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What Is The Point Of Scripture

Someone please help me with this scripture Mark 14:51,52. I know God divinely inspired all scripture for reproof, correction and equiping of the saints, but what is the point of this scripture?

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 ---Ryan on 9/13/06
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#1 Many believe this young man was Mark, himself, because this is only recorded in Mark. Others believe it is John or James, while others feel it was just a man who lived near the Garden and was interested in what the commotion was. He was in his night cloths and was probably awakened and went out to see what was going on. I think Mark was wanting to show the hostility and anger of Jesus' captors.
---Debbie on 3/10/08

I got the following from "John Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible" on "E-sword"...
"The design of Mark in relating this incident, is to show the rage and fury of these men; who were for sparing none that appeared to be or were thought to be the followers of Christ; so that the preservation of the disciples was entirely owing to the wonderful power of Christ."
---Tbabe on 6/1/07

Mark told of this moment because of the linen cloth. White linen is moral purity. Mark's description is his terminology for how a corpse would be wrapped. The moment was symbolic of grave clothes. Mark later describes the fine linen that they wrapped Jesus in and laid him in the tomb.
---Shiela on 11/14/06

And entering the tomb, they saw a young man clothed in a long white robe sitting on the right side; and they were alarmed. But he said to them, "Do not be alarmed. You seek Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified. He is risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid Him."
---Shiela on 11/14/06

Mark 14:51,52
Now a certain young man followed Him, having a linen cloth thrown around his naked body. And the young men laid hold of him, and he left the linen cloth and fled from them naked.
And they led Jesus away .........
---Shiela on 11/14/06

If you don't understand a passage read the context. if you still don't understand then look at some history books, commentaries, ect. But I think you have some good answers here. (remember there were travelers in Jeruselm so it was probably a camper that was sleeping and was mistaken as a disciple grabbed, and ran from the soldiers in fear naked because he wanted to get out of there)
---Jared on 11/14/06

I believe the verses were to show how much fear was at the scene. People were asleep. Seeing the soldiers scaired this young man so much he ran naked rather than be captured. This amplifies Jesus's position of being able to stand as God before His accusers and allow scripture to be fulfilled.
---mikefl on 9/16/06

The young man was grabbed by the arresters of Jesus, and his linen cloth fell off, but he left it and ran away to avoid the same fate that was coming to Jesus. In the Greek it reads: "And disappearing from him, all escaped. Yet one certain young man was following him, having over naked a linen cloth thrown around. And the young men took hold of him, but which leaving behind the linen cloth, escaped naked from them." Mark 16:50-53.
---Eloy on 9/15/06

Just as I saw the expression of Christ in forsaking His linen garment to bear our nakedness so that we could bear His glory in the new creation, Josef saw a man running to Jesus because the other direction led to no good thing. That is what is called a personal relationship with Jesus. He always meets us where we are. No matter what the situation, His life must always received by faith as a little child.
---Linda6563 on 9/15/06

Steve, I don't think this is so much a questioning of the verse itself but instead a digging out of the treasure chest of the spirit of the word. God is Spirit and everything He said has spiritual implication and everything He said can minister life to each person at any point in his/her journey.
---Linda6563 on 9/15/06

Through the eyes of today's adult questions everything he or she reads. Adults are skeptical by nature and are learned in school. Adults also read and study the Bible as though it was just another high school subject. And with every verse out of context brings many more questions.
Through the eyes of a child accepts everything as fact and takes it to heart, simple and uninhibited. So break down your adult inhibitions and know God.
---Steveng on 9/14/06

Allow me to point out something about 'studying' the Bible. Like fire, there is a right way and a wrong. The Pharisees and today's scholars study the bible and look where it's got them. Every verse they study brings more and more questions and more and more they question the validity of the Word. Two ways, read and study the Bible through the eyes of an adult or read and study through the eyes of a child. Whats the difference?
---Steveng on 9/14/06

Well said M.P.
Ryan, "the point" is God loves us so much (Jn. 3:16-21) He put together (authored) life saving instructions (the divinely inspired BIBLE: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) for us. If we follow His Word (Jn. 1:1-51), He'll lead us home (Heaven) despite the satanic (anti-Christ) darkness in the world. (Ps. 119:105)
---Leon on 9/14/06

I would think that since linen represents a cloth which allows one to remain cool in an uncomfortable situation, that in this scenario it is representative of faith. Obviously the man was afraid and his fear negated its use. His nakedness confirmed the fact that faith had been forsaken. The point? Fear not only believe, when uncertain run towards Jesus, one will find no good thing in the opposite direction. These are simply my thoughts not doctrine.
---Josef on 9/14/06

"Let's not major in minors". Jack. I'm sure that every word in the bible has relevance. I am really glad that Ryan asked this because it made me and others look it up and try to find the meaning. There are, what seem to be, obscure verses here and there in the bible but they must be there for a reason. We are meant to study God's Word, not just read it and move on.
---M.P. on 9/14/06

In the old slapstick comedy routines, a policeman would grab the would be assailant by the collar of the jacket only having the assailant escape the office by slipping out of his jacket. The man in the verse simply escaped the men who were trying to grab him. The writer was simply giving a detailed account of the event. A person reading the Bible from beginning to end, not a verse here and a verse there like 90% of the Christians today study the Bible, would notice many such verses.
---Steveng on 9/13/06

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greetings ,cont 2,"do you not understand that it is the fathers will that i drink from this cup?"jesus stopped the show of force and then was bound and the captain gave orders to sieze the followers but they fled .john mark remained hid near by and when the guards started back to jerusalem ,john mark made a run for it and a guard caught up with him and grabbing and pulling his coat off thus he pulled loose and fled away naked while the soldier was left standing holding the coat
---earl on 9/13/06

greetings,when the soldiers were approaching where jesus was peter ,james and john who had acquired some swords in the company of thirty men with them rushed to jesus' side to give defense for jesus.the two groups stood face to face in the moonlight motionless.jesus said to peter at this still stand off by raising a forbidding hand ,speaking sternly"peter put up your sword.those who take the sword will perish by the sword".cont
---earl on 9/13/06

Since every Scripture testifies of the person and work of Christ and His expression through His body, I would say that this Scripture pictures one who would give up his garment and go naked for his enemies. Sounds like Jesus in His redemptive work.
---Linda6563 on 9/13/06

There are two unsubstantiable historical interpretations:
1. That the Last Supper was held at Mary's house the mother of John Mark, Mark was in the room during the last supper and went to the garden with the rest and naked youth was Mark himself.
2. Mark saw Judas leave the supper followed him and went to the garden to warn the disciples of Judas's treachery but arrived too late; escaping with out his clothes and again is referring to himself.
---Phil_the_Elder on 9/13/06

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Surely the "point" of this scripture is just the fact that it happened.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/13/06

Need it have a point, besides being a narration of something that happened at the time of Christ's arrest?

Some have opined that this young man is Mark himself. Whether he is or isn't doesn't have any bearing on Jesus's voluntary death and Resurrection, does it?

Let's not major in minors.
---Jack on 9/13/06

#2 Mark portrays Jesus as a servant and servants weren't treated with esteem. Mark, I believe was revealing the fear that this man had because of the harsh treatment that was being shown. It definitely brings some reality to the situation Jesus was in.
---Debbie on 9/13/06

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