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How To Get Rid Of Anger

I have been saved for 1 1/2 years and I love the Lord very much. I still feel stress and anger in my life. I don't know how to get rid of it. What can I do?

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 ---melissa on 9/3/06
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In these days that we are living in, who doesn't have to deal with it? The Person of the holy spirit, if you are truly saved, will be helping you continuously in this....In the mean-time, while He is helping you, you must keep doing.
---catherine on 10/24/10

If you have anger than some things you can do are to scream in a pillow, write down what happened, or the best option is to go see a therapist. Tha is my advice but, you don't have to use it.
---danica on 10/23/10

Long ago, when humans were mostly hunter/gatherers, anger was an emotion that could save one's life. The adrenaline that follows the emotion sharpens the mind and the senses, improving dexterity and problem-solving in dangerous situations.
Now, in this day and age, we lack most of those situations. New Yorkers, Chicagoans, and Los Angelenos rarely have to concern themselves with surviving lion attacks... :) We find ourselves without an outlet for a very inborn, natural reaction to stress. I feel like you just need an outlet. Ask God for an answer. What could your outlet be? What would use that energy and passion while pleasing God at the same time? I'll pray for you. (Ann, Historian/Anger Sufferer)
---ann on 9/21/10

Surrender the problem to the Lord Jesus' hand in prayer. It is a spiritual problem manifesting in the physical, the Lord will solve it for you. Cast your burdens upon the Lord.
---Adetunji on 8/20/10

This sentence caught my eye in your post:I still feel stress and anger in my life. I am hoping you do not feel once you become a christian all problems will go away. If so--not true. When we feel stress,anger we need to ask God to help us deal with these emotions in a safe and godly way. We can feel these emotions at any stage in our walk with the Lord. Learn to pray and seek the Lord during these times.Ask the Lord to reveal to you the reasons why you are angry. He will. Read the Word. Praise God through these difficult times, beloved. Please read: Genesis 50:21,Romans 12:21, Ephesians 4:29,31,32. There are other scrips. Dealing with anger is not easy.
---Robyn on 8/19/10

The answer is PRAY and ask God to change you. Everything else you do will be done in YOUR strength.
---Mark_Eaton on 8/12/10

Hello...I just wanted to share that I understand exactly what you are going through.I was raice in church since I was born...but while gowing up I had to deal with uneasy situations that I decided to blaim on others...and the truth is they were all my decisions...hate is not a good destroys you inside and out...remember that we have an enemy that wants to see us dead, sad, mad...and everything negative....
But you are strong in the name of Jesus Christ....
Put some of that good Cristian music in your room in your car and adore good times or not so good times....don't give up...
Without no music adore Him...every tear that you have cried He has it in His hands.
---Isabel on 8/10/10

I KNOW! It comes and it goes, or it should. Anger can mess you up. You must realize that Satan wants to stir things and you, up. HATE THE DEVIL, don't give way to him. Righteous anger can be hard to deal with, also. This comes from God, straight from God, however, what comes from God, God can help you to deal with. God can not compete with the flesh....Get in the Spirit and stay there. Okay? Do not make or cause the devil to be sooo happy.
---catherine on 8/10/10

I agree with jo_jo. Quit expecting so much from others and learn to depend on God,more. Some expectations from our spouses/kid/friends etc..are ok but not excessively. Try doing something for others, with no expectations of receiving anything in return.God see in secret and will reward you openly. That will help get rid of the anger. Selfishness is at the root of anger as jo_jo has said. Learn to reach out to others and stop focusing and dwelling on yourself. Believing you deserve this or that, or somebody owes you something. Not true. I hope your relationship with Christ is not a selfish one.
---Robyn on 8/10/10

I do not speak from a professional capacity, but I do speak from a lifetime's experience.
I do not think my advice was harmful, nor do I think it is misleading with all due respect.
I am not referring to people who have mental health problems, simply people who have trouble holding their tempers due to maybe something trivial.

for eg. I witnessed a torrent of abuse in my workplace (not to me I may add) to a fellow colleague. The outcome being that the person apologised profusely saying that he had been in a bad mood all day because of a late train?
---jo_jo on 5/11/09

jojo - with the greatest respect to you, the advice you have just given here is at best misleading and at worst downright harmful. I would be interested to know in what professional capacity (if any) you feel able to speak in the way that you do?

People with anger issues are more often than not expressing a much deeper reason for their anger. Instances often include neglect, bullying, self-esteem issues caused by trauma or bereavement all the way to clinical depressive episodes or biploar disorder.
---Anon on 5/11/09

you have to ask yourself WHY your angry?

it usually stems from people aren't doing what YOU want them to do or they aren't the way YOU want them to be , or things aren't going the way YOU want?
anger arises from selfishness and self-centredness?
Once you've discovered what it is about YOU that is restless then the anger will be understood and manageable.
---jo_jo on 5/10/09

Of course prayer and fasting. Also a pratical implementation is to sit down and think of the different types of situations that make you mad. Then decide which of these types of situations to avoid and how to avoid them. Next pre-think ahead of time how to properly act for common types of situations. This is a start.
---Moderator on 5/25/08

I dont have an answer, but I'd sure like one. I am constantly losing patience with my wife and not being the loving husband that Christ would have me be. I'd love to let it go.
---Todd1 on 5/25/08

I feel the same way! My family tells me that the tone of my voice gets really mean sometimes and that I'm hard to be around. Cuts to the bone, but I don't know HOW to "let it go". If you find any answers I would sure appreciate you letting me know.

thanks and good luck to you
---Vickie on 5/24/08

Are you the same melissa that was molested as a child? If so, then your anger is probably a result of your sexual abuse. My recommendation to find a therapist is going to help you deal with your anger. Your anger today is probably disproportionate to the situation, and is really anger from your childhood trauma coming out the wrong way.

Bathe yourself in God's Word, and get therapy.
---Madison1101 on 8/13/07

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It is not easy when your life has started with situations that cause you to be angry what some people fail to understand is these emotions have grown with you and get worse when you become of age and have to deal with stability But try to focus on the good things in life and where you are now in Christ and base your understanding on the fact that time in prayer and hope in Christ that he will provide a way to give you peace is just around the corner hold on to Gods unchanging hand your joy will return
---Carla5754 on 12/3/06

Craige - Amen.
---Helen_5378 on 12/3/06

reiter- this is a christian site,not a hindu, buddhist, or any other new age site. yoga ,and all the other things you mentioned wont help. faith in the finished work of Calvery is the only true answer to the problem. buhda did not die to give you victory over anger-Jesus did!We have to understand that he paid the price for us to be free from the bondage of anger. simply place your faith in his finished work and rest in that. that's called fighting the fight of faith.
---craige on 12/2/06

Take up a good cause, use all that "energy" for something really worth your while and that U feel passionate about. As others have stated- pray, stay in the word, praise they are key & help with stress/anger also. I would replace or re-direct those emotions by getting behind a charity, cause, event U really love and believe in. We all know the old saying-helping others U help yourself.
---Jeanne on 11/29/06

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I have a prayer that is really good and I use it alot of anyone would like a copy that can just email me. I use it all the time and it helps with anger.
---Alicia_Alica8393 on 11/29/06

There is not one thing you are dealing with that has not already been dealt with through the death of Jesus on a cross. The fact that he dealt with the angry man and bore every social injustice you could ever face (both yours and others) is more than enough provision for you to walk in forgiveness for eternity as a new creature in Christ. What Jesus did and bore for you is more than anyone could ever do to you. Which do you value more? What someone has done to you or what Jesus did for you?
---Linda6563 on 11/28/06

Where Love is...there is no not dwell on giving it undeserving will fuel it...instead turn away from anger by turning towards Peace and Release.

also try yoga/meditation/deep breathing/reflection via journal writing/nature walks/counseling...rachel
---Reiter on 11/28/06

Submit your will to Christ. Ask Christ what you must do to be accepted as His disciple. Focus on the Spirit.
---Ryan on 9/6/06

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melissa, how much of God's word do you have stored inside of you? Meditate on scriptures that have to do with Joy, Peace, God's love for you, speak them out over your life, and pray and ask God to set you free. It's a process. It won't happen overnight UNLESS God decides it will. Amen? (((huggs))))
---Donna9759 on 9/5/06

I get angry when I feel things are out of my control. I guess I have trouble "letting go and letting God." I take it personally when I can't control things. I guess I feel that because I had no control over my situation as a child that I am entitled to control things now as an adult. I know this is sinful thinking. Please pray for me.
---melissa on 9/4/06

Important book on the subject: "Feeling and Healing Your Emotions" by Conrad Baars.
We don't want to get "rid of" anger quite the way I think you would like to. It is an important God-given emotion. Scripture says, "Be angry, sin not." It doesn't say not to feel it.
---Becka on 9/4/06

Melissa, this is part of the human condition. We ALL have vices and sins to overcome and virtues to acquire, and it's NOT an overnight--or even 18 month--job.
In this age of the instant, many Christians unreasonably expect instant, sinless perfection, and it just doesn't happen that way.
But God's got all eternity to work on you, if you'll let Him.
---Jack on 9/4/06

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Be ye angry and sin not,let not the sun go down upon your wrath. You make things right on the day you do it,apology if needed,ask God for forgiveness. God can help you overcome but it doesn't happen instantly. Jesus got angry with a righteous anger and overthrew the money changers. It's not the anger but how you handle it. You don't harbor it in your heart.
---Darlene_1 on 9/4/06

melissa, anger over what?what people say and do? what people don,t say or don,t do?what makes you angry?
---fhoma6579 on 9/4/06

Melissa - I had a terrible problem with anger too. I constantly cried out to God to deliver me from it, and He has. I can still get a bit angry, but it has all but gone. Jesus took anger on the Cross.
---Helen_5378 on 9/4/06

There is a very good book on Anger and how to get rid of it by Neil T. Anderson. A Christian man who is called to help Christians with difficult problems such as this. He has writen many different books. And travels around the world teaching Christians how to be free of spiritual conflit, anger and unforgiveness. sells them cheep. But also in stores. His books are very helpfull!
---Linda3939 on 9/4/06

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I used to have a vile temper, and used foul language. In Christ, I surrendered it to Him, and He now controls, when I let him, how I speak.
Study the Fruits of the Spirit in Galatians, and learn to cultivate the fruit, keeping in mind John 15. As you find the peace of Christ, then the anger will come under your control. He will not take it away, but will give you the means to control it.
---mike8384 on 9/4/06

Ask the Lord to direct that anger toward the devil and his kingdom, and not toward people. We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities...(Ephesians 6:12). God Bless. --Mrs. Morgan
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/4/06

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