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Eve From The Rib Of Adam

From what can we learn that Eve was fashioned out of a rib from Adam?

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 ---Ryan on 9/18/06
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as catherine (7/28/08) said, the hebrew TSELA means SIDE. so eve was taken from the side of adam. not from one of the ribs inside the body. so i believe IT IS A PROTRUDING PART of adam that was made into eve. like a nose or ears are protruding physical parts. no wonder God did not OPEN but only CLOSED the wound because it is an OUTSIDE part of adam. not an INSIDE part. no need of OPENING. what that protruding part is i dont known.
---william on 5/6/10

This was the first wedding in history, and it was conducted in Eden and performed by GOD himself. Give God some glory and praise today, for He is our Creator.
---catherine on 7/28/08

I like your statement. I never thought about it this way.

Also, we learn and know that Women and Men were not made the same.

Adam was made from the dust.
Eve from a rib out of Adam.

I am not saying one is made better than the other.

Only that we are one from another. Unity.

Eve could have been made from the dust.

God changed His method for a reason.
---Nicole on 7/30/08

Bunch of goodies...God did not take Eve from Adam's feet, that she might be his slave, nor did he take her from Adam's head, that she might be his master, but rather from under his heart, that she might love and be loved by Adam....The word rib should be translated side [Hebrew here is Tsela and is almost always translated side]. I have learned...Adam was given a wife, this is true. Furthermore, This was the first wedding in history, and it was conducted in Eden and performed by GOD himself. Give God some glory and praise today, for He is our Creator.
---catherine on 7/28/08

#2 Adam's deep sleep speaks of the sleep of the body of Christ; She is "the fulness of Him that filleth all in all", By provisions she is joined to Christ as His body. (I Cor.12:12). Notice, the wife of Adam was not his whole body; but she was formed of just one rib, a portion taken out of the body of the man while he slept. Likewise, the Bride is a company taken out of the body, the Church. The man had a bride as well as a body. This is not farfetched.
---Debbie on 7/28/08

.emcee, you should know that I have the mind of Christ with a healthy sense of humor. I have replied to the poster about, what can we learn from Anima being built from Adam's rib.
---Eloy on 9/30/07

Eloy:: Who is the she in your Jest Because the saying is many a trutn is spoken in Jest. Quite an uncharitable unnecessary thrust. Come on, Eloy you are surely losing it.
---Emcee on 9/30/07

Worldly, biased opinions.

That's all these are are just opinions. Conjured up from the imaginations and worldly knowledge and biased thoughts of people of the earth. Not one post was the reason found in the Bible. But that's OK because this isn't one of the ten commandments - to know the the reason for women.
---Steveng on 9/30/07

that she's a bonehead...I jest.
---Eloy on 9/30/07

Donna:: By your admission you have just declared in your simplistic statement that it takes 3 to make a contract of Marriage God Man & woman.I wish many others view this in their union It would cause less Breakups.
---Emcee on 9/29/07

RitaH::I have to slightly disagree because God created Man to His image and likeness "All Good" Satan interferenc caused a major blemish in Man's makeup Gen2:16-17Satan deliberately upset Gods Plan.Gods intention was to create only good people as replacements.After the fall of A & EGods reverse plan came into effect"The womanand Her Seed"by the creator.God Evenset some Previsions to safe guard his investment.He places Enmity ( separationas a distance piece between Mary & Satan
---Emcee on 9/29/07

What we learn from this is that Eve, being made from Adam, was genetically identical to Adam (except for her gender). We are also told that Eve is the mother of all living, therefore, there were no other people until they produced off-spring which makes us all distantly related because we are ALL descendents of Adam and Eve. It makes no difference how many varieties of people now fill the earth. It just proves that God equipped the first couple with all the variations to produce what HE HAD PLANNED.
---RitaH on 9/29/07

Donna:I was really blessed by your comment on the issue of Adam and Eve.God bless you.
---jumy on 9/28/07

#1 "The Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man," while he slept, the Lord took a rib and built a woman. A space of time elapsed between the creation of Adam and the building of Eve. There is a typical view that must be seen here, for Christ as the Last Adam comes into being long before His Eve is ready for Him. She has been in process of being built since the death and resurrection of Christ; but the Lamb's wife, the New Jerusalem, is not finished yet; for His Body is not complete.
---Debbie on 9/15/07

That men and women share the same human nature and dignity before God.
This opposes the creation myths of other cultures, which describe the creation of man and woman as separate events.
---Jack on 4/1/07

My answer may be too simplistic, but I'm going to say it anyway. All of your responses are EXCELLENT. The one point I bring out to single females who are waiting for their husband is that God made Eve specifically for Adam, He designed a perfect woman for Adam. And...women don't need to go looking for a husband, God brings the woman to the man. It's simplistic, but has ministered to many single women out there. God Bless you!
---Donna9759 on 9/20/06

That when God joins man and woman, husband and wife together, they become one flesh. As God intended it to be from the begining. This hasn't changed, the people did.
---Rebecca_D on 9/20/06

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By God's design, for His purpose, Adam & Eve were made co-equal "one", the same kind (race). So then are all of their descendants, all of mankind the same "one human race" (species).
---Leon on 9/18/06

#7 All creation will rejoice and give honor to the Lamb when the wedding takes place. (Rev.19). We are to be as the potter's clay in the hand of the master sculptor to be moulded according to his will. Therefore, we have to yield to Him and let Him have His way with us.
---Debbie on 9/18/06

#6 The Bible begins and also ends with a wedding. The marriage of Adam and Eve, whom God Himself joined, and He appears to have been the only Guest, was the central figure in that scene. All the purposes of God regarding the natural man revolved around that event, which was a type of the marriage of the Last Adam and His Eve. All the counsels of God concerning the new creation depend upon and flow from the joining of Jesus and His Wife, who will be the central figures of the universe.
---Debbie on 9/18/06

#5 Only those Christians will constitute the Wife of the Lamb. This company will own His headship at all times. They yield to His every wish. They must submit to Him to be His Bride. There are qualifications for this exalted place of jointly sharing with Christ. Paul gives us these qualifications in his writings. Eph. 5:14. It would be well to read the entire chapter. It is alive with truth about the Woman, the Wife of the Lamb. She will have made herself ready to be His Bride. (Rev. 19:7).
---Debbie on 9/18/06

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#4 As in the type, Christ will have both a
Body and a Bride. Christ will not marry the
whole mystical body of believers, even as Adam did not marry his whole body. To be part of this Bride company was the goal which Paul was running. He exclaimed, (Phil. 3:11). To be raised from the dead is no special attainment; for babes in Christ as well as mature saints, will arise from the dead; but Paul was after a Prize. He was pressing forward, as a racer, with one goal in view -- the out-resurrection.
---Debbie on 9/18/06

#3 The Bride of Christ will be just a small number of saints compared with the mass of believers who form the Church. She is being built during this age, being taken out from among slumbering believers. Ehen the trumpet sounds, Some saints will arise from their graves along with those who are still alive, but living among drowsy slumbering believers, will be caught up to meet the
Lord in the air, in the first company, or rank of believers.
---Debbie on 9/18/06

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