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What Are You Doing For God

What are you doing for God and are you stepping out in faith?

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 ---Jared on 9/10/06
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My husband and I have prayed for purpose in our lives and he revealed that we should open a Christian Retreat dedicated for the sole purpose of bringing Christians together. Couples, families, and strangers looking for a Christian friends for relationships they can share God with. We put everything out there because we believe that God is controlling it all. We have Faith that God will make it happen. He even sent us to it's location, it's beautiful.
---Dottie on 9/30/08

At the present time I am working at a station at a county fair witnessing to passersby about the Lord Jesus Christ. I work for mornings from 8A.M. into about 2:30 p.m. when two other men take over to 10:30 at night. We witness too and prayed with over 900 people the first two days of the fair. We have six days to go.
---mima on 9/26/07

Before I reply, why don't more people step out in faith and do more for God? I am frustrated by how many people are willing to do the "Christian thing" and go to church on Sunday and maybe even give 10% of their money and feel fine with JUST that.
WHO is willing to take up their cross?!

We uprooted our family and moved far away from home so my husband can go back to school to be a minister.
---Jess on 10/18/06

I think living a simple life, helping the ones in need, staying away from commiting a sin, reading the Bible, praying and going to church could be it. Once a customer at work asked me if I was a christian. He knew it without words, but I guess from the way I treated people who came to shop. It made me feel good. We have to be a living example.
---elena on 9/14/06

Jared, let me ask you the same question first.
---jana on 9/14/06

I do heaps of witnessing here on the Blogs on a daily basis. My real stepping out in faith is when I go out with Jesus. I have suffered badly from Agrophobia. As time has gone on I now find it easier to trust the Lord to take me out in the victory that He won on the Cross for me.
---Helen_5378 on 9/12/06

I also learned to lead a very simple lifestyle. I have few possessions - a guitar, a few books and videos, a 15 inch TV/vcr, a computer and, of course, my Little Blue Volvo Motel (a car I sleep in when I'm not renting a room) - to hold me down in case the Holy Spirit leads me to another place. This allows me to give almost half my paycheck away to help the poor and needy.
---Steveng on 9/12/06

God prepares a person before he sends them out into the world. As for me, I hitchhiked across America for a couple of years - sleeping in doorways, on trains, in fields, and depending upon God. This was by choice and I learned a lot on the streets. Then twice I became homeless for reasons God and I know. I was also a teacher/tutor off and on for over 33 years. So from both my experiences I minister to the homeless and to the children/students.
---Steveng on 9/12/06

I am moving to san antoino texas with my wife leaving friends family and jobs because the LORD has placed a call on my heart to Preach there.
---willow on 9/12/06

MP: Yesterday the topic was God's power helping us. I shared how when I am doing my prayer and meditation, I am at peace with God and have clarity in making decisions, even when everything around me is chaos. We end our meetings with the Lord's Prayer. When I share privately with a person, I spend time getting to know them and share where my strength comes from, Jesus and my personal relationship with Him.
---Madison1101 on 9/12/06

Madison, how do you go about your witnessing at A.A. meetings? I was told that members must not mention their own individual beliefs and that they just pray the Serenity Prayer which is a kind of blanket prayer to cover all 'gods'. I'd be interested to know just how you manage to do it. Perhaps the rules are not exactly the same at all venues.
---M.P. on 9/12/06

Loving God with all of my whole heart and soul. Worshipping at His feet. Telling everyone about Jesus that I meet. Speaking His word all day long, telling people of His goodness. Holding Bible Studies for the lost (neighbors who asked me to teach them).
---Donna9759 on 9/11/06

I witness to alcohlics and drug addicts at AA meetings. I share God's love with them. Today a man needed help finding food for his nieces and nephews whose parents are in prison, and I gave him my church's phone number, as we have a food bank and offer referrals to social services. God uses me in powerful ways at these meetings.
---Madison1101 on 9/11/06

We got rained out at 12 o'clock noon today at the county fair. But before we got rained out we had a Lutheran pastor pray with the us for salvation. When I told told him I would prove to him that he was saved, he just twisted his head, prayed with me and said I just can't believe I just can't believe it, but you have in fact prove by God's Word that I am saved.
---mima on 9/11/06

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