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Return Of Jesus Very Soon

How many of you believe that you could see the return of Jesus in "your" lifetime? Based on Revelations unfolding before our eyes.

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 ---Dottie on 9/20/06
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It has already happened. When the Son of man came the first time he said the following about his return: as it was in the days of No'e so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.
---duke on 12/16/07

I believe it!
---ralph on 6/21/07

maybe I dont' know. we should live as if it could happen any time. that means activly proclaiming christ. the end will come when it comes we can't tell when it is and we shouldn't care. Jesus is to be important to us and to the world life like you mean that and let God take care of the end since it's up to him anyway.
---Jared on 11/10/06

eliza4969 I am not fighting you.
There are passages of Scripture we think are making a point that they are not.
We must know who they were written to, why, when and at what time to get the clear message for us today.
Example: The Letters to the 7 churches were written to 7 churches in Asia not the USA. Now we can use the messages to determine God will so that our churches do not become like the 7 in Asia.
I have no problem with you. Your heart and intentions are pure.
God Bless
---Elder on 9/27/06

Elder You are right in the fact that the scripture used "if" did not look it up before posting it like I said my bible used that scripture referance any way you got off of the point I was making when you wrote the church is not the elect, the point I was making was just that the word elect means chosen and that we are, we did not choose Him He chose us! God Bless U!
---eliza4969 on 9/27/06

tofurabby- Jesus went on to explain with 3 parable's one is the ten virgins 5 wise (ready for bridegroom went in (taken) with Him to the wedding) and 5 foolish (not ready, not taken, judgement)
---eliza4969 on 9/27/06

eliza4969 How can I "twist" your words by asking a question?
Let me ask you another.
Would Jesus have been the Messiah if the people in Luke 23:35 had not said that?
My point is the people in this passage were mocking Jesus. If your Bible doesn't show that then yes it is wrong.
You cannot convince someone that Jesus is the Messiah by using a verse that mocked Him. They even used the word "if."
Cond #2
---Elder on 9/26/06

Cond #2
You are trying to prove a point by using people who didn't believe He was the Messiah. So tell me how do you do that?
Again you must find out who the passage is speaking to, the occasion and about what.
That is why there is so much confusion about Scripture now.
---Elder on 9/26/06

Steveng, I dont see how anything that may help someone come to a better understanding of God's Word is frivolous.
---tofurabby on 9/26/06

This is surely a frivolous debate. Just live the life God suggests and you will part of the first resurrection. You people are arguing about who is going to heaven and who is not like the apostles who says who is first.
---Steveng on 9/25/06

eliza4969, Sorry it took me a while to get back to respond. When Jesus said "one will be taken the other left" he was not speaking about the rapture, it had already taken place when this event happens. This event will be at the end when those who did not follow Christ will be taken for judgement and the followers left to enter the kingdom.
---tofurabby on 9/25/06

Elder what are you talking about, you are twisting my words, I never said there was any other way to salvation, only through Jesus Christ Our Lord. And that referance I gave for the definition of "elect" (chosen) is in my Spirit Filled Life Bible are you saying my bible is wrong?
---eliza4969 on 9/25/06

eliza4969, I cannot believe that you cannot see what the Scripture is plainly saying.
1. Based upon your statement, "It describes Christ as the chosen Messiah of God luke 23:35," I must ask you, is there someone else God could have chosen? Is there more than one way to Salvation?
Cond #2
---Elder on 9/24/06

Cond #2
2. Who is doing the speaking in Luke 23:35 and who are they speaking to?
It is right there if you don't try to build an "argument" with just one verse. The ones who said this were the very people, solders and rulers that Crucified Christ, v35-37.
They were not recognizing Him as the "Chosen One of God." They were MOCKING Him. Do you see that little word "if?"
---Elder on 9/24/06

eliza4969, you went to the dictionary for your explanation of the word Apostasy so let's go to the Greek.
Though it may sound similar it is not.
Apostasy is "Apostasia," and means Total renunciation of the Christian faith by a baptized person. (Note: it doesn't say a Saved person.) It is a desertion by a professed religious person who had taken vows. (Religious not Saved.)
cond #2
---Elder on 9/24/06

cond #2
These were never Saved. Jesus spoke of some. He said, "If they were of us they would not have left us."
An Apostate is one who has received "Light" but not Life. He knows the way but hasn't accepted it. Just like Judas.
---Elder on 9/24/06

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eliza4969, the teaching of the great catching away is in Scripture for all to see. It is like the traffic laws in your city. They are written for all to see but most never read them.
When the event occurs the lost will not see it.
Cond #2
---Elder on 9/24/06

Cond #2
Your reference Of Jesus coming in the clouds for all eyes to see is a reference to the 2nd coming not the Rapture.
If you will read the Matt 24 reference you use you will see in v29 the Bible says, immediately AFTER the Tribulation..., then v30, they shall see Him coming in the clouds.
You must divide who the passage is speaking to and what it is speaking about.
---Elder on 9/24/06

Steveng to answer your questions. This occurs because there is going to be a marriage in Heaven. The Church is the Bride. The Old Testament Saints are the friends of the Bride.
Jesus is the Bride groom. There is going to be a marriage and a marriage supper.
Hope you can attend the invitations have been sent out already.
---Elder on 9/24/06

Elder my views are in scripture and does line up with every word of it. Just like the Jews of Jesus time thought they knew God's word but were blinded to the Truth so are alot of people today to the Truth.
---eliza4969 on 9/24/06

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mrs. morgan The saved Jews are called "The Remnant" Romans 11:5, Romans 9:27 Though the number of the children of Israel be as the sand of the sea, The Remnant will be saved.
---eliza4969 on 9/24/06

Elder you wrote on the rapture, "revealed in the scripture all to see." and then you wrote "not all will see it." Rev. 1:7 Behold, He is coming with clouds, and every eye will see him, even they who pierced Him. and all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of Him, even so, amen.
---eliza4969 on 9/24/06

All who believe in the rapture are in a strong delusion and have itchy ears. The great falling away is when it doesn't happen and you all feel deceived by your pastors, who choose to believe the same lie.. Study people, there is No rapture. You are no better than Steven...God is no respecter of persons..Study the history of this false cult.
---Lynn on 9/24/06

Elder Elect means Chosen (eklektos) "out of" "to pick, gather" It describes Christ as the chosen Messiah of God luke 23:35, angels as messengers from heaven 1 Tim. 5:21, and believers as recipients of God's favor Matt. 24:22, Rom. 8:33, Col. 3:12 The NT traces the source of Election to God's Grace.
---eliza4969 on 9/24/06

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Elder Apostacy-dictionary definition-renunciation or abandonment of a previous loyalty, as to one's religious faith. I do not believe you can lose your salvation once you are the elect (chosen) by grace through faith and that is a gift from God but Jesus did say if you confess him before men he will confess us but if we denie him before men he will denie us in heaven. Matt. 10:33, Luke 12:8
---eliza4969 on 9/24/06

**my view is the first view the church held until it was changed around 100 years ago**

Have you read the Christian writers of that era to see what evidence you have to hold to this view?

Or are you just assuming so?
---Jack on 9/24/06

Eliza 2women grinding at the mill means 2churches evangelising, one true church, the other apostate. 2 men in the field, 2teachings in the world, one truth, other apostate. Noone knows the hour the day He is coming. Let us all be ready with oils in our lamps. Let God be judge.
---jana on 9/24/06

eliza4969 If "your views" are so correct then why are they contrary to Scripture?
Do your "dreams" line up with Scripture? If you were speaking based upon your dreams then I can tell you they don't.
It is time for people to stop looking at the shadows and trying to figure things out. Come into the Light and see what is revealed.
Why do we need dreams when the Word reveals what we need to know?
Warning..... No more Burritos before bed time.
---Elder on 9/24/06

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Did any of the Godly people in history get raptured? Did Noah from the flood? Did Lot from Sodom? Did David and his friends from the fiery furnace? The prophets, the aposles, or even Jesus get raptured from Herod's baby killing? We should take the example of what will happen from the Israelites when they painted the blood of a clean lamb on their door jams the same that we will paint the blood of Jesus on our hearts for protection.
---Steveng on 9/23/06

Are there two judgments? If there was a pre-trib rapture that means judgment has been served. The way the pre-trib people think is that the "good" people will be raptured and the "bad" people will stay on earth. It sounds like a judgment to me. Isn't the Judgment at the end of the tribulation where the wheat AND the weeds will be harvested?
---Steveng on 9/23/06

Last day Christians are so vain to believe they will be raptured. I, too, would like to believe that, but it won't happen. Why should these last day Christians think that they are any more special than all the Christians that have laid down their lives during all of history? Your faith will save you, but if you are weak which way will you turn? Are you willing to die for Christ? Do you have any concept of being tortured for Christ?
---Steveng on 9/23/06

Third, some Chritians say that the pre-trib rapture will protect them from the wrath to come, but why would God take up the dead, too? The dead won't feel anything during the tribulation. The mark of God on our foreheads will protect us from the terrible things that will happen before the second coming of Jesus.
---Steveng on 9/23/06

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First, anyone who says that they were visited by Jesus is not of God. That means he has secretly came back to earth and you know what the Bible says about "if a man tells you he (Jesus)'s in the desert, don't believe him, etc.

Second, all the verses pre-trib Christians claim that there is a rapture can be pertained to any of the rapture theories - pre, mid and post.
---Steveng on 9/23/06

eliza4969, Dear one "the elect" represents the saved Jews, not Gentiles. Only a few Jews will be saved during that time. God Bless.
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/23/06

Elder sorry but I am not confused. my view is the first view the church held until it was changed around 100 years ago and I feel God has opened my eyes to the Truth of this in scripture and in my dreams of the end times.
---eliza4969 on 9/23/06

eliza4969 I never said the Rapture was going to be secret. It is not secret. It has been revealed in the Scripture for all to see. The lost will not be involved in it or know when it happened. We also have many examples of it in Scripture.
Only the redeemed church will be involved in it. Not all will see it.
Your confusion is coming because you are not understanding what the context of Scripture is speaking of and to whom.
Cond #2
---Elder on 9/23/06

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Cond #2
Matt 24:1-3 the Disciples asked about Jesus' 2nd Coming not about the catching away. He answered them about the 2nd Coming.
Matt 25 is still dealing with the catching away first, v1-30, then the 2nd Coming, v31-33, and finally the last judgement, v34-46.
Next the "Elect" and the Church are not the same.
Finally a Saved person cannot become an Apostate. An Apostate has never been saved.
---Elder on 9/23/06

Elder what you wrote makes it sound like the rapture is going to be a secret that only the elect will see him and we will be taken. well scripture says every eye will see Him coming in the clouds with Great Glory. Believers will be gathered together to him in the clouds and the unblievers will fear Him.
---eliza4969 on 9/22/06

continued: also in verse 22 and unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect's sake those days will be shortened. If what you say the elect will not be here during the tribulation because the rapture already took place then what need would the days be shortened for the elect's sake if we are not here.
---eliza4969 on 9/22/06

tofurabby If what you say about the text of matthew 24 is talking about Jesus's return to set up His earthly kingdom, the rapture is not part of the text, explain then why He says that "one will be taken the other left" watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming. and in verse 29 "Immediately after the tribulation" verse 30 "Then the sign of th Son of Man will appear" verse 31 " and He will send His angels..and they will gather together His elect.
---eliza4969 on 9/22/06

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matthew 24:40-42Then two men will be in the field; one will be taken the other left. Two women will be grinding at the mill: one will be taken the other left, Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming.
---eliza4969 on 9/22/06

continued: verse 37-39 But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marraige, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and did not know until the flood came and took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.
---eliza4969 on 9/22/06

mrs. morgan If people believe that they won't go through the tribulation and things start to get really bad and people's faith fail them (apostasy starts) then when the antichrist comes they will believe him to be true when he is not. Jesus warned us of this in matthew 24. Jesus will come back one more time to gather His elect and then judgement on the ones left.
---eliza4969 on 9/22/06

eliza4969 , All the prophesies that Jesus gives in Matthew 24 are about his second coming when he will establish his earthly kingdom. The rapture is not a part of the context. Matthew 24 speaks of events that will take place after the church is raptured. These prophesies all coincide with Rev. 6 and so forth - after the rapture.
---tofurabby on 9/22/06

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mrs. morgan The great tribulation we will go through, Jesus said we will have tribulations but the wrath of God we will not go through, the great tribulation is not the wrath of God.
---eliza4969 on 9/22/06

mrs. morgan Matthew 24 Jesus said that immediatly after the tribulation... then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven... and He will send His angels and gather His elect...
---eliza4969 on 9/22/06

eliza4969, you said, "mrs. morgan Paul writes in 2 Thess. 2 that Jesus will not come until the apostasy comes first Then the man of sin will be revealed and then Jesus comes and destroys him with the brightness of his coming. Read it."
This is referring to the 2nd Coming not the rapture/catching away.
Also the Man of Sin is allowed to reign for a period of time.
---Elder on 9/22/06

eliza4969, (4.)....but people must not take the mark of the Beast,and even if they don't, staying alive will be difficult, Christians must hold fast to their faith, be ready to die for It at any time. Even now God's people must be ready to live or die for their testimony! God Bless. --Mrs. Morgan
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/21/06

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eliza4969, (3.) Any person who witnesses the "revealing" of the anti-Christ , who is also know as the "abomination of desolation", and "the son of perdition",and other names too, should know that they missed the Rapture(Matthew 24:15). Salvation is still offered during this time though...
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/21/06

eliza4969, (2.) The 7- Great Tribulation Period will contain many judgments, the first being : that the man of sin will be "revealed", this is the initial judgment of many that will take place during the 7 year great Tribulation Period. At this present time the Holy Ghost is witholding him from revealing himself ( 2 Thess. 2:6,7) , but when the Holy Ghost takes His flight with the Bride, there will be no "witholding" allowing him(the anti-Christ)to reveal himself.
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/21/06

eliza4969, Three Appearances of Jesus in New Testament: (1.) Babe in Bethlehem - the Cross (2.) Rapture(in midair) (3.) Armageddon(the conclusion of the 7 year Great Tribulation Period), this is what ( 2 Thess. 2:8) refers to His 3rd Appearance. --Mrs. Morgan
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/21/06

(2.) Dottie, that "spiritual" restoration of Israel will take place very very soon! --Mrs. Morgan
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/21/06

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Dottie, Yes, May 14, 1948, is when David Ben Gurion announced the establishment of a Jewish state known as the State of Israel. God promised a physical restoration and also a spiritual restoration. God Bless. --Mrs. Morgan.
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/21/06

I was just reading Mark 13 this morning. v35-36: "Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when the Master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing, or in the morning: Lest coming suddenly He find you sleeping." So when is Jesus coming, morning, noon or night? I realize it's all of the above-as the world turns. Are you ready?
---Geoff on 9/21/06

Mrs. Morgan, correct me if I am wrong but I think you were referring to 1948 because on May 14, 1948 the state Israel was re-established. Bringing Gods chosen back to the land that God gave to Abraham, and his descendents. Prophesies have been unfolding from that day on. We need to spend every second being ready and spreading the Gospel to those who are lost.
---Dottie on 9/21/06

continued: Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition,
---eliza4969 on 9/21/06

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2 Thess. 2:1-3 Now brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him,we ask you, not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled, either by spirit or by word or by letter, as if from us, as though the day of Christ had come.
---eliza4969 on 9/21/06

mrs. morgan Paul writes in 2 Thess. 2 that Jesus will not come until the apostasy comes first Then the man of sin will be revealed and then Jesus comes and destroys him with the brightness of his coming. Read it.
---eliza4969 on 9/21/06

Lynn ,(2.)God's Obedient one's won't be around when that man of sin is "revealed"(the anti-christ). Some think the anti-christ will be "revealed" before the Tribulation Period, but the Bible says no, after the Rapture, "during" the Tribulation Period he will be revealed. The most important thing is to just be ready for Jesus to come at anytime! God Bless. --Mrs. Morgan
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/20/06

Lynn , (1.)Dear one, you don't have to go through any of the 7 Year Great Tribulation Period as long as you are saved and Holy Ghost Filled, you will be taken in a moment in a twinkling of an eye,before the 7 Year Great Tribulation period starts.....
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/20/06

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I believe in my lifetime (57) I will go threw the 3 1/2 yr trib and see Jesus coming in the clouds of Glory on His white horse WOW!
---Lynn on 9/20/06

Bruce5656 , BTW yes, it has been 58 years since 1948, we are on borrowed time ! Jesus didn't promise that He would come "at the end" of that generation, He could , but He didn't promise that. The Holy Spirit bears witness in me, any time now! Work, Work quickly! --Mrs. Morgan
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/20/06

Jesus has been returning "soon" for the past nearly 2000 years.
But even if it does ot occur for another 10,000 years, it will be "soon" by comparison with the whole of history. Remember that time means nothing to God, nor will it to us in due course.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/20/06

Madison1101 , Israel "the fig tree" Bloomed in 1948. Jesus said that generation will not pass till all things be fulfilled, meaning that Jesus could come any time starting from 1948 till the end of that generation, a generation can vary in regard to years BTW. Jesus said no man will know the exact hour, but His people will know the Season,we are in that season, Look at all the signs around us, the fig tree blooming is the major sign, but there are so many more.
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/20/06

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Bruce5656 , I hear that a generation can be any where from 40 to 70 some yrs, in that ball park. Bruce, I meant the generation starting at "1948", many of those folks are alive and well. 1948 is when the fig tree bloomed.
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/20/06

Mrs Morgan
Just how long is a "generation"? It has been 58 years since 1948. The generation that died in the wilderness under Moses was 40 years.
If you divide the number of years (2,160) between Abraham and Christ by the number of generations listed in Matthew(14) you get 51.4 years per generation.
Matthew 25:13, "Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh."
---Bruce5656 on 9/20/06

If you've ever listened to some preachers whom Jesus has appeared to, they're all saying the same thing, that Jesus said, Tell my people I'm coming soon. I believe that. When one preacher told Jesus, they know that, Jesus got stern and said, NO they don't, so please tell them I'm coming soon.
I believe Jesus with all of my heart and soul, He's coming soon.
---Donna9759 on 9/20/06

Sue. Also the Anti Christ will be revealed.2Thes. 2:1-4
I believe the Gospel has been spread throughout all the world already at one time or another. There is no country that has not been touched.
---john on 9/20/06

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The events described in Matthew 24 will take place after the rapture. It is the 7 year tribulation or "the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet." Matt. 24:15 If you want to watch for something then keep an eye out for the rapture. Then 7 years later, following the phrophesies in Matt. 24, Christ will return to establish his kingdom.
---tofurabby on 9/20/06

Morgan: What are you basing your statement on? Since 1948? Scripture please.
---Madison1101 on 9/20/06

Three things have to happen before the end. 1. The Gospel will be preached to the whole world.(Matthew 24:14) 2. Conditions will become so bad that, apart from intervention by God humanity would be destroyed. (Matthew 24:21-22) 3. The reinstitution of sacrifieces in Jerusalem. (Matthew 24:15-19).
---sue on 9/20/06

Yes, Since 1948 the generation on the face of the earth is the Rapture generation, and this generation shall not pass till all be fulfilled, Jesus is coming any time now. Many are not ready, this is sad, this is why God's Holy Ghost filled people must work diligently to bring in the Harvest before it's too late, but still, even so come quickly Lord Jesus!
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/20/06

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