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Its been a long time, how about we have a new What's Up blog?

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 ---NV_Barbara on 9/14/06
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My husband and I are working on raising funds to build Christians a Retreat, where they can meet each other to build life-long friends. To forge friendships with Christians that know we are in the end times, and we need to come together, learning to spread the gospel. Souls need to be won NOW! And Christian singles can meet face to face. GOD said; it is not good that man should be alone.
---Dottie on 2/14/08

Well, right now I am trying to finish up a book I am writing for my dad called lessons learned. Its a devotion about seeing God in the little things of everyday life. Oh and I finally figured out how to make homemade beans, mine usually don't work but this batch was really good.
---bethie on 6/25/07

Linda - Hey, Happy Birthday. Hope you had a great one.
---Helen_5378 on 10/17/06

Linda Happy Birthday and God Bless You Always.
---Darlene_1 on 10/16/06

Thank you so much for your kind birthday greetings!! I didn't post for that reason, but I surely am blessed with your thoughtfulness. Madison, in case I miss your birthday in two weeks, let me wish you, now, a birthday of refreshment and blessing :-) We are fearfully and wonderfully made.....let's all rejoice! My husband gave me a card that referred to me a "gift from God" that might just get him an apple pie!!
---Linda on 10/16/06

Happy Birthday, Linda!

May you have "47" more wonderful years ahead! ;)
---AlwaysOn on 10/16/06

Happy Birthday Linda.

My youngest son's 24th birthday was yesterday. Hard to believe he is that old. My oldest is 30. That makes me 48 years old, for now. My birthday is in a couple of weeks.
---Madison1101 on 10/16/06

Happy birthday Linda, and so many more. blessings to you on this day and all the rest of your life.
---lisa on 10/16/06

My birthday is today. We had a family party last night. My grandson was asked how old he thought I was. After looking at me for a few seconds, he replied, "Nana is 47! Bless his heart....I am not 47, my oldest child is 43!! However, I am not going to question "the wisdom of a child" :-)
---Linda on 10/16/06

You all are telling about cute animals so I will go one more step and tell about a baby,cute too. My greatgrandson recently had to get a shot at the clinic.He is 13 months old and a big boy literally,being in top 95 percent his age,in height. His grandmother took him ,stood by while he got the shot,when it was done he whimpered a little and then looked at the nurse and said "GOOD JOB!". The nurse was very surprised and impressed,asking his age. I rocked with laughter when I was told.
---Darlene_1 on 10/15/06

Great story, Donna. Dogs are man's best friend. I had a border collie named Magpie that needed to herd. Magpie would jump on the shed next to house, and climb to the rooftop. She would search the horizon for anything that moved. People would drive by and point at the dog. She worked cows, sheep, and didn't like to sit idle. When she was too old to work, the roof was her perch. When people drove around to look at Christmas lights, they could not believe a dog was there instead of a plastic santa.
---Raine on 10/14/06

Animals are amazing! We had an Austalian sheperd once that actually tried to help some baby rabbits. He brought several to our back door (from our hay shed a distance away). He carried them, oh, so gently and carefully, in his mouth, one by one, and laid them in a row. We didn't know what to do... We took them back to the barn thinking their Mama right return and care for them. Sadly, she didn't and none of them survived. I Pray things will turn out better for you.
---Donna2277 on 10/14/06

I think baby rabbits are sleeping in the bushes. For several days, they barely moved.
I have a neighbor with a brand new lab puppy. He leaves it alone from early morn to late eve. It cries and I can't help myself. I open the gate and pet Blondie (I go back and forth). Animals are great. Thank you, God.
---Raine on 10/14/06

Those little bunnies sound just so cute. Where do they sleep?
---Helen_5378 on 10/14/06

I appreciate that tip. Every morning, those rabbits are there. They sit for 6-8 hours! I'll put some oatmeal and peelings out there now. They didn't touch the pellets. I did have a lettuce and herb garden, it's frozen. They may be just balls of fuzz, but I want them to survive. I'm surving on frozen vegetables myself. Customers are not buying lettuce at the food store. Funny, they all stop, pick it up, look, and throw it back!
---Raine on 10/14/06

Raine: re:baby rabbits. So nice to hear of your care and concern for the baby rabbits. You might try setting out a dish near them with oatmeal in it, as they may not be big enough to eat pellets yet. Also shredded carrots or apple peels are good. We feed the rabbits in winter; they leave our roses and bushes both ways! Blessings.
---irene on 10/13/06

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We broke a record here in Detroit. Yesterday was the earliest snow here since 1909. Yep, gonna be a cold winter. Put the antifreeze in the car.
---sue on 10/13/06

bbbbbbrrrrrrr!!! This is one of the coldest October's I can remember in Detroit. Today we had very strong winds, hail, sleet, and snow. My car was moving invoulntarily, my hair was flying, I need a heat wave:)

---lynet on 10/12/06

I thought I was the most northerly blogger on CNet but there's no sign of snow here. (Praise the Lord!) :) We have seen winter arrive as early as mid-October, here in the Grande Prairie, Alberta, area but we are enjoying an absolutely gorgeous fall this year!
---DoryLory on 10/12/06

In the north country. More snow is falling today. You know what John Denver's song did to the Rockies, I'm defending my pea patch. Those little rabbits are still under my table. They sit still for hours, I have some rabbit food. Hope they make it through the winter. God's picture window must be awesome with all the frost around the edges.
---Raine on 10/11/06

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Where do you live that you have snow already?
---Bruce5656 on 10/9/06

Just checked, the baby rabbits are still huddled together under the table. Little ears are pulled back, no mother. I want to bring them in the house, fleas and all. God cares about the death of a sparrow, and He cares for you, too. Think I'll head over to the Feed store and buy a bag of rabbit pellets.
---Raine on 10/9/06

The first snow is here. There is an inch on the ground and the pines are decorated now. I have two baby rabbits sitting together under my picnic table, no mother in sight. When the wind blows a little, I can smell sweet pine everywhere. Ahhh...
---Raine on 10/9/06

Madison1101 - Hi. A friend of mine from the States told me that Epsom Salts is really good for tired aching feet. Put some in warm water and soak.
---Helen_5378 on 10/8/06

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Madison-you will be in my prayers that you will be able to make it through the day on your job and the doctor gives the OK. I had that problem at one time and I just hung in as long as I could. I prayed about it and the Lord let me know it was time to give it up. He doesn't want us to push ourselves to the point that we make things worse. God Bless.
---Norma7374 on 10/5/06

Helen: Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. I made it through the day, but my feet ache terribly. My classes are not the best, and I really need to get on top of it tomorrow.

Thanks again.
---Madison1101 on 10/5/06

Madison1101 - Bless you sister. I hope you made it through the day and that the Lord Jesus strengthened you. Take care ok and I will pray for you.
---Helen_5378 on 10/5/06

I am going back to work on Thursday, 10/5. Please pray for me. I really am not sure I have the physical strength to make it through the day, but I will persevere.
---Madison1101 on 10/4/06

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Hey everyone,
I am supposed to go back to work sometime this week. I have to go see the doctor at work first and get cleared to return. Say a prayer for me.
---Madison1101 on 10/1/06

Hehe, Barb. You are so naughty!!! They were here and gone in a matter of 20 minutes. They ran fiber optic wires through the attic space in my building. They are wiring the whole complex. It is for their new system where you can get internet, cable, and landline phone service all in one. Currently my landline is Verizon, but my cable and internet are Comcast.
---Madison1101 on 9/25/06

OK Madison those guys have been there for 3 days now, just what's going on? NO hanky panky now gal :-)!
Is your landline VeriZon? We have Verizon cell phones.
---NV_Barbara on 9/25/06

Hi there. I have workmen in my apartment working on installing fiber optic wiring for Verizon. They are drilling and running wires through my closet ceilings.
---Madison1101 on 9/22/06

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Hey guys, a cool trick I learned from my sister in law. If you drink warm drinks during the day, coffee, tea, hot chocolate etc this is a way to keep it fresh. I make a large pot of coffee in the morning and we have a couple of cups right away. The rest I pour into a good thermos bottle and it keeps it hot and fresh for several hours! Its tastes just as it did from the new pot! I'm sure it would work for soups too.
---NV_Barbara on 9/21/06

Amen Barb. I have two praises. One, my daughter became the aunt to a baby girl yesterday. Her husband's sister had a 9 pound 7 ounce daughter. Also, one of my best friends became grandma to a little boy yesterday as well. I keep praying my daugher will become pregnant soon. She had a miscarriage in June, so I keep trusting the Lord.
---Madison1101 on 9/21/06

I'm so happy that the baby that was abducted in MO was found unharmed.
God bless that young mother, whose throat was cut, carried her 1 year old to the nearest neighbor and saught help.
---NV_Barbara on 9/21/06

Your healing won't take forever Madison! Just look at how long you had to wait to have the surgery, and what you have to look forward to!
Even if we HAD to eat our favorite thing everyday, we would soon tire of it. Be the strong woman I know that you are and the time will pass quickly and you'll be a svelt chick! God bless sis.
---NV_Barbara on 9/19/06

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Your healing won't take forever Madison! Just look at how long you had to wait to have the surgery, and what you have to look forward to!
Even if we HAD to eat our favorite thing everyday, we would soon tire of it. Be the strong woman I know that you are and the time will pass quickly and you'll be a svelt chick! God bless sis.
---NV_Barbara on 9/19/06

Thanks Barbara. Yes, we have already checked into some rental properties there and have called the management service that is in charge of them. When my husband goes to take the exam, he will check them out while he is there.
---Linda6563 on 9/18/06

Madison, I'm glad you're better. I was going to suggest going back to your doctor if your stomach continued to hurt. Do as doctor says, don't rush solid food. I still don't eat BBQ, it's been two years. Not sounding alarms, but had counseling before and after surgery, what to eat, and the ups and downs you go throuth mentally. A young man who had sugery same time I did, had to have surgery redone because he went out and ate a pizza, not kidding. There's all kinds of adjustments. God Bless you, Madison.
---Shiela on 9/18/06

Thanks everyone for your prayers and encouragement. I went to church for the first time since my surgery yesterday, and then our picnic. I was so blessed. So many people came to me encouraging me and checking on my progress. I had a great time. I put some of the barbecue in the freezer for when I can have solid food. The fellowship was so sweet yesterday, I didn't mind not eating the food. I took my liquid stuff, including sugar free chocolate pudding for dessert. Thanks for praying.
---Madison1101 on 9/18/06

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Madison 1101 - I am sure that it will all be alright for you. Never give up because there is hope. The Lord will bring you right on through this. I reckon it would be normal to feel discouraged at this stage. Don't give up, just trust Jesus. :)
---Helen_5378 on 9/17/06

Madison,my prayers are with you,it isn't an easy fix by anymeans. Let me just warn you,stick tight to doctors orders,I had a friend who had that done when it first came out,she didn't stick to the diet,stretched the stomach,pulled the staples,infection set in and she had to have further surgery to repair the damage she did. When you feel discouraged start praising the Lord you could have it done and for the outcome. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 9/17/06

Alan, I heard on the news that England has just come out with several stamps with the original "Beatles" on them (John, Paul, George & Ringo). They won't be available in the U.S.
---NV_Barbara on 9/17/06

NV B ... I don't even know what a Beatle stamp is!!
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/17/06

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I would appreciate prayer for me this weekend. I am on a liquid diet, and what is left of my stomach has been hurting this weekend. I graduate to pureed food on Monday. But, Sunday, after church, is our Church Picnic with Barbecue. I am taking a doggy bag home for later when I can eat solid food. In the meantime, I am taking my liquid diet to the picnic. I am discouraged.
---Madison1101 on 9/16/06

Alan of UK, or any other folks who live in England...I would love to have some of the Beatle stamps not available here!
If you're willing to help, leave your profile address and I'll contact you. It would really be a special gift for a dear friend, THANKS!
---NV_Barbara on 9/16/06

Linda if I may make a suggestion...look online for a temp rental so you'll have something waiting for you when you get to OK. Perhaps contact an agent in the area. An Apt. would be your best bet, even if its crowded for a while as you look for something more suitable, apartments are usually plentiful everywhere. God bless you, this moving stuff is a pain!
Mike, am I following you? :-)
---NV_Barbara on 9/16/06

They offer the exams just about every day except weekends, so sitting the exam won't be a major hurdle. While he is there in OK, he can look around and see what is available and check some places out. Like I said, we are not concerned with fancy or anything like that and are willing to do cosmetic repairs for discounted rent. My husband wants to ultimately build our house.
---Linda6563 on 9/16/06

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Most rentals require at least a one year lease, so we are prepared to agree with that. As for when we are going to be there, I can't say for certain right now. We are having to take this one day at a time since my husband has to sit the electrical exam there. We still have some paperwork we are waiting on for that. Once we receive the paperwork, my husband has to submit it and wait for approval, which we have been told takes about 3 weeks at most.
---Linda6563 on 9/16/06

My wife,son, & I just returned from a wk visit with my 2 daughters, husbands, & 6 grandkids in Mt.Juliet (E.Nashville)Tn. They live next door to each other. It was wonderful. Got G.K bruises & kisses. Just 2 problems. We 3 caught the flu and are recuperating, the worst is having to come back to Florida to such a quiet home. We're ready to move but no work, no eat keeps us here(for now).
---mikefl on 9/16/06

Hey Barb, I too had to move to take care of my mom. But not such a long way, only to the next city. Now we are next door neighbors. I love it and so does my mom. She is 87 pretty healthy but her memory is going.She can no longer drive or cook, so I do all that stuff. I feel honered to spend this time with her. by the way there is a lot of really good web sites that will send you free books on helping care for elderly.Madison, my cousin had the surgery a year ago and is so happy now!
---sue on 9/16/06

Linda 6563, we live about an hour east east on I-44. We may be to far away to help. what is your price range for rent houses and how long are you going to need one. We will be praying and will see what the Lord can come up with. He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us. Also exactly when will you be arriving?
---Debbie on 9/16/06

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OrBarb, You know I love you to dear sister. Actually the tea does taste pretty good. Poor Steve, it might take him awhile to aclimate to the colder weather there.
---Eloy on 9/16/06

The work I am doing, with a group of undergraduates is on a project in eastern Oregon. 6 years of college and I am paid less than my truck driver brother with no education, thats life. I dont think posting other websites are allowed here, but we have one detailing the project. 90% do not take the work serious, the other 10% are intently serious. The worst thing is I am away from home more than a long haul trucker, me and my laptop.
---MikeM on 9/15/06

That is one of the major hurdles right now...having a place waiting on us to live in. We have five children with one of those being a girl so a motel is probably out of the question.
---Linda6563 on 9/15/06

Hi Debbie,
Thank you for the offer of help. I know it comes from your heart. Like I said, I recognize that trumpet sound and once even asked you in a blog where you lived. We are going to need a place to stay when we get there. We have looked online for rental houses and have found some but it is hard to tell what we would be getting because we are not there. We aren't looking for anything fancy and are willing to negotiate labor and rent if a place needs cosmetic repair.
---Linda6563 on 9/15/06

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Eloy you know I love you brother, but that tea sounds nasty! Right now Steve's in sweat pants and a heavy knit long sleeved shirt, wrapped in a blanket and asleep on the sofa! Its 58 outside and he thinks he'll freeze!

Hey guys, votes for the blog??
---NV_Barbara on 9/15/06

Debbie, I thought you were from Oklahoma. I recognize that trumpet word you sound all the time.
---Linda6563 on 9/15/06

Linda 6563, Welcome to Oklahoma. I live down the road from where you will be. I am sure you will like it in OK. It is a good place to live accept for the toll roads. If you need anything I can help you with, let me know.
---Debbie on 9/15/06

Madison1101, I had a gastric by-pass nearly 28 years ago when they first started doing them. I have never regretted having it done. There are a few problems that go with the procedure, but worth the mild aggrevation they cause. You will do fine, follow the doctor's advise, be sensitive to your feeling of hunger and fullness. Don't over eat, it will make you very nauseated. Trust God and you will be just fine, infact you will be a skinny fine! I lost 125 pounds in a year.
---Debbie on 9/15/06

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I don't know the exact date we will arrive in OK, but we are moving more in that direction each day. We are moving to the Oklahoma City/Moore/Norman area. My husband will have to sit an electrical exam out there because OK does not have reciprocity with TN. And we still need to find somewhere to live. One day at a time.
---Linda6563 on 9/15/06

The good news is that Father put boxes (a lot of them) in our house beginning in April. We had been packing for three months when my husband heard the call to OK. I was also seeing boxes along the side of the road and would stop and pick them up if there wasn't any danger to others or myself. Today is our last day in this house and we are going to spend a few days at my mother's.
---Linda6563 on 9/15/06

We are in the process of moving from Tennessee to Oklahoma. I have a few new definitions for "moving" and none of them are good. My favorite is, "The legal (or illegal) disappearance of children." Used in a sentence: Where did Benjamin go? We have spent the past two weeks moving out of, painting, and steamcleaning the carpets of the house we have rented for three years.
---Linda6563 on 9/15/06

NV Barbara,thanks so much for the prayers. I will be praying for you and Steve too because no matter how ideal the situation taking care of a loved one does put added stress on a person. May all go beautifully for you. Madison,praying for you,I've thought about doing the same thing but want the Lap Band instead of the regular surgery. Debbie May God be with you,know he will,my prayers are.
---Darlene_1 on 9/15/06

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Madison1101, I wanted to encourage you by telling you that my friend had the surgery last February 9, 2006 and she has lost 93 pounds. She said it was well worth it. She is loving her new body and wants to lose about 50 more pounds. I know it's hard Madison, I hope you have friends to encourage you as I have encouraged my friend every single day. It's hard work, but the rewards are great. I will be praying for you sweetie. Luv ya!
---Donna9759 on 9/15/06

Debbie: I will be praying about your knee replacement. You are so right. Our God is in control and He sees everything so much differently than doctors. Keep looking to Him. He is the Great Physician.
---Madison1101 on 9/15/06

I am having a total knee replacement on Monday. I am expecting a great testimony afterward. My doctor says he is not looking forward to this one, it has a lot of possible complications, but I serve a God that sees no complications. He has taken me through so much in the past, I am believeing for a miracles and I will come out this better than when I went in. I welcome your prayers.
---Debbie on 9/15/06

OrBarb, Welcome back. Tell Steve when it gets cold he can brew himself some Stash's Licorice Spice caffeine free herbal tea to sip, and wrap himself in a blanket.
---Eloy on 9/15/06

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That name change was suggested my son too Madison, I'm thinking about it! How 'bout 'Rosebarbara', I live in Roseburg?
Nah, too long....Barbarosa? I'll keep thinking!
---NV_Barbara on 9/14/06

Barb: Shouldn't you change your name to ORBarb, instead of NVBarb? hehe.

I am making peach smoothies with protein powder these days. Yummy. But I have to confess the liquid diet is growing weary. In three and a half weeks I get to eat real food.

Bruce, I am sorry to hear that this surgery is not an option for you at this time. I am blessed that there is a hospital 5 minutes from my apartment that specializes in bariatric surgery.
---Madison1101 on 9/14/06

Congratulations! I had been put on a list for that but they are no longer being done in our area. The only doctor who is doing them in the next province has a wait list of over 700.
---Bruce5656 on 9/14/06

Darlene what a horrible thing to happen, you and your family will surely be in our prayers.
I'm happy you're on the road to recovery Madison!
Hey guys, Madison now has a stomach the size of a golf ball! I hope you'll be taking before and after pictures! Maybe post a new picture on your profile every couple of months so we can keep up with your changes! Are you making banana, strawberry, yogurt smoothies? I think I could live on those!
---NV_Barbara on 9/14/06

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Some of you know we have moved from Las Vegas to a small town in Oregon. We're adjusting to not living in a 24/7 town! Its so beautiful here surrounded by mountains, with trees on them! We're here primarily to care for Steve's Mom and one of us will always be here with her, and we'll spend nights here. We have leased a condo that we'll do programming work from 'home.' My furniture hasn't been delivered yet,that's set for the 25th. Steve is NOT looking forward to cold weather, he's been in the SW too long!
---NV_Barbara on 9/14/06

NVBarb: What a great idea. I am still recuperating from my gastric bypass surgery two+ weeks ago. I have lost 9 pounds already. My diet is pure liquids till Monday, when I can go to pureed foods, like baby food. Yummy!!!
I am slowly getting my energy back.
Hugs to all.
---Madison1101 on 9/14/06

So much happening in our family. We'd been home a week from a cruise,Mom had the heart procedure we set up before we left,was a great help to her and she is feeling better already,answered prayer. We learned this week that my 2nd cousin had been murdered by a cult. Her boyfriend got her into it,there were several others murdered too,but her body hasn't been found. We are devasted. That type thing is what always happens to others,you never expect it for your own family. Holding onto Jesus is our comfort.
---Darlene_1 on 9/14/06

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