it again without knowing it was the word which caused the problem.
---f.f. on 9/1/06

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moderator: Please send the statement I made to my personal e mail. I don't use off color words so I don't have a clue what you mean. Was it a type 0?

Moderator - Brother Elder will be trying to give you the details. I am sure you used the word by accident which is why we reset the system so that you can resign up. I don't think for one moment you were causing problems. Please just resign up.
---shira on 8/31/06

Just for information on my dealings with Shira. Shira and I have exchanged EMails on here before and I never saw her use any off color words or make offensive remarks. I must wonder if there could have been some mixup on the name or misprint of a word. She always conducts herself as a lady and Christian.

Moderator - I totally agree she must have used the word by accident which is why we reset the system so she can resign up.
---Darlene_1 on 8/31/06

Shira .... Perhaps it was word which had double meanings & you did not realise that it may have an inappropriate one?
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/1/06

moderator, I have never used an off color word. Please reply with the word I used. All of CN will see it. I don't use "off color" words. I don't know what you mean.

Moderator - I can't use the word because the system will block it. We are 100% sure because our system captured the word and we viewed it. It wasn't a curse word, but an off color word.
---shira on 8/31/06

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If it's not posted -There is a reason-I usually dont ask for an answer just ignore & think was it worth IT?
---Emcee on 8/31/06

moderator, I did resign up but still haven't heard anything. I have had shira 5965 for 4 years but all of a sudden it don't work.

Moderator - Shira, we just set-up the system so you can resign up. You were using a bad word in the penpal system and were flagged as a delete. Please don't use off color words as the system is designed to remove those types of users. Thanks.
---shira on 8/31/06

I believe that the moderator has the option to edit, delete or post our questions and responses. Several times I sent in questions and responses that were not posted. Looking back, I am glad that those responses were not posted because those would give me triple negatives... The questions too, as I see them now, were too narrow and one sided!
---Bebet3754 on 8/31/06

pkay, you might have not used your "penpal log in name" or "usernane" for quite sometimes the reason you could no longer log in.
---bebet3754 on 8/31/06

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all of a sudden I can't log in pen pals. Have I been ban from CN for some unknown reason to me? Moderator, I have no way to contact you. I need help.

Moderator - Just resign up if it isn't working.
---shira on 8/30/06

G I think that is the only attitude we can have. I've submitted a couple in the last few days which havn't been posted. We can never know for sure whether they didn't get through, were not approved or two people were asking similar things on the same day but if they were meant to be posted they would have been.
---Mac on 8/29/06

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