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Son Assigned A Bad School Book

In High School my son has been assigned something called 'Atlas Shrugged' by Ayn Rand. He has a keen intellect. My pastor says its foolish philosophy and my husband agrees saying we should not allow him to read it let alone allow it in our home. My son is head strong and this is causing conflict.

Moderator - What is the book about big picture?

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 ---Donna on 9/4/06
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Think about it; you have taught your son to obey the teachers and do the work they give,now you are saying disobey and don't do the work. This is a split message and no matter the reason why you can't blame son for following what he's been taught to do. Go on line and read it for yourself. It looks like a fantasy on social issues. Don't let your pastor make a family decission.
---Darlene_1 on 3/12/08

Have read this book. Also agree with many of the replies posted. With keen intellect and morals, unlikely your son will be corrupted, Opportunity to use critical thinking and should be marked on that for exams. Objectism is not based in greed, as mentioned, and has plenty of room for 'charity' and Samaratamism. It does promote indvidual accountability without infringing on others.
---Mark on 7/18/07

You cannot protect your children from everything that you do not consider proper in literature when they are in high school.
I've not read Ayn Rand (who I think is considered a philosophical conservative). It might be best to go ahead and let him read it since it's an assignment. Then he and his father should discuss it.
It's not like he's in elementary school.
---Jack on 7/1/07

May I ask in return why is your son going to this school? Whose child is he? God gave YOU the responsibility of raising this child, not the teachers of a secular school. With love and prayer, and God's leading, take control of your children's education. Simply put, I would be scared to send my young child to the schools in America. It is ungodly.
---Marietta on 10/31/06

That makes me think of a time when my sister's son was in Jr. high, and his teacher told him to take a book home and read it , and he told his teacher he couldn't take the book home. She kept telling him he had to. Findly he told her he would, and he would bring it back if his mother didn't burn it. Well, needless to say, the Teacher gave him a different book to take home. lol
---a_friend on 10/30/06

2.....and then put in their own thoughts on the matter that's fine, but sometimes questions are worded so that only answers worded in a certain way will be acceptable. Perhaps a discussion with the teacher or head of department is needed when you can find out the purpose of your son being required to read the book and what kind of tests or examinations will follow. It might just be to promote discussion in the classroom but you need to find out.
---M.P. on 9/7/06

You have the final say regarding which books are brought over your doorstep. However, if your son is only allowed to read it in school he'll be way behind everyone else. My biggest problem is not in what the authors of books have to say (because we can accept or reject what they say) but in how the exam. paper will be worded. If a student is allowed to answer 'the author says but I.....'
---M.P. on 9/7/06

Atlas Shrugged is the Conservative Manifesto. Reagan and the neo-cons were supposedly inspired by Aynn Rands writings. Her other book, The Fountainhead, is also a screed for total independence in the way a person lives his/her life. No interference by government on any aspect of life is permitted. Unabated greed is the only good. I found them to both be easy reads but tedious a philosophy that I disagree with.
---randy on 9/6/06

If you have properly instilled in your son a solid foundation in the Word, trained up your son from infancy (morning, noon and night) in the way he should go, he shall not depart from it. Any other doctrines he faces in the world, he will shrug off. If he does get off the path of God, he will find the error of his ways and get back on the path. Remember the Prodigal Son story.
---Steveng on 9/4/06

Your son should read the book. Your family should discuss what he is reading and learning and measure it against the Bible, the Truth of God's Word. High school is a time for teens to learn to distinguish Truth from Error, and for your family to help him in this task. He is developing his independence and should be able to participate in the activity as it is assigned.
---Madison1101 on 9/4/06

Have you spoken to the teacher about your views and maybe they can suggest another book for your child to read. If your son is of age to choose on his own then all you can do is sit him down and discuss it with him and pray he chooses wisely.
---judit4846 on 9/4/06

Your son needs to be able to read divergent views to properly understand the nature of society and form a framework of knowledge so he cam accomplish critical analysis for himself. Don't deprive him of a chance to learn about the world in a controlled environment where he does not have to learn about life from practical experience where the results of poor decisions could be catrostrophic to himself or others.
---Phil_the_Elder on 9/4/06

Let him read it, get a good grade, but YOU READ IT TOO!

When your done give him a Christians book review, you never know how this will bless your heart not to mention his.

Don't take a puritanical attitude, To the pure all things are pure (Titus 1:15)
---Pharisee on 9/4/06

The author's belief is Objectivism: get yours and keep it; sharing and religion are for fools. Could be that in assigning the book at school, the purpose is as much a warning AGAINST such a philosophy as an attempted indoctrination. I agree sharing the study with your son is a good thing. Get him to see the greatness in the Good Samaritan parable.
---Geraldine on 9/4/06

I have attempted to read "Atlas Shrugged" several times. It is a difficult book it literally bored me to sleep. Maybe your family should get together every evening and discuss what your son has read and measure it against God's Holy Word.
---Ryan on 9/4/06

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