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Croc Hunter Steve Irwin Died

Croc Hunter, Steve Irwin has died in an accident. What causes man to push the envelope as he did? How many would put their life on the line for the gospel?

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 ---Raine on 9/4/06
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If he had faith & believed, good. But if he did not obey Mark 16 v 16, Acts 2 v 38.
He is in the hands of a Living & Just God.

For easy believism, no works salvation, once saved always saved, other etc Are Deceiving Lies from here, 2nd.Cor.11 v 14. John 10 v 1.

God has Nothing to do with such.

Glory to God The Father which Is & who Is Jesus Christ.
---Lawrence on 2/18/15

I felt a deep connection and love for Steve Irwin. My first response to his death was I hoped he knew the Lord. I was very very happy to hear Helens posting and hope it is true. He was a wonderful man and I pray for him and his family daily. He really made a difference with his life. God bless him.
---Mary on 9/17/06

If that is true it sure is wonderful in the midst of so much tragedy.
---Helen_5378 on 9/15/06

I have received an email sent first from an australian pastor to cell leader to a fellow cell member. it states that 2 1/2 weeks prior to his death he publicly walked forward to received salvation.
It came as i was wondering the same thing. It appears to be valid. It occured at an AOG church on the Sunshine Coast.
---Helen on 9/14/06

Derek - You say that you will meet Steve Irwin in heaven one day --- was Steve born-again do you happen to know? Somebody else here had wanted to know the same thing. Thanks.
---Helen_5378 on 9/6/06

2/... It is just so very sad that Steve's heartbroken father, who was struggling to speak, had to tell the media to please back off and leave Steve's wife and children alone, and he did repeat himself so as to make it clear to those present and those listening. Hope and pray that the media listens and backs off.
---Helen_5378 on 9/6/06

Derek - I have no intention to upset anybody. It is interesting that an unsaved friend of mine was quite shocked also at the media coverage. Listening to his poor father yesterday it was obvious that the family did not want that attention, nor would Steve himself have wanted it. The family have even refused a state funeral for him - his dad said Steve was "just an ordinary bloke". I live in Australia and have seen the media coverage first hand & they've gone over the top. (continued..)
---Helen_5378 on 9/6/06

Steve was an animal conservationist and a charmer of audiences. He taught us that natures' ugliest and deadly creatures have their place in the world. It's known that after the baby fiasco, he said he was in total control at all times. When a lion tamer, mountain climber, white water adventurer believes that, injury can come. I live in bear habitat. You can never lose respect for wildlife and their instinct to protect themselves. Like us. I hope that Steve knew Jesus.
---Raine on 9/6/06

=2= Think about it this way... the sting ray incident was such an odd event that no one would have ever predicted. A bizarre fluke that happened to simply be one of those "wrong place at the wrong time events". If you would have told him prior to it, he would be stabbed in the heart by a stingray, he would have thought you were crazy. ...Now, what if a strange unexplainable event happened while he had that baby near the crocs? Shoe lace untied? Stung by a bee?
---tofurabby on 9/6/06

Madison1101, Steve has now proven that you cannot always judge what an animal will do. They are extremely unpredictable. To place yourself in harms way is one thing, but a baby? 6 men or not... Steve was used to jumping back from the crocs, but dont you think having a baby in arm would slow his step a tad... what if he tripped and dropped the baby? It is unfortunate what happened to him, but it shows what can happen when you are in such an unpredictable environment. cont.
---tofurabby on 9/6/06

Helen and Donna: That situation with his baby was discussed on the Today Show years ago. He explained that there were 6 men in the background ready to take the child in an instant should something have gone wrong. He also explained that the zoo where he was filming that was his workplace and his children's backyard, and they were going to grow up there and needed to learn about those animals firsthand.
---Madison1101 on 9/6/06

First, I feel very bad for this guy's children and wife and friends. SUch a tragic thing to happen but I often wondered WHY this guy was always teasing dangerous animals?
---sue on 9/6/06

I use to watch Steve Irwin on his show. I enjoyed watching him. I believe that he had a passion for what he did. Sadly he died doing what he love to do. My heart go's out to his family. We all need to keep his family in prayer. Because they are going to need it during this difficult time.
---FREDERICA on 9/6/06

Helen, whats going on is an outpouring of love for a human that died, a human that many people loved very much. Millions of people are mourning his death, how can you have the GALL to say that? People cant be sad, cry over someone lost? Cant write about it? Thats love and there is nothing wrong with it. What will happen when someone you love dies. Will you cry, make a memorial, do the same things everyone is doing for Steve? Steve Irwin was a great man I will meet him in heaven some day. Love you Steve.
---Derek on 9/6/06

Donna9759 - I agree with you. Steve Irwin did a terribly wrong thing with his baby son and the crocodile. Scripture clearly does teach to "not tempt the Lord your God".
---Helen_5378 on 9/5/06

I believe that Steve was a good man who did good things for people as well as wild life. I pray that he knew Jesus. I have wondered about this since I read the news. Please let me know if you find out.
---Ann on 9/5/06

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It is tragic that he has passed away and in such a strange way. We should all open our eyes to the fact that everyday, ordinary events can be our last. We should cherish this life and those around us and thank God that he has given us THIS day. TOMORROW is not promised, nor is it assured. Tell someone about Jesus so they too may have eternal life.
---Michael on 9/5/06

I think, but I could be wrong, that idolatry is when you worship something with adoration and love them more than God. While Steve's death is sad, it happened, it was tragic, and I'm sorry it happened, but I can't seem to mourn for him. I think he took too many chances especially when he held his baby boy in one hand and a piece of steak in the other in front of an alligator. Who in his right mind would jeopardize a baby like that?
---Donna9759 on 9/5/06

Now there is one good thing to say. This young at heart gentlemen is now with his loving mother. They now get to look over us from up above. finally at peace with the mother he loved so much
---Bradley on 9/5/06

What absolutely shocks and horrifies me is the huge idolatry that is made of Steve Irwin. It is all over the television and the Internet is chock-a-block full of stories on him. His death is a terrible shock, but the idolatry is just awful.
---Helen_5378 on 9/4/06

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I am so saddened to hear of his death and feel so sad for his wife and children. I do hope he knew the Lord.
---Mrs._Williams on 9/4/06

Steve was a wildlife teacher who respected God's creation. I pray he knew our Creator as well as he did the creation. The sad thing is, he was simply in the Great Barrier Reef, and got stung by a stingray. I would have thought he would have died in the jaws of a croc.

He once said in an interview that his mother, who also did what he did, died in a car accident.

The Lord knows the number of our days. We don't get to tell Him how we die, unless we are suicidal.
---Madison1101 on 9/4/06

I am sad also for his death and I pray that he knew Jesus,may God give his family peace in such a time of sadness and may his friends strengthen the family with their love and kindness.
---Exzucuh on 9/4/06

He was very dedicated to the wildlife he loved.He loved creation.But did he know the Creator?Can anyone tell me about Steve's religious beliefs or his families?
---Judy on 9/4/06

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Some people need that adrenaline rush and will seek it in diffeent means. Your auto racers,daredevils of any kind do it for that reason,the excitement,feel of the rush of adrenaline going through their bodies. Steve will be missed,but my heart goes out to Terry and their two young children,they need our prayers,also his parents and friends.
---Darlene_1 on 9/4/06

He loved doing what he did. I am really sad at his death. So sad. What a shame. And he was young too.44 only. I am so disappointed.
---pkay on 9/4/06

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