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Can Christians Drink One Beer

Can Christians drink just one beer a week or should it be zero? Or do we have a swig in our own home versus in public?

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 ---Macky on 9/11/06
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Some people get it right, but most don't. Jesus did not drink a fermented wine... the King James version of the Bible was written in 1611 and in that time, the word wine could mean both fermented and non-fermented. Jesus drank something more like grape juice, not alcohol. Proverbs 23:31-32 clearly tells us no to drink any! fermented drink.
---James on 6/5/09

Blessing, Genesis 14:18, Psalm 104:15, Proverbs 9:2, 5, Ecclesiastes 9:7, 10:19, Isaiah 1:22, 24:11, 25:6, 55:1, Amos 9:14, Micah 6:15, Zechariah 10:7, Matthew 26:29, John 2:3-11, 1Corinthians 1:16.
Offerings, Exodus 29:40, Numbers 15:4-10.
Medicine, 2Samuel 16:2, Proverbs 31:6, 1Timothy 5:23.
Drunkenness forbidden: Esther 1:10-12, Proverbs 20:1, 23:29-35, 31:4-5, Isaiah 5:11, 28:7, Hosea 4:11, Joel 3:3, Amos 6:6, Luke 21:34, Romans 13:13, Ephesians 5:18, 1Timothy 3:8, Titus 1:7.
Forbidden, Leviticus 10:9, Numbers 6:3.
Although, Romans 14:1-15:7 and 1Corinthians 8:3-13 concerning meat sacrificed to Idols, and religious customs, we are to consider our weaker brother.
Wine: H3196 yayin, G3631 oinos.
---Glenn on 5/3/09

You have managed to find me Warwick, but just so others might know how to et hold of someone else here, you need to (to get me) to look for "alan8566", not "alan8566 of uk"
---alan8566_of_UK on 3/11/09

Alan I had already done that, typing alan8566 of UK into the search box only to be told you are no longer a member. Check it out.
---Warwick on 3/5/09

Warwick ... are you registered for the Chat & Penpals part of this Site?

If you are you need to log on than then go to "View a Profile"

Then type in alan8566, and then my profile comes up, and you can send me a message.

Or you could send me your penpal ID and I could write to you
---alan8566_of_UK on 3/5/09

Alan I have tried but it doesn't work. Maybe I am doing it incorrectly. Give me some instruction.
---Warwick on 3/4/09

Warwick ... Yes ... it would be good to meet! We have discussed from oopposing views, but we remain brothers in Christ.

Betty might be horrified that my friends who share the caast path walk are Christians and we all will have a beer or shandy or cider or even lager, (but we are never drunk) Interestingly, beer here costs less than soft drinks or mineral water, which I think is very wrong.

You should let me know when you plan to come here ... how well do you know the UK ... I live in Bristol

Why not PenPal me?

I am
---alan8566of_UK on 3/3/09

Betty ... "Beer will give demons a chance to enter in, and then you can watch out!"

I havew been drinking beer for 50 years now (not continuously ... I do stop occasionally ... sorry for sounding flippant when I say that but you do encourage it) and no demons have entered.

And I have never seen any Christian advertisement for any food or beverage. Neither have I ever seen any food or drink in church, other than communion wine and bread. Does that mean we should not eat eggs or drink milk?

Perhaps we should not eat a tomato, or a carrot (neither mentioned in the Bible) for if we go on to eat those to excess, we will poison our God-given bodies. And too much water has been known to kill.
---alan8566_of_UK on 3/3/09

Alan a late comment.

I don't know when I will be in the UK next but think we should meet up!

I would love to accompany you on one of your walks, ending up in an old English pub so we could sink a 'real Ale' or two. Maybe Black Sheep?

I am sure we would get along well, and have lots to talk about.

Bah humbug to the wowsers.
---Warwick on 3/2/09

God said get drunk in the spirit, and not on wine. We should be asking ourselves, why do we really have to drink at all? I don't know too many people that can stop at 1 beer and is not tempted to have more. When I came out of the world, all alcohol did was made me forgetful and depressed. When you get saved, I had no desire to drink anymore. Usually when someone drinks, it is to fill a void. When you come to the Lord,
God fills that place with his Holy Spirit.
Jesus never drank, so why would we? Who are we following? We are to be as like Christ. God called his priests kings and prophets not to drink from birth. Jesus was all 3 and if we are a royal priesthood, we shouldn't either.
---Janine_Henschel on 3/2/09

warwick- They were judging Jesus by the company he kept, not because He over-ate or over-drank. They saw Him as only a man and they were finding fault with Him for even associating with those people. The Bible admonishes us to "Abstain from all appearance of evil(1Th. 5:22)." 1Cor. 5:11 - do not even eat with a brother who is a...drunkard. Matt. 24: 48-51 "...but and if that evil servant shall... begin to eat and drink with the drunken,...the Lord of that servant shall come in a day he looks not for him...and shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
---Betty on 3/2/09

Mary- What Warwick said about his wife and him was not nice. I think that should have been between him and his wife. Totally uncalled for, it was. So was his and Alan's flippant attitude about drinking beer. Beer will give demons a chance to enter in, and then you can watch out! Christians think "harmless things" such as one beer cannot make you go to hell, but now think about what one little demon could do to make you go to hell. The same could happen with gluttony. Demons want a chance to enter people and defile them & cause them to go to hell. They may start with a tiny little crack in your foundation.
---Betty on 3/2/09

Alan- You and Warwick and Robyn are setting a fine Christian example for us all. Beer. I never saw a Christian beer commercial in my life, neither have I ever seen or heard of anyone who drank just one beer. Now that I think of it, I never saw a beer in church. Jesus Christ is not a servant for anybody, and you might should be concerned that He will slap your hand for being cheeky. He might would be less generous to you and Warwick until you both stopped studying the ways of the world, and started showing yourselves approved unto God. Love not the world nor the things of this world, the Bible advises. May the Lord keep you. You take the high road and I'll take the low road and I'll be in Scotland afore ye. Find out what that means.
---Betty on 3/2/09

It is not my business who drinks beer and who doesn't, I am merely stating my Christian/Biblical beliefs and sometimes proofs. 2Th 3:15 says "Yet count him not as an enemy, but admonish him as a brother." Drinking beer is between you and God, but you may ought to ask the Holy Spirit what He thinks of it.
---Betty on 3/2/09

---obewan if we discuss overeating how will I(at 244 pound, 5'11" this morning) escape condemnation.
I assume you're sorry you brought this up I know I am. Please let's not discuss being fat anymore.
---mima on 3/2/09 ------------------------
My apologies. I did not intend for anyone to feel condemned. However, some people who do not have a metabolism problem might consider a diet. That includes me too. I feel more conviction about the second piece of pie at the potluck than I do about rare occasion of just one glass of wine or one single beer. That was my point.
---obewan on 3/2/09

---obewan if we discuss overeating how will I(at 244 pound, 5'11" this morning) escape condemnation.
I assume you're sorry you brought this up I know I am. Please let's not discuss being fat anymore.
---mima on 3/2/09

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Why do we keep repeating this question when the answers are so obvious? There is absolutely zero Biblical basis to say that one drink is harmful or a sin UNLESS it causes another weaker brother or sister to stumble. Why don't we pick on overeating on this blog? It is far worse than taking a single drink. One drink is good for the heart, whereas overeating is an epidemic in America, with deaths from overeating now surpassing those from drinking and smoking. Lets call the real sin up for discussion.
---obewan on 3/2/09

Dear Betty, when the Lord comes back, will He find you JUDGING Alan and Warwick or LOVING them? Just wondering. As a recovering alcoholic I cannot drink a drop, yet for those who are not alcoholic and don't overdo it, what's the problem?
---Mary on 2/28/09

Christians are people too. I do not advocate drinking alcohol period. But if a special occasion arises and I want to have a beer,glass of champagne or wine, I would not feel I was on my way to Hell, for it. I don't believe God is that condemning.
I believe some people are going to be caught doing much worse things than drinking a lousy beer.Drinking is not a sin. I dont believe. Getting drunk is the sin. If I feel I want a beer sometimes. I will have it.My faith is much stronger than glass of beer and my love for Christ definitely,is. That's just me.
---Robyn on 2/28/09

Betty ... Jesus washed His disciples feet, and gave them wine, bread & fish.

Would He be less generous to Warwick & me?
---alan8566_of_UK on 2/28/09

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Betty my long walk with Christ has been wonderful. He has corrected my behaviour often but has never told me to avoid wine.

When you point a finger at others three are pointing back.

Luke 7:33,34-Jesus says "For John the Baptist came neither eating bread or drinking wine and you say 'he has a demon.' The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and you say,'here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax-collectors and "sinners."'

Our Lord gave wine 'that gladdens the heart of man' Psalm 104:15.

1 Timothy 3:3-8 Bishops and deacons should not be drunkards.

God gave wine to gladden our hearts, drank Himself,and proscribes that Bishops and Deacons may drink but not be drunkards.
---Warwick on 2/27/09

If one has faith to drink a beer, then to Him it is not sin. To one who does not have faith to drink a beer, then to him it is sin. The important thing is to not cause your brother to stumble in your liberty:)
---jody on 2/27/09

Betty ... Jesus Christ is not going to be your servant, and slap my hand when you command him to do so.

Do you realise you are inventing rules for God to impose? That is blasphemous.
---alan8566_of_UK on 2/27/09

Many, many American spiritual leaders have condemned the use of alcohol in any form--Dwight L. Moody, Billy Sunday, Ellen G. White, Joseph Smith, Mary Baker Eddy. God bless.
---JohnnyB on 2/27/09

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warwick- Behold, the Lord comes in an hour when you look for Him not. When He comes back, will He find you kicked back after a long day of working in the sun, simpering over dark German beer? Or will He find you eating and drinking with the wicked? There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
---Betty on 2/27/09

alan- Company halt. It seems you are tempting God, when you say something about Him slapping your hands. Jesus Christ is not going to be a bartender for you or anyone else, alan of uk. Don't expect Him to put any beer or wine in your hands. Let your car idle and not your words. God will judge our idle words. Don't sleep in the subway, darlin'.
---Betty on 2/27/09

This question about drinking a beer is very interesting. Several times men, swimming in the tears of contrition, would be reluctant to accept the Lord Jesus Christ because they were afraid they might want to drink a beer. I always told them that drinking a beer was not the criteria for correctness in a Christian's life that being sober or drunk was the criteria for a good Christian life.
Many of these men experienced and openly demonstrated the most changed lives among the many I have seen come to Christ. In other words you could literally see Christ in their lifes after accepting the Lord Jesus. Christ
---mima on 2/27/09

Alan I have no problem if someone chooses to abstain from meat, marriage, wine or chewing gum, for whatever reason. I do however object when legalists try to make others live by their cultural, non-Biblical beliefs. Wowsers! Bah humbug I say!

When in Germany on ministry my host (an eminent professor and evangelist) asked if I would prefer wine or beer with my dinner. I had beer, a lovely German dark beer.

Conversely in the US I was offered the unNatural toxic waste called Coca Cola. Loaded with sugar, caffeine and phosphoric acid.

It is hot and I have been working hard in the sun, so I think I will have a beer to recover.
---Warwick on 2/26/09

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Hi, LOVE your response Alan--I wish more people were like you :)
---Mary on 2/27/09

Warwick ... We are BAD BOYS

Perhaps we ought to stretch out our hands to be slapped for our sin by Jesus.

But I think, instead of slapping our hands He will put into them a glass of wine to have with our meal, or a glass of beer to refresh us.

But if it is at the end of a long walk on a hot day, He would give me a shandy, 'cos he knows that's what I like when I am really physically thirsty.
---alan8566_of_UK on 2/26/09

Alan, yes, there was a good deal of unpleasantness. But my wife stayed and our kids are okay, thank God. Been married 42 years. God bless.
---JohnnyB on 2/25/09

Warwick & Alan- Bad boys, bad boys - whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when Christ comes for you?
---Betty on 2/25/09

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Johnny ... I'm not sorry for yuor present situation, 'cos clearly you are happy with it.

My sorrow was for the terrible time you must have had with yuor addiction many years ago.
---alan8566_of_UK on 2/25/09

Alan, oh, no need to feel sorry for me. I have abstained for over twenty years now. Alcohol has become for me habitually irrelevant. Cheers! God bless!
---JohnnyB on 2/25/09

Betty ... Ok !!!

I say lucky them !!! ... for beer is quite refreshing, and there's no harm in moderate quantities.

So maybe Jesus did drink beer ... why not?

I feel sorry for JohnnyB ... his statement shows how careful we have to be both for ourselves and for the sake of others.
---alan_of_Uk on 2/24/09

Exactly Betty Scripture warns against gluttony/drunkeness but not about eating food/drinking wine in moderation.

In fact there are OT & NT Scriptures which speak positively about wine.

BTW beer is usually 3-6% alcohol while wine is usually 11-15%.

Just because something is injurious, or a problem, to some, does not mean it is for others. The humble peanut kills people. Bread gives me headaches!

If anyone has a problem with food, booze,sex or peanuts they should avoid abusing or using them.

Those who don't have a problem? The wowsers should leave us alone and stop preaching!

On that note I think I will have a peanut butter sandwich with a glass of wine then make love to my wife!
---Warwick on 2/24/09

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I would think that a Christian who does not tend to abuse alcohol can have one glass of beer (or wine) and stop. I am not in that category, so I must abstain entirely. God bless.
---JohnnyB on 2/24/09

Alan- Ancient Egyptians made beer, so supposedly the people of Israel could have found out how. Jesus drank a little wine at Passover, and He turned wine into water. Some say a little wine is good for the body - like maybe a shot or two now and then. (they say it cleanses the blood).
---Betty on 2/24/09

Betty ... I doubt if Jesus drank beer, for they probably did not have the necessary ingredients.

But, why should wine be OK and beer not?

Are you suggesting that beer is more dangerous than wine?
---alan8566_of_UK on 2/24/09

Warwick- The Bible warns against gluttony also. Demons can enter into people who sin, whether it is because of over-indulgence in food or drink, or some other sin. Once a demon gets in, he can open the door to more & more demons and hence to more and more sins. Didn't you see the scripture verses I cited? The Lord has purposes in the world for water and wine. But does He have a purpose for beer? Can you find in Scripture where He drank beer?
---Betty on 2/24/09

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Betty throughout Scripture drunkeness is connected with gluttony-eating too much. Would you pronounce the same sentence upon Christian gluttons? If so define gluttony.

Have you ever eaten too much? Are you therefore in peril of judgement?

In reality we are told to be moderate in our habits, so as you condemn drunks should we also condemn obese Christians, those who we know have an adiction to much food?
---Warwick on 2/23/09

o- Proverbs 23:21- "For the drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty and drowsiness shall clothe a man with rags." Strong's concordance says drunkard means to become tipsy. 1Corinthians 5:11 - " But now I have written you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother, be a fornicator... or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner, with such a one, no not to eat." Jesus said,"But if that evil servant shall say in his heart, My Lord delays His coming, and shall begin to smite his fellow servants, and begin to eat and drink with the drunken, the Lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looks not for Him... there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. (Matthew 24: 48-51)
---Betty on 2/22/09

Did Jesus not turn water into wine? Drinking is not a sin, the over indulgence in drink is. Just drink in moderation.
Pray and listen to what God has to say, if you think that you are drinking to much then stop. Just have self-control.

Everything on earth is a gift from god (including beer) we should use it, just don't drink in excess, that is wrong.

Christianity isn't a punishment, Christians are allowed to treat themselves and if beer is your treat then drink it :)
---Fran on 2/22/09

Before I was saved, I use to take a customer to lunch. He never had more than two beers. He never witnessed to me neither. The first church I attended was the same church he attended. I attended his bible study and found out that they all had been praying for me, thank God. He taught the college group at church. After I quit drinking, we still went to lunch. He had his two beers. I knew his heart and I knew he loved the Lord. I changed churches later on and I didn't meet anyone who drank, and all of our activities were alcohol free. Those who drank said Jesus drank wine, and take a little wine for your stomach. Those who didn't drink thought it was a poor witness. I don't see it changing.
---Bob on 2/20/09

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**Lust of the flesh included drinking**

Scripture please.
---o on 2/20/09

Beer is alcoholic and not to be fooled with. God does not want us to be drunken, and He does not want us forming bad habits. One beer could lead to more. Many households have been destroyed by beer drinkers.
---Betty on 2/20/09

liam- Jesus Christ did not drink beer. He was holy and undefiled. Lust of the flesh included drinking.
---Betty on 2/20/09

"there was no alcohol until man received the knowledge of good and evil to make it"

It does not need man to make alcohol. It hapopens naturally.

The grapes & elderberries in my garden ferment naturally on the branch. Birds come and eat them, and then wander around looking a bit dazed.
---alan8856_of_UK on 2/20/09

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If Jesus did not drink beer daily he was unique to his culture.

---liam on 2/20/09

no because the lord doesnt want u to do that would you be proud of it...the lord once you to have a clean body that means you should keep it clean by not doing any drugs not even one ...wat would the lord do would he go to a bar and have a drink no that is such a bad influence!!!!
---mosiah on 5/21/08

We would not question it because there was no alcohol until man received the knowledge of good and evil to make it. Degeneration is a slow process of death one cigarette, one beer,one shot of drugs, and this slow death gradually becomes 4 packs a day, a 12 pack a drug habit and it all begins with denial of what one can hurt. A person that has the Holy Spirit does not need someone to tell them this.
---exzucuh on 3/19/08

exzucuh - "Adam just ate one piece of fruit and look at all the trouble it caused."

That's right. If he hadn't eaten that fruit we wouldn't even question alcohol consumption.
---AG on 3/19/08

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Adam just ate one piece of fruit and look at all the trouble it caused.
---exzucuh on 3/19/08

Macky: You are in bondage to rules and regulations. Trying to follow the law.This is no good and keeps one in slavery,so to speak.Some things may be permissable but are not good for you. You have to be convinced in your own mind ,however.Some people can handle a beer, some cannot. Drunkenness is certainly not pleasing to God.It is best to stay away from alcohol,period.
---Robyn on 3/19/08

I believe it is wrong for me to drink any alcohol period. God showed me it was wrong for me. But just because God showed me it was wrong for me, I can't go and point my finger at a Christian and tell them it is wrong for them to drink. That is not my place. If God shows or tells you it is wrong, then it is wrong, period. And if he hasn't and a person does drink now and again, that is between them and the Lord and no one else.
---Rebecca_D on 3/18/08

Andy I think you have missed the point of Gods attitude to alcohol. In the OT He says he gave wine to cheer the heart of man.

Think of it this way is money the root of all kinds of evil as many quote? The actual quote is the LOVE of money is the problem-excess!

We are commanded neither to be gluttons (food) nor drunkards but free to eat and drink sensibly. Some people have problems with alcohol, and peanut butter is deadly to others so they must abstain.
---Warwick on 3/18/08

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Yes. Christians can drink alcohol publicly and/or privately.

That being said...drinking is a lot like riding a motorcycle. It's legal but dangerous.
If you are prudent and reasonable a motorcycle is a perfectly acceptable means of transportation. However even responsible riders can lose control from time to time. And those who ride recklessly are merely playing Russian roulette.
---AG on 3/18/08

Christians do not need to drink alcohol to be happy nor do we need alcohol to get happy, for we are naturally high on Jesus, and his Holy Spirit not found in a bottle lives in us. Christ "having blotted out his Commands in handwriting, which being contrary to us, and took it out of the midst, nailing it to the cross. Let no person therefore judge you in food, or in drink, or in respect of an holy day, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath." Colossians 2:14,16.
---Eloy on 3/17/08

3 alcohol is at the root of many sins, and evils, violence,sexual perversions, ruining of households etc.
Will a man bring fire in his bosom anfd not burn his dresses?
therefore it is adviced not to drink, if you love God above all, and his children then keep away from even one glass.
---andy on 3/17/08

1 Dear Deborah, let me explain something. according to aercheology there was only fermented grapejuice, consequently the wine that Jesus drank was alcolised. on the other hand it was custom to poor 2 measures of water in a measure of wine. yet it was still alcolised. this question should not be answered biblically but with modern conciderations
---Andy on 3/17/08

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2 the Jews only drank during celebrations, and in Jesus time there where six occasions where a jew would drink (remember that wine was a luxury product and that the poor could not afford it)During psover a jew was obliged to drink two cups of fermented grapejuice, according the passover directions. it was fermented because of the heat of the environment even when one brought it from the squezing bowl one hour later.
---andy on 3/17/08

bible proofs it was fermented grapejuice (wedding at cana)(Pauls' rebuke that some went drunk on the holy supper)So why do we no longer let people "free" to drink
today alcohol has become the drug of the poor, since it is cheap and available.
second if I eat or drink and cause a brother to fall let me eat or drink ,never again.
love for your fellow christians who might have anbackground of alcoholism should prevent you to frink even one glass
---andy on 3/17/08

"Wine" as used in the Bible is from the Greek "oinos" which means simply "grape juice." This juice may or may not have been fermented. However, Bible analysts may determine whether it was or not by observing the context in which the word is used. From what I've learned, wine today is intentionally made MUCH MORE alcoholic than grape juice was in Bible times, and If I'm not mistaken, the wine of those days was even less alcoholic than today's harmless vanilla extract.
---Deborah on 3/13/08

The following persons should not drink: women who are pregnant or may concieve, those who are addicted to alcohol, those whose medications are contra-indicated with alcohol use and those who are driving or doing other dangerous activities.

Whether one is Christian or not has nothing to do with it, unless one belongs to a sect, such as Mormonism, where it is prohibited.

Just don't drink so much that one can't behave in a responsible manner.
---Nancy on 11/26/07

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Jack, you wage a one person war to discredit everything that is said here on these blogs. You are the most negative person I have ever "read". What is old wine? What is new wine? Can you tell the difference???? I can give you scripture after scripture on the ills of strong drink. Jesus did not drink strong drink.
---shira_9639 on 11/25/07

I think to believe that the wine Jesus drank and also turned water into wasn't fermented is ridiculous. Why would the host intend to serve the best wine first and then switch to the Mogen David later if "well drunk" didn't mean well drunk? If drunkards have their place in the lake of fire, do gluttons have their place as well? Can we eat one little chocolate doughnut without eating the whole bag?
---Brother_Lon on 11/7/06

Lets not confuse real wine with Beer! All drunkards will have thier part in the lake. Jesus taught using wine, and it was always glorious. so its obvious that he drank many times with the apostles. Ask the lord to guide you in this, for he is our saviour.
---John on 10/26/06

Drinking one beer is not going to send you to hell but that being said why would you? We should consider others above ourselves and if we should cause someone weak to stumble we would not be walking in love. Alcohol causes so much trouble why have any part with it. Our christian testimony is too important to let it get hindered just because we would like a beer.
---Mike on 10/25/06

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The prophecy in Luke is about John not Jesus.
---Bruce5656 on 10/24/06

Elaine ... where do you get this from "the wine that Jesus drank was not fermented"
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/24/06

Elaine - *the wine that Jesus drank was not fermented*

While I truly respect your position, but you may find it easier to convince others that the moon is made out of cheese as any fruit, like grapes contain alcohol and unless it is treated very early after the harvest, will ferment at the fair rate depending upon the weather.

This position may be good for the alcoholic but you are teaching him something that is simply not tenable.
---lee on 10/24/06

"the wine that Jesus drank was not fermented."

Is there scripture to back this up?

"we do not desire the things of this earth"

What about food? If drinks are considered "things of this earth", wouldn't food be considered the same?
---Kay on 10/24/06

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Wine is a mocker and strong drink is raging,and whoever is decieved by it is not wise. Prov.20:1
the wine that Jesus drank was not fermented. many use that excuse to drink or over indulge. we all know that once we accept Christ as our saviour, we do not desire the things of this earth, especially those things that causes harm to others if we use them or to ourselves. lets keep it real.
---Elaine on 10/24/06

Is it ok to drink as long as you dont get drunk?

Romans 14:21 "It is good neither to eat flesh, nor to drink wine, nor any thing whereby thy brother stumbleth, or is offended, or is made weak."

I guess it may depend on the perception you are giving others.
---tofurabby on 10/23/06

Angela - *it's ok to drink any acohol as long as you don't get drunk, Jesus says to avoid drunkeness.*

But when is a person considered drunk? In my state, it is only 2 drinks but a small frame person can be plastered with half a martini. I know, I downed my sister-in-law with one.
---lee on 10/23/06

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