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Rosie Odonnell's Interview

Did anyone see rosie odonnell on abc's "the view"? She said there is no difference between radical muslims who kill in the name of allah and the bible believing christians who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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 ---shira_9639 on 9/17/06
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Wow, it is hard to believe that this is a board for Christians. Aren't Christians supposed to EMULATE Christ and leave the judging to God? I am surprised that you call yourself Christians and can act so UNchristian. Christians live with love in their hearts, not hate.
---Abs on 11/27/07

Maria: Wow. I hear a lot of people saying that every religion is the same and that there is not one better then the other and that is so true. However Christianity is not a religion it is a faith.
---Marcia on 7/12/07

Maria: People will start seeing this during the Anti-Christ reign, when there is a one world religion. Until the Church is taken up this will not be possible. Because Jesus state in Luke 12:51 think you that I came to give peace, I say to you nay, but division.

Jesus is the only way, He is the only truth, He is the Only Life- and it Christians refuse to proclaim this then many will be lost. If you are a Christian and love people as you should you would warn them about the place they are headed for.
---Marcia on 7/12/07

Every time I see Rosie, I laugh ... I don't Know why, I guess she is like a Joke to me or something. Maybe it was because I seen her on CNN hanging upside down like a bat and I can't get that picture out of my head. It was so funny to me. Then I thought to myself this is wrong for me to be laughing at her she needs help. Then I remembered pslams 2:4.
---Marcia on 7/12/07

I find listening to anything that comes out of rosie odonnell's mouth serves about the same purpose as hitting my head against a brick wall
---sick on 7/11/07

She didnt say that, she said radical christians, and what is the difference? I was raised catholic in school and church & believe in christ but what makes christians who go to the extreme any better or different that muslims. One religion is never better than the other and once people start seeing that this world will be a much better place!!
---maria on 6/24/07

no, that's not what she is saying. she's saying that there's no difference between radical muslims who kill in the name of allah, and bible believing christians who go to a sovern nation and kill 650000 innocent people. it doesn't make it okay just because you believe in the bible.
---jala on 6/21/07

Thank you Amanda, for expressing that often times Christians repel those who are obviously seeking. Perhaps we should all consider opening our hearts to All Loving One on this. Can you imagine what Rosie could do if someone embraced her with the Pure Love of God. There are many admirable traits about this woman and I for one find myself agreeing with perhaps not what she says entirely but her heart in some of what she speaks. May the Truth set us all free.
---Debra on 5/30/07

Thank you Amanda, for expressing that often times Christians repel those who are obviously seeking. Perhaps we should all consider opening our hearts to All Loving One on this. Can you imagine what Rosie could do if someone embraced her with the Pure Love of God. There are many admirable traits about this woman and I for one find myself agreeing with perhaps not what she says entirely but her heart in some of what she speaks. May the Truth set us all free.
---Debra on 5/30/07

Never watched the show because of the views I saw Rosie on FN she needs the Lord everything about her is LOST! LOST! LOST!
---pam on 5/30/07

I don't know what Mark answered but it sure was not me. I am totally against what Rosie speaks of. Only people that are liberal's will answer on her behalf or judge others for bringing her actions to light. We should pray for her, we should not listen to her because people like her bring your emotions out and cause you to sin yourself. God will deal with all those that speak against Him and His ministry. She is no different then the others who speak against God, only she has the power through tv to do it.
---mark on 5/30/07

I personally believe the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers of the five fold ministry. I personally count anything she (or anyone else for that matter) has to say contrary to the word of God as just one more worthless piece of blasphemy to reject.
---Frank on 5/30/07

I don't know what Rosie said. But There is no difference we are all human beings with choices! Choose carefully! Hate or love? You decide? When we all see eachother as equals then and only then will we find peace in this world THINK ABOUT THAT? before you rush to judgement against anyone!
---Toyanda on 5/30/07

rosie i think you have a good heart but i cant help but notice you get really upset when someone dosent agree with you and whyshould elisabeth have said she didnt think thats what you meant to be honest lots of people thought thats what you meant if not pleaser tell me what you meant i really want to understand! by the way how dare donald to talk about joy i love her
---tecia on 5/30/07

I did not get to see the show, but I don't watch it regularly. Rosie is a hateful person that should not be allowed to be on Television any longer. Her lifestyle is against all bibical principles and she should not be able to influence anyone anymore. Thank you.
---Terry on 5/30/07

I can't stand Rosie but she's right. I"ve lived amongst Muslims and christians and by far Muslims have treated me (A Catholic) better while I was in the Middle East than christians anywhere ever have. Go figure. Bet you censor my answer.
---amanda on 5/28/07

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"When someone as hatefull as rosie spews stuff like that,It's better to boycott any show/sponser she gets after that.Bullies like her should'nt have a forum to be mean and hate full like that."

Your right William.. that goes for Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Brian James and Glenn Beck...
---NurseRobert on 5/27/07

And BTW... the most wonderful thing about Television is the OFF button...
---NurseRobert on 5/27/07

Hewwo! This is BaBa WaWa.
It's not sowuh gwapes, but rathaw, we wecognize Rosie's weaving is welevant, weahhy.
I want to take this oppohtunity to apowogize, to all the miwwions of women.
I want to wemind you to wook fow Rosie's gweat tawent on anotheh network. Weahhy.
---BaBaWaWa on 5/10/07

I told you she would find another show, weahhy.
---BaBaWaWa on 5/26/07

Why are people listening to Rosie?? Of what merit is her loony left wing rants? What makes her opinions of anymore value that the avarage Joe on the street? I know of a field she could be put in where she would be happy, where their are a lot of happy Holstiens.
---MikeM on 5/26/07

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When someone as hatefull as rosie spews stuff like that,It's better to boycott any show/sponser she gets after that.Bullies like her should'nt have a forum to be mean and hate full like that.this isnt the first time she's ran after trying to bully someone on a show
---william on 5/26/07

I am so glad she is off the view, she is hateful and mean. She is not happy with her life. She spreads miserary. So Long Rosie never come back to TV.
---carmen on 5/25/07

Quote: But tell me how many cristians do you find with bombs strapped to them? //

And how many christians are thrown out of their land - babies killed - women raped and politically unrightfully treated ??
I guess if u got haunted in your own country you would've killed or bombed yourself defending it rather than being killed silently anyway ...
---carl on 5/12/07

Hewwo! This is BaBa WaWa.
It's not sowuh gwapes, but rathaw, we wecognize Rosie's weaving is welevant, weahhy.
I want to take this oppohtunity to apowogize, to all the miwwions of women.
I want to wemind you to wook fow Rosie's gweat tawent on anotheh network. Weahhy.
---BaBaWaWa on 5/10/07

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Reading most of your hate filled ("christian") replies, only confirms her opinion of religion.
---Marc on 5/10/07

I can't belive a person that is a real christian would watch Rosie or Ellen they are both lesbins
---Betty on 5/6/07

Are you Rosie's publicist, Melanie?
---BaBaWaWa on 5/5/07

She's absolutely right. Religion is the cause of alot of the hate and violence in this world. Radical Christians have the same goals as radical muslims, supress other religions, prove thiers is the right religon and the only word of god to follow, the way they go about it is different but the goals are the same. Believe what you want but when you impose your views on others your no better.
---Melanie on 5/5/07

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I strongly disagree with her point of view. I also prefer not to watch her or Ellen as I totally disagree with their lifestyles. It may not be "political correct" as the saying goes but I do not believe that I have To "accept or tolerate" their lifestyles. As a friend of mine once told me God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.
---Louise on 5/2/07

I don't think you have to worry about it much longer, because she's going the way of the dodo.
She's leaving the show. I imagine she'll have her own new show, shortly thereafter.
---BaBaWaWa on 5/1/07

Oh my goodness. I didn't see the show, thank goodness, So I cannot comment.
---catherine on 4/30/07

We all should keep Rosie in prayer, I feel she is a very sick woman with a very low self esteem. She probally hates herself and she is probally a very lonely person, ya she acts she gets to travel, she has lots of money, etc, and she does have fans who follow her, but she is definately looking for love. She truely need the Lord in her life. I feel she says and does things for attention, to say hey look at me I'm over here. She is a very sick person who needs a lot of emotional help.
---Brenda on 4/30/07

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Rosie is a anti-christian, anti-american lady who should not be allowed to spout her lies to the American Public on ABC TV.
---Norman on 4/14/07

I am with betty why watch that show. I don't think that woman(rosie) has no room to talk about other people when and how she lives her life.
---debbie24574 on 4/4/07

But tell me how many cristians do you find with bombs strapped to them?
---john_kelly on 4/4/07

Knowing what Rosie is and how she voices her hatred, why do you guys even watch that show? Why fill your minds with that junk? Just pray for her and tune her out on the T.V. She does what she does because she knows people will listen and it causes a reaction. She is insecure and does what she does for attention. The more she gets, the more she will open her mouth. Ignore her and pray for her.
---betty8468 on 4/4/07

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Ed's opinion of Radical Muslim. If you would do more research on Muslims and the Koran you would find out that they are all radicals. They beleive that no one who isn't a muslim is worth saving. We are all infadels (spelling) it starts off innocent enough however the true meaning of the Koran is very violent. Beginning Muslims are fooled into it being peaceful but it really isn't. Right now as we speak Muslims are using the money we give them for gastobuild mosques in your city. Does your city have one?
---Heather on 4/3/07

Don, does that statement that you made mean that you wish Rosie dead? I'm praying for her to repent before she dies and comes to truth in Jesus. Similar things have happened and we should never give up on anyone. We may all be surprised who makes it and who doesn't. Things are'nt aleays what they seem to be.
God may even give me the opportunity to witness to her through His Holy Spirit. She just happens to live in the town, I was born in. Nyack, NY. If God can forgive us sinners, He can forgive Rosie.
---John on 4/2/07

We are not supposed to judge the world. Our job is to judge the body of Christ, in love and only when absolutely necessary.Pray for Rosie. She has a soul. We all know what Rosie is, let's pray for what Rosie can be in Jesus.
---John on 4/2/07

it shows you that rosie has no morals in the life she lives Jesus Christ is in most of the worlds lives from day one and always will be. it is a total shame that a person with her beliefs takes up our air we breathe on this wonderful earth.
---Don on 4/1/07

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I believe that Rosie knows in her heart that being gay is not normal in the eyes of God.She judges everyone to hide her own fears at judgement day. Christians don't strap bombs to their children in the name of God like the muslims.I pray for her for I see evil in her.I see why she is on depressents. Her excuse for her faults,
---Patty on 3/30/07

I haven't noticed any Christians torturing anyone in the name of God, in the last couple of centuries, anyway. And I haven't noticed any Christian suicide bombers killing anyone and everyone in sight. AND, I do believe that the ones who killed at abortion sights did not know the love of God, or they wouldn't have done that.
---judy_barnett on 3/30/07

Oh for Pete's sake why spend even a second THINKING about this trash. Most 'celebrities' have done weird things that could be added here, but what would be the purpose? We are IN the world, but not OF it! What next how many times Eliz. Taylor has been married or all the ones who are gay, or who have died of overdoses- the list goes on.
Get real and speak of love and sharing of God's Word!
---NVBarbara on 3/15/07

Rosie is trash,
---Josef_Gratts on 3/15/07

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You guys act like bullies. (mean and vengeful) I don't think god or jesus wanted us to be this way
---Mary on 1/17/07

I think it is awfully and ridiculous what both Rosie O'Donnel and Donald Trump are doing in public eye. I think it is very childish for one and for another they show no class whatsoever, whenever they are name calling and the like. They silence is Golden. If I would have been Donald Trump I would have never once stooped to Rosie ODonnel's level. And one more thing, her blog is on a christiaNet...Oh Please...I don't recall her words of wisdom are in the Good Book we call the Bible.
---Sherry on 1/5/07

I'm really not sure why there is so much energy spent on this subject. God will deal with this matter in his way. People are being tortured, starved, left in the streets to die and this is what we have come to focus on?
---Mark on 1/3/07

Christ did not judge! It is part of the teachings that we will all be judged on the final day by GOD and GOD alone. Do you think that you are GOD? What gives you the right?
People please stop pretending to be GOD!!!
---Mark on 1/3/07

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Many people have sacrificed their lives for freedom of speech. For those who do not like Rosie on the view simple turn it off. and correct me if I am wrong, but should all of the ill mannered bloggers leave the judgment to Jesus Christ, "though shall not judge"
---Clare on 12/21/06

Rosie's perception of all that is right or wrong is as publicly credible as mine. Take away the soapbox and you are left with muted simplicity, devoid of substance.
---mike on 12/21/06

Forget emailing the View ... they don't answer. Emailed Rosie about her "separation of church and state" remark. They say ignorance is bliss. Being that I am a radical Christian, I would never behead anyone, or fly a plane into a building. My God doesn't play that game. By "radical" Christian, I'm meaning bold, in my standing up for Christ. Pray for ole Rosie.
---Nellah on 12/16/06

Poor Rosie. Only thing that exceeds her arrogance is her ignorance. We should pray for Rosie, but in the meantime write to NBC to get her pulled away from the young minds of new wifes and mothers. Amen? Amen!
---Cheri on 12/15/06

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Rosie is a joke to america, she is everything we dont want our children to be and see, i hope that china does not take offense by the words or that dike.
---rosie on 12/15/06

Yes, I actually watched it and that is an incorrect representation of what was said. Extreme is extreme no matter what belief you put after it and it's all bad. Jesus does teach us to love and not hate and turn the other cheek which we as a cristian nation have not done. Let's all remember that we are in Iraq because of a lie and we are killing people there in the name of our beliefs. I believe in God and in Jesus as my savior and I do not believe that we are following his teachings in the least.
---gina on 11/8/06

How could you be in love with Christianity, when your lifestyle is at odds with it? This is probably the only stand she can have at this particular time. But only God knows if she will accept Jesus Christ in her lifetime.
---Shiela on 10/16/06

Rosie needs to go to Mike Savages web page and watch a few of those beheadings. Then Rosie, tell me when in this century a christian has beheaded someone for not converting . I think a public apology is in order.
---dan_smith on 10/13/06

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Are radical Christians dangerous? In another blog I was reading where a person would kill another person for disobedience regarding Christian law. They used to do this, kill people for breaking a Christian law. Is this what Rosie O. is talking about?
---sue on 10/8/06

She said clearly, that "radical islam" are as "dangerous" as "radical christians." And today she defames the holy Pope. How long should we let her spread her hate and absolutely clueless lies on daytime tv?? We should be calling for a boycott or having her be fired.
---kathy on 10/6/06

I heard Rosie. She did not say that. If you intend to undermine someone, at least be truthful.
---Steve on 9/27/06

Something I believe we should all be aware of: Islam, at it's core is a religion of hate. If you ever read the Koran or certain quotes from Muhammed himself, you will see that they are instructed to kill, persecute, and in all ways possible be intollerant of the "infidel Christians and Jews." A stark contrast to the words of Christ which commands us to "love those that hate you; bless those that curse you..."
---John on 9/26/06

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Rosies statement was ignorant. For one thing she was broad brushing. Some 'fundamentalist' Christians might want a theocracy and to kill like 'fundamentalist' Islamics, but most Christians are very passive. I would say in America less than 5% of Christians are dangerious. It must be considered that due to Rosie's lifestyle she knows she would be among the first that would be killed by 'fundamentalist,' be they Christian or Islamic.
---MikeM on 9/21/06

We are told many times throughout the Bible to expose errors and false teachings: 1 John 4:1; Rom. 16:17; 2 Thess. 3:6; 2 Thess. 3:14-15; 1 Tim. 6:3-5; 2 Tim. 3:5,7; 2 Tim. 4:2; 2 John 10,11; etc.
Jesus even calls these people "hypocrites", "blind guides, " "blind, " "whited sepulchres, " "serpents, " and "ye generation of vipers"
---tofurabby on 9/21/06

There is no reason not to say she is wrong and give a valid counter argument.
Eph. 5:11 "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them."
---tofurabby on 9/21/06

Moderator, I agree with what you said about true christians not operating on's a contradiction. Also "radical christian" as Rosie sees it, are not christian, my arguement is that the term is misleading, having negative connotations, whereas if taken literally, to be radical could mean to be uncompromising in belief in the word, Jesus, and that IS christian. It's in the intrepretatoin that confusion comes about.

Moderator: Agreed! Even hitler claimed to be a Christian. I think we all know he was not, but this is the type of person Rosie is talking about.
---christina on 9/21/06

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Shira, I guess I went a little off but I do not see the Rosie person as a she or he. Therefore IT fits. After that, it is not worthy of considering a statement as a reality from that source. So many people have been hurt and mislead by things 'it' has been a part of.

Moderator: Certainly Rosie's lifestyle does not suggest she is a Christian, however, we should try to see her as God sees her. With love. Refering to her as an "it" is not the way to act as a Christian. John 8 really hits it home on not judging each other.
---mikefl on 9/21/06

I agree with you, Moderator. Just as Islamic followers don't commit hate crimes on others in the name of Allah, Christians do not either. Anyone who murders in the name of Allah, probably isn't a real Muslim, either.
---AW on 9/20/06

A truly born again chrisian will be radical in the sense that they go to the root or origin(which is the root of the word radical) The word radical has become a word with negative conotations. All that are radical are not acting christian, but a true christian is uncompromising on God's truth, which is radical.

Moderator: A true Christian will also not operate on hate. Hate crimes on anyone are not part of God. I would say "radical" Christians (as Rosie is refering) are not really Christian to begin with.
---christina on 9/20/06

No, most radical Christians are not killers. However, abortion doctors have been killed by people claiming to do the Lord's work. Most of the problem with radical Christians is their rhetoric. Anyone who believes differently than they do is a sinner and doomed to Hell. They think they are the only ones worthy of Heaven. Christians are taught to love one another. Radical Christians seem to love no one but others who agree with them. No one else is given any respect. Radical Muslims are the same.
---AW on 9/19/06

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What she really said was "radical" Christianity was just as dangerous as "radical" Islam, and of course she was referring to those who support the war in the Middle East. It concerns me that when certain people from the middle east commit atrocities we, God's people, are grouped with them. Maybe this shows a danger in calling this God's war. People see it as the same crimes commited by terrorists. I think God does prefer peace to war; maybe we should more stronly support the same.
---Casey on 9/18/06

crystal, God gave them over to a reprobate mind.
---shira_9639 on 9/18/06

Rosie is LOST! What do you expect from the world? The Bible clearly tells us that we will be persecuted as He was persecuted. All we can do is pray for her to be saved. I started praying for her about 2 years ago and don't plan to stop.
---Crystal on 9/18/06

Rosie is deceived. She believes it's okay for a woman to lay down with another woman, so her thinking is that of error, deceit, etc., God says it's an abomination to Him, and so it is, and we choose to beleive God over Rosie, amen?
---Donna9759 on 9/18/06

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The violence there are also historical accounts; why would anyone say the Bible is violent when they are historical events you can't change the past but you can change the present and the future. God is the Keeper of Time and we shouldn't ever doubt His Word.
---CNoEvil on 9/18/06

mike, I don't understand your answer. The interview really took place and she is about as disgusting as madylyn o'hare. Of course, we all know o'hare is dead now and I believe it was instrumented by a Holy God.
---shira_9639 on 9/18/06

Person Odonnel has abused so many good and moral people; has embarassed individuals with malace; has stirred up wrongful purposes and usurped a place of public trust through the media. It can not be trusted to divide the truth nor will I believe it's perception thereof.
---mikefl on 9/17/06

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