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The Egyptian Book Of The Dead

If the bible isn't a work of fiction based on other works of fiction, how could one explain the similarities between the bible and The Egyptian Book of the Dead, which predates the bible by many, many, many years?

Moderator - The Bible was written almost 3,500 years ago for the Book of Job. What are the similarities?

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 ---Jacob on 9/3/06
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No egyptian writings predate Hebrew scripture. For Hebrews were created long before egyptians and babylonians, and long before every race. And Abraham was a Hebrew. The worldy which abide in foolishness will wrongly say that the world is billions and trillions of years old, and that egyptian hieroglyphs or hinduism or other culture is the oldest culture in the world because they do not know the truth. Get back to the Bible people, and get back to the truth.
---Eloy on 2/19/11

doesnt the Avesta predate them all?
---kevin5443 on 2/18/11

i just wanted to comment on the person who stated that the book of the dead and the bible have no relation. If you look at the KMT book of the dead. the 42 admonitions of the soul paralell that of the 10 commandments. The book of the dead being older. and the fact that moses was schooled by priests in KMT. WOuldnt it be reasonable to assume that the 10 commandments are an offshoot of the original KMT text.
---weezy on 2/18/11

greetings,the similarities is because of melchizedek the great teacher of salem.he taught elementary revealed truth at salem.melchizedek taught there was a priest after the order of melchizedek,who was to come in the future and 7 commandments;you shall not serve any god but the most high creator of heaven and earth,shall not bear false witness,shall not kill,shall not steal,shall not commit adultry,show no disrespect for parents and elders.his teachings were wide spread
---earl on 12/23/07

The Bible says God wrote on our hearts. Con means with, science-knowledge so all have "With knowledge on our hearts"The book of the dead is to long to explain here it told the "soul" spells,passwords,charms to say to make it to a blessed life.U had your heart weighed on a scale against Ma'at/truth by Anubis, recorded by god Thoth if good it had to be lighter then a feather if not U were eaten by Ammet. U then went to Osiris/his 42 judges to declare U are innocent.
---Jeanne on 11/8/06

I thought the "book of the Dead" was just spell to do at a funeral? maybe I'm wrong.
---Jared on 11/8/06

the statment on your site that the hebrew writings are the oldest is completely wrong.who ever sent you that email is ignorant to ancient history. the oldest religous writings are the egyptian book of coming forth by day. they are written on the wall of the kings chamber in the pyramind of unas, over 4000 years ago. the hebrews didnt exist then. also, the oldest writing period comes from the ancient egyptian town of abydos. these are ivory wine labels discovered by egyptologist gunther dryer.
---tim on 9/15/06

See it this way: In the beginning was darkness, then God said, Let there be light: and there was light. Now equate darkness with untruth, or fiction as you say, and equate light with truth; therefore fairy tales may have been around just as long as truth existed. Recall Satan or darkness existed in Paradise around the same time that God or light existed in his Paradise. So the age of writings do not equal virtue, for false cults can be very ancient.
---Eloy on 9/7/06

It is logical that Adam gave the firsthand Genesis history to the seventh generation, which was Henoch in 3507 B.C. The actual temple Scriptures were collected from around the Mediterranean, from Palestine, and the Middle East. Even though the Scriptures were gathered from the various countries of Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey, and Greece and Italy, yet they all agree in content and have very little variation. The Holy Scriptures were used since the time of Moses in 1525 B.C.
---Eloy on 9/5/06

The book of the dead does not relate to the Bible. I believe the Reg Vedas in India are older than the bible, but again have nothing to do with scripture. It is speculated the Torah was compiled first after Soloman. The only 'outside source' from the Bible is some terms, 'sons of light' in the Nt which are also found in some dead sea scroll writings, dated around the same time.
---MikeM on 9/5/06

The Hebrew Scriptures are the oldest antiquity of writing to date. According to the Holy Scripture, the first man Adam was created in 4194 B.C.; and in the seventh generation in 3507 B.C. I believe that Henoch began to record the Scriptures when he walked with God, then he was raptured by God 300 years later.
---Eloy on 9/4/06

Doesn't matter which one was "written" first, the events in the Bible "happened" first. The Bible literally goes back to the beginning of time.
I've heard of the Book of the Dead, but don't know what it contains. If there are similarities, it's because someone copied stories that had already taken place within Judaism.
---AlwaysOn on 9/4/06

Forget the Bible and the book of the dead being alike.
The comparrison is neither tither nor hither.
One part of the Bible stands alone, and that's the first 4 books of the New Testament. Moreover the gospel of John.
Read about Jesus already! Ask yourself how can this be?
This is the same John that lived with him for three years; an eyewitness of Jesus' life. If you must rebel against authority, you might as well do it against Jesus Christ, because he is the LORD.
---Pharisee on 9/4/06

Short history lesson: there is no such ting as the Book of the Dead! There are a series of magical spells, relating to the Egyptian relgious thought, and are made up of about 6 seperate "books".
They bare no resemblance, other then in the general sense of right and wrong, to the Bible. There is no concept of a saviour; no concept of salvation; faith in God, or any gods, is not required.
So, what similarity do you talk about?
---mike8384 on 9/4/06

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