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Three Sections Of 10 Commandments

I have heard that the Law is broken into three sections; Civil, Moral & Ceremonial. Are all three of these represented in the Ten Commandments?

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 ---Ryan on 9/12/06
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yes it can be broken in 3. I understand the 10 commandments as a guide to righteous living and still stands today. The Ceremonial Laws consist of all the ceremonial things and ceremonial Sabbaths that are done away at the cross. Then we have the Civil and Criminal Laws of the Bible which stil stands today. No they are not all represented in the 10 commandments.
---jana on 3/9/08

Absolutely not: The Mosaic Law/law of Moses, prepared the way for the coming of Christ John 1:17, who fulfilled the law by showing its deeper implications and by living and teaching a higher righteousness than the law. The Remarkable Ten Commandments also called the Decalogue,are 10 Pillars upon which rested the entire Law of Moses as maybe seen in the Ten Commandments.
---jana on 4/12/07

You have to understand that the Law, the Torah, is in fact the Pentatuch, the first 5 books of the OT.
With that in mind, then yes the Law is divided into 3 parts.
The Decalog is concerned with man and God, and man and man, not so much the ceremonial, as thi would pass in time.
---mike8384 on 4/11/07

Randy, most commentators consider that the 10 commandments have only TWO sections: duty to God and duty to others.

But Ryan is actually right. Throughout the Bible, the Law is spoken of as an integral whole--all 613 commandments.

Jesus either fulfilled ALL the Law, and thus it has ALL passed away--or He did not and we are still in our sins.

There is no third alternative.
---Jack on 10/13/06

Generally when the law is spoken of in the scriptures it is referred to as THE LAW. There is no distinction between the laws. Categories are man made so religion could cherry pick what laws they want to obey and those that are no longer convenient to obey.
---randy on 9/16/06

#3 1) Laws in the 10 C's concerning ceremony: No other God's before Me, Do not make Idols, Keep the Sabbath Holy.
2) Laws in the 10 C's concerning civil conduct: Do not murder, Do not steal, Do not bear false wittness, Do not commit adultry.
3) 10 Commandment laws concerning morality: Do not covet, Do not take the Lord's name in vain, Honor your father and mother.
I look forward to your opinions.
---Ryan on 9/14/06

#2 I understand that this has nothing to do with salvation but, I enjoy sharing my studies with all of you, my brothers and sisters.
---Ryan on 9/14/06

#1 If people wish to divide the Law into three sections I see no problem with this. When we read the Law we can clearly see there were laws concerning civil practices, laws concerning ceremonial practices and laws concerning morality. I than looked at the 10 Commandments and saw these three divisions within it. Let me show how I see these divisions and please feel free to provide opinions if you feel I am incorrect or correct in these matters.
---Ryan on 9/14/06

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