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Marry A 2 Year Older Woman

I am looking at marrying a Christian woman two years older than me. Is this a bad way to start a marriage?

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 ---godwin on 8/29/06
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Age is not the issue,love,maturity and respect is,no matter your age,it doesn't stop you from been the head of the home,because its not a function of age but office,for example a pastor who lead people way older than him in the church yet they still call him daddy even when they know they are older than him ,same applies to marriage
---Emmanuel on 4/24/20

There is nothing wrong with marrying someone different in age (assuming you're legal!). In our culture especially, I would advice against a huge age gap, for instance, 10 years like "steve" suggests is quite a gap. I would advice not to marry outside a gap much larger than that. If she's only 2 years older than you , I would tell you to try and get over the difference.
By the way steve, are you even married?
---John on 9/26/06

Steve ... How do you know this? Have you found it out from your own experience?
---Alan8869_of_UK on 9/21/06

Its same in my case too. There's nothing for u to worry on it. Two years is no difference. Unforunatly you would be a matured guy. U have the best partner. Don't let ur love go down at any case. U are going to have a beautiful life with lots of love. Believe me, u don't need to explain too many things to her. See it will workout. But, both of ur love towards each other should be strong. And never leave it go down at any stage. U r never going to recognize this age gap ever. Wish u a wonderful life ahead.
---viky on 9/4/06

, marriages are best when the man is at least ten years older than his wife. this is because men do not mature as quickly as women.
---steve on 8/31/06

There is nothing wrong with an older spouse, the question should be are you guys equally yoke? I am 9 months older than my husband, he has never had a problem with it, ( not that I know of)
---Lenique on 8/29/06

Hey, have you heard of Heidi and Rolland Baker? They're missionaries in Mozambique, Africa. god has worked in and through them to reach millions worldwide. Guess what? God placed them together and he is 12 years older than her. So, if it's meant to be, age doesn't matter.
---Melon on 8/29/06

Two years really is not much difference at all and I do not see what problems that could cause long term.
---Helen_5378 on 8/29/06

Why not? Since the expectation of life is 5 years longer for females, there is certainly some sense in the arrangement
---alan8869_of_UK on 8/29/06

#2 Age doesn't mean a thing to God as far as relationships go. In the span of eternity, 2 or 4 or 8 or 20 years is not worth discussing. The important thing is whether or not God is the maker of this union. If He is, nothing can touch it, but if He is not, you will be starting out with a problem. God has been in our marriage from day one and I never would have dreamed how wonderful a God anointed marriage could be.
---Debbie on 8/29/06

#1 I am 8 years older than my husband. We have been married 10 wonderful years. I had prayed for God to send me a Christian man for nearly 9 years before I met my husband. When God is in it, age will not make any difference.
---Debbie on 8/29/06

My mother was 2 years older than my Dad. They were married from 1936 until her death in 1969.
---shira on 8/29/06

I don't think it should matter at all. However, if it bothers you, there might be something else in you as well that makes you think about starting your marriage. I think, you really need to examine your intentions, feelings and commitment. Age difference is nothing compared to these.
---Dawn on 8/29/06

I don't see a problem marrying some one older than you. Pray for guidance.
---tonya on 8/29/06

In itself it's neither good nor bad.

Speaking in terms of maturity are you ready for a life long union? This is the issue not how many years you have lived by comparrison.

I know plenty of women older who behave as teenagers. Obviously if I were looking for a marriage partner they'd be rejected.

Take time and really think through your relationship spiritually, this is most important. 2 Corinthians 6:14 is best pondered among Christians in terms of spiritual maturity and faith.
---Pharisee on 8/29/06

If you were 18 and 20, it might be questionable, but if you all are both in your mid-20's (at least), this is not enough of an age difference to matter.
---Jack on 8/29/06

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The Scripture is silent on this issue as far as I know. And I have never in my 20 years of pastoring ever counselled any couple that had a problem with a 2 year difference. Just thinking... my mom is 9 years older than my dad and they've been happy for over 50 years. Love conquers all. Have a wonderful life together.
---john on 8/29/06

This is a good way to start a marriage! My wife is six months older than I am. And it is almost certain that I will never catch up with her in age.(I will not catch up with her in brains either but let's not discuss that). Yes it's true I'm in love with an older woman. But nobody has yet mistaken me for her son, ha ha ha
---mima on 8/29/06

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