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How To Vote As A Christian

If the majority of America is supposedly Christian, why do pastors of congregations have to tell people how to vote? If Christians are being led by the Spirit won't they have unity of mind and be prompted by the Holy Spirit how to vote?

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 ---Ryan on 9/5/06
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If a person does not vote for whatever reason. Then they shouldn't complain who gets in office. If you don't like the person in office, maybe you should have voted. Who knows your vote could have turned things the other way. But either way, politcs should not be brought into the church at all. I've seen churches where the Democrates on one side and the Rebulicans on the other side, and they will not fellowship eachother. That is sad.
---Rebecca_D on 5/7/07

I do not believe the majority of America is Christian first. Pastors can urge congregants to vote but the choice is up to them. A lot of people do not vote Christian or non-christian, for whatever reasons. Some Christians do not believe in voting. There are many reasons for not voting as there are for voting but we do try to vote for Christian candidates.If they do profess to be a believer. I do. I do not sweat it, if I choose not to vote in a certain year.
---Robyn on 5/7/07

Pastors encourage people to vote because not many people do vote. only about 25% of the population actually votes. How can we actually have good leaders if 3/4ths of the population could careless. As for churches telling you who to vote for it's kind of distasteful, when most political ideas are personal preferences. And for tax exempt status we should really push hard to change the tax system to a fair and balanced code for all. the FAIR TAX plan is really good look it up.
---Jared on 5/1/07

Churches can't lawfully tell people who to vote for, endorse candidates, display candidates campaign material on church premises. No tax exempt organization can do so. It is a violation of Federal Internal Revenue Code and churches can and have lost their tax exempt status for doing so. The current restriction likewise prohibits Tax Exempt Organizations from engaging in advocacy for any ballot issue in an election. There is a bill going through congress to try to change it stuck in a committee.
---Phil_the_Elder on 5/1/07

Mima ... I think that deserves a new blog.
---Alan8869_of_UK on 10/1/06

With churches constantly stirring the political waters do you favor continued tax exemption status for them?
---mima on 9/29/06

Donna9795 --->>Satan is the prince of the power of the air, so this is His Kingdom anyway<<. So why vote for CHRISTIANS? It's Satans kingdom anyway. Yup, the tribulation is coming... all the more reason to promote righteousness and free expression of TRUTH in this country. I could name some good leaders who are not (to my knowledge) Christians, but that would probably start a controversy that I don't want.
---Donna2277 on 9/7/06

Who are the wise and honest leaders who are not Christians? "Because if you don't, you are leaving all the decisions to ungodly people." Satan is the prince of the power of the air, so this is His Kingdom anyway.
Christians dwell in the secret place of the Most High God and abide under the shadow of the Almighty, He is our fortress and our refuge, MY GOD IN HIM WILL I TRUST, not man, but GOD. No matter who we vote for, the tribulation is going to happen, the world will become more evil, etc.
---Donna9759 on 9/7/06

>>If a Christian man isn't running for office, why should we vote anyway?<<
1. Because if you don't, you are leaving all the decisions to ungodly people.
2.Because there are some men you WOULDN'T want in office, no matter who else is running.
3. Because there are wise and honest leaders who are not "Christian".
4.Because "voting" is a right for which many people in the world would risk their lives.
Remember the purple fingers in Iraq.
---Donna2277 on 9/7/06

It is wrong for any pastor to tell people how to vote. We are all given a brain to think with and we are supposed to use it. We are also supposed to be led by the Holy Spirit, not some pastor. For a pastor to do that he is controlling his congregation which is "lording it over them" which he has no right to do.
---Helen_5378 on 9/5/06

Was the early church tax exempt?
---Donna2277 on 9/5/06

The Legislation I previous mentioned is HR 235 Houses of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act of 2005 Introduced by Rep Walter B Jones Jr. [NC-3] 1/4/2005 - Amends the Internal Revenue Code to protect churches from losing their tax-exempt status because of the content, preparation, or presentation of any homily, sermon, teaching, dialectic, or other presentation made during religious services or gatherings.
---Phil_the_Elder on 9/5/06

Continuation 2
Permits church leaders to express personal views on political matters or elections during regular religious services without violating campaign finance laws, as long as such views are not disseminated beyond the members and guests assembled at such services.

Current Status in Ways and Means Committee with no Cosponsors
---Phil_the_Elder on 9/5/06

Continuation 3
Ramifications of a Church losing it tax exempt status include, parishioners can not deduct their offerings or gifts to the church,

For the Church all Income becomes taxable as a for profit corporation. And any real property owned by the Church can be placed on the local tax roles
---Phil_the_Elder on 9/5/06

I've never had a pastor tell me how to vote. Are they allowed to do that? especially if we are being led by the Spirit.
Also, you are assuming Christians are being led by the spirit, but are they really? I've got tons of Christian friends who are walking by their carnal nature every day, making rash and carnal decisions and denying they have any form of sin in them. Besides, if a Christian man isn't running for office, why should we vote anyway?
---Donna9759 on 9/5/06

Phil is right about the church is risking losing their tax exempt status. The best thing anyone can, or should tell you is first pray, then do your homework. Research the candidates past voting record. You can not go by what they say now, unfortunately. Vote for a candidate with your own values. Vote your conscience, they are to represent you.
---Dottie on 9/5/06

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Please email me back
---Nicole on 9/5/06

It is his job as a man of God to lead the sheep in truth. That would be making sure that the sheep, as God said He 'would not have you ignorant.' It is the pastors job to make sure that the sheep understand that each party's candidates are forced to support the side of the issue that their "party platform" stands for. The pastors' job is to inform the sheep of what those issues are, and which side each "party takes" on those issue in their written party platform.
---Carrie on 9/5/06

"Christian" maybe. Christian?, not likely.
---Bruce5656 on 9/5/06

The pastor should not tell the people how to vote. He should tell them they should pray before they vote.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/5/06

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