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How Do You Memorize Scriptures

How do you memorize scriptures? Some naturally stick with me, but I've also carried a notebook where I write them down and carry with me to study throughout the day. Ditto w/index cards. I also use a website which gives me a verse to memorize each week. All have been helpful.

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 ---AlwaysOn on 9/17/06
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Reciting it aloud several times a day is helpful to me. Hearing the words said, along with reading it engrains it in my brain.
---Madison1101 on 4/27/08

I do not make it a point to memorize scriptures. I never have. Like you, I write, and I study. With God's help He will bring scriptures to membrance. And that is amazing to me. I can gloss over a scripture and somewhere down the road it will come to me. Some scriptures more than others will just like wow, stick like glu.
---catherine on 6/12/07

The easiest way for me to memorize a verse is when I'm teaching the kids at sunday school, we write the verse on the board, then erase it one word at a time until we can still say the verse without looking at it.
---bethie on 6/11/07

Paul said, "The letter kills, but the Spirit gives life." Joshua 1:8 "This book of the Law shall not depart out of your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night." Meditation over memorization. The believer who strives to obey God's word is far closer to Christ than the one with rote memory of scripture. To be poor in spirit is to recognize that without Christ, we can do nothing. Psalm 119:11 Your Word have I hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against you."
---R.A. on 10/4/06

I know people who can memorize many, many scriptures, but can't tell you what those scriptures mean. Now that is sad. I do know when you need the word, God will bring it back to your memory.
---Rebecca_D on 10/1/06

Donna2277: Once upon a time(true story) ,when I was just a baby Christian, found myself in grave danger. Ready to collapse in fear, the Lord spoke these words at the same time lifting that fear, and replacing it with His strength. I turned around, looking this person in the eyes with a smile on my face, causing him great fear as he turned white as a sheet, and ran as fast as he could away from me. * Those verses were 2 Thess 4-6.
---kathr4453 on 9/24/06

Donna2277: Yes, I think the Key word you said was the Holy Spirit. You have to have Him Within first, for the Lord to even bring those scriptures to our life in a most powerful way when we do go through trials.
I've seen many claim verses that aren't even saved, and it is painful to watch.
---kathr4453 on 9/24/06

Kathr4453 What you say is SO true... about the fiery trials, that is, not the 7 dwarfs :>)....! I began memorizing scripture in the first place because, in the midst of a dark time, I couldn't seem to "remember" the promises I needed, WHEN I most needed them. But God has promised that His Word will not return to Him void. So, I believe that even if scripture is memorized without a spiritual motive or even belief, The H.S. will produce fruit from that Word in the heart of one who memorizes it.
---Donna2277 on 9/24/06

Hi AlwaysOn, I hear your concern, but I have had absolutely no problem with eSword.
Dont beat yourself up if you cant memorize verses, I mean, it's nice that you might do it, but God knows your heart and He will love you even if you cant memorize. When my daughter was a little kid she would say MOM I know that verse 'by heart'! So, I think the key is to get it into your 'heart'.
---sue on 9/22/06

Always On and R.A: I know of a man, who grew up in a gospel chruch and knew more bible verses than anyone I'd ever met. He would win contests at church, he knew so many. Then one day, while in the Army, he was carried of in the night by Snow White's dwarfs to join the JW's. Scarry but true.
(except for Snow White and her Dwarfs).
---kathr4453 on 9/22/06

Sue and others, this is a lame question, but I'll ask anyway. lol Do you know of any complaints with downloading eSword? I have had it bookmarked for some time, but am chicken about downloading things off the net without checking with others first. I've had bad experiences and don't want the computer blues.
---AlwaysOn on 9/22/06

I agree with you Kath. Talking the Christian lingo, memorizing scripture, saying all the right things at right times won't win anyone to Christ. Pride likes to hide. Expose it and it screams like a scalded cat.
---R.A. on 9/22/06

Visualization. I see every verse as telling a part of a story, then picture that story in my mind. This makes for very slow reading however I find it helps me to remember the verse or at least the concept, as applicable to the content within the context in which it was given. However I truly believe that as I read and reread scripture, each verse takes its place within my subconscious mind an when appropriate, out of the abundance of my heart my mouth will speak without conscientious thought.
---josef on 9/22/06

Thanks, Sue! I started off asking the question just out of curiosity of the techniques others use, but this topic has given me a few new ideas to add to my own studies. I appreciate it.
Kathr4453, I wholeheartedly agree. I've come across more than a few people who make it obvious that they've merely memorized scripture, but have yet to believe it, live it, conform to it or even understand it.
---AlwaysOn on 9/21/06

I find that scripture is wrought in as you go through the firey trials of the fellowship of His sufferings. It's in that fellowship, the Lord imparts to you Himself, through His word, that lasts and endures forever. To simply memorize scripture on a cold or luke warm sin nature won't do the trick. It may bring about self righteousness,causing more serious problem in the last days,because it lacks the divine nature of God's LOVE that oozes through ours. You either have gold tried in the fire, or you don't.
---kathr4453 on 9/21/06

Hi Always, There is a part in that Bible study called eSword that helps with any memorization of any verse you choose. Just google esword and get into it. It is helping me.
---sue on 9/21/06

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Memorize what? As much as possible after reading the Bible all the way through first. It takes but a year and sets a very strong foundation in your faith. You'll be asking far less questions than if just reading a verse here and a verse there. But you better get going for Gods plan is coming to a close and it will become more difficult to believe as we approach the end for it is written that even the elect would be led astray, if it were possible.
---Steveng on 9/21/06

memorize what?
---mike on 9/21/06

Gotcha, Steveng...and thanks!
---AlwaysOn on 9/21/06

AlwaysOn: My suggestion? Trust in the Holy Spirit to bring to rememberance the thoughts and voice you need to accomplish God's will.
---Steveng on 9/20/06

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As you read verses, God writes them in your heart and mind.
---Shannon on 9/20/06

Steveng, once again, I agree. Yes, it must be in the heart. Memorization helps this process, but of course, isn't the only way for something to be planted in our hearts. It's important to read, study, obey, practice, discuss, share and speak the Word daily.
To the rest, great suggestions and thanks! I can remember and memorize scriptures pretty well, but what I find most challenging is remembering book, chapter and verse to point out to others. Any ideas?
---AlwaysOn on 9/20/06

I have found this method to be most helpful for me when I try to memorise texts etc. Take every first letter in everyword in y our text and write it in order of the IF YOU LOVE ME, OBEY MY COMMAND, and thus: I Y L M, O M C. Do one line only to start of with till your familiar with it, then move to the next. Good luck
---jana on 9/20/06

AlwaysOn: How could the Holy Spirit bring to remembrance something that is not inside the heart? Besides the law of the land, how could the Holy Spirit bring to remembrance of a cold-hearted person that stealing, murdering, disobeying of parents, coveting is wrong without knowing (memorizing) the Bible first? How much more difficult to bring to remembrance the first three commandments? It's important to read, to know, and to do the scriptures especially in today's world.
---Steveng on 9/20/06

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It's easier to remember principles than word-for-word passages. It takes zero effort. But nothing substitutes for memorization. Anybody can say, "Well, the Bible says that cleanliness is next to godliness!" Half the time, as in this case, they are wrong. An exact quote is far more effective to share (and less debatable).I almost always explain the context.
I mark the page in a pocket Bible with a secure bookmark (reading it there helps me remember where it is) and keep it in my car.
---Donna2277 on 9/19/06

I am a person who can't memorize anything,therefore, to learn things is a lengthy process of putting it down on index cards and study them until I learn what is on there. Needless to say the Bible is more than I could do even in small sections so I have never been able to learn chapter and verse of the Scriptures. What I did was study the Word until with the Holy Ghost helping me to call it to remembrance I can find the book of the Bible,the general area, and eventually the verse.
---Darlene_1 on 9/19/06

This is how I did it in seminary: I used KJV as it is more poetic, easier to memorize.

Wrote the verse on a 3X5 card so that commas etc. formed natural breaks, and wrote the section AS ONE LINE till the whole verse is on the card.

Memorize section 1, then section 2, then 1 & 2 together then 3, then 1,2,3 etc are memorized as a whole verse.

Put them in shirt pocket, and recite at stop lights, on public transportation, waiting in line by doing the 1,2,1&2,3, 1&2&3 until you have it.
---JohnT on 9/19/06

Steveng, that the Holy Spirit will bring into rememberance what we need to know. I know you weren't advocating memorizing scriptures, but I have had many occasions where I've been familiar with scriptures (as in kinda half way memorized them) and when I'm in a situation, the Holy Spirit brings it right to the surface for me. Would He do so w/out me memorizing? Sure. But He also does so with me memorizing. So, either way, I agree that it's Him who will bring it all to the surface of my mind when I need it.
---AlwaysOn on 9/19/06

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AlwaysOn: Why do you agree with me?
---Steveng on 9/19/06

Benny and Steveng, I agree.
---AlwaysOn on 9/19/06

Scripture says, "Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee." I read "The Hiding Place" when I was a baby Christian. Corrie Ten Boom had memorized huge chunks of scriptures, which blessed her when she was in the prison camp and did not have a Bible.
---Madison1101 on 9/19/06

It's written that we must put to heart everything we learn. This helps to build a strong foundation in what we believe as Christians and to build our conscious, knowing right from wrong. Knowing, or memorizing, scripture makes us aware of our temptations. If ones faith is strong, the Holy Spirit will bring to remembrance what you need to know at any particular time. Remember, the apostles were sent into the world without script.
---Steveng on 9/18/06

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AlwaysOn: Don't you think that memorizing scripture helps us when ministering to others, though?

I know this was directed to Phil so pardon me for jumping in with my thoughts. I think it is most helpful in situations where time is limited and/or smoothness of delivery is important. From my own experience cold call evangelism is one example. For most other situations e.g. group Bible study I find that there is enough time to refer to prepared notes and turn to the appropriate passage as needed.
---Benny on 9/18/06

Take your time reading it. Listen to what it is saying to you. Read over it, write it down. "Clue" A believer believes what he/she is reading. Try telling yourself you chose to accept what it is saying. As you trust that it is true, you are more likely to remember it. Also, consider memorizing the scriptures the Holy Spirit brings to your mind, they are the ones He wants to bring to life in you. Write them down.
---Linda3939 on 9/18/06

Phil, I completely agree with you about context. Don't you think that memorizing scripture helps us when ministering to others, though? To be able to not only quote something, but to have memorized it's exact location so as to direct them helps, no?
---AlwaysOn on 9/18/06

[2] Additionally I use internet resources to help with my study e.g. online Bibles and concordances. Your warning against taking scripture out of context is also very important; adjacent scriptural verses are mutually supporting and taking a single verse out of context is the first step down the road of doctrinal error.
---Benny on 9/17/06

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[1] Phil_the_elder, I'm glad to see your view. I thought I was the only one holding a contrarian view concerning scripture memorization. Perhaps it's an individual thing but I find it easier to learn things topically and according to the underlying principle rather than memorize details. [to cont]
---Benny on 9/17/06

I write them down & read them aloud at the sametime. Also, I listen to them on tape.
Joshua 1:8 says " meditate therein day and night." The word "meditate" mean to think on, memorize, & speak.
---Rickey on 9/17/06

It is much more important to know where important block of scripture are and be able to find them easily, Make notes, use a topical Bible as a tool. Scripture is ONLY valid when present in surrounding context. When you quote scripture out of context it is a pretext for false teaching and an act of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit because you are prostituting scripture. So I never teach people to memorize scripture.
---Phi_the_Elder on 9/17/06

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