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Criteria Of Tithing

Where does the bible say that a tithe is 10% of your INCOME? Is this a scriptural teaching or a teaching of man? Where in the Torah are the criteria of tithing?

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 ---Ryan on 9/4/06
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AlwaysOn, you ask: "Ryan, I'm just curious. Are you advocating for people "not" to tithe or that we don't "have" to tithe?"
I am saying both. We cannot tithe there is no Levitical priesthood who is the rightful heir of the tithe. I am saying give. Give everything you are led to give by the Holy Spirit but do not call it a tithe because by definition a gift is not a tithe.
---Ryan on 9/5/06

Ryan, I'm just curious. Are you advocating for people "not" to tithe or that we don't "have" to tithe?
---AlwaysOn on 9/5/06

!!!!!!ELOY!!!!! AMEN BROTHER!!!!!! PREACH ON!!!! Thank you so much for your insight. Your response is excellent and I hope many out there who tithe regularly will be brought to the truth of how they have been deceived.
As saints let us be bold and confront the leaven that has infiltrated the three pecks of meal.
---Ryan on 9/5/06

Tithers, God Almighty the Creator owns everything, he doesn't need your money. If you want to give to God, give him your whole life: If you have a lot of money, give a lot; if a little, give a little; if you have none, then give none: Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give to the poor and sacrifice yourself for others, visit the prisons and hospitals and the bed ridden. Be a friend to the friendless, a father to the fatherless, and a helper to the helpless. Do the works of Christ and be greatly blessed.
---Eloy on 9/4/06

We are to give to those in need, but God himself who created and owns the heavens and the earth and all things therein does not need any money. Jesus never charged the people a tithe before he ministered to them, and he did not even charge anyone one cent: God's grace and mercy do not cost any money. Please read Matthew 10:8; Acts 8:17-25.
---Eloy on 9/4/06

Jack, you say: "Since we are no longer an agriculturally based society..."
I'd like to see what happens to the economy and the world when they are no longer based on agriculture.
Economies world wide would halt immediately if food was not provided; not to mention mass starvation.
---Ryan on 9/4/06

You have been greatly deceived when you think that you are really obeying God and buying his favor with 10 percent of your earnings. Also, if you want to keep the O.T. tithing custom to be justified to God, then too you must keep everything written in the Old Laws. As for me, I am not waiting until Judgment Day to obey the Commands of Jesus, I currently follow his New Laws delivered to us in the New Testament which is written by his blood.
---Eloy on 9/4/06

Those who say God commands a tithe, profess falsehood and the curse from the O.T. Law. Jesus is God, and when he came to live and minister among us by the N.T. Law, he did not ever once command one cent, let alone 10%, from any single person. We need to obey the Messianic Law currently in force, and not the Mosaic Law which has been abolished.
---Eloy on 9/4/06

the song is true..~money can't buy me love. Tithers wrongly think, "I paid my dues, I gave my tithe, therefore God must be my friend and bless me, he is obligated to do me good, and I will go to heaven." How unfortunate to believe this lie, for noone can buy God's favor. You should give to God because you love him and because you desire too. God's way is that "the haves" are commanded to share with "the have nots", because it is the right thing to do.
---Eloy on 9/4/06

Misguided church leaders quote O.T. Malachi to say you're robbing God if not giving a tithe. This is a grave sin very offensive to God; he equates it to "robbing the sheep and turning the Father's house of prayer into a den of robbers." This is where Jesus hit the people, and drove them out of the church. God is not so poor that he needs any money or any thing at all. Please read Hosea 9:15; Mark 11:15-17; John 2:13-16.
---Eloy on 9/4/06

Pharisee, I respect you very much brother, so it is with a humble heart that I point out Gen 14:20 is not speaking of Abrams wealth. Abram gave a tenth of the spoils of victory in battle. Abram did not keep any of the booty of the battle for himself. Abram gave a theth because of the customes of the times. Abram never tithed of his personal wealth.
---Ryan on 9/4/06

Proverbs 3:9 advises us to honor the Lord with our firstfruits. Income is often referred to as the fruit of our labor. Therefore, in honor of God, we tithe from our income. I've even heard some advocating that the entire first fruit (or first pay) be given to God in honor.
---AlwaysOn on 9/4/06

The first tithe was 10% of everything you owned. (Genesis 14:20)
It's impractical to calculate the dollar sum of all your posessions weekly and deduct ten percent so then it was changed to ten percent of your income. Forget about this; New Testament giving is that; giving.
If a rich man gives a tenth he feels no pinch, but God wants us to rely on him and not our riches. Don't let your cash steal your blessing, give until you need to rely on God.
---Pharisee on 9/4/06

Have you tried using a concordance or on-line Bible for finding references for tithing?
Since we are no longer an agriculturally based society-- tithes were originally paid from produce--but a monetary one, tithes are figured on this form of income.
Whether Christians are bound to the tithe is a different issue.
---Jack on 9/4/06

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