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When Was Christ Born

Was Jesus Christ really born on the 25th of December? Please quote scripture.

Moderator - No, the pagan king Nimrod was.

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 ---sebag7388 on 9/17/06
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I do not know how it happened but I did not write the blog entries dated 12/27 and they are certainly not my style:) someone some how used my ID to write them and I have know idea what day Jesus was born:)
---jody on 1/9/08

the church of the Nativity is the oldest Christian church in the world. It rest where Christ was born and has been preserved since 615AD. Christ's birth place in Bethlehem is still intact for a reason..
So we can recognize and remember and honor Christ's birth always.
---lisa on 1/9/08

Dan9:24 "Seventy weeks determined upon thy make an end of sins..make reconciliation for seal up the vision and prophecy and anoint the MOST HOLY" Dan9:25 "from the going forth of the commandment to restore and build Jerusalem unto MESSIAH the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks" That Command (Ezra7:7) was given in 457BC

457BC + (69x7)= 27AD, Jesus Annointed (Baptized). Priests Annointed at 30, therefore Jesus born around 3 BC.
---SamtheMan on 1/9/08

.shaunt, you have not shared truth with me, and until you get saved, you will believe whatever you desire.
---Eloy on 1/9/08

Eloy - You accuse me of not being saved because I tried to share the truth with you about the history of the Mass of Christ? A history that is found in Catholic, secular and religious sources. My my, you are very proud and how easily the slanderous words fly off your fingers against a child of God. You have NO idea about who I am and yet you take the liberty to treat me worse than I would except from an infidel. Pitiful as you accuse not only me but my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
---ShaunT on 1/4/08

shaun, you abide in darkness and believe whatever you desire, because you are not saved, but after you become born-again you will know and believe the truth.
---Eloy on 1/4/08

Like everything Jesus is a mystery. If I were to guess I would say some time in the Spring.The Sherpherds were grazing the sheep. In Israel, when I aks the Question.My tenant told me that the same winter we have here.If the sherpherd where not in the field then it would of been to cold for the sheep also.My guess look in the scripture.
---Mike on 1/4/08

that is cool if Jesus was born in Sept..cause that is when I was born! Sept 25th.

However in all things glorify God...we can use the nativity , the Christmas Tree etc...
This is to wish Jesus Christ a Happy birthday.
Peter said 1 Peter 4:11 : that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.
---lisa on 1/3/08

Righteous, Gordon,Shaun t. R all correct Yashua was NOT BORN in December, HE was born in SEPTEMBER THE MONTH OF Sukkot. December is pagan, Christmas tree has nothing to do with Christ! Why mix pagan and God holidays together? Yahweh is very particular about his holy days, DO NOT MIX paganism and with his holy days. Yashua was born in SEPTEMBER, according to God when he set up the time of the TARBENACLE. yASHUA IS THE DWELLING PLACE OF yAHWEH. He was born on the feast of the Tarbenacle, Jn 1:1.
---cInDy92714 on 12/31/07

So the world as a whole chooses to acknowlege Christ's have a problem with that?

So we as a human race decide to honor Christ's birth on Dec 25th.
Christ is not pagan...therefore the celebration of His birth is not pagan either.

The day we choose to recognize His birth is irrelevant. Can we stick to the main matter. Christ was born..the wise men and angels celebrated. Why can't you?
---lisa on 12/31/07

It is simple, worship God in Spirit and Truth per the rightly divided Scriptures and the traditions of the apostolic church, or worship according to pet numerology false doctrine, personal preference, and the liturgical calendar of Rome.

Eloy - Beware of your false slanderous remarks for which I will not return in kind. For it is written: "For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again." (Mat 7:2)
---ShaunT on 12/29/07

The church merely created their own religious holidays and placed them on the same days as the pagans had their religious holidays in the effort to Christianize pagan holidays.

Thus we have Christmas on a pagan holiday.
(in case you did not know it, Christmas celecbrates the birth of Christ, not some pagan entity).
---lee on 12/29/07

According to the Holy Bible: "from December 24, from before a stone was laid upon a stone in the temple of YHWH, from this date and upward, from the day that the foundation of the Temple is laid, God will begin to bless his people," and the latter temple will be more glorious than the first temple. Jesus is the cornerstone, born in the 2nd hour of night between 7 and 8 oclock, on December 25, 5 B.C: Please Read- Haggai 2:15,18,19+ Isaiah 28:16+ Luke 2:8-14.
---Eloy on 12/29/07

the important thing here is... he did born and now we are saved!
by the way... discovery channel says he was born in april 17, year 7, which kind of makes sense, since Israel was founded in april 17, 1948
---harry on 12/29/07

.shaun, you lie and bear false witness because you have no light in you. What I preach is truth, which same truth has also been recorded in the Holy Scriptures, witnessed by mankind, and documented in civil taxation records.
---Eloy on 12/29/07

december 25 is when we celebrate Jesus birth.
if i remember correctly from my Bible study, His actual birth was somewhere around the end of august into the beginning of september. i will do some research on this and post it later
---phillip on 12/28/07

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Eloy has made an error like most have. God's year started on the first day after the spring equanox. God's months were actually 'new moons'. So, the first month would start at the first new moon after the spring equanox. No, this was NOT December and the prophecy did not have anything to do with Jesus. And yes, they did have seasons that changed temps. And no, Jesus was NOT born on the 25th of December. Christmas is a pagan holy day that the first church copied to make pagans feel good.
---Dr._Rich on 12/27/07

Actually Jesus' was born on the 26th of Dec. And the wisemen reached Jesus when He was 12 years old, not the night He was born as many perceive.
---Steven on 12/28/07

To answer the original question without getting into all of the thread drifts I would say the word shows two times.
1-Let there be Light: spoken into existance as well as coming into man's darkened heart.
2- When he came out of Mary's womb.
That about sums it up for me.
---Frank on 12/27/07

According to the Jewish callender jesus was born in Oct
---betty on 12/27/07

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NO the point is not that Christ was born, the point is that Christmas is a pagan festival instituted by the ROMANS. they have always been pagan and always will, unless they except the ture KING of KINGS and be converted from their evil ways. I hate to sound like I am judging, but that is the facts. I will not adopt a day that has been celebrated for thousands of years as the day to celebrate CHRIST's birth. .
---jody on 12/27/07

It is a shame that people want to excuse something as serious as worshiping pagan gods so they can celebrate their pagan day and to beat it all call it after the name of a most HOLY GOD. I would rather be run through with a sword than accept a day the catholics chose to celebrate............
---jody on 12/27/07

The very FOUNDATION of Christmas is a lie. The Messiah was not born December. He did not ask us to celebrate his birthday. He did not say to set up a tree in our house and decorate it. Santa Claus does not exist.It's a lie. Is Yahweh the originator of this holiday? Or is it the father of lies? Yahshua condemned the leaders of that generation for teaching lies: Jn 8:44

Parents lie to their children about the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy.
Do they not deserve the truth?
---CiNdY92714 on 12/27/07

Moderator, the Bible makes no mention of Nimrod's birthday.
---InimicusStultitiae on 12/27/07

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1)Shawn T. is correct. Eloy stop spreading lies.

The truth IS in the Bible, the hebrew calendar AND ACCORDING to God's Holy FEASTS.

Luke 2:1-4 mentions that Jesus' birth occurred during the time that Caesar Augustus had ordered all of the known world to be taxed. Luke said that every person had to return to the city of his ancestors, to be registered and taxed.

The Roman and Judean rulers knew that taking a census in winter would have been impractical and unpopular.
---cInDy92714 on 12/27/07

2)Luke 2:8 said that shepherds were living in their fields keeping watch over their flocks during the nighttime. A common practice of keeping their flocks in the field from April to October, but in the cold and rainy winter months they took their flocks back home and sheltered them.

Then there's also the Feast of Sukkot a feast of the LORD, as prescribed in Lev 23.

The word 'Sukkot' means tabernacles, booths or tents.Where all the men of Israel were commanded to come to Jerusalem.
---cInDy92714 on 12/27/07

3)Veryimportant connections in Scripture WITH Jesus and aspects of the Feast of Tabernacles.

John 1:14 says:

And the Word became flesh and tabernacled among us. [literal translation of the Greek]

In seeking to describe the Messiahs first coming to His people, John chose the imagery of the Feast of Booths since the feast celebrates the dwelling of God among His people. This raises an interesting question on whether or not John intended to link the BIRTH with the Feast of Tabernacles.
---CiNdY92714 on 12/27/07

Many times people do not understand what the feasts are about. What is their purpose and meaning? This can be answered in one very simple word: Yeshua. This goes for ALL the feasts.

The first coming of Yeshua was a temporary dwelling. He came to us as an earthly man, died as an earthly man, and was resurrected into eternal life, and went to the right hand of the Father. We now anticipate His second coming, when He will dwell with us eternally.
---CiNdY92714 on 12/27/07

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6)Jesus once said, "By your traditions, you have made the word of God of no effectand in vain they worship Me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.'" Surely the modern traditions of Christmas fall under this Scripture.

Yahweh tells us not to learn the way of the heathen. And He even goes so far as describe a custom that is a way of the heathen.
Yet, we see this same custom exist even today THAT HAS nothing to do WITH him/the birth of Jesus.
---cInDy92714 on 12/27/07

Jesus Christ was Born on Dec25.this has been declared & settled Over 2000 years ago by people who were more conversant with the times than we are .The important thing WE ALL LOSE SIGHT OF is the MESSAGE of why he came? CHANGE your ways. Satan's time draws Near. Jesus said "A house divided against itself cannot stand"Satan created Denominations .Dont get side tracked, another one of Satans Ploys.Use the intelligence God has given you.
---Emcee on 12/27/07

My family chooses to celebrate the birth of Jesus on the first day of the seventh Biblical month known as Tishri. This is the first of the Biblical fall festivals which is commonly known as the Feast of Trumpets and usually falls on the second week of September by our calendar. Few Christians today even know of, let alone celebrate, any of the seven Biblical festivals as mentioned in Scripture, but our studies have been that Tishri 1 is the most probable date of His birth.
---righteouswarriors on 12/27/07

I cannot off the top of my head give Bible Verses. But, at the time of YAHUSHUA's (Jesus') Birth, there were shepherds and sheep in the fields, when the Angels announced the Birth. I understand that it would have to have been BEFORE the cold of Winter. I personally agree as was revealed through study that YAHUSHUA was born on the Messianic Festival of "Succot", which is in September. GOD is B I G with Jewish/Messianic Holidays. They point to the Messiah.
---Gordon on 12/27/07

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This is what Wikipedia says about Bethlehem's temperatures:

Bethlehem lies about 10 kilometers (6 miles) south of Jerusalem, standing at an elevation of about 775 m (2,510 ft) above sea level.

The temperature is cold from mid-December to mid-March, being the coldest in January with high of 13 to low of 1 degree Celsius (55-33F), summer lasts from June to September, the warmest temperature occurring in August with high of 27 to low of 17 degrees Celsius (81-63F).
---Holly4jc on 12/27/07

Jesus was born when He came out of His mother (o:

Ones feel this could not have happened in winter, because it would have been too cold. However, if you live in a freezing area of New England or Michigan, etc., consider how Bethlehem is in Israel where winter would not be as cold as where you are. But I also appreciate having a cold weather holiday to help stimulate folks to help the poor during such a harder time.
---Bill_bila5659 on 12/26/07

What eloy is preaching is false. Where in the world did you come up with your ideas? The facts of why Christmas came to be celebrated are known and easily accessible from both secular and religious sources. It was a pagan day that Rome "baptized" to introduced into the church because the pagans did not want to abandon the Saturnalia. Plain and simple. December 25th was the birthday of the Unconquered Sun so Rome made it the birthday of the Son of God.
---ShaunT on 12/26/07

Hi, can't really quote scripture on this because the exact date of his birth is'nt in scripture. We know that Jesus himself never mentioned it.He only emphasized WHY he came to earth,Matthew 20:28.And we do know that the first century christians never celebrated it since they never mentioned doing so in scripture.We do know that if celebrating his birth were important they would have mentioned it.As he did mention celebrating his death,Luke 22:19.
---Andrea2222 on 12/21/07

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Christ was born ..that is the point
A day the whole world choses to celebrate it is irrelevant.
We celebrate His Birthday as a whole human race. and it is great to call His birthday Christmas.....why would any Christian gripe about that?
---lisa on 12/21/07

Shepherding goes on all year long as there is no real cold winter there and if there was, sheep have no problem in cold weather. We have them here outside in northern Canada.Personally,I don't care exactly when Jesus was born. Dec.25th is just fine for a celebration and so is June 21st. What difference does it make? And for those who don't want to celebrate, no problem.
---john on 12/17/07

Christ Yeshua was born on 1st Tishri which is based on a lunar cycle calendar. That equates to sometime mid September 9, 10, or 11th give or take a varies from year to year.
---Michael on 12/17/07

On the twenty-fourth day of the sixth month they began to prepare to lay a stone upon a stone in the temple of the Lord. They had gone behind-hand before this day. Let them remember the time when there was waste and decay in all they had. A man went to his garner, expecting to find a heap of twenty measures of corn, but he found it unaccountably diminished, and, when he came to measure it, there were but ten measures, it had dried away in the keeping,or vermin eaten it stolen.
---catherine on 12/17/07

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Eloy makes some compelling arguments yet no one has responded to them at all. can anyone confirm or prove wrong the whole thing about the guy looking up the tax records? i keep hearing "too cold, too cold" but its the middle east. i never heard of a snow storm in the Bible. even in a colder climate some warm clothes and a fire go a long way.
---Kraus on 12/17/07

No, Jesus Christ was not born on December 25. It would had been too cold for sheep and shephards be tending them. Holy Men believes that Jesus was born in the spring of the year.
---catherine on 12/17/07

The prophet Haggai did prophesy that from December 24, from before a stone was laid upon a stone in the temple of YHWH, from this date and upward, from the day that the foundation of the Temple is laid, God will begin to bless his people, and the latter temple will be more glorious than the first temple. And scripture prophesies that Jesus is the cornerstone. Haggai 2:15,18,19.
---Eloy on 12/14/07

the point is Jesus was we chose to celebrate His birth of Dec 25th..What's the big deal. If you don't celebrate like he Shepard's ans wise men and angels did..then I guess you don't care.
We celebrate the birth of the one called eternal Father, God, Emmanuel , counselor, son of God. etc.. Isa. 9: 5-7
---lisa on 12/13/07

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The nativity accounts in the New Testament gospels of Matthew and Luke do not mention a date or time of year for the birth of Jesus.

In Western Christianity, it has been traditionally celebrated on December 25 as Christmas.

Before then, and still today in Eastern Christianity, Jesus' birth was generally celebrated on January 6 as part of the feast of Theophany, also known as Epiphany, which commemorated not only Jesus' birth but also his baptism by John
---Sheila on 12/13/07

There is no scripture,as it is no santa,
nor certain day to hornor Him.
What matters is this,YE BUST BE BORN-AGAIN.
---Jack_8773 on 12/13/07

The exact date of Jesus' birth is a mystery. About the best we can do is to narrow it down to seasons. The Bible does give us one clue. The shepherds were in the fields with their flocks at night when Jesus was born. This clearly indicates that Jesus was born during the warmer seasons. During the coldest months like December or January, the shepherds didn't sleep in the fields but would bring their flocks into corals.
---Sheila on 12/13/07

Thanks for that Elder..yes I do know this and it is a true rememberence however, the christmas is something slipped into christianity by the pagans. Tammus son of Semaranus the naughty wife of Nimrod, fathered by a naughty priest is what Chrismas is all about. nothing to do with our Lord. St Niklaus has a part in it.
---jana on 7/27/07

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No scholar of any persuasion beleives that Jesus was born on 25 December.

But what is being celebrated on that date is not an anniversary, but a theological fact: the Nativity according to the Flesh of our Lord, God, and Saviour Jesus Christ.

This is what **I** am observing.

Others may or may not be celebrating the birthday of Nimrod (which no serious scholar thinks happend on 25 December, either) or the winter solstice.

But God and I know MY intention.
---Jack on 7/2/07

jana Read I Cor 11:23-34. The remembrance is right there.
---Elder on 9/20/06

where in the bible does it say that Jesus asked us all to remember His death and resurection?? The only thing He said for us to remember is The Sabbath. Fourth command says and thus: "REMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY TO KEEP IT HOLY,ETC" or am I wrong? His dying willingly on the cross is a symbol of His great love for us that He didnt want us to perish from our sins. I am interested to know the text if any please.
---jana on 9/20/06

Helen ... did Jesus tell us not to remember his birth?
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/19/06

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.helen5378, Jesus first had to be born a man, before he could ever be sacrificed and resurrected. Therefore it is a very good thing to remember that God became as a man in flesh in order to redeem man, and to worship him even as the kings and shepherds came to him at his birth and offered the King of glory and Creator of the universe gifts.
---Eloy on 9/19/06

Yes Helen, I agree but I happily do both. No Santa, no fluffy bunnies etc.
---M.P. on 9/19/06

M.P. - Jesus did not tell us to remember His birth and celebrate it. He did, however, tell us to remember His death and resurrection.
---Helen_5378 on 9/19/06

I have given correct information, according to Scripture, baby Jesus was born on Dec.25, 5 B.C., and was wrapped in swaddling clothes in the winter in Bethlehem. And his birth has absolutely nothing to do with Mithra, Santa, Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, etc. nor any other pagan celebrations.
---Eloy on 9/19/06

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Forget celebrating the birth. How about celebrating the fact that Jesus is now sitting at the right hand of the Father? How about praising the Lord right now?
---Susie on 9/19/06

Phil "it's too cold in December for sheep to be out"
I know that is the case in the UK, but would it be so cold in Mediterranean area?
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/19/06

According to Jewish Talmudic requirements the Second Adam would have to be born when the First Adam was created corresponding to the beginning of High Holy Days on Rash Hanna a changing date on the Christian calendar; but occurring in September or October this is the reason there was no room in the inn as all inns within a half-day of Jerusalem were packed with travelers for High Holy Days. And explains why shepherds were still in the fields tending sheep as it too cold in December for sheep to be out.
---Phil_the_Elder on 9/18/06

I am wondering if those who do not celebrate Christmas, because the date is supposedly the birth date of Nimrod, would do so if the actual date of Christ's birth could be established. Sometimes the absolute birth date of an abandoned child can not be established but the adoptive parents celebrate the childs birth each year because the fact is that he/she WAS born. Jesus WAS born for us. Let's celebrate that fact in a way befitting Christians. What say you moderator?

Moderator - I don't have a problem with one celebrating Christ's birth in a Biblical manner if one wants, however I do take issue with the pagan approach that is used today.
---M.P. on 9/18/06

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Most likely either in the spring or the fall, as that is when the shepherds tend to watvch their flocks at night. Though Israel is warm, even in thr winter it gets cold.
Probable date ids 6BC, as we know that Hrod the Great died in 4BC.
---mike8384 on 9/18/06

for once I agree with Jack. How about that Jack?? Your answer is correct. It doesn't matter to me what the date is and it isn't even important, but the fact that we celebrate the birth of our Savior is the point.
---shira_9639 on 9/18/06

The birth of Jesus has nothing to do with 25DEC. Its basic history. Constantine placed the birth on the 25 to compete with the mythical Mithras, who was born three days after the solstace. Mithra was worshiped mostly by the solders, so it was a political move, and the first of so many compromises the RCC made with paganism.
---MikeM on 9/18/06

pt.1: [Following Marys forty weeks of bearing, Christ was born during the tax season commanded by Caesar Augustus. The wise men from the East brought gifts to baby Jesus to honor his day of birth, but shortly after the persecution of the early church the true date of Jesus birth became uncertain. Cyril, bishop of Jerusalem in the mid 4th century A.D., requested to have the true date of Jesus birth given to him from the original taxation records which were kept in Rome.
---Eloy on 9/17/06

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pt.2: Cyril reported that December 25th was the date given to him from the taxation documents. Thus Christmas was celebrated with confirmation by the Latin, Greek, and Hebrew Christians in Jerusalem at that time. And after the publishing of the first English Bible, Christmas began to be celebrated by the English Christians in Europe in 1400 A.D. Christian pilgrims arrived at Massachusettes in America on December 11, 1620 A.D., and thus would celebrate Christmas the following year in 1621 A.D.
---Eloy on 9/17/06

pt.3: Christ was born in the second hour of night, between 7 and 8:00 p.m., on December 25th. His birth is (69 weeks= 69 x 7 yrs)= 483 years from the decree to rebuild Jerusalem (Daniel 9:25). The decree was made the 7th year of Artaxerxes 40 year reign= 458 B.C. (Ezra 7:8,13,21-23,27). Jesus began to minister at 30 years of age (Luke 3:23). Now count forward 483 years from 458 B.C.= 26 A.D. (1 is added because there is no date 0); now count back 30 years= 5 B.C. (1 added again because there is no 0).
---Eloy on 9/17/06

pt.4: Thus, Jesus birthday is December 25, 5 B.C.]
---Eloy on 9/17/06

greetings,from the gregorian calendar,on august 21,7 bc. at noon was jesus born.
---earl on 9/17/06

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We actually do not know when Jesus was born. The 25th of December is man-made.
---Helen_5378 on 9/17/06

Moderator ... Are you certain that Nimrod was born on 25th December? Is there historical evidence for this? In those times, did they even have a calendar like ours?
Jesus was born, I beleive sometime in the Autumn, and not in mid-winter. It seems true that a previous pagan festival was highjacked to be the celebration time of Christ's birth. In that case, the time now celebrates His birth, (even if at the wrong time) not the old festival.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/17/06

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