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Pastor Marries Couple With Baby

Is it right for a pastor to marry a couple that has a baby on the way?

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 ---Jacob on 9/4/06
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Praise God if 2 people who were previously in sin wish to make things right. I lived with a man, we had a baby, then I was saved/convicted, left and moved 500 miles. I was married shortly after and did it in obedience to God.
---christina on 9/17/07

Thanks, Alan. I thought maybe I'd accidentally said something in disagreement of their marriage by way of a typo or something, lol.
I think it was posted bc some have huge issues with this. Evidenced even by Jennifer referring to their child as a bastard. Now, I don't think she meant any harm at all and most probably used the term because it's what she's used to hearing. Words like this are still common usage illustrating how narrowly the world (in this case, the church) can view such things.
---AlwaysOn on 9/9/06

Always On ... I think there has been a misunderstanding. I was wondering originally why the question should even have been asked.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/9/06

Carla, I agree with you. The bottom line is the word is offensive and shouldn't be used to describe innocent children. I've heard it said that there are illegitimate parents, but no such thing as illegitimate children. I really don't believe that Jennifer meant any harm, however.
---AlwaysOn on 9/7/06

Alan, I commented in favor of the pastor marrying the couple. I'm all for it and can't see why it would be an issue. I think we're on the same side, unless I'm still confused. lol
---AlwaysOn on 9/7/06

The use of the word "bastard" in scripture does not make it socialy acceptable today.

There are lots of things expressed in words by somebody in the bible that would not ever be allowed to be printed here.

As to the question, there are a ton of unanswered questions.
Are they marrying because there is a baby on the way?
Are they unequally yoked?
How old are they?
How long have they been together?
Are they mature enough for marriage?
---Bruce5656 on 9/7/06

, if you want to be technical, all of us are bastards, because none of us had sinless parents.
---steve on 9/7/06

, the highly offensive word "bastard" is what ignorant people call the innocent baby of those who brought him into the world by their sin.
---steve on 9/7/06

In kings 2 there is a statement ''....the men Pissed in the water'' However who would say excuse me i'M JUST ABOUT TO GO ---- brb. There are words that were used in the Old Testement that we no longer use in contempary language. Half breed/ Caste, Coloured ect are derogative and no longer tolerated. No need for the use of bastard to describe a child out of wedlock the scripture has no relevance concerning Gentiles and I stand by why I find it stereotypical, offensive, insensitive and uneducated.
---Carla5754 on 9/7/06

Always on ... You misunderstood ... perhaps I was not clear. Let me ask the question differently "Is it right that a pastor whould marry someone who broke the spped limit in hsi auto today?"
or "failed to love his neighbour as himself"
Always on, we are all sinners, so should none of be married by a pastor?
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/7/06

Carla, Jennifer's statement took me aback too, but the unflattering term is biblically accurate.
A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the Lord. ~Deut. 23:2
I know how you feel, because I don't like it either...but it is what it is.
---AlwaysOn on 9/7/06

Why wouldn't it not be right? I would rather them get married then live together. I got married after I had my son. Just thank God they are getting married and want to take on this responsablity.
---Rebecca_D on 9/7/06

There are a lot of children born out of wedlock and to use the derogative term you used shows you are insensitive and ignorant. Christ came that we might have life and have it more abundantly he never excluded people that were born of no fault of their own, which was more important to stress than the Uneducated statement you made Jenifer!
---Carla5754 on 9/7/06

Of course, the pastor should perform the ceremony! First and foremost, the couple wanting to get married shows a since of responsibility. The baby will not be a bastard and the woman will be honorable by marrying. Last of all, it will be an opportunity to have the couple invite Christ and christian principles into their lives.
---JENNIFER on 9/6/06

MIMA I like that one LOL
---Carla5754 on 9/6/06

Jacob, it is right if they are equally yoked. That is more important that the fact that she is pregnant. The baby is already on the way so this couple's sins are now in the open - so many have committed the same sin but that is still 'their secret'. To God it makes no difference. He sees all and sees us all as sinners and it isn't only sexual sin that He hates. If this couple are repenting and wish to correct as many of their mistakes as possible they should be allowed to do so.
---M.P. on 9/6/06

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Alan, are you suggesting that Jacob asked the question because he's jealous of the couple getting married? If you are, I don't think that's fair to assume just yet. Again, he only asked a question. For all we know, he could be on the side of this couple. Geesh, he could even be one half of the couple. KWIM?
---AlwaysOn on 9/5/06

It is never wrong to do what is right. And, marrying two people who have a baby on the way is definitely the right thing to do. My husband married five couples in one year after he preached against living in sin and getting your life right with God.
---Susie on 9/5/06

Somebody below said that it was ok for them to marry as long as she didn't wear a white gown. That is a big religious thing, and has nothing to do with a person's heart. The pastor did the right thing in marrying them. And it doesn't matter what they were wearing -- God looks on the heart.
---Helen_5378 on 9/5/06

Is it right that a pastor whould marry someone who is jealous of the success of his brother?
Always On ... Would you deem that to be a suitable question for a blog here?
That is as much a sin as having sex outside marriage.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/5/06

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God Bless the Pastor who has a heart of compassion for a tiny unborn baby ,enough to marry the parents and allow that baby a legal name and father. The Bible says it is better to marry than to burn. It doesn't stipulate when or how it's to be done,just so it is done,to an eligible couple.
---Darlene_1 on 9/5/06

Folks, this person just asked the question. He didn't say he was counting their sins, nor did his post seem to pass any personal judgment on the couple or the pastor. It's just a question...this is a message board, after all. We all get tired of the judgmental attitudes that can go on amongst Christians, it may help if we try to keep ourselves in check, to that regard, too.

Just a thought! ;)
---AlwaysOn on 9/5/06

I guess if pastors weren't allowed to marry people who had sinned, no one would ever marry! To coin an old southern saying...

That's for certain sure!!
---Crystal on 9/5/06

When I got married I had two children she got married and had her baby was in utro what difference will it make? the mistake has already happened, marriage won't change the baby being born in sin we all were. I married in white because my brown complection looked better againt white than ivory or any other colour, The colour white will not make you pure, the garment Christ exchanges our filthy ones will.This white wedding dress thing was a victorian concept in Britan. Today means nothing to the saved.
---Carla5754 on 9/5/06

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Have you ever considered getting a hobby? It would give you less time to be a "sin counter".
---Annie on 9/5/06

**The pastor doesn't marry, he officiates their marriage.**
Not in eastern theology. What you're giving is one of the Roman Catholic teachings her Protestant daughters have carried along with them.
---Jack on 9/5/06

Would it be better if he DIDN'T and so the baby was born to a single mother out of wedlock?
That's the alternative.
---Jack on 9/5/06

It is not our place to say it is right or wrong...Have you ever stopped to think that maybe they are turning their life around and over to God. They made a mistake but that doesn't mean that God doesn't forgive them. Hopefully this is going to bring a new meaning to their life and they will serve God and bring their child up right...
---drea01 on 9/5/06

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I was married that way. Why not?
It is better that they get married under God's grace, than be rejected by the church because they got caught in sin. How many nonvirgins are married by pastors, they just don't happen to have gotten caught?
---Madison1101 on 9/5/06

Yes, it is proper. I just hope she didn't wear a white gown.
---shira on 9/5/06

Why not?
If the man is genuine Christian pastor, then he has established their repentance, and is of absolutely no concern of yours, unless your one ofthe couple getting married.
---mike8384 on 9/5/06

It is none of your business unless you are on the senior board of that church and the pastor works for you. The pastor has interviewed the couple and if he/she did not think the action proper would not have performed the marriage.
---Phil_the_Elder on 9/5/06

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Well about to 2000 years ago something similar took place.(Got any ideas) and the man was not the father of the child(that was to be named Jesus, praise His Holy name) so yes I would say is all right for a pregnant lady to get married!!
---mima on 9/5/06

Yes it is right.
Everyone who is married by a pastor has sinned.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/5/06

I've pastored for 20 years. Wedding conditions are very seldom perfect. In this case, unless there was some other underlying disatvantage or the Lord would show me not to,I would be happy to officiate their marriage seeing that this would make a family for the newborn and give the parents the responsibility they should take. The pastor doesn't marry, he officiates their marriage.
---john on 9/5/06

Absolutely. Why would it be wrong? It's better for 2 parents to commit their lives to one another in marriage and to the future of their child than to not do so. It's never too late for family.
---AlwaysOn on 9/5/06

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What would be the alternative? Suggest they move in together and pretend they are married?
---Linda on 9/4/06

Is it right for a pastor to punish people for sin that they'd like to repent of?

Uh oh, I called living together in a sexual relationship a sin, this ought to bring more hellish condemnation from Jack!

r t n
---Pharisee on 9/4/06

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