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Young Girl Being Made Fun Of

What advise would you give to a 13 year old girl who is being emotionally abused by her classmates, both privately and publically. She is believing what they are saying. She knows the Lord, but is angry at Him right now, she is very hurt and very angry at everything and everyone.

Moderator - Why is she being made fun of?

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 ---Debbie on 9/16/06
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I have a 12 year old who is treated like that. When he comes home telling me that someone called him a name, I ask him if that is who he is. When he tells me, "No", I ask him why he answers to that name and then remind him who he is in Christ. I believe the incorruptible seed is greater than the corruptible and will overtake it, that all my children are taught of the Lord and great is the peace of them.
---Linda6563 on 5/5/07

Debbie, since she is so smart, can you teach the Biblical concept forgiveness is the ultimate "revenge"?

Knowing who she is in Christ first, then proceeding from there creates godly reality.

Forgiveness means others dont owe to you anything, even common courtesy; but you give it to them.

Forgiveness means that your "strokes" do not come from others, but through what Jesus has done for you, and how he sees you.

Thats liberating !
---JohnT on 10/18/06

I belive what madison101 says is so true.

---Salena on 10/17/06

I think that both Madison1101 and Spike have some wise comments. I am sure that both of the hurting teens mentioned could use some help with self esteem. The young man needs more than that. He needs LAW and much more than to sit and take it. He needs his family (parents) to stand up for him and make this stop. God made people stop abusing Israel. there is something not right about the bus driver "not seeing" the physical abuse. Is there a person assigned to ride the bus to keep order?
---Amy9384 on 9/22/06

I really like kids. I was bullied until high school, shot up 6'4", weigh 252 lbs now. Taught daughters how to stand their ground. Not knock out teeth, punch faces, but how to stand so you appear larger. Body language. Not walking around with target on your head. Kids can be rotten to mild ones. School is a training ground for real life. Bullies don't stop at the school yard. Teach her some life skills, take her to class that shows women how to defend themselves. Give her some self confidence.
---Spike on 9/22/06

If your son is being assaulted on the bus, you need to go to the principal of his school and have these hooligans suspended for assault. You can also press charges with the police. My son was assaulted by a boy in our neighborhood and the boy was charged with assault and battery and in court was found delinquent and sent to a wilderness camp for a while.
---Madison1101 on 9/21/06

I was saying earlier that my 12 year old son is treated this way by his peers. They have even gone so far as to physically strike him on the bus, open handed on the face. I marvel that they are never caught by the bus driver while my son can open his mouth and they are throwing him off the bus. I have simply counseled him to remain silent and trust God as the faithful and true witness in his life. I hate to hear kids being picked on.
---Linda6563 on 9/21/06

Tell this young lady that she is defined by God alone. She is being prepared for her own special ministry. Tell her it is okay to cry and to tell God how she feels...and that if she will only ask Him to open her eyes to what He wants to show her and really mean it... He will... and she will change... and be even joyous again.

I oughta know, it happened to me like this too. I am praying for your precious grandbaby...and crying too.
---Amy9384 on 9/20/06

.benny, yes, Jesus would have. For the offender solicited a response by her imposition; if Jesus would have remained silent and allow her to continue offending, he would have been guilty of condoning her foul mouth, and if he would give any carnal insult for insult, then he again would have been guilty of unholiness. So to apologize to those at her table, and then to tell the offender to leave would have been 100% spiritual and right. If Jesus responded, he also has the power to strike her dumb or mute.
---Eloy on 9/19/06

Eloy: "My family, I apologize for this classmates rude words and behavior in this public place. And you girl are not welcomed at our table, so you go back to your own table and with your own kind."
Carnal advice is worth less than silence. First ask yourself if Jesus would have done what you suggested.
---Benny on 9/17/06

Debbie, my older son sang in the choir all through high school and junior high, and was called a "Choir Fag" by the people on the sports teams. He went on with his theater work into college, and received a full scholarship to graduate school with a stipend. He has perfomed professionally, and is engaged to a young lady who has performed in New York this past summer.

Middle school is the pits. I teach that age, and the kids can be vicious. I will pray for you granddaughter.
---Madison1101 on 9/17/06

Your responses bring tears to my eyes. This young girl is my grandaughter. She is intelligent and also an artist. If you know anything about artistic people, they see things differently and are often misunderstood. You know, we respond to may questions on this site, but today, I have truly seen the love and grace of God in your replies. You see, it is all about love and feeling someone else's pain, taking on their burden for your own, God bless you all and thank you for caring and praying for her.
---Debbie on 9/17/06

Debbie, I am so sorry your daughter is being hurt, being a 13 year old girl is hard enough with out the added pressure of being bullied. It's an extremely tender age, where what your peers think about you matters. Is she part of a youth group, where she can find solid friends who will stand with her and up for her? That could be a big help.
---bethie on 9/17/06

I once knew a gentle,intellegent child who attended Lutheran school. Kids made fun of this kid all the time because of his intellegence and other differant things.Tell this girl that someimes the world is so cruel and to put on her 'armor' before she goes out, pray for wisedom and understanding. Pray for this girl because sometimes kids do drastic things to end their pain. The child I knew thought the only way to be free of this pain was to die. He was my son!
---sue on 9/17/06

The offending girl could increase her intellect just like her classmate, rather than be jealous of her and attack her. At the restaurant the abused girl could have defended herself, and spoke back telling the offender, "My family, I apologize for this classmates rude words and behavior in this public place. And you girl are not welcomed at our table, so you go back to your own table and with your own kind."
---Eloy on 9/17/06

Highly intelligent kids have trouble socially in school because they don't fit in. My sons had this problem, they have IQs around 160. I suggest she get some therapy to learn coping skills for the problem. I also suggest a possible private school for her where she can be challenged intellectually and have less social tension.
---Madison1101 on 9/17/06

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Please remind her that she is not alone. Jesus was made fun of to. Please tell her that they spit in his face, and it was all in our place. How wonderful it is to be shunned for Him. To be in the company of Peter, Paul and Jesus Himself is not a bad thing, but it is a blessing because the Bible says, great is your reward in heaven!!!!
---shirley on 9/17/06

**A 6th grade girl openly attacked her verbally in a restaurant in front of her family, while they were eating.**

And what did her family do about this rude child--or her own parents?
---Jack on 9/17/06

My heart really goes out to you because I was picked on in school and it makes you never want to go back.
We might be angry that God gave people free will to be tormentors if they choose, but also realize that only a creature with a choice can love.
Will you be one of them or are you a lucky one who learns to cry to God and be healed?
This then is how you speak to God about it: 2nd Timothy 2:24-26
Find healing in forgiveness.
---Under_Cover_PZ on 9/17/06

Dear Debbie Jame's apistle says that the poor were chosen to be rich in faith.
In a way you are poor, without many friends. God has chosen you to be his daughter and friend, but that only came by grace through faith.
There are many Christians who have alot of friends. Sometimes that complicates life for them, but you have the time to soak up the gospels and pray for sisters and brothers instead of friends.
Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.
---NightHawk on 9/17/06

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Sounds like people are jealous of her success!
---manny on 9/17/06

Moderator, she is 13 years old and stands about 5'9". She is very intelligent and has qualified for many special rewards and scholastic trips. She has always had a strong mind of her own, but all this abuse is has really taken a toll on her self-esteem. A 6th grade girl openly attacked her verbally in a restaurant in front of her family, while they were eating.

Moderator - Maybe she needs to be in an advanced school and needs to move on?
---Debbie on 9/16/06

Wasn't the Lord made fun of too at times?
---mosaih on 9/16/06

I know that this girl is probably saved, but I would say that she doesn't really know the Lord like she should. None of us know Him like we need to. I say that only because if she knew Him like she should, she would walk right through the midst of those who despitefully use her, blessing them all the way and their words would have no effect on her.
---Linda6563 on 9/16/06

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