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3 Year Old Loves Superman

My 3-year old boy is fascinated with Superman. At first my husband and I thought it was ok since the cartoons portray the battle between good and evil, but it shows cartoonish violence...should he let him continue watching Superman?

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 ---cris on 9/18/06
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If you're worried about violence, you came to the wrong place. Chances are that the passages of the bible that will fascinate him the most are the rather destructive ones. I know that was the case with my friends and I when we were younger.
The thing about superman is it's fake. Cartoonish violence is just that, a cartoon. I really doubt that you have much to worry about. If you like, you could point out the Chris allegory that is so obvious in the series.
He won't necessarily grow out of it, though. The world is full of comic book geeks, even christian ones.
---Bryan on 12/3/08

Next week your 3 year old will be fascinated with someone else.

The trouble with figures such as Bible man: such characters get linked with Superman and Batman. When the kid grows up, he will put away childish things, including the Bible.
---Jack on 10/6/08

Maybe you should introduce him to BIBLEMAN...he has Biblical lessons.
---Hans on 4/27/07

kids need heros and fantasy, don't worry too much. Violence in superman will actually teach him how to deal with his emotions in a greater way. He sees that you should only use force to help others. I love superman too. and other comic book heros. YOu might find a creative way to bring Jesus into a conversation about superman, it's pretty easy. comics are good illistations to life.
---Jared on 11/20/06

And, you can use the American superman to show where the creator of superman got his ideas... seeing through steel.. God knows it all... even our hearts. God did it first. This is old news... kinda stuff.
---Amy9384 on 9/19/06

I have been telling my neice and brother stories about the first superman and the REAL superman... ie: Elijah outran the horse and chariot to the castle the day the rains came after a drought. He fed 100 men or so.. Jesus fed 9K... AND He walked on water, He flew first too... AND WE CAN BE LIKE HIM if we FOLLOW Him. That kind of stuff.
---Amy9384 on 9/19/06

There's always a fight between Good and Evil, it's the child's ability to see the fight that you could use to bring him to Christ.
---Pharisee on 9/19/06

When my son was about that age he'd put a towel around his neck and pretend to fly around like Superman, kids need to use their imagination. It was balanced by what he was taught at home and at church. He knew who the "Real Man of Steel" was! Your son will move on to something else soon enough.
---NV_Barbara on 9/19/06

Sailormoon and the rest...they're just make-believe. On the other hand, Jesus is the real Superman and so on. Read comics adaptations of Bible stories, Biblical comics and if lucky, Biblical manga.
---CNoEvil on 9/19/06

I still like the man of steel. Superheroes are great, comic books are great but God and the bible are better. As an adult I still enjoy things from my youth and I especially like all the comic books that have been made into movies but I have learned to be led by the Spirit. If I were yo I wouldn't worry as long as you are living a Christ-like life for your child.
---Ryan on 9/18/06

JohnT: My daughter used to put on her Wonder Woman Underoos when the show came on and she would run around the house and spin around just like Lynda Carter. My husband would sit on the couch with her and watch it with her. I knew it was Lynda Carter he was watching.
---Madison1101 on 9/18/06

I was ALWAYS fascinated with Wonder Woman! Hee Hee
---JohnT on 9/18/06

As long as your son understands that Superman is make-believe, he will be just fine. All children use their imagination and should be encouraged to play and pretend. Kids are much smarter than you think, and their fascination with "super heros" should only be discouraged if it becomes unhealthy.
---Crystal on 9/18/06

i think its just a harmless cartoon,and shows the child theres good people and bad people.
---jamea5375 on 9/18/06

And when my kids were little they had Underoos, with the underwear looking like Superman, Spiderman and Wonder Woman's outfits. The fascination is harmless. Let him enjoy Superman.
---Madison1101 on 9/18/06

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