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Why Did Israel Get The Law

What is God saying in Jeremiah 7:21-24? Was Israel really supposed to have the Law or did they receive it because of their evil hearts?

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 ---Ryan on 9/9/06
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Steveng, Show me where Jesus said anyone could be grafted onto the vine?
---Dr._Rich on 2/8/08

They receievd it for several reasons but sinnfulness was a main one.It didn't change them as we see they became even more evil as time went on.
Rom.3:20 The knowledge of sin came by the law.
Rom.4:15 Where there is no law there is no transgression.
Rom. 5:13 Sin was not imputed until the law came.
Gal. 3:24-25 The law was a schoolmaster to bring us to Christ by faith. But after faith has come we are no longer under the schoolmaster.
Deut. 26:18. The Law made Israel God's peculiar people.
---john on 2/8/08

Israel received the law for many reasons. Read Romans 5.
From Genesis, God revealed more and more of His Holiness, The Law was the final and complete knowledge of God's Holiness. Now ALL have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.
Man through out all ages, regardless of law or not,is lost from Adam & Eve.
Now it's time to bring Forth GRACE, in Christ. We "in Christ" are the Righteousness of God. Where sin abounded, Grace so much more abounds. Jesus!
---kathr4453 on 5/19/07

jana - another means of corrupting the Bible text that Adventists employ is to add the word "ten" in front of "commandments" in the gospel & epistles by the Apostle John (John 14:15, 1 John 3;22-23, Rev.12:17, and others). In that way, they force the text to read 'ten commandments' but 'commandments' do not always mean "ten commandments".

But what can we expect from barefooted scholarship of the SDA?
---lee on 11/1/06

jana - *Lee, "your adding to scripture" what did I add to scripture Lee?*

Certainly the word "ceremonial" in front of the word "law" in several places in the New Testament.

In doing that you are clearly 'forcing' an interpretation and trying to place the Christian back under the law, particularly the Old Covenant laws.
---lee on 11/1/06

Lee, "your adding to scripture" what did I add to scripture Lee?
---jana on 11/1/06

jana - What you fail to realize when you state that Christ is the end of the 'ceremonial' law, (Hebr. 10:4)is that you are adding something to the Scripture that is not there. And you expect others to subscribe to what you want to believe?

Secondly, if Christ is the end of the 'ceremonial' law, then what becomes of the 4th commandment as it is clearly a ceremonial law?

---lee on 10/30/06

steveng-"Christians are doing what the Jewish people should be doing, but the Jewish people will again be grafted into the vine (later)" 1. christians aren't doing what's expected of them. 2. Jews don't have to be grafted-in, they're the olive tree, the gentile is grafted-in.If a branch is grafted into a tree it takes on the form, acting just like the rest of the tree. When looking at the tree you can't tell the grafted-in branches from natural ones. Christians don't fit this category.
---Jeff on 10/30/06

your absolutely right Debbie. Christ came to replace what? the sacrifice system. so what was done away? the sacrificial system for Christ became the Sac/Lamb of God. That is whats done away. Not the 10 command many argue so about for if Christ didnt come, we would be sacrificing innocent Lambs for our sins today, but Christ ended it all. He is the end of the Law. The ceremonial laws. Thanks Deb
---jana on 9/14/06

A potato is a potato. God is God. Jesus is Jesus. Israel is Israel, the land God gave to his chosen people. Israelites are Israelites, the still chosen people. Christians are Christians, they who believe that Jesus lived and who are GRAFTED into the vine of the chosen people. Christians are doing what the Jewish people should be doing, but the Jewish people will again be grafted into the vine (later). There are no symbols there. It's as plain as the nose on your face.
---Steveng on 9/13/06

friends, Israel a symbolic name to believers. the law is the foundation of God's government and is His character and by us adhering to these 10 laws, we become Christlike. God's laws a light for His people Isa51:4 so therefore we keep law to point out the sin in us.Read Mat5:17 didnt come to destroy law but to fulfill
---jana on 9/12/06

Ryan- hey man I responded a little late to the discussion we had over on the Paul shaving his head blog. I didn't know if you read it. Just letting you know.
---Jeff on 9/12/06

Debbie ... I agree with Ryan, but your use of all that UPPER CASE makes it very difficult to read!
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/11/06

Debbie, once again your response is thourough and excellent. Exactly the type of response I expect from you. I hope that many will read your response and have a greater understanding of why the Law was given. God bless you sister.
---Ryan on 9/11/06

God is just - He defined sin and transgression before He enforced it.
---mike on 9/11/06

#9 "BECAUSE OF TRANSGRESSIONS"; (Gal. 3:19) that is, for the sake of transgressions - to favor, or influence, or further transgression, to urge it on to its full measure. See GEN. 15:16; GAL. 3:24.
---Debbie on 9/10/06

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#8 "FOR BY THE LAW IS THE KNOWLEDGE OF SIN"; none can be justified by it. (ROM. 3:20). It was given to provoke sin, to expose it, and to develop it to the utmost. "THE LAW ENTERED, THAT THE OFFENCE MIGHT ABOUND"; literally, be more than enough, go too far - "THAT SIN BY THE COMMANDMENT MIGHT BECOME EXCEEDING SINFUL". (Rom. 5:20 and ROM.7:13). The apostle says further, "IT (the law) WAS ADDED" (430 years after the promise given to Abraham)
---Debbie on 9/10/06

#7 That they might learn their utter weakness, and their dependence upon Him. Deut. Ch. 8.It was not a dispensational incident or accident. It was a necessity. The law was given to show men guilty - "FOR WHERE NO LAW IS, THERE IS NO TRANSGRESSION." "FOR UNTIL THE LAW SIN WAS IN THE WORLD: BUT SIN IS NOT IMPUTED WHEN THERE IS NO LAW". (ROM. 4:15 and ROM. 5:13)
---Debbie on 9/10/06

#6 For example, when they broke the first commandment by making a golden calf, Moses said, "PERADVENTURE I SHALL MAKE AN ATONEMENT FOR YOUR SIN". (EX. 32:30) See also NUM.16:46. 5th. EXACTLY WHY WAS THE LAW INSTITUTED? If the law could not give life, if it could not improve anyone's condition, if the people could not keep the law, WHY DID GOD GIVE THEM A LAW TO KEEP? Answer - God gave Israel the Ten Commandments to prove them, and to test them.
---Debbie on 9/10/06

#5 And God added, "IN ALL PLACES WHERE I RECORD MY NAME I WILL COME UNTO THEE, AND I WILL BLESS THEE". (Ex. 20:24). Those offerings pointed to Calvary. (Rom. 8:3,4) Atonement had to be made to protect them from the wrath of the law. Notice, when Israel failed God, the law did not exonerate them nor forgive them. Invariably, they were required to offer sacrifices. That is, they turned typically, to the death of Christ the only basis of pardon and deliverance.
---Debbie on 9/10/06

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#4 Certainly, they who talk about keeping the law are ignorant of what the law really meant and why it was sent. 4th. A VERY STRIKING FACT is that much needed grace was displayed immediately after the people heard the law. Grace alone can give life and sustain it. GAL. 3:21. Grace alone could prevent that fiery law from burning Israel up. Therefore, Moses was instructed to erect "AN ALTAR OF EARTH" and sacrifice thereon "BURNT OFFERINGS" and "PEACE OFFERINGS."
---Debbie on 9/10/06

#3 3rd. On the third day, (19:16) Even Moses said, "I EXCEEDINGLY FEAR AND QUAKE". (HEB. 12:21). (19:18)In his review forty years later, Moses recalled that Israel said, DEUT. 5:24-26.It is not any wonder that Paul wrote that the law was a "MINISTRATION OF CONDEMNATION" and "DEATH," which was "DONE AWAY" when Christ came. (II COR. 3:7,9,14)Is it any wonder that Peter called it an unbearable yoke? (ACTS 15:10)
---Debbie on 9/10/06

#2 Why? See DEUT. 4:37 and DEUT. 7:7,8 and DEUT. 10:15. They were not chosen for any goodness or greatness in them. Moses repeated these words to the congregation. 2nd. (19:8) But God knew the weakness of their flesh; DEUT. 5:29. Israel did not know themselves; neither did they know the nature and power of God's fiery law. Therefore, Moses expressed to them the unrelenting nature of the law.
---Debbie on 9/10/06

#1 Ex. 19 - Israel "encamped before the mount". Moses ascended unto God on the mount, and He told him what to say to the people. 1st GOD REMINDED THEM of His sovereign grace toward them, for they had been under divine grace since Abraham received the promise. (19:4) If they would have only believed and rested upon these words. But, the old self-life, the old man, refused to believe and obey the Lord. Observe the words of God's covenant. (19:5, 6) They were God's sovereign choice.
---Debbie on 9/10/06

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God chooses a person for a particular reason. He chose Mary because she was favored among all women. He chose Noah because he was favored among all men. The same with the prophets, the apostles, and other Godly people. The Israelites were chosen to bring the word of God to the rest of the world. It could have been any group of people on earth, but the Israelites were chosen by God himself by his reason and we will never know his reason.
---Steveng on 9/10/06

The law defined sin, as john pointed out, and therefore establishes a need for atonement. Blessed be the Perfect Sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.
---mike on 9/10/06

John: Your list is very good. I would like to add, because of certain attitudes towards Israel, that no matter who God may have chosen to be His people, even if He had chosen the Chinese, that man is man, regardless, SINFUL SINCE THE TIME ADAM & EVE SINNED. That is the point in Romans.
If man could keep Perfect righteousness on his own, we wouldn't need Jesus at all.
The fact is, we all need the Lord, with or without law.
---kathr4453 on 9/10/06

1 Tim.1:9 "Knowing this that the law is not made for a righteous man but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly, and for sinners."
The Fathers ideal for man?
Jer. 7:23 "Obey My voice, and I will be you God, and ye Shall be my people." Heb.10:16 "I will put my laws into their hearts, and in their minds will I write them; And their sins and iniquities will I remember no more."
---Josef on 9/9/06

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greetings,jeremiah spoke truthfully and exact he was on this matter.all our Father asks is to follow his ways but to a people in that age it was not accepted.sacrificing was accepted throughout all nations as pleasing to God.this page is not read by many for it brings to the table a multitude of unanswered questions relating to who commanded who to sacrifice and why
---earl on 9/9/06

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