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How Many People In Your Church

I am amazed at how many people on C.N. talk about attending churches where the congregations are in the 1000s. What size church do you attend and how accessible is your pastor? Mine has under 20 people and we share a pastor with 2 other churches.

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 ---f.f. on 9/12/06
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The church which I attend can handle 2000 people and it's full almost everyday and packed on Sunday during several Masses that are held.
---Caring on 5/14/07

I think most of you miss the point when you say you prefer a small church. If we truly realize what we have in Christ, it should be our heart's desire to see people saved and in the church. Churches should never stop growing. Our desire for close relationships can be met through small groups as our church grows in numbers. It's selfish to want to limit growth because of personal desires.
---LL on 5/14/07

My church is medium. About 150-200 on the roll. Attendance about 100.I use to attend only very small congregations but they are too hard on everybody. The faithful few have to clean the church, serve the kitchen, serve the pastor/wife/kids. They have to shoulder most of all the responsibilities. The pastor/wife is more accessible but accessible to what? I like where I am now. When I am unavailable I like to know others are available to carry on the work. I like the freedom.
---Robyn on 5/11/07

Another point: a new believer would do well in a smaller church(10-25). There will be people there,hopefully, to disciple them, and to help them grow and be more confident. I dont think they could get that kind of attention, even in a medium-sized church. You get a chance to serve a lot because the church is so small and the members have to do everything, anyway.You can blossom real quickly. That is a positive for anyone really. God does not want ice cold saints sitting and waiting to be entertained.
---Robyn on 5/11/07

Well my husband & I just placed re-membership this past weekend so I guess about 200 people at the church of christ., but our lifegroups/bible groups are smaller about 20 or less.
---candice on 5/11/07

ff: don't let numbers send false messages. The mega churches are just that...mega. That does not mean spiritual either. Watch tv and you will know that. God is not interested in numbers. My church is small but it is a light set on a hill in our community. When someone calls and ask our pastor what our church can do for them. My pastor ask them what they want to do for God. We don't cater to the world.
---shira_9639 on 5/8/07

We're coming up on our 5-year anniversary in November. We started with 13 adults & 9 children. We now have about 50 children and about 80 adults. God is so good!
---daphn8897 on 9/16/06

Alwayson, thank you for the info. Wow you gusy have a school too, very nice. God Bless :)
---bethie on 9/15/06

Bethie, the youth (teens) have their own separate chapel, services, etc. while the younger children are in another building where they are separated into different classrooms according to age beginning at about age 2 (if potty trained) on up to 12 or 13. This building is actually the church's school during the week. Once they reach their teen years, they go to the youth church.
---AlwaysOn on 9/15/06

Thats ok alwayson, I was just wondering with alot of kids, did they have one big sunday school class, or break it into smaller classes, and is it easier to find teachers in a church that size. I ask a lot of questions sorry :)
---bethie on 9/15/06

Honestly, Bethie, I'd have to ask someone and get back to you on that. I truly have no idea (other than that, yes, there are a lot of kids).
---AlwaysOn on 9/15/06

Sunday mornings attendance is about 175. Sunday night and Wednesday night are another story. Pastor is accessible at any time. Cell phones are great. He is always there for any activity. In fact, he does more than he should be doing. My husband and I have tried to ease his burden some, but we can't do everything either. It is sad that many Christians can't put forth the effort to help with the work around the church and the different tasks that the pastor ahould not have to do.
---Susie on 9/14/06

Alwayson, I was wondering how many kids are in your sunday school classes, with 4000 people some of them must be kids.
---bethie on 9/14/06

Our church has between 40 & 50 people attending. Most are elderly. Our pastor is accessible, but even he is burdened with numerous health problems.
---Cana on 9/14/06

The church I attend usually has under 20 in the morning and perhaps about 26 in the evening. The membership roll will be slightly higher because some cannot attend anymore but keep their membership. Because we have a group who attend only a.m. and others only p.m. there are some who only meet each other when there is some special event that brings everyone in (e.g. harvest festival, Easter and Christmas.) plus a few visitors. The church has 90 seats and I havn't seen it full for a long time.
---M.P. on 9/14/06

If someone called me and asked me what I could do for them, instead of asking them what they could do for God, I would ask them if they knew what Jesus has already done for them. Just create an opportunity to testify of His goodness.
---Linda6563 on 9/13/06

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In my opinion, a church should be big enough to get the bills paid and small enough to give everybody something needful to do.

The best size for this is when you run 100-200 Sun am. (I'm going by attendance, not membership.)
---Jack on 9/13/06

Our official count is somewhere around 4000, but as for people who actually attend regularly and participate in ministry and activities, I'd say probably about half of that. Our pastor is extremely accessible. Amazingly, he and his wife know most by name. Of course, I'm speaking of those who are involved in the church. A lot of people aren't involved and, therefore, the pastor and First Lady haven't had to occasion to personally meet or interact with them.
---AlwaysOn on 9/13/06

Ours is small too..about 150 to 200 people. I love it...they are our family.
I think in the mega churches you get the benefits of lots of money to do all sorts of things, but you don't have the benefit of one on one fellowship with the pastor and the body of Christ. That's what I like.
---Julia on 9/12/06

Our meeting is small. My husband and I are the pastors and we are available 24/7. We took over pastorship when it had 5 faithful ones. At our communion service yesterday, we had 23. We are growing, but only because God gives the increase. The new saints that are coming in seem to be those that have been hurt by other churches, they have felt rejected because they didn't fit the right image. We love them and let them know they are welcome. We are expecting more growth and we are praising God for it.
---Debbie on 9/12/06

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Our church is small, we have around 70, and we are growing. Our Pastor is available whenever you call. We have a good size Sunday school and youth, our young adult group is kinda small, but it's lively and active in our community.
---bethie on 9/12/06

I do Stewardship consulting, I have found that stewardship problems usually result from membership problems. You want to know the age stratification of you church membership in 10 year groups. The number of active giving units, and track aggregate giving patterns by those age groups. Are you meeting you fixed expenses, can you keep your variable expenses controllable consistent with church income sources. If you are paying current operating expenses from investment funds your congregation is in trouble.
---notlaw99 on 9/12/06

The church I belong to is on an average about 150 people,so it is small. I like a smaller church,get to know more people ,better. Pastor is always there for us when we need him.
---Darlene_1 on 9/12/06

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