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What Is Self Control

Self control is a fruit of the Spirit. What then is the difference between self control exhibited by an unbeliever that does not have the Spirit, and self control exhibited by a believer?

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 ---Christina on 9/20/06
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One of my favorite scriptures has always been
in 2Tim.1-7. some translations say sound mind and some say self discipline. The self control brought by the Spirit brings a soundness of mind. my human self control is imperfect and will fail me. the fruit of the spirit is perfect. also no matter how exemplary a persons self control may be, without Christ it amounts to filthy rags in the light of the holiness of God. In Christ self control comes naturally.
---linda on 10/15/07

Truly self-control is only true self-control if one receives it from God.>>>You can not depend on fleshly type self-control, for if a person who might brag at having it, if you cross him/her you might get a bump on your head or perhaps something worse.
---catherine on 10/12/07

I lack self-control. If I had it, I would be out doing something productive and not here replying to inane blog questions!
---InimicusStultitiae on 10/12/07

Self-control nonbeliever----Could it be a very strong willed persistent person with a goal they are working towards.
---Cathy on 10/12/07

SELF CONTROL are the first Baby steps to Perfection on the ladder to salvation.This is why Jesus said "Follow Me I AM the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE he who follows will have life EVERLASTING."
---Emcee on 10/12/07

I know many unsaved who have good self control in their speech, diet, education, and manners. Then I know many Christians who don't have self control in these areas. On the average, I think the Christian has more self control because they would be motivated by the Spirit which is not available to the usaved.
---john on 10/12/07

In the nonChristian, self control comes from serious training of the flesh and interestingly those who possess it actually BLOW SKY HIGH occasionally and it is very sever when they do. For the Christian self control is Spirit assisted and it also slips up once in awhile. Even those who possess fruits in a very great way do fall into states of the flesh but soon return to the Spirit. It is a marvelous thing to exhibit the fruits more often in a day than not. All people are at different levels.
---jody on 10/12/07

I do not believe that an unbeliever has any self control whatsoever. As far as a true christian, we are either walking in the Spirit or the flesh. We make that choice everyday. The Spirit and the flesh war against each other, as stated in Romans 7:15-25. But for us truly born again saints, Romans 8:1 is how we have victory and the fruit of self control.
---Cynthia on 10/12/07

These are beautiful responses. The truth of this matter has been posted. There is no such thing as 'self' control, moderation in all things is possible only through the empowerment of the indwelling presence of the Father's Spirit. The unrenewed sensually based mentality of the unbeliever focuses on "getting all it can, canning all it gets and sitting on the can" after all "it is a dog eat dog world". Receiving in moderation is a foreign concept to the carnally minded.
---joseph on 10/11/07

Christina, (1.)What is the difference? A BIG difference. It's the Holy Spirit Himself that produces fruit in a born again child of God's life, these are perfect fruits, undefiled fruits, man is incapable of producing the fruits of the Spirit in his own power, because it's the Holy Spirit that produces these very special fruits, as man Yields to Him....
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/11/07

Christina , God Bless you too Sister! Kisses to you, in Jesus name. --Mrs. Morgan
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/22/06

Mrs Morgan, Thank you, and you are right about giving people the Word. Bless you too!
---Christina on 9/22/06

Christina , All you can do is give people the Word, and they will do with It, as they choose, The Holy Spirit leads God's true people into all Truth, but the Holy Spirit can only lead, when He isn't hindered and rejected. God Bless. --Mrs. Morgan
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/21/06

I agree there is a big difference, and it is only God's fruit that will stand the test. I am just concerned for the many who do not seem to understand that difference and are relying on their own works to save them
---Christina on 9/21/06

Lynn's answer would be hard to improve upon.
---mima on 9/21/06

When a believer puts oneself under control, They give control to God, (submission). A non believer is just controlling their flesh. They are still full of themselves.
---Lynn on 9/20/06

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as a believer I know that no one has self control unless he has jesus.even the lost obey the law, I,am talking about the control of the mind thru the word and spirit,this is the only true control.The control I speak of produces fruit,spiritual fruit and gives the peace that passes all understanding.
---tom2 on 9/20/06

christina, scripture tells us to renew our minds,also it tells us that those of 2 minds will be blown about by any wind of doctrine.scripture also tells us let your ye be ye and your nay be nay.self control starts within your mind ,a mind controlled by Gods word.
---tom2 on 9/20/06

greetings,it is the spirit value of the objective that one wants to master him/herself of.a thief may exert self control over the waiting to commit evil where as one who is exerting self control to not commit a theft,unrighteous act.the value of being good is highly spiritual where as there is no such value in unrighteousness,evil and the golden rule has thus been up to spiritual goodness has supreme value to our Father.
---earl on 9/20/06

Christina,(3.)For some "any old fruit" will do, but for God's True people, they don't want anything but the real thing, In the end, It's "God's Fruit" that will stand the test, that will be tried by fire, and come out polished and unscathed and God's people know this! False doctrine deals much with fruit that "isn't really of the Holy Spirit",this is why it's so important to resist false doctrine, resist anything that is contrary to God's Truth. --Mrs. Morgan
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/20/06

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Self-control exhibited by an unbeliever is done in the flesh, in their own strength if they can indeed restrain themselves.
Self-control exhibited by a believer is the Holy Spirit working mightily in you to lead you and guide you into what you should and shouldn't do. EXAMPLE: I can hear the Holy Spirit saying to me: "Don't say it Donna." When I feel like responding to someone who has offended me or was mean to me. I obey Him beause I love Him. See the difference?
---Donna9759 on 9/20/06

Christina,(2.)The unsaved can have self-control to some extent, but it can "never be compared" to the self-control fruit that the Holy Ghost produces, the same with love,faith,joy, righteousness, and long-suffering.....
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/20/06

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