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What Are New Age Churches

I have seen reference here to "development of New Age movement in Christian church" Can anyone explain what this is? I had always thought New Age referred to those people who say they are "spiritual but not religious", and who play around with crystals, and Mother Earth.

Moderator - They are cults and/or false teachings.

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 ---alan8869_of_UK on 9/11/06
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His implementation of the NWO began in the Garden of Eden in the fertile mind of Adam and Eve. 'You can be as God too'... the dawn of a new age.
---aka on 10/8/10
The wide popularity of the movement is relatively new.
---Donna66 on 10/7/10----nice info-

good points side by side-
In comparison to the rest of the World-the Americas' are relatively new-

aka-(dawn of a new age)---completely agree.
---char on 10/12/10

the not-so-new age is the flip side of the not-so-new world order. NWO was born is Satan's fertile mind and he started the rebellion.

His implementation of the NWO began in the Garden of Eden in the fertile mind of Adam and Eve. 'You can be as God too'... the dawn of a new age.
---aka on 10/8/10

Char...not exactly "new" in the U.S., just "newly" popular. The Rosicrucian's (a new age organization) was organized in New York in the early 1900s. Ralph Waldo Emerson,
American Transcendentalist philosopher and essayist, published his works in 1841 and they were quickly accepted. The wide popularity of the movement is relatively new.
---Donna66 on 10/7/10

Yes, "new age" often uses the things you mention and various forms of meditation. They call themselves "spiritual" (with no attempt to define the word "spiritual").

In the US, there are branches of even established protestant churches which have adopted this.. They allow everyone to find their own path to God, believing that the Bible is only a "guide book" on how to live. Jesus is a "great teacher" not necessarily divine. Their deny the existence of "sin". They practice the repetition of "affirmations" (inspiring but not often Biblical sayings) and practice "visualizing" those things that they desire (more than praying in the conventional sense)
---Donna66 on 10/6/10

Lawrence i wondered if anyone was going to say this about Oprah, she said on her show that all paths lead to God (which is a lie) and have you noticed how dried up looking she is anymore i don't watch her but if i should turn the channels and see her , its like she has no peace in her life. All that money and don't know Jesus what a waste !
---Lea on 10/6/10

To my undestanding,
This is the spirit of the enemy.-Called New age because it was a somewhat new concept to the U.S.

Concept of oneness-with oneself and others...etc...
It is not new-there is nothing new under the sun.Ecc 1:9
It would slip into Churches simple because mankind is mankind.
Seeking awareness of themself or God or relation to man and God-(Greco Roman perspective).
However-Holy Spirit confirms-
God defines Himself.
We praise Him for His mercy and grace.
---char on 10/3/10

It's almost like saying, that you are your own boss & have No need of God.

Isn't that like what oprah is caught up in ?
If she would charge God foolishly, let God strip her from everything she has & then see what she'l have to say.
---Lawrence on 8/13/10

The Emergent Church is a new age church.
---MarciaD on 6/28/08

Moderator ... Thanks I knew that! But I was really wanting to know what the New Age movement in the Christian churches is. It is clearly different from what I have previously heard about, which has been outside Christianity, and involves crystals, spirits in trees, loving nature, "spiritual not religious" etc etc. Is there New Age within the churches, if so what is it?
---alan8869_of_UK on 6/28/08

A New Age Church is any church that teaches that man is god. New Age churches teach that man has the power of life and death in his hands and can use the earths resources as a tool to prolong his life and find success. They basically teach that man is his own Savior.
---Marcia on 7/8/07

New Age is a cult combineing eastern religion and Christianty into one religion. They use the New Bible versions. They are wanting all religions to come together into a one world religion. They preach love, that everyone should respect each others religion without pointing out what is wrong with theres. They teach many way to heaven.
---Rev_Herb on 7/8/07

The New Age in Christianity movement is stage 2 of watering down worshiping God. Whether planned out or evolved is well hidden. It is through changes in music, Bible versions, church order, & style of worship (reverence). I recently attended a 'church' that supports rap-worship & hard rock as long as the words are praise. The sermon was on feeling good about yourself. Attendance numbers & building funds were top priorities. If we can do this without reverence to God, why bother pretending? Phase 3?
---mikefl on 9/16/06

It's like the old Hippy Movement.
: Peace. Love. Dove!
Much like the older Hippies,you will find:
Dead Heads,Head Bangers,and those who have retained 5 words left in their memory,as they lurk in parking lots & parks,asking "can I bumb a cigarette".
They take no stand for the Lord, and rebuke those who do, using the Love scriptures,in shaming you.
These meek creatures will inherit the earth, providing a delicious meal for the fouls that fly in the midst of Heaven* Rev 19:17-21
---kathr4453 on 9/16/06

..jack, all three "persons", as you say, in the Godhead are masculine; that is, the Father is masculine, the Son is masculine, and the Holy Spirit is masculine. Whenever the word "spirit" is used in scripture, the context of the word will define whether it is masculine or feminine. And whenever "Spirit" is used in reference to God, as in the Holy Spirit, it is always masculine, for God is masculine, he is the potentate, and Almighty.
---Eloy on 9/14/06

..jack, The TNIV is an adulterated Bible which uses gender neutral words, rather than the real inspired words of God.
---Eloy on 9/13/06

** ..jack, BTW the word Spirit may be neutral in Greek, ...,**
I never said anything about the first two Persons of the Trinity, now have I?
I don't think the use of the male gender in the Bible is accidental. But that's a subject requiring more than 85 words in itself.
OTOH, there are several times when the sense of a passage is CLEARLY inclusive. And such words as ADELFOI in Greek can refer to men, women, or both. In these cases, there is no violation of using inclusive language.
---Jack on 9/13/06

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..jack, BTW the word Spirit may be neutral in Greek, but since God is always masculine, as the Father; and the King of kings; and the Lord of lords; and also Jesus has a beard; thus the Holy Spirit or breath of God proceeding from him is masculine, just as my spirit and my breath and your spirit and breath is also masculine and not gender neutral.
---Eloy on 9/13/06

.steve, Proverbs 23:13,14 is correct in using "he" and "him" as the pronoun, because in verse 13 it reads, Withhold not correction from "Naar", and Naar is not gender neutral, for the hebrew word "Naar" is a masculine noun, so it is correctly rendered, "Withhold not correction from a boy...or, withhold not correction from a lad...". Thus, the masculine pronouns are correct.
---Eloy on 9/13/06

The new age movement in the Church is the preaching of "Oneness"."Let's all be friends and get along.The word isn't important,Love is"!!

It's going to bring in the one world church. It's been more so since 9/11.

On-line is a great article "Deceived on Purpose" RE;Rick Warren and the Purpose Driven Life. It's very good. It took a new ager, now saved to tune in and share his knowledge of what's going down. Thank God for those He has called out to warn the Saints!
---kathr4453 on 9/12/06

, gender neutral words are the way it should be in some verses, such as prov 23:13-14, but not in other places such as God's name.
---steve on 9/12/06

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, unfortunately, many good churches are lumped in with bad churches because too many people use the word "new age" to refer to anything less than a century old.
---steve on 9/12/06

**The movement has even dared to adulterate God's Word by gender-neutralizing the Holy Scripture, changing the "He" and "Him" written in Holy Scripture to unholy "It".**

Can you be specific? Which versions, and which verses? (BTW--in Greek, Holy Spirit/Ghost is gramatically neuter.)
---Jack on 9/12/06

Don't forget that the New Age movement is NOT a monolithic entity. By its very nature, it can't be too dogmatic about anything, except that there are no dogmas--and of course, imposing the tyrrany of absolute relativism.
---Jack on 9/12/06

It's the very old false doctrine called the "love gospel", which professes that God has no hate nor wrath, and all go to heaven because God is only love; and to be accepting of all alternative lifestyles, thus there's no need for repentance when sin has become acceptable. The movement has even dared to adulterate God's Word by gender-neutralizing the Holy Scripture, changing the "He" and "Him" written in Holy Scripture to unholy "It".
---Eloy on 9/11/06

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**But in another blog, someone talked about the "development of the New Age movement in the Christian Church"**
In the 80's a book was published: Dave Hunt's THE SEDUCTION OF CHRISTIANITY on this very topic.
But it did nothing but give specific examples that the author of ORTHODOXY AND THE RELIGION OF THE FUTURE (Fr. Seraphim Rose) saw coming 10 years before that.
His comparison of New Ageism with the Charismatic/Pentecostal movement provides food for thought.
---Jack on 9/11/06

Dottie. There is good religion which is led by the Holy Spirit. James 1:27..Pure religion is to visit the fatherless and widow in their affliction and keep unspotted from the world.That isn't legalism.I will agree that some religion is bad but not all.
---john on 9/11/06

Thank you for your comments. It sems to me that most of you see New Age in the same way as I see it, ... a universal "spiritual" movement, with no basis whatsoever in Christianity. So anything goes, including crystals, white witches, and so on.
But in another blog, someone talked about the "development of the New Age movement in the Christian Church" ... and that must surely be something quite different, or a figment of imagination.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/11/06

Alan, I don't think it has anything to do with someone saying they are Spiritual and not religious. Mainly because those who are guided by the Holy Spirit do not consider themselves Religious. Religious to me is legalistic, like the pharisees, or the catholic church with their rituals. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to guide us until His return. Being led by the Holy Spirit is Spiritual. Some people wish to take that and twist it though. But I do believe New Age is a Cult, and should be avoided.
---Dottie on 9/11/06

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New Age movement cont'd: The delusion will sweep through the professing church as well as secular society... involving things such as psychotherapy, visualization, meditation, biofeedback, Positive Confession, Positive or Possibility Thinking, hypnosis, Holistic medicine, & a whole spectrum of self-improvement & success/motivation techniques." (Source: The Seduction of Christianity -- Spiritual Discernment in the Last Days, by Dave Hunt & T.A. McMahon)
---Leon on 9/11/06

"New Age a broad coalition of networking groups all working for world unity based upon religious experiences and beliefs rooted in Eastern mysticism ...the 'great delusion' (2 Th. 2) that the Bible warns will sweep the world in the 'last days' causing humanity to worship the Antichrist...many calling themselves Christians will subccumb to the deception causing a great apostasy before the return of Jesus Christ... cont'd
---Leon on 9/11/06

Jezebel spirit can operate through men as well as women. Seductive women standing on street corner, just one face of Jezebel/New Age. Incorporating worldly lingo/buzz words/psychology into church programs to attract new members. Visualizing God's "perfect light" around someone, sending them "God's love". Listen carefully, you can hear the mixture. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Squeeze the grape, and it's true essence/nature will be revealed.
---R.A. on 9/11/06

Operating with a spirit of witchcraft and/or Jezebel. There are others under New Age category. Exp. Giving false prophecies that come from the mind realm, same as psychic. Can tell you symptoms of illness, 'you're weak, losing strength', you say "No, I am not", they say 'Oh yes you are, you just don't know it yet.' In connection with a Jezebel spirit, it's control and manipulation that comes from placing fear in your heart.
---R.A. on 9/11/06

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**I had always thought New Age referred to those people who say they are "spiritual but not religious", and who play around with crystals, and Mother Earth.**
There is more to New Ageism than this (unless you're using a synecdoche), but it's too complex a topic to discuss here.
There are no "New Age Bible Versions," unless you want to count the Jehovah's False Witnesses New Word Mistranslation.
---Jack on 9/11/06

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