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Does The Devil Go To Church

Does the devil go to church? If your answer is yes, then please explain his purpose there.

Moderator - Yes, since most people that attend church today are not Christians.

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 ---Donna9759 on 9/14/06
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I try again.
The body of Christ is the church. No sin is in the body. There made be devilish people that attend the service at the church building, there are Christains & non-christians there.
---Chip on 4/13/08

There always have been many "HIRELINGS" (John 10:13) IN THE PULPITS, but there were also many well meaning pastors who, just like all of us, felt comfortable with humanity's chosen/self imposed "strong delusion". There are many churchgoers who enjoy being called "Christian" for the sake of their ego/conscience (just like the pharisees).

The situation is worse these days. Some churches have video game rooms in them. One megachurch has a McDonalds franchise in it.
---greg on 4/13/08

Rev.18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

Since the verse speaks of Christians that are in false religious system, you really need to obey Christ and 'come out of her'.
---Lee on 4/11/08

Re 12:10 And I heard a loud voice in heaven, Now the salvation, the power and the kingdom of our God and the authority of his Christ have come, for the accuser of our brothers has been thrown down, who accuses them day and night before our God.

One characteristic of Satan's followers is they continually accuse Christians of being evil people.

And you often hear Sabbaterians accusing others of being evil if they do not observe OT laws not found within the New Covenant of the church.
---Lee on 4/11/08

Frances: Amen to that! The decieved dont know they have been fooled. This is why Jesus said "Father forgive them for they know not what they do" The Devil had them confused.

This is why Jesus gives a final warning to churches with priests and reverends to...

"Come out of her My People lest ye be partakers of her plaugues"

Yes, Jesus has sincere people trying to follow amid the non-scriptural confusion being taught in many churches.
---SeventhSeal on 4/7/08

The universities and the pulpits have become major tools of the devil. It is well-disguised as 'science' and 'love' but in fact it is for one agenda and that is to bring about unbelief and rebellion against God. The priests may not, probably do not know, that they are deceived themselves, because they love the lies. 2 Thess 2.11 Isa 5.21 Hos 4.7
---frances008 on 4/5/08

According to 2 Peter 2:4 & Jude 1:6 satan can not go anywhere.
---Chip on 4/5/08

Satan was a "tool", just as Lazarus, used for tempting Jesus. The other angels that sinned were used to show that Jesus is the son of God. No angel has power to do anything that God does not allow.
---Chip on 4/5/08

You better know the devil goes to church. Also, going on what God tells me. "Church is where unbelievers are picking up on how to become an unbelieving believer". You do not need a school for this!
---catherine on 4/4/08

The Son of Perdition...Refers to Judas and the Man of Sin who would control the Church and corrupt it from within.

Son of Perdition- Judas
Among the Leaders
Wanted the top spot
Controlled the money bag
Skimmed for himself
Pretended to be pious
Pretended to love Jesus in betrayal

Know any Church leaders like that?
---TS on 4/4/08

Read 2Peter 2:6 and Jude 1:6. Think about it.
---Chip on 4/4/08

Where are all the angels that sinned?
---ChipDenna4446 on 4/4/08

John 1:14 the word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. Mark 7:13..making the word of God of no effect through your tradition. 2Tim 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for reproof, correction, for instruction in righteousness,that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work. It is the word of God.
---melann on 4/4/08

Dr. Rich, you said, "In fact, perhaps most people who think they are worshiping Jesus are actually being fooled and are worshiping Satan."

How so? Worship is an act. It takes will. Would you please clarify your point. I want to understand you. Thanks!
---deb on 4/3/08

The god of confusion/satan has always (all throughout history) caused "confusion" and Christianity today believes many things that are FALSE. The bible (the word is not found in scripture) is not the "word of God", it is the "word of truth" (2 Timothy 2:15, Ephesians 1:13, John 14:6). The "sword of the spirit" (Ephesians 6:17) is the word that we should LIVE BY and "HEAR" (John 10:27). There are many "hirelings" (John 10:13).
---greg on 4/2/08

Again, many people who go to church today "think" they are christians by default of going to church. The bible is a book of love letters to God's people not a "road map". Everything that pertains to life and godliness is in the word of God. Greg-agreed. There is not a fair exchange. Jesus paid the price, our salvation is free. Jesus is a person we have relationship with not a "get-out-of-hell-free" card.
---melann on 4/1/08

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God gave dominion of the world to Adam. Adam gave it to satan. Jesus came to restore it to mankind. The bible says that satan is the prince of the world but Jesus is still the King of Kings and through Him we have authority on the earth over satan.
---melann on 4/1/08

Dr Rich - *It's very sad how many think they are saved but will be told that Jesus never knew them.

And that is part of my testimony. While I did not worship Satan, I merely worshipped self until Christ came into my life and opened the eyes of my heart so I could truly believe. One needs to be born again and transformed by the workings of the Holy Spirit before one can actually see spiritually.
---Lee on 4/1/08

Since compliance with these relatively easy to follow guidelines has always been considered a fair exchange for eternal life, many "hirelings" (John 10:13) have taught us the art of 'INTERPRETING' scripture to mean whatever we feel is convenient for ourselves (would you INTERPRET a cooking recipe or simply UNDERSTAND it?).

Many people are wise to choose Christ as savior but do not "enter by the door" (John 10:1).
---greg on 4/1/08

Click on my profile, read my other blogs, and you'll see some of the many things that we were not taught to us properly. Read eac h verse properly in a LEGITIMATE version of scripture (the KJV or RSV, not the NKJV) and THEN come back and give me objections to what I just wrote (educated objections).
---greg on 4/1/08

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The moderator said it straight out accurately. Many people have good INTENTIONS (just like some pastors), but that is really only because the practice of Christianity is done according 'easy to follow' guidelines and regimentation (as though the bible is a roadmap to God).

The traditional teachings of man's institutional churchES (plural) require that you...

1) know how to read and STUDY COMMENTARIES.
2) know how to follow instructions.
3) conform.
---greg on 4/1/08

Rhonda, you are again right on target! In fact, perhaps most people who think they are worshiping Jesus are actually being fooled and are worshiping Satan. Jesus said to go to your closet to pray IF you want to be heard by God and NOT heard by Satan. It's very sad how many think they are saved but will be told that Jesus never knew them.
---Dr.Rich on 4/1/08

The devil cannot be all places at all times, only God is Omnipresent. I think that even Christians allow the enemy into church thru gossip, unforgiveness, etc. Moderator-the christians you refer to, probably think they are christians.
---melann on 3/31/08

I believe demons do go to church. I read "This Present Darkness by Frank Pereti. An eye-opener about the spiritual realm. Christian used to mean Christ-likeness but not so much anymore.
---melann on 3/31/08

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What happened to judge not lest ye be judged?
---deb on 3/31/08

God gave the world to Satan ...Christ has only qualified to replace Satan ...the world still belongs to Satan ...When Christ returns to set up His Kingdom He will replace Satan then ...Satan will be bound

...until then Satan and his demons are everywhere on earth

not everyone who attends church does so because it is what they want ...spouses attend for the benefit of the spouse who goes ...and many adults attend because their co-workers attend - they attend to "fit in"
---Rhonda on 3/25/08

God gave His people the right to judge. That is whether the living God lives in them. We, God's people, will be one day judging the world. Its people. We had better all be judging these candidates who is running for office. What a messy world we live in because everyone is afraid to judge. It is not honoring God when His people refuses to judge,the wicked man. to not judge the wicked man, this God hates. I have scriptures to back me up..
---catherine on 3/25/08

If most people who attend church are not Christians, what have you decided they are? Did you put yourself in charge of judging other people's hearts? What, on earth, gave you the idea you have the right to do that?
---Deb on 3/25/08

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The Moderator is right on there. Most people in CHURCH are not Christian. Hey folks, that means there is something wrong these days. The leaders are not leading properly. The devil is in the driving seat. Time to vote with your feet.
---frances008 on 3/25/08

Satan goes to church, and then he goes out to breakfast, to the mall, to soccer practice, to work, and to the hairdresser. He goes everywhere we go, and he's whispering his poison to try to distract us from doing what God expects: To love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

Have you ever had an unkind thought pop into your head from out of the blue? Guess who.
---Deb on 3/24/08

Yes, he goes to church. Most preachers are sent by him, the devil. Moderator is correct.
---catherine on 3/24/08

Satan won't stop there. He'll seek until he spots a person who has had a bad day, nothing right, family causing problems, she don't know why she's at church, her mind is on not on Christ. Here comes Satan, waiting for the door to open, he sees a small crack, to small. Same crack opens up, this time wider. there he goes taking the weak person down, if the stronger person takes over he will win the battle. In this case Satan was the strongest link.
---Rebecca_D on 3/24/08

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Donna I assume you are new to Christianity. The devil goes to church more than the christians. They come to destroy the church with lies,fighting,stealing money from the people,gossip.This is what devils live to do. The devil sings in the choir,preaches,shouts, is a wonderful musician. The devil has many talents. But one thing he want do: get saved and live for the Lord.The more confusion he can produce,the better he/she feels.
But there are many true christians who attend church.
---Robyn on 3/24/08

Yes the Devil goes to church. People think that church is one place evil can't enter in. Boy are they wrong. Satan sits there on pews along side of you. Watching and waiting for a thought to rise up in one's mind so he can cause disturbance and confusion. Now he has that person's mind off of Christ, he moves onto the next person. Satan picks on a weak person in the Lord or a babe in Christ. I imagine Satan rubbing his hands together scheming up a plan and looking around.
---Rebecca_D on 3/24/08

Yes, the devil goes to church every Sunday Wednesday and Saturday and if he can get the guy in the pulpit to preach something other than the gospel, he will have a measure of success.
---Lee on 3/24/08

Yes -- the devil & his agents (demons) go to "church-houses" every Sunday. His (their) agenda is to sabotage the plan of God & promote spiritual confusion designed to keep people from truly becoming "born again" (saved, becoming Christians, being the Church).
---Leon on 3/14/08

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I think the devil attends church regularly with the sole purpose of distracting us from hearing the good news. He can't be everywhere at the same time, but he has many helpers.
---Mac on 4/29/07

Lest we forget, the devil was in the garden (a most holy place) as the serpent. He didn't need to be anywhere else as that was where God's chosen lived. If there are less than 10 o/o Christians in Church, what would the number be in bars or homes? Since there is (I assume) a better o/o chance of a person coming to God in a church, why wouldn't the devil be there? He already has control of those in bars, night clubs, cults, etc.
---mikefl on 9/16/06

No the devil cant be everywhere but he has demons for him in all churches. They work thru the people and you could be one of them unknowingly. They are there to corrupt, distract and sabotage God's work from going ahead. There are always infights amongst church members and you can bsure its the work of the devil to have us all in discord and disarray and in the end, some will leave which the devil wants. Beware of that temper, dampen it down with kind words instead
---jana on 9/16/06

Moderator, I see...thanks!
---AlwaysOn on 9/15/06

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shira the devil is not an angel of light like you stated he was created that way but fell from his position but he can disguise himself as one but he is not one.
---eliza4969 on 9/15/06

Moderator, you've made quantitative remarks that "most" people attending church today are not Christians and have estimated that the elect is probably only 10% of any local church. Can you please elaborate on how you're arriving at these estimates or is this pure opinion? I'm not seeking to challenge your estimations, just would like some clarification on how they're being justified. Thanks!

Moderator - Our experience and contacts within our organization and with other leadering ministries lead us to that estimate. We have spent 10 years on that topic with Christian leaders as well as have contact with 1 million users each month on the ChristiaNet website. Some other organizations believe the number is even lower as the church today is in an apostate condition.
---AlwaysOn on 9/15/06

Yes. There are bad spirits in people. People go to Church to get saved and hear the truth. The truth sets them free. Jesus came to save. Save from what? Not only our sins, but the power of the devil in us and over us. That is one way they are there. Another is to deceive and hurt and stop those who are seeking the truth. Pray ahead of time.
---Linda3939 on 9/15/06

greetings,for shira,thanks for reply,could it be possible that those that know where the devils are, are a medium or does channeling to the spirit world?and are you saying the devil is a mind reader and has power over our minds to control us?thanks for reply
---earl on 9/14/06

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linda nailed it.the battlfield is in the mind.
---tom2 on 9/14/06

This is interesting. The devil, who is a created being and not omnipresent (as only God is) shows up in all these chruches at once?
---Bruce5656 on 9/14/06

Donna...Going to church no more makes you a christian than going to a barn makes you a horse! It's what you do when you go to church and how your relationship with Jesus is that makes you a christian!
---james on 9/14/06

I can attest to the fact that they(demons) go to church because I have heard them speaking gibberish from people's mouths! Laughing hysterically and falling on the floor!
---1st_cliff on 9/14/06

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earl, the devil is an angel of light. In other words he is beautiful, but he is a spirit. I don't know if he can speak audibly or not. I know I have never heard such. he knows our weaknessess and he will use them against us subtly.
---shira_9639 on 9/14/06

The thought just struck me HE satan does not attend the CC because he Hates Holy water it Burns HIM UP.He he !
---Emcee on 9/14/06

I have felt the presense of evil in a church service so strongly that I had to get up and leave the service immediatly. I have also received 'spirit checks'from people that didn't seem what they appeared to be presenting themselves to be.
---Ray on 9/14/06

Moderator, it saddens me to hear that most people that attend church today are not Christians, are you sure? I want to believe they are. What if a lost soul goes to church hoping to get saved? or what if a person is dying and wants prayer? I feel very sad about that statement and hope it's only half true. I hope God has his elect there too.

Moderator - My guess the elect is probably 10% of any local church. The state of the church today is apostate.
---Donna9759 on 9/14/06

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He and his gang are probably more faithful at attending church and witnessing than most of us.
---pkay on 9/14/06

Sorry he has no affiliation with the CC
---Emcee on 9/14/06

What is more amazing than the fact that he shows up is his mode of operation called the "accusation of the brethren" through his vehicle of transmission called the carnal mind.
---Linda6563 on 9/14/06

Yes, the devil goes to church. His purpose is to distract us in everyway he can to get our mind off of God.
---Rebecca_D on 9/14/06

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I agree with the others. The devil would be dumb not to go. The main thing is that we don't let him work. But Jesus said He would be there too if even 2 or 3 were gathered in His name. So don't stop going just because the devil is there, go to meet with Jesus.
---john on 9/14/06

I don't think the Devil himself is in church,but his helpers(demons)are there for sure. Trying to distract us from GODS LOVE & GRACE.
---JIM on 9/14/06

#2 Afterwards he told us that the demon was coming directly at him and the Spirit picked him up and threw himout of the way. Yes, the devil and his demons can be anywhere.
---Debbie on 9/14/06

#1 Yes, the devil can be found in church. He is there to cause trouble, division, hurt feeling, arguments and any kind of hinderance he can. One night in a prayer meeting we were praying for our pastor, we had labored in the Spirit, when all of a sudden the pastor stood and looked at the back of the church and began speaking directly to a demon. Right before our eyes, I saw our pastor picked up as in a ball and thrown across the room.
---Debbie on 9/14/06

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greetings,did anyone see or hear a devil in a church and was spoken to? can you describe what the devil looks like?what does a devil voice sound like?or is this gossip?
---earl on 9/14/06

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