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Obey Pastor Or The Holy Spirit

Who do you obey - Your pastor or the Holy Spirit?

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 ---Thomas on 9/20/06
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The Holy Spirit of course. But if the Pastor comes to me and tells me something, and if it be off God, there is always confirmation from God. So the Holy Spirit is using my Pastor. But I am still listening to the Holy Ghost (Spirit)
---Rebecca_D on 5/19/07

The Holy Spirit.
---Eloy on 10/1/06

Okebaram, you are correct in saying "don't pretend to have an instruction from the Holy Spirit when you don't have one just to justify disobedience." I was thinking of personal situations when I wrote what I did, when my ex asked me to lie for him and steal, which I could not do in good conscience, so it was really about obeying my ex or God.
---christina on 10/1/06

...However don't pretend to have an instruction from the Holy Spirit when you don't have one just to justify disobedience. That an act is more proper or of better consequence that what is instructed by authority does not necessarily mean that the Holy Spirit is asking you to perfom that act (the proper one).
---Okebaram on 9/30/06

Amen, christina...We obey those in authority giving prefernce to higher authority always. What that means is that a confliction of instructions should be settled by obeying the one from the person in higher authority and explaining the decision to the subordinate authority whether the dilemma is between pastor and Holy Ghost, at work, in the family, legal,...wherever.
---Okebaram on 9/30/06

We are to obey those in authority over us, whether it is pastor or government, wives are to submit to their husbands etc, EXCEPT when it clearly goes against the Word. This has much to do with an attitude of respect for those God has put over us. Romans 13
---christina on 9/22/06

Anytime that someone has came up to me and has given me a message that they say is from God. I always ask for a confirmation from God. Because there are alot of false teachers out there. And if there is no confirmation, I don't take heed to their message.
---Rebecca_D on 9/21/06

Acts 5:29" ...We ought to obey God rather than men" The pastor should be lead by the Spirit of God in his instructions, therefore his instructions should be scripturally based thus easily verifiable. And of course any prompting or word I receive mentally via the Holy Spirit will in no way contradict the word of God. Simply stated I obey the written word empowered and lead by the Living Word. Man, however spiritual is ultimately fallible at his best.
---josef on 9/21/06

It's scriptural to do both. Obey your pastor because he/she is your "sheperd" who watches over your soul.(Hebrews 13:17) For instance, the Holy Spirit may tell someone that they are to start a ministry. If they don't submit to their pastor & get his okay & just do it on there own they will fail because they don't have there pastor's covering/approval.
(Hebrews 13:17)
---Rickey on 9/20/06

John I feel you have wisdom there. Just because someone has a dream or hears a voice or gets a feeling doesn't mean it is God. But then, just because a man leads a church doesn't mean he isn't human. I would trust the Bible first. The pastor (if he preaches the word of God), then my emotions.
---mikefl on 9/20/06

You can only serve one master. I choose the Holy Spirit.
---Lynn on 9/20/06

rebecca. Do you have any Scripture that says God will always comfirm a true word if it is given by man? I see Agabus giving Paul a word and no confirmation, Paul giving a boatload of convicts a word that not a hair on their head would be harmed, and no confirmation. I'm not saying you are wrong. I'd just like to see how you are coming to that. Thanks.
---john on 9/20/06

Listen to whomever is telling the truth. You aren't giving any details. I had a lady who told me the Holy Spirit told her to spend her paycheck on lottery tickets. I told her it was not true and not to do it. She told me she was going to listen to God before man. The rest is history and she ended up in the food bank for her meals.
---john on 9/20/06

Holy Spirit!
---AlwaysOn on 9/20/06

Who's speaking the truth?

If your pastor is saying the same thing as the Word of God, then obey both, if not, you know who to obey!!!
---Donna9759 on 9/20/06

greetings,if you obey your pastor do you have christianity?if you obey the spirit do you have a personal relationship with your Father?a pastor if God like will always remind all who hear him he is not the message but a messenger.a pastors word is not binding law for man and woman has equal standing before God does not need another to go to the Father.where as the Spirit is perfect,man is not.if for any reason you are unsure be patient.patience is spiritual.
---earl on 9/20/06

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