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I Want To Know About God

I want to know about God in detail so are you voulenteer to show this for me?

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 ---Yared on 9/10/06
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For me i think Knowing more about brings as a lot of accountability, because as you got to know Him it demands more of our obedience to do the things that we discover about Him. Thus knowing God cast a lot of chalenge in our obedience. However I hope that this would not be the hindrance but a challenge to become more obedient to Him.

God Bless to you Guyss
---jude on 1/18/08

Thats one thing about God, you can go directly to him & his words for all the Truths & Comforts & in him you'll find NO Guile...Learn thru the eyes of your Heart & not thru the ones that can decieve you!
All the Details, I'll leave to you & God!
YLBD/Your Loving Brother Duane
---Duane_M on 1/18/08

If you really want to know for yourself, I agree with Christina, "go to the source". Many of us would like to indoctrinate you, but it really is best for you to prayerfully read the bible (especially about Christ's ministry in the Gospels). What matters is that you learn it for yourself and come to know and accept God and Jesus yourself.
---grant on 1/18/08

Scripture says that in Jesus we see God--John 14:7, 9, & 15:24. In His story written in scripture to us is revealed in detail important truths about God--John 1:1-3, & 14, that we might behold His glory. Like the disciples you wish to see God (John 14:8). He answers, If you see Me, you see God (John 14:9). The work of the Holy Spirit is to take the things of God and reveal them to us--John 15:26 & 16:7-15.
---Wayne87 on 1/18/08

yared, I can tell you many things as others here can,about his son ,how he died for you that you might have eternal life. Gods nature and his love for you.BUT the bottom line is it,s a personal relationship,with you seeking him everyday of your life.repenting and knowing that you are a sinner then accepting jesus who he was that he died for you, and rose from the dead is the begining.
---tom2 on 5/12/07

Go directly to the source, and that is Jesus Christ, the way, the TRUTH and the life. It is one thing to know much ABOUT God, and a totally different thing to KNOW God personally. Man is fallible, God is infallible, He delights in revealing Himself to us. Read the Word, (bible) and pray, seek Him with all your heart. Blessings...
---Christina on 9/12/06

God is LOVE. He made us. We all sin. God showed how to make sacrifices...and a scape goat. He predicted salvation would come via blood line of Abraham who was Jesus. Jesus was God, and lived to teach and become sacrifice for all people. Jesus is the only way to God. His sacrifice of blood covers anyone's sins who truly believes in Jesus.
---Amy9384 on 9/11/06

Yared, in my last message I wrote that God sent his Son Jesus to teach you about Him and to let Jesus die for your sins instead of you dying for your own sins. Just wanted to clarify that Jesus' death wasn't an afterthought, but something God planned from the beginning and that Jesus was glad to do. It was His primary purpose in coming. He also came so that you can live a more abundant life full of peace, confidence, joy, etc. if you'll believe in what Jesus did and accept Him as your Savior.
---AlwaysOn on 9/11/06

Hi Yared!
God's everywhere & made everything. He's all powerful, knows all & He loves you very much. He has a son, Jesus, whom He sent to live on earth to teach you about God your Father. And, because you're supposed to die for your sins, God who loves you, instead, let His son, Jesus, die in your place. All of your sins are forgiven if you believe who His Son is & accept the sacrifice He made for you.
Would you like for your sins to be forgiven & have a relationship with God, Yared?
---AlwaysOn on 9/11/06

Yared - Getting to know God all starts with the Cross of Christ. First you get saved from sin by believing that Jesus died on the Cross for your sins and that He rose from the dead. Then you are born-again. Then it is a life's journey to get to know God. You get to know God by reading His word and by personal experience with Him.
---Helen_5378 on 9/10/06

In some ways this is like a fish asking to be told about the ocean.

Whether one realizes it or not, s/he is with God and in God every day.

Prayer and Bible study will tell you more about God than an 85 word posting on a blog ever will.
---Jack on 9/10/06

Contact me I'll help you. My pen pal ID is below.
---z-pha3394 on 9/10/06

Do you get my point? In other words, would you marry someone without first knowing his or her background? (without reading the bible). Would you marry someone if you only knew bits and pieces of the persons life? (learning the bible by skipping around verse by verse) Would you marry someone without knowing how that person interacts with others? (how God interacted with his people -- a person learns about another person by his or her social skills) on 9/10/06

All the Godly people - Moses, Solomon, the Prophets, the Apostles - never relied of worldly written scripts, they solely relied on the Spirit of God to bring them the knowledge and understanding they seek. Most, as children, used the Torah to get to know God. As adults, they relied on getting accurate knowledge straight from the source. People today have the same ability to develop a relationship with God, but can't seem to peel themselves away from the world.
---Steveng on 9/10/06

Would you start reading a novel on page 77, then read page 17, then page 127 and understand what the novel is all about? Of course not. The Bible was never in context form as it is taught today. By taking verses out of context, I could make you believe in anything your heart desires, or your itching ears want to hear. That's the way Satan works. That's how Satan deceived Adam and Eve and how he tried to deceive Jesus.
---Steveng on 9/10/06

Its easy to listen to one verse from the Bible and say in your mind that it is true. Then listen to another verse and say it is false. Both based upon your Earthly knowledge. A strong foundation is formed when reading the Bible from beginning to end. Throw away your concordances and rely on the Holy Spirit for guidance not what other men say. But once your relationship with God congeals, He reveals more of himself and mysteries not written in the Bible.
---Steveng on 9/10/06

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The answer is BIBLE, God says if you want to know me read my word.
---Dottie on 9/10/06

Reading the Bible from beginning to end, not a verse here and a verse there,.forms a strong foundation for developing a personal relationship -- not a religion -- with God. The Bible is sort of Gods resume and must be read in its entirety. Unfortunately, people today have a hard time developing relationships on Earth, let alone developing a relationship with someone not seen. But once your relationship with God congeals, He reveals more of himself and mysteries not written in the Bible.
---Steveng on 9/10/06

I'm sure many will respond, might be helpful to know what some of your specific questions are. Maybe try listing the top 3 questions you have first so people will know where to start then they can work from there.
---Linda32708 on 9/10/06

There's a lot of detail, Yared.
First, God made everything, including us.
Don't worry about 6-day Creationism or Evolutionism, or how old the Earth is.
Just God made it all.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/10/06

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It is wonderful that you want to know about God. I believe the more that you know about Him the more you will want to actually know Him. Everything from God that we need is in His Son Jesus who came to save us from our sin and restore us to the Father. I would suggest that you read the New Testament and begin talking to God. He will respond.
---john on 9/10/06

Only way I believe it could be revealed to you in detail is through the Bible. From the minute to the magnificant, beginning to end. It's presented to you in a way that a child can understand it. Regardless of the disagreements we have here, simply ask God to help you understand what you are reading. He will surely do it. I hope you can purchase a Bible, if you cannot, you can read it on many sites on your computer.
---R.A. on 9/10/06

Read the Word of God to learn about Him. It is all about Him.
---Madison1101 on 9/10/06

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