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Baptist, Catholic Or Pentacostal

Are you a Christian by baptist or by catholic or methodist or evangelical or pentacostal or apastolic or presbyterian or mormon or jahovahs wittness or lutheran? Are all of these denominations really Christian?

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 ---Ryan on 9/8/06
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No, you are mixing Christians who worship and obey Christ only, with nonChristians who do not. Of your list the only two Christian denominations you named are Methodist and Lutheran, and of the various kinds of Christians inside Christian denominations that you named are Evangelicals, Pentecostals, Apostolics and Prebyterians. And of the nonChristian religions that you named are catholics, mormons and jehovah witnesses. Understand that just because a group uses Christ in their religions does not make them Christian, for the Everlasting Papa Christ does not share his throne with idols.
---Eloy on 4/9/10

Are you a Christian by baptist or by catholic or methodist or evangelical or pentacostal or apastolic or presbyterian or mormon or jahovahs wittness or lutheran? Are all of these denominations really Christian?

The bible describes the christian / saints christ as:
Revelation 14:12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.
---francis on 4/9/10

I cam a Christiand by the work of JESUS CHRIST and the HOLY SPIRIT. My denomination is Seveth day Adventist.

Only GOD knows who is a real Christian it is not my job to guess where others are going.

I do not agree with all of the doctrines of the churches you listed. But I have points of agreement with all of them.

Ecc 12:13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this [is] the whole [duty] of man.

Mic 6:8 He hath shewed thee, O man, what [is] good, and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?
---Samuel on 4/9/10

Apostolic Is the teachings of the Apostles, which started in Acts to the Jewish people First on the day of Pentecost. They were first called Christians at Antioch.

The rcc being the first trin-relig-org-church Is Man-made & Is here, Matt.15 v 9, 2nd.Cor.11 v's 14 - 15. The rcc with her offspring churches that came later on & not in this order, the presby, luth, naz, cog, bapt, episco, method, aog etc churches (Rev.17 v's 4 - 6)<-- these do Not belong to God. Man-made christians, spelled with a little c.
---Lawrence on 4/8/10

Ryan, I don't know what you are asking, but you don't become a christian because you are of a certain denomination. You become a christian thru the blood of Jesus Christ when you are born again. I know you know that and that is why I don't understand your question. I am baptist.
---shira_9639 on 5/14/07

Mike M,
You are right about the LDS being big on education...
I know from personal experience that, at least in regards to grades K-12, Utah's education standards are much higher than AZ's; and I think they may be higher than CA's as well; however, when it comes to science, they are about as fundamental as they come.
---Tbabe on 9/21/06

It's a big deal for someone to get out of Mormonism; because, once you're in, in most cases, because of the repercussion (or threat/fear of repercussion) from the Mormons, it isn't something you can just walk away from (if and when you realize the mess you're in.)

Could you explain how you got out? Was there any backlash from the LDS?
---Tbabe on 9/21/06

Hello Mike M,
It's me again (Oh No! lol)...
I was going to stay out of this, 'cause debating with you takes-up a lot of my time; however, you are worth it (wink;) so, I'm going to jump in.
I've studied quite a bit about Mormonism; however, Julia would know much more than I would on the subject, but because of your terrible experiences with Pentecostals, I suspect that you may not be apt to listen to her; I really wish you would though.
---Tbabe on 9/21/06

Someone bailed
---MikeM on 9/21/06

Julia, All the lDS youth are encouraged to go to college, whats wrong with that? My education is in biology, that caused my fundamentalist relitives to disown me. I have seen the same thing over and over again among fundamentalist. of course what you see on the surface of any church is only 5% of what really goes on. I look for key signs of trouble, like too much relience on rhetoric, always a sign of deception.
---MikeM on 9/17/06

Mike, their answers are from their point of view, which makes them fundamentalist. Trust me, they may be telling you what you want to hear now, but if you join their church, you will not hear the same things you are hearing now. You will be told what to think, how to believe, what to eat, how to dress. They do not believe in general education. You will be taught what they want you to know. Will you please listen...I lived this for 40 years! I'm not making it up.
---Julia on 9/16/06

Julia, I was raised around pentacostals and their 'sheperding' Never have I seen a more dysfuntional autocratic group of people. No thanks, you had to leave your brains at the front door of their church in So. Cal. I note the LDS are pro-education, that is something unique. Those who are pro-education would not likely be authoritarian. They DONT BAIL when you ask questions, unlike intolerant fundamentalist.
---MikeM on 9/15/06

Mike..if you have questions about the Mormon Church, please ask me. You will only get one side of the fence from them, you will get both sides from me, because I've been there. I agree, fundamentalists can take thing truly out of proportion, but do not kid yourself. The LDS Church, even the so called mainstream LDS, is as fundamental as they come. The word cult is not strong enough for them. I know, I lived it for 40 years! They may be friendly, but they are truly controlling.
---Julia on 9/14/06

Julia; I note the fundamentalist call lDS folk, cult, but they cxall everybody a cult, Fundamentalist can be critical of others, but cannot take any criticism, they bail at any hint of being questioned. No Julia, I question relentlessly, at the fact that they DONT BAIL shows me there is some substance. Questions I am asking all my life fundamentalist ran from, but the LDS folk are eager to answer, but I still have some big ones to ask.
---MikeM on 9/14/06

Emcee - The RCC has lied to you by telling you that it started with Peter. Have you studied up on just when the RCC started? You will find that it began several hundred years after Peter. So it is impossible for it to have started with Peter as they claim.
---Helen_5378 on 9/13/06

Helen :: Can't imagine how I missed this but we all belong to Our Lord JC.If I am totally wrong in equating the CC with Jesus. Then HIS word in Mat16;17-19, is either not in your bibleOr you do not believe that Jesus gave Peter the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven as he states.
---Emcee on 9/12/06

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HiTbabe..yes, Utah Lighthouse Ministry is one of the places that mentored me as I was coming out of Mormonism...they are awesome, and tell it like it is. MikeM, I will truly pray for you. You are truly deceived if you think the Mormons are giving you any kind of a straight answer or any truth. I grew up with it is beyond sinful to question any of their teachings. I haven't seen that since I became born again. Run, run, NOW! Trust me..the Word says resist the devil and he will flee from you.
---Julia on 9/12/06

Mike-(, yes they believe in Jesus as saviour, and still require you to come to him by Mary and the Saints.) You are already wrong, so no you and like most of you here, do not really know what the Catholic Church teaches and sadly most of you were Catholics one time in your life...
---ruben on 9/12/06

Why do I call the RCC a cult and telling lies? I came out of the church 40 years ago, and I know what they teach, not what they claim to teach.
In some way, yes they believe in Jesus as saviour, and still require you to come to him by Mary and the Saints.
---mike8384 on 9/12/06

AW .. That is why I suggested people looked at Proverbs Chapter 6 Verses 16 & 19
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/12/06

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A-men brother Alan. God has no sin, so how else could Jesus have been without sin, if not born of the Holy Ghost. Therein is God manifested in the flesh, making himself in the likeness of man in order to redeem man, and also forever silencing the Accusser who blasphemed the Holy One for not sharing in humanity with all it's woes.
---Eloy on 9/11/06

#2 Debbie, 1) Do you believe in a once saved always saved type of doctrine (If so what scriptures are you using for support) & 2) You belive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is evidenced with tongues (ASgain I ask what scriptures are you using). I ask because from what I have seen of your posts this does not seem to fit in with your understanding. Of course I may be wrong.
---Ryan on 9/11/06

#1 Debbie, you are very grounded and knowledgeable of scripture, so when you say:
"I believe once Jesus saved me, I cannot ever be lost again. I believe in the infilling of the Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues."
It brings up a couple of questions in my mind.
---Ryan on 9/11/06

Ryan, I was wondering what church you're affiliated with. Do you home church? A minister, maybe. Wasn't sure.
---R.A. on 9/11/06

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Emcee - I now belong to the Lord Jesus Christ and He lives in my heart. I did not rebel against Jesus, as you keep saying. I rebelled against, and left, the Roman Catholic Church. You seem to equate Jesus and the RCC as being one and the same, which is totally wrong. A church is a church, and Jesus is Jesus.
---Helen_5378 on 9/11/06

This is September 11. This is a day when all of us need to be united! What you all are doing is going to tear us apart. Please don't let the terrorists win. Don't give them any foothold. Some of your posts show just as much hate-filled venom as anything any fundamentalist Muslim has ever said. I am not saying anyone is a terrorist. Just watch your words! Don't call different faiths "cults" because you don't agree. This is divisive behavior. Just what terrorists want!
---AW on 9/11/06

Jehovah's Witnesses do not consider themselves to be Christians. They are "JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES" and not "Jesus Witnesses".
---Susie on 9/11/06

If believing in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior makes a person Christian, then Catholics are Christian. I'm sorry, but I get so tired of the ignorance I see posted on these blogs. What if you are all wrong? How can you be 100% sure that your not preaching garbage? #1: Only God can judge. #2: Anyone who judges others' faiths, and calls them "cults" without having done any research is not acting in a Christian manner. Jesus said we are to love others, as ourselves. I see no love here.
---AW on 9/11/06

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Eloy ... I see your point there, and yes there would be a danger if people saw that Son as being subservient to the Father.
But I don't think we trinitarians do. After all, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God ... and the Word became flesh" So Jesus was God. That is believed by trinitarians.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/11/06

Helen ::Why is this fixation in your mind that the CCis erroneous,could it be something in your past that has caused you to rebell against the ONE who loves you the most by denying Him Can you not see Jesus in each individual person you meet or talk to cause we are made to His image.just go by His word. Read Matt10;40 Mat13;13 mat13;37-40 Mat16:17-19& Mat28;19-20--LOL.
---Emcee on 9/11/06

#3 I am a non-denominational Grace Saint, I believe in the Gospel of Grace as taught by the Apostle Paul. I believe God is my source and He will supply all my need according to His riches in glory. I also believe if God said it, it is true; and if He is for me, who can be against me.
---Debbie on 9/11/06

#2 I believe God is taking out of the Body of Christ a special group of Saints whose heart is totally devoted to Christ, and have become the full overcomers of this Church Age. They are the Bride of Christ. Just as Eve was created from a rib portion of the first Adam, so it a rib portion being taken out of the Body of Christ, the second Adam. I believe I have been seated in the heavenlies and I can take my place there today in the Spirit.
---Debbie on 9/11/06

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#1 I am a member of the Church( Body) of Jesus Christ, I have been put in the Body of Christ as the Spirit sees fit. I believe that Jesus Christ is my Head and there is no other. I believe once Jesus saved me, I cannot ever be lost again. I believe in the infilling of the Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I believe I am a New Creation in Christ and no sin dwells in that New Creation life. I believe there is nothing good in my old man or flesh and that he was crucified with Jesus.
---Debbie on 9/11/06

At first I wanted to respond (from the flesh) then I realized it was me answering, not Gods word. My heart hurts for many of you who believes that they are the "Religion" closest to God. Pointing fingers is not what we are all about. Many of you are very fluent in Gods word, but forgot what the word is. Please stop attacking one another, and wanting to be the one who is right. Have we forgotten Jesus? His commandment to us was "LOVE" Please try to show more.
---Dottie on 9/11/06

Alan, I understand perfectly both mindsets, and no, God's grace is large enough to accept both types of believers: that of seeing the Father and Son and Holy Spirit as separate; and that of seeing the Father and Son and Holy Spirit as together. I only caution those as seeing the Son separate from the Father to be careful not to dis the Son as less than God. The heavens illustrate the big dipper pouring into the little dipper pouring onto the world: not some pouring, but completely pouring out.
---Eloy on 9/11/06

..spike, Jesus spoke to the Father within him on the cross; the dove was signifying the Holy Spirit upon Jesus, not the Holy Spirit apart from Jesus; and Jesus sits With the Father in his throne. "the kingdom of God is within you..when you see me you see the Father..he breathed on them and said receive the Holy Ghost..I am set down with my Father in his throne. Luke 17:20,21; John.14:8-11; 20:22; Revelation 3:21.
---Eloy on 9/11/06

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Alan, thank you. I have never understood what the big deal is in the distinction. Certainly, it isn't worth arguing least, as far as I can tell.
---AlwaysOn on 9/11/06

Emcee - How can I forget "those for and against". You are for the RCC. I am for Jesus.
---Helen_5378 on 9/10/06

Eloy ... # Now there is not much difference, I believe, between your One God with three functions, and my One God with 3 persons.
Neither is capable of human logical explanation, so is a divine mystery.
Are we so far apart? Is it worth fighting over?
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/10/06

Eloy ... # 2 But is this whole discussion a case of straining at gnats? You appear to say that the One God has three "functions" (not the right word, but you know what I mean) which is a sort of loose trinity (note lower case) idea.
And the Trinitarian says that the One God has three Persons. (In spite of what you say, that does not, to the Trinitarian, say 3 Gods ... that idea comes I suspect from the Apostolic Church's critique of the Trinitarians)
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/10/06

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Eloy ... # 1 Again this shows how easy it is to fall unnecessarily into dispute.
I did not know of the Apostolic Church which is a denomination to which you belong.
You did not know that the Church of England, to which I belong, is an "apostolic church", (note lower case) in that it acknowledges the apostolic succession, and definitely affirms the Trinity
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/10/06

Your a Christian when you put your faith in Jesus Christ for the forgivness of your sin.
None of these denominations died on the cross for anyone!
---kathr4453 on 9/10/06

Jesus did not speak to Himself on the Cross. He spoke to His Father. Jesus did not descend like a dove on Himself, it was the Holy Spirit. Jesus sits at the right hand of God. He's not sitting in God's lap.
---Spike on 9/10/06

ryan-(I'll bet the RCC evolved out of one of the seven churches written to in Revelation.) How much do you want to lose???
---Ruben on 9/10/06

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I'll bet the RCC evolved out of one of the seven churches written to in Revelation.
---Ryan on 9/10/06

Alan, the "oneness" of God is not a heresy, but an antinomy, it is the mystery of God which reveals that God has become flesh, Emmanuel, God with us. But the strict trinitarian uses the plural word "Persons" which signifies more than one God, and that indeed is heresy. The Apostolic says the Father is the Son and is the Holy Spirit, but the strict trinitarian does not. For when "you believe that there is one God; you do well: the devils also believe, and tremble." James 2:19.
---Eloy on 9/10/06

Alan, If I may be so kind as to offer my position on the Apostolic church: for I am currently a member of the Apostolic church, and as you probably gathered from my posts that I believe in the "oneness" of God because it is sound doctrine. The Apostolics rightly ascribe 100% deity to Jesus Christ, and our main focus is upon Jesus and the worship of Jesus Christ as the only Salvation and only God, and I find this to be pertinent and virtuous in these very dark and tribulous last days.
---Eloy on 9/10/06

Helen :: Augusta is Right the CCis 2006 years old .Jesus said SO Do you deny HIS WORD.Remember those against & For!!
---Emcee on 9/9/06

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Augusta - Wrong again. The RCC is not 2,000 years old. Why do you resist the truth?
---Helen_5378 on 9/9/06

Julia I wish you would tell that on the blog worshipping the blood they need to hear it there.
---Exzucuh on 9/9/06

5)...Julia, God bless you sister. Do you know of the "Utah Lighthouse Ministry?"

I dont know enough about Apostolic, Presbyterian, or Lutheran doctrines to comment on these denominations.
---Tbabe on 9/9/06

4)...Most do not seem to know enough about the Book of Mormon (and other Mormon writings,) and the Bible, to know the difference and to understand why they are not considered to be Christians. The Mormon polygamists in the four-corner region, who have been the center of much controversy here in the western states, are the only ones, I think, that still hold fast to the original, unaltered teachings of Joseph Smith.
---Tbabe on 9/9/06

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3)...I've lived around Mormons most of my life. Most of the RLDS whom I've known are dear, sincere people, who have a "form of godliness" and practice many "good works." However, they are very misguided in their doctrines; sadly, they either are not taught, dismiss, or explain away many scriptures which proclaim that there is, has been, and always will be only ONE God and only ONE begotten Son of the Father; they also seem to be oblivious to the gospel of John chapters 1, and 14.
---Tbabe on 9/9/06

2)...I've known several Catholics, who are very kind, and giving people, but was surprised to learn that they believe that Mary and the saints can actually hear and answer their prayers. The Bible clearly states that Jesus is the "door,": (John chap. 10) and I don't know how they would explain John 14:6- "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."
---Tbabe on 9/9/06

1)...I'm also "just a plain 'ol born-again Christian, non-denominational." I'm not big on "labels," and agree with Pharisee for the most part. I believe that people from many denominations are parts of the body of Christ (Romans 12:4.) I myself have a Baptist background, (I just love them Baptists) but also believe in the gifts of the spirit, i.e. speaking in tongues, healing, etc...
---Tbabe on 9/9/06

I do believe there are born again believers in other denominations, but I agree with Rev. Herb. I am independent baptist also. The reason I am I.B. is because they follow the bible closer than anything else I have researched.
---shira_9639 on 9/9/06

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**I'm just a plain ole born-again Christian, nondenominational.**
Not so.
You might be a denomination of one, but more likely what you believe is identical to one of the existing denominations.
---Jack on 9/9/06

At this moment I am studing with the Mormons. What I note is that they do try to answer questions, tough questions without bailing. That is something unique and refreshing. I was raised pentacostal -fundamentalist and asking questions was considered sinful, a felony. To this day when delving into any issue, evolution, theology, apostolic succession, fundamentalist run. I place truth above all other values when it comes to salvation.
---MikeM on 9/9/06

Jack "The "apostolic" churches, aka "oneness" embrace the heresy of Sabellian modalism"
Can you explain that, please?
Do apostolic churches embrace "oneness"? The RCC is apostolic.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/9/06

Nellah, Jehovah witness use the King James bible as a tool for suckering you in, then they pounce their own bible on you. The television commercials are the same way. I took a tv offer up for a king james bible just to see what happened. They sent me a king james with their names all over it. I blacked out their names. You are correct about jh being mostly black. Same here in Ga. When they come to my door, I tell them I am a baptist and always will be. Then I ask them if they are born again. They run.
---shira_9639 on 9/9/06

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Nellah, Arians with an "i", not a "y". They follow the 4th century doctrine of Arius and believe Christ to be inferior to God. I know, I had to look it up
---AlwaysOn on 9/9/06

Jack, Aryans? Not in Mississippi, the majority of Jehovah's Witnesses down here are Black people. One got in my face about King James Bible.
Me? I'm just a plain ole born-again Christian, nondenominational. I was brought up in the Episcopal Church, also attended Methodist. I don't care for the pomp and circumstance of religious "rites". Teach me about the Word of God not the things man has created for his churches.
---Nellah on 9/9/06

No they are not all Christian. Baptist, Methodist, Evangelical, Pentacostal, Apostolic, Presbyterian, and Lutheran are Christian; but Catholic, Mormon, and Jehovah's Witnesses are not.
---Eloy on 9/9/06

I agree with Shira. Your denomination has nothing to do with whether or not you are a believer in Christ or whether you are saved.
However, I can state for the record, that I was a Mormon for over 40 years, (I am now a born again believer and attend a Pentecostal church) and I can say without a doubt that Mormons are not Christians. They do not believe the blood of Christ saves you, which is Christianity in a nutshell.
---Julia on 9/9/06

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Ryan, I know what you mean. I know people who say "I was saved a Baptist(or other)and I'll die Baptist". Such a shame to see people who fence their beliefs so tightly. Once we wrap ourselves in a "name" (Rev3:1)we take on the attributes of that name, almost as if being married to the church(Rev17:3-5). It was Christian in the Bible (Acts11:26), that's good enough for me. I may say I attend the 1st Church of the Refrigerated but I remain open to God's revelations until He calls me home.
---mikefl on 9/8/06

Mormons and Jehovah's witness are not Christians. There are many blogs here at christianet discussing these issues.
---manuel on 9/8/06

Catholic for 2000 years with the same pastor

Our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.
---augusta on 9/8/06

I am a Christian by faith in Jesus' Sacrificial death of Himself on the Cross for my sins. Salvation is totally by faith in Christ, and denomination or anything else has absolutely nothing to do with one's salvation. There will be no denominations in heaven, only born-again Blood-washed Christians.
---Helen_5378 on 9/8/06

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The Mormons are not Christians; they are a polytheistic fertility cult.
Jehovah's Witnesess are heretics because they are Arians.
The "apostolic" churches, aka "oneness" embrace the heresy of Sabellian modalism.
---Jack on 9/8/06

Proverbs Chapter 6 Verses 16 & 19
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/8/06

No denomination is Christian, people have to be Christian.
It's individual and a matter of free will. Many are they who go by his name and have no part with him even in what you or I might call a "Christian denomination."
It's not about the right teachings as much as it is about the right Spirit. I know Catholics who are saved, this to the astonishment of a good friend of mine.
The Holy Spirit will be manifest to all who truly seek Jesus Christ and honor him properly.
---Pharisee on 9/8/06

greetings ,when man looses sight of God ,the kingdom of God turns into the kingdom of good.jesus' teachings are based on the golden rule,the royal law,his last you think all denominations are in need of revelational check up so that man will be on the same page with God?
---earl on 9/8/06

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You are a Christian if you have accepted Christ as your personal saviour. Many accept a false Christ or the devil's Christ.
The independent Baptist I have found stick closer to the bible than any other. The Methodest use to be a good as the Baptist but have fallen by the way side. The Pentacostal believe in the fundimental truths, but have erred in other doctrines. The Catholic are a cult, Mormon and Jahovahs witness are also cults.
---Rev_Herb on 9/8/06

Paul spoke of those who preached the gospel with a pure heart and those who preached with ulterior motives and still laid the common ground of "at least the gospel is being preached".
---Linda6563 on 9/8/06

I am a Christian because I am in Christ. That has nothing to do with denomination affiliation. As a matter of fact, the word "denomination" and "denominator" come from the same root word and we all know what a denominator denotes...division. Division in Christ doesn't even have a lowest common denominator and is contradictory.
---Linda6563 on 9/8/06

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