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18 Year Old Girl For Marriage

In love with an older man. So what we are 11 years apart in age but does age really matter if you love someone? I'm 18 and he's 29. But he treats me like I'm a princess! If I really like him, should I try to make it work or look for someone my own age?

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 ---Coley on 8/31/06
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Coley, if you both love each other very much and has no issues to ruin it, then why not..obviously you both are happy..but do take time and find out more about your lover..thts not a sin to get to know him and his back ground..If it agrees with you, .pray about it first..then go ahead if have my blessings...
---jana on 6/15/07

Age does not matter, as been said many times here. That is right. Maturity of the persons involved is what will help hold the marriage together. Along with placing God ahead of the marriage and plenty of love. If you have this...go for it! Eighteen is pretty young to marry but many have wed this early and the marriage worked. Go cannot ignore love. It is powerful. Sometimes love comes around only once in a lifetime.God bless on your decision.
---Robyn on 6/14/07

The age difference is not that great. The experiential difference is what concerns me. You have not had the chance to really experience "freedom", in the areas of work, college/school, dating, a social life, etc. It would be my advice to wait at least 4 years.
---wivv on 6/14/07

That's probably true, Alan. Men are seldom as mature as women. Women live longer, use more of their brain cells, and a nutty professor on tv said they're better drivers.
---R.A. on 11/14/06

It's usually the man who will tell how dandy it is for older men and younger women to be married. The woman gets financial security. But we've seen here, women who can't stand their 'older' husbands. The house is paid for, but they don't want to live in it. Too many years, generations between man and wife catch up sooner rather than later.
---Cindy on 11/14/06

Jeanne touched on an Important point regarding how men can sometimes manipulate women with compliments. It is very important [women] that you are Secure. If you aren't sure you are wonderful and beautiful then you will eat up a man's compliments like they are candy. It's Good to receive compliments. I absolutely love to. But, if a woman feels insecure, she can be manipulated by flattery. And flattery is dangerous. It leads to compromise.

---Reiter on 11/14/06

He was 10 yrs older. He knew how to manipulate me I was naive he played on my vanity told me I was so pretty, complimented my shape showed me off to his friends like a doll. I felt so grown up but I was a baby. My parents did what they could but I was a wild child still in HS yet married. He trained me- my makeup had to be perfect, hair, dress, house, kids- would bring his friends over & got a kick out of it if they fussed over me. I was out of my eliment their wives were all their ages I did not fit in.
---Jeanne on 11/13/06


You Should be treated like a princess. The Love that you share is what matters most. Your 11 year age gap is not so much of a difference.

" me--the female sex--not the weaker sex, for it is the nobler of the two." ~Gandhi

---Reiter on 11/13/06

Steve ... I don't think men ever reach maturity
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/8/06

, today's feminists always try to convince us that we are all equal, yet it is obvious that men need time to reach the maturity that women start out with.
---steve on 9/7/06

Go for it Girl! God is in control! Age is only a number. My wife was 18 when we maried I was 39 and we have had the most awesome 9 years of marriage, not one fuss! I worship her and I know she loves only me. That's whats important. To know someone loves you without having to say a word. Keep God first and all will be alright! Good Luck to you!
Paul & Atina
---Paul on 9/7/06

If God is in it, it will be ok. But remember, men don't live as long usually. That's why you see so many widows at church.
---Spike on 9/2/06

Well Coley, how would YOU answer these questions? Do you think the age difference is important? Are you comfortable with him being that much older? (personally I see nothing wrong with it) I'm so gald he treats you well, but are you ready to settle down now? What about college, do you plan on going? Do you think you need someone closer to your age? Pray and let Jesus guide you.
---bethie on 9/2/06

Coley::At 18 & not having met either,is like trying to solve an equation without Data.All you say is he treats you like A princess & so he should, if he truly Loves & RESPECTS you.I think your parents will guide & advise you, judge for you as they have more experience.Do not disregard the advice by some here.But wait a while get used to the idea & then you will be better informed to Make a choice But most of all Pray for Guidance.Your whole life lies ahead of you.there is only one road AHEAD.
---Emcee on 9/1/06

If you believe it right follow your heart and follow God. Pray for guidance.
---Tonya on 9/1/06

I think you should go for the person you love if you think he is the best for you. Just put it in prayers cos'age is not a barrier nor yastic for marriage. What God has joined together no one can put assunder.
Bye,wish you the best.
---chioma on 9/1/06

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There was 10 years differenc between my parents. If you are only 18, I would give it a couple more years first. Your are probably just out of HS and your are infatuated with him. Get a job and see what life has to offer first, or maybe go to college.
---Rev_Herb on 9/1/06

First of all you are still very young at only 18 years of age. You need to fall in love with Jesus and let Him be your prince -- Jesus will treat you better than any human being can. At your age, the age difference between yourself and your boyfriend may not seem much but it really is quite a bit. You would be much better off praying for the Lord to send you the husband that He wants you to have, that way no mistakes will be made.
---Helen_5378 on 9/1/06

This could work but an 11 year gap at your age is quite a lot. When you are 10 years older this lenth of age difference won't be such a problem. It is difficult to say because every case is different but my suggestion would be, just remain very good friends for now and see how things work out. Don't rush things. Your future happiness could be at stake if you made the wrong decision now.
---f.f. on 9/1/06

If you truly loved him, you would not have to refer to trying to love him.
does he love you? Or is he just playing with you? Or just flattered that he has a girl so much younger than himself? Have you had any other boyfriends? Who are you able to judge your present feelings against? Do you love him just because he treats you well?
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/1/06

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my mom was 18, my dad 31 when they got married. 7 children and 66 years of marriage. mom is still with us dad died in 2001.
---tom2 on 9/1/06

(Adult) Age doesn't necessarily matter, but maturity definitely does. Are both of you dedicated Christians? Maturing in Christ is the first order of business in even understanding how to love someone else and how to literally be in a relationship. Do you believe that you are both where you should be with regard to this?
---AlwaysOn on 8/31/06

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