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A Member Gave Out Error

How would you deal with this scenario? God has given you authority over a meeting as pastor. A member of the congregation who is very knowledgable in the Scripture takes their turn givng a devotional and gives out 90% Truth and a definite 10% error. What should your immediate response be?

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 ---Debbie on 8/31/06
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This should be handled in private. In private the error(s) should be addressed. The member should be shown the right way to do things. If no changes, members should be taken from this duty/job. Anyone can make a mistake.We should always forgive and show mercy when needed.
---Robyn on 9/24/07

First: Before giving the devotional, the pastor should look at his devotional. (This assumes the devotional has to be written.) Second: The pastor should ask for documentation so the devotional is not just a personal opinion. Third: if the person giving the devotional goes "off track", the pastor should ask for documentation - from the Bible - for any remarks made that may cause error.
---wivv on 9/24/07

Pray for wisdom. What is God trying to teach me by this lesson.
---Lynn on 9/2/06

In most cases I would say that the one who made the error should be corrected privately, before he leaves and everyone should be given an explanation as soon as possible after that. It is quite possible that, after being spoken to, the person who made the error would be happy to tell everyone himself that he got it wrong. He might be very grateful for the correction and the opportunity to put the record straight.
---M.P. on 9/2/06

Go to the person privately and discuss the matter.
Maybe YOU misunderstood.
Maybe YOU were wrong all along.
Maybe it was a slip of the tongue. (Even in typing there's little difference between the appearance of "united" and "untied," though they mean nearly the opposite.)
In any case, would any purpose be served in pillorying the person publicly?
---Jack on 9/1/06

It depends entirely about the nature of what was said. If, for example he referenced a post-trib view when the official view is pre-trib, I would speak to the member privately about what he had said.
If he told everyone that you are not saved unless you are baptized and speak in tongues, I would deal with the matter then and there. It would not be a big discussion or dissertation but a statement that what has been said is wrong and that it will be dealt with.
---Bruce5656 on 9/1/06

In a very nice way, correct the mistake. Do not do it right away after hearing the mistake. Give time. Talk to the one giving the 10% error first to know his/her real stand and belief. Then, do a bible study with those people present during the devotional and give the necessary correction.
---bebet3754 on 9/1/06

A preacher friend of mine invited another preacher that had been recomended to preach at his church. During the preaching, the man keep grabing himself where he shouldn't. My friend pray "Dear Lord shut this man up or I will have to." The man suddenly stopped speaking and didn't know what else to say. He said, "I guess I'm done." My Friend had a talk with him afterwards and never invited him back. He had several girlfriends at the time, if you know what I mean.
---Rev_Herb on 9/1/06

I would say gentle correction. A visiting evangelist did this at our church once. Our pastor didn't say anything at the time, but made a public correction at our next meeting (the evangelist was not present).
---AlwaysOn on 8/31/06

greetings,i have seen this problem materialize in front of my eyes years ago.all speakers are not gifted with perfect immediate action should be taken.later ,ask for a clarification of the troubled waters for it may very well be you that has the ten percent many times division is from friendly fire.approach with the desire to find clarification.example ,can you explain to me again?
---earl on 8/31/06

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