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Jews Against The Anti-Christ

Do we need to warn the Jewish people of the antichrist? To try and prevent as many as possible not to believe him.

Moderator - We need to warn Christians as most will worship him.

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 ---Nellah on 8/30/06
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As to the unfolding prophetic revelation found in Daniel and Revelation concerning the last seven year period of the 70 sevens or weeks of sabbath years prophecy in accordance with what is written in the prophecy of Moses:

There will be a time of war on the Saints of God Most High for 3 1/2 years or 42 months or 1260 days plus a 30-75 day period when the Abomination that causes the Desolation Decrees of the Trumpet and Bowl Judgments to be poured out upon the followers of the false prophet world leader. After, or during, this period of 30-75 days the raptura event will take place in accordance with what is written in the Gospel of Matthew concerning one taken the other left.
---John on 8/10/08

First and Foremost the Anti_Christ will be a Israelite. The physical Children of Israel will accept him as a messiah Initially . For 3.5 years or 1260 days they will follow the false Messiah and after that when he desecrates the Temple in Israel they will turn against him .Of the children of Israel living then 144000 will be saved ( Rev:7:3-8), but the tribe of Dan is missing !
---Joy on 7/27/08

Orchestrated events engineer a progression towards a one world order. War has always provided fear, instability for the Serpent's need for dominion. Brother against brother, nation against nation.
Repentance and intercession is the way the Serpent's plans have been stopped in the days of old. Global crisis, the Church needs to warn Christians.
Jesus will reveal His Lordship among all the nations, then the end will come.
---HankA. on 8/11/07

In a dream about Israel - a man sitting under the instruction of an elder man would be the next Hitler. He's resting, waiting on more power. He gains power by shedding innocent blood and worship of the Serpent. When the Hitler spirit appears - war on several different levels, similar to WWII.
The Serpent's mouth was wide open facing America. Between the Serpent and America, is Israel. The Serpent considered Israel as an appetizer and America, as a meal.
---HankA. on 8/11/07

Matthew 24:6,7
..hear of wars and rumors of wars,..famines, earthquakes in place after place.
While the Serpent is preparing, the Lord will help us prepare Israel and the Church.
Many kings of the earth will for the Serpent's plans as he brings instability to the world. Evil angels attach themselves to kings for the purpose of furthering the cause of the Serpent's kingdom.
---HankA. on 8/11/07

A few years ago on the John Ankerberg Show, I heard a rabbi say that the one who comes and "stops world hunger and puts and end to nuclear insanity--this will be the Messiah," and I thought to myself, "Well, I know who YOU'RE waiting for."

Jesus repeatedly said that His Kingdom was NOT of this world--yet how many Christians who are looking for the pre-trib rapture are ALSO looking for a Kingdom of this World?
---Jack on 8/11/07

It is crucial that we recognize him & his time. Dan.8:23-25"..In the latter time of their (one world) kingdom,..a king of fierce countenance (powerful in appearance), and understanding dark sentences (skillfully deals with puzzling hard questions), shall stand up. And his power shall be mighty...and he shall destroy wonderfully [through deceiving miracles] and shall prosper...he shall magnify himself... and by peace shall destroy (corrupt) many:..he shall also stand against the Prince of princes;...
---josef on 9/1/06

We should be proclaiming the impending deception to the "world" Both the system & the people adhering to it. Be they Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Mormon, or Buddhist. The True Messiah has come, secured salvation, & will come again to redeem & restore His called and chosen as one people under God. Anyone who comes proclaiming himself God & savior seeking to gather his people & take them away from the coming wrath of God while we remain in our present earthly body is to be shunned.
---josef on 9/1/06

(2Th 2:3) Let no man deceive you ... - Webster Translation
There are lawless and anti-Christian leaders in the world today, and in the West. Many believe in them and believe their deceptive lies. If there is to be a Father of liars in the flesh then there are many people, even some Christians today that will follow him as well. Telling some Jews about this deception when it occurs might go on deaf ears. Read Scriptures 2Th 2:10-12
---Henry on 9/1/06

2. To paraphrase a breslover rabbi friend of mine " If he takes away the Torah, teaches contrary to it,annuls even the smallest part, and leads people to follow after their own heart, then he's not messiah, we will not follow him" I do believe however that a mast majority of christians will accept him.
---Jeff on 8/31/06

Jack, as a jew I would like to comment.I can tell you that most jews who are secular, reform , conservative, or reconstructionalist, have just as much a chance to accept as the rest of the world. I know based on some orthodox rabbi friends of mine that anyone who claims to be messiah will have to be torah observant.
---Jeff on 8/31/06

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