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Pastor Increasing His Spending

I work in a fast growing church. It's my first exposure to "ministry" and I don't know what normal is. The Pastor is increasing his personal spending using the church credit card and starting to hire family members very quickly. Is that normal or ethical?

Moderator - Many small churches are run like small businesses. It becomes a problem when there is an abuse of the authority entrusted to them.

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 ---Melanie on 9/8/06
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scripture does not mention a board of elders to deside how the church should be run. it does say to be accountable to godly people. if your pastor has a God given vision then those people should support that vision or leave the church. not try to direct that vision. (example) a pastor at a church in cal. desided that he was going to give the ($10,000.00) they had collected for a church project away . their bilaws said he had the last say.he gave it and after the service someone approached him and gave them the $45,000.00 it was going to cost. you have to believe that god placed that man there and that he is doing what God wants and not what man thinks is best if not leave before you become involved in saying things about Gods anointed.
---joe on 8/17/08

is this gossip or can you verify your accusation. if you have proof then deal with you pastor or take it to the Elders. If this is based on hearsay then deal with the gossip
---willow on 5/1/08

Scripturally, there should be elders that oversee the church. But most churches these days operate as a business. If that's the case then your pastor should have a board of directors elected by the members.
They will have made a corporate decision to allow certain spendings and hirings. It would be the boards' decision. Give your concern to them.
---john on 9/12/06

The pastors actions my or my not be authorized. Write your allegations down in a letter sigh it and submit the letter to the Chairman of you senior Church Board, do not wait for the next scheduled meeting of the board. The board can review the allegations investigate to see if the actions were authorized and take appropriate action as necessary consistent with polity of the denomination. If your church is independent, has no polity or written articles for church discipline you are basically out of luck.
---Phil_the_Elder on 9/11/06

It sounds as if the pastor set up the church for his own benefit. I suppose that strongly established denominations would have more control over a pastor's actions.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/10/06

If your church order is set up Biblically, the congregation is entitled to know what occurs in the church, the Elders & Deacons are responsible for such matters. It is just wrong to expect one person to hold & use that much money; too much temptation as well as suspicion by others when there is no check-and-balance with finances. Abstain from even the appearance of evil. I know finance officers & such are used but I just cringe at turning the house of God into a business.
---mikefl on 9/9/06

I didn't realise that it was part of the pastor's job to hire anybody for anything. He is hired himself and those who hired him should surely do the hiring of anyone else. There's something wrong with this I'm sure.
---f.f. on 9/9/06

I know of a church where the board members approve everything the Pastor requests. He is personal friends with most of them and they profit almost as much as he does from "additional spending". He also employs a few family members. I think hiring family members is normal (as in a lot of pastors do it), but I question the ethics of what goes on in some (not all...some) of these churches. Too much control in the hands of an elite few with personal relationships can be a danger.
---AlwaysOn on 9/9/06

My church has a budget that all of the church must follow. As for hiring family members, that would be under the guidance of the elder board.
Check your church's constitution and leadership for this pastor's practices.
---Madison1101 on 9/9/06

What is normal is for a church, regardless of the size, to have a person on the church board who at least monitors the spending done in the name of the church. The pastor should be getting a yearly salary, and how he spends that is up to him. But, how he spends using the church credit card is up to his Board of Directors. There should also be a Personal Committee who does the hiring. All of this should be in the charter or incorporation papers of the church. If it's not, it should be.
---wivv on 9/8/06

The same thing happened in a church in my town. The preacher refurbished the church and use his kin from another town to do the work at an expensive rate. The church realized it too late, but before they realized it, he was found having an affair with a woman in the church. It is for sure he was and is of the devil.
---shira_9639 on 9/8/06

More normal than most people think and generally not ethical. I know a pastor, who after being a guest on TBN, came back to his congregation and demanded $100,000 salary. He got it. I know this pastor personally and I must say that I have reservations about him. Recently I heard a lady who I know to be a wonderful Christian say that she feels a heavy darkness when in this pastor's presence. Enough said.
---mima on 9/8/06

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