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Cattle To Have Chip Implant

March 07 all cattle in US need to be chipped. How much longer before people need to be chipped?

Moderator - What is your source? What is the need for the implant?

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 ---Lynn on 8/29/06
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Actually, if you google "digital angel" you will see a web site for "digital Angel Corporation." They have developed a chip used for retrieving biomedical information from humans.

So all rumors start somewhere..
---NurseRobert on 12/20/07

I've heard of such implants for pet dogs, which are likely to wander away from their owners' homes, or even be stolen, but why would cattle need to be chipped?

And where did you get the idea that people would ever be?
---Jack on 12/19/07

For the moderator's benefit. the Chip being implanted into cattle is used for record keeping, this is the producer can scan the cattle while doing various medical treatments and measurements. This is mainly so the producer can streamline their production of Beef. it is costly but those that use the system have found it very useful.
---Jared on 5/2/07

think for a moment about the placement of the "mark" it is on the hand or the forehead. this is symbolic of mankind's actions and thoughts. 6 is the number for man three 6's would be fully carnal. those opposed to God are already marked by their thoughts and actions. Christ's people are already marked because their thoughts and actions are devoted to God.
---Jared on 5/2/07

In Canada all cattle except personal pets get ear tags. These can easily be taken out or changed so a chip is more accurate. This stops theft and aids in the identity of the owner should disease occur. We all have brith certificates and s.i.n numbers too. Are you fearful of the chip? How about if it rescues kidnapped and lost people?
---john on 5/2/07

I've been following these developments for some time now. The chip could be placed anywhere on the's not poisonous..but the wrist, back of the hand or fore head are areas where the chip would necessarily remain near the surface, just under the skin, where it could be scanned.
---Donna2277 on 8/30/06

Alan, this was what the article said regarding the placement of the chip. I heard it again on the news a few months ago (but did not document my sources). I'm sure the idea has evolved since the article as it was written a few years ago, but at the time the chip was poisonous to us everywhere but those two places. I don't recall the reason why. I'm not trying to scare anyone or start rumors. I'm just saying I personally will never put a chip in my body regardless the area in which it goes.
---Katie on 8/30/06

Katie "there is only two places they can put it on a human-the wrist and forehead. Every where else could poison us"
That is unlikely to be true. Chips in animals are placed in neither of those two places.
---alan8869_of_UK on 8/30/06

To say that human beings are all going to be implanted with a microchip is heresay. Man has a very inquisitive mind and likes to work things out for himself and I think this is where it has come from. Nothing in the Bible specifically says so.
---Helen_5378 on 8/29/06

I read an article a few years back about a chip called the digital angel. The scientists were getting together to discuss a possible chip to be implanted in a human being. I'm wary of this chip, as there is only two places they can put it on a human-the wrist and forehead. Every where else could poison us. Whether it's the mark of the beast, or just leading up to it, you won't catch me wearing one.
---Katie on 8/29/06

And the Mark begins with the animals
---eve on 8/29/06

Any cattleman can tell you that they "brand" their calves and have for years. On the open range they, too, wander off and can be stolen. The brand only tells the cow's owner. If they want to track individual animals, as in the case of "mad cow disease", chipping would be preferable.

A few people have allowed themselves to be "chipped". Chips might help return lost people..or allow the government to control individuals. I expect it to become more common.
---Donna2277 on 8/29/06

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