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Pope Apologize To The Muslims

Should the Pope apologize to the Muslims or was he speaking the truth yesterday about Muslims killing and growing their religion by the sword?

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 ---Macky on 9/15/06
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Yeah Sue.. It is ONLY by the grace of God that you believe what's right.. HE MADE YOU TO BELIEVE. Imagine that you are on the other side of the path. Wouldnt you wish someone is saving you? Even Jesus ask for those who crucified Him to be forgiven for they dont know what they are doing. Shame on every 'saved' people only to think of themselves. Those muslims are lost, and we can get them by showing love.. Not hatred.. Even though they hate you.
---nic on 10/9/06

Well I'm GLAD the pope finally stood up to Islam. The religion of Islam is about violence, not love. Jesus loved, Mohammed killed people. If people didn't bow down to Islamic religion Mohammed would kill them. He also had a bunch of wives, one of them was only 9 years old. Violence, rapeing, killing is Islam. Christainity is love. I wish more Christians would stand up for us.
---sue on 10/8/06

POPE SHOULD APOLOGIZE. It's wrong for him, without really knowing Islam, make such a big statement -however right his statement was. PLUS.. He would make it more difficult for the 'saved' ones to reach Islams with this things going on. Indeed most of them hates what the pope does and dont want to be one of that kind. SO they will be lost forever now..
---nic on 10/5/06

The Pope has not really apologized has he? He has apologized to the Muslims for making them angry but he has not retracted his words. That's why they are still so mad. I don't think he will retract the words. They are ever so true. I hope he doesn't. The world is truly seeing that the Muslim faith is evil and filled with hatred.
---john on 10/4/06

for me, i have two points of view. I think that we must first understand the muslim community before we react like this to what the muslims have said and done. The second one, i think it is just okay for him to say that because the pope was merely quoting it from one who said that before. He did not really say he believes in it whatsoever.
---Clina on 10/2/06

Jared: The Muslim religion is the religion of Satan. Would you apologize to Satan, even if you had done nothingto harm him?
---jerry6593 on 9/22/06

Jared, We should not apologize to people who say if we don't believe what they believe that is a reason to kill us. God is of love, not hate. Have the radical Muslim people apologized for wanting us all dead? I think not! You can't reason with people like that, because they are not open to the truth. They believe in Abraham, and are people from Ishmael and we are followers of the chosen Isaac. Ishmael was born out of disobedience's to God.
---Dottie on 9/20/06

Yeah we should appologise to Muslims. Christians have not been a great witness to the world all the time. The crusades were terrible, and we contiued them. Christ said to Love our Enemies and to do good to them, because that is like putting burning coal on their head. He didn't say kill them all.
---Jared on 9/19/06

usama, try this on for size. Jesus is our Savior, "everyone knows that" (maybe even you) Luke 1:47 says And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior. ( Killing innocent people, like at the World Trade Centers, and just recently a nun while praying) Is pure evil, straight from Satan. 1 John 4:8 He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.
---Dottie on 9/19/06

Pope: "Long ago someone said that Muslims are evil barbarians."

Muslims: "Outrageous! We'll show him we're not evil barbarians. Let's blow up some innocent people and shoot a nun in the back while she prays."
---jerry6593 on 9/19/06

What about the truth dont the muslims understand? Then they say they are not a violent religion - "you cant handle the truth" NO - the pope should not retract!
---Pete on 9/19/06

The Pope should not apologize. When are Christians going to stand up for our faith? The Pope was quoting a truth. Just look at their reaction - destroy property and kill more people. We should be demanding an apology from the Muslim leaders. Yes, people have done evil things in the name of Christianity, but at least we are willing to admit it. Muslims are ignoring the word of Jesus, whom they accept as one of their prophets. We must pray for these misled people.
---Meta on 9/18/06

This is another example of thought twisting and ignoring context.
The words were a quote from someone else, demonstrating traditional misunderstanding.
The whole of the message was about talking to Muslims, and understanding them.
They respond to the invitation by issuing a fatwah against the pope, burning him in effigy, killing a nun, DEMONstrating in streets and burning churches.
Yeah, that is how to have civil dialogue.
---JohnT on 9/18/06

So, to disprove the claim, the terrorists, or should I say cowardists attack defensless churches and civillians.
---mike on 9/18/06

The pope is only telling the truth! therfore
he should not apologize
---david on 9/18/06

i dont know why Islam is misunderstood Jesus was not God it is written in Bible why christians dont beleive because they have not understood it Jesus never said that he was God or he said that u worship him i can prove it from the Bible and Bible also gives indication of last prophet so to be a good christian u have to believe that Muhammad (P.BU.H) was messenger of Allah and the last one also.

Moderator - Usama, there are 100s of scriptures that point to Jesus as God. Do a web search for "Jesus is God scriptures" and come back.
---usama on 9/18/06

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Helen says: They are extremely evil, manipulative people and they all read the same book.

The correct response to hatred is not hatred. Hate the sin but love the sinner. If you think about it, many Muslims never had a chance to hear the truth about our Lord. Islam has made a mockery of Jesus by relegating Him to a mere prophet. Islam should be hated as an instrument of the Devil but don't ever hate the lost.
---Benny on 9/17/06

Satan is very clever: He brings about an offence to now accomplish his defense. We'll be seeing more and more of this in the future. Now we will most likely see a honeymoon moment of warm fuzzies exchanged, recalling the covenant Pope John Paul made with Arafat during his 2000 Year Jubilee travels.
---kathr4453 on 9/17/06

It would appear that muslims hear just what they 'want' to hear. The Pope was quoting someone else not saying that he believed the words. However, the reaction to his lecture just shows how true those words were. Muslims are now using them as an excuse to use threats, intimidation and violence to, once again, get their own way. No explanation will ever satisfy them because they 'want the excuse' to do these things.
---M.P. on 9/17/06

No, I don't think the pope should apologize.
---T.J. on 9/16/06

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no the pope should not appologize for speaking the truth!where are the moderate muslim leaders,or is there no such thing.when will muslims quit trying to turn back the clock?i refuse to let my children live under the threat of their jihad.are they trying to entice the christian soldiers of this world who have shown much tolerence.of course they are not going to do another 911,so as to not unleash the wrath of the real god.theyll just pick and pick,and people cant figure out what iran wants nukes for.duh.
---timothy_mcdevitt on 9/16/06

Scarry. It's just how things are going down. I wonder how long, (hopefully never) when our government might do the same. You laugh. Wouldn't it depend on who is elected our next President?
I have to commend President Bush that much more for his NOT BACKING DOWN!
Look at the pressure he's under. If we should see that happening, you know , well, you know!
Eloy, I do agree with you, " Keep your eyes on the Lord"! He told us these things are going to happen. Are we now surprised?
---kathr4453 on 9/16/06

I think the Roman Catholic Chruch is wrong on many things, and has non-biblical doctrines and practices, but I don't think it or the Pope are agents of Satan.
I don't disagree with what he has said.
However the way he said it has exacerbated still further the feelings of moderate Muslims, of which there used to be many.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/16/06

Both the Muslims and the pope are agents in the hand of satan.And at the great white throne judgement where both will appear, it will be too late for all apologizeing.
---mima on 9/16/06

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pkay: I'm with you. Although I'm no fan of the papacy, I'm sick of the out-of-control political correctness in this country as well as the propaganda-fomenting Moslems around the world. We're supposed to be accepting of this defective religion which screams "kill the infidel," while their idea of civilized behavior is beheading innocent captives. No thanks! When will we awake to the reality that our war is not just against terrorists, but a defective religion as well?
---jerry6593 on 9/16/06

pope's will do whatever sins they desire, and Christians do not care about them. For there is only one real living Pope that true Christians do care about, and he lives in heaven.
---Eloy on 9/16/06

all should read pope benedicts book titled "God is Love". actions speak louder then words and when we see beheadings, jail time and total hatred for all outside of islam by thier people, what is one to think or say? VIVA PAPA!
---ted on 9/15/06

There are muslims & then there are Muslims.The sincere & the whiney kinds this latter find offense even if you breath faster than themThey are experts at turning a mole hill into a mountain.They criticize find fault scream blue murder & say that they are gods children & show that the rest of the universe owes them a living.we are the infidels & they will do jihad & be the only ones in Heaven But you & I know different.By their Fruits you shall know them.
---Emcee on 9/15/06

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Pkay - I agree with you. Recently, in conversation with the Bus driver, I actually turned around and looked to see if there was a Muslim on the bus before I proceeded with my conversation. I was so shocked at what I had done, and vowed to never let them frighten me any longer. They are extremely evil, manipulative people and they all read the same book.
---Helen_5378 on 9/15/06

No, the Pope should not apologise to the Muslims. I really am sick and tired of them trying to make the whole world bow down to them and do what they want. It is time we all said "enough". We all get made fun of at times, but none of us ever reacts like they do. Just who do they think they are?
---Helen_5378 on 9/15/06

The Muslims who are angry, how many WANT peace in all nations including Israel?

Let's think though, -what if Christians Taught that we should destroy Islam or Jews? They'd of not existed at this point in history.
---Under_Cover_PZ on 9/15/06

The Pope was actually quoting someone else, Emperor Manuel II Paleologos, in a dialogue with a Muslim Persian.

Were you to read the remark in context, there is clearly no insult intended.

What's ironic is how the Turkish parliament passed a resolution comparing the Pope with Hitler, when it's a verifiable historical fact that Hitler and Muslim leaders sought each other's support.
---Jack on 9/15/06

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The pope or anyone else can say what they want, but all know muslims kill anyone who do not share their dead god.
---shira_9639 on 9/15/06

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