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President Bush Called The Devil

Chavez has called President Bush the devil during the current United Nations gathering. How should the United States respond?

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 ---Macky on 9/20/06
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Prayerfully! using 2nd Chronicles 2:14.
---Donna9759 on 9/13/07

Then Chavez made a really childlike remark...and he doesn't deserve an adultlike response...rachel
---Reiter on 11/19/06

Heads of states are to act with dignity,civil,manners etc. We all know this you may not like the President or you may but U must respect the office bottom line.
---Jeanne on 11/19/06

maybe el presidente bush could prove that he's NOT honoring Satan. He supports abortion, torture, and signed into law the real i.d. act to take effect may 08. w/o card you cant open bank account nor drive nor hold a job. precursor to the mark. gw=globalist
---r.w. on 11/18/06

I suppose that, by that line of reason, Josef Stalin was anointed by God "almighty" and the Soviet Union was God's chosen land, for Stalin won the second world war. Fidel Castro is the longest currently sitting world ruler. Is Castro God's favorite? What about COMMUNIST China?

I suppose Adolf Hitler is God himself; truly, preaching the divinity of Adolf Hitler makes more sense than the Bible or Christianity.
---Christianity_=_Sham on 10/19/06

Mike, then your last statement proves my last statement Thanks for your help.
---Elder on 10/1/06

When Chavez said what he did about our President, he was ultimately saying it about the citizens of this great nation. Keep in mind....GOD ALMIGHTY anoints leaders and removes them. (scriptural) to curse our president is to critize GOD's man for this time of our history. Charvez should never be allowed on our soil again...AND stop buying his oil!!! That will bring him to attention and some respect for the U.S.A.
---eloia on 10/1/06

Elder- Sola scriptora is a notion, idea coined by Luther, the irony is later he rejected it, yet it remains the hallmark of fundamentalism. I will not reduce the Bible to a talisman. You give a lot of credibility to the RCC who put the canon together in the first place, a canon put together by Bishops with many agendas, religious and secular. Fundamentalism is so boxed in, I wonder how one can breath.
---MikeM on 9/30/06

You are the one who has admitted to getting your Spirituality from sources other than the Bible.
I want to spend as much time with you here as I can because when I get to heaven I won't be able to find anyone with your attitude towards Scripture.
---Elder on 9/29/06

Hussien gased thousands of his own nation, the Curds. WAS THAT NOT WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION? Do you think he and his hinchmen are sorry and will never do it again if permitted?... Do you deny Iran is headed for WMD ASAP....Israel knows it.
---eloia on 9/29/06

Elder-You are a religion of one.
---MikeM on 9/29/06

Elder. I think my point has been firmly estblished and I fully comprehended your posts. I do give you permision to 'follow the leader' be it bush, or the aged Castro. I stick with, "If ones faith cannot stand the test of free inquiry, its finished."
---MikeM on 9/29/06

MikeM, I am sorry to shame you so much that you turned from learning your spiritually from Colonial figures to an Arthur Miller play, but, I guess that is the way it has to be.
I also noticed you just ran off some more comments without reading or maybe comprehending my post. That is kinda OK too 'cause we are used to you.
---Elder on 9/29/06

elder; Well then in your view Americans founding Fathers were agaisnt God, then england will welcome you. Then if you were say born in Castros cuba, or Born in Nazi Germany you would preach 'submission' to authority?

It seems in history great and minor Christian figures, figures names we all know often stood against dictaters, dictaters and dictaterships secular and religious.
---MikeM on 9/28/06

Elder;In the Arther Miller play "The Crucible" the protagonist who decries the trials, burning of witch's is told by Salems leaders, "Oh it is not us you are against, but holy script that you make issue with" Later the protoganist was hanged. The verse was, of course, "do not suffer a witch to live." elder, your argument is the same as those who burned witches.
---MikeM on 9/28/06

MikeM, typical. You have given us the secular view now give us the spiritual view.
If Jonathan Edwards, Thomas or George Jefferson or a well known Biker Babe said it was OK to go against Scripture I still wouldn't. Would you?
You like to talk about lame and cop out remarks well you sure posted some.
---Elder on 9/27/06

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Elder, spike, A well known colonial Christian, a rev Edwards said, "We will have no King but Jesus!" In his town they tore down all pictures, statues, images of the King, claiming them, 'idols.' They ran out of his city all tories(loyalist) saying, "serving monarch's is serving satan." I vote for Jefferson, and John Edwards.
---MikeM on 9/27/06

Elder, Spike, The same argument you are using about speaking about leaders was Used by British clergy against Jefferson, Madison, and the founders of America. The founders we revere skoke things so foul about King George, the monarchy AND the clergy I would not dare write them now. Saying 'take it up with God' is a classic cop out, in fact, Jefferson said "If kings rule by divine right, let them rule in heaven, But by God they will not rule me!"
---MikeM on 9/27/06

eloia, I Find it amusing that som many people believe this statement you just said. The irrefutable proof is that the WMD evidence was originally fabricated. Did SH have WMD's? WE DONT KNOW. There is no evidence that he did. That's the problem.
---saultopaul on 9/27/06

#2 Bush did NOT lie to the public!!! All in Washington believed there was WMD and voted for this war. Didn't SH gas his own people? HE shipped the WMD to Syria and or Iran. Duh!! There was sure enough time to get rid it..before the inspectors arrived. That's fact! Far better to fight terrorist on THEIR soil....I don't want another 9-11.
---eloia on 9/27/06

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Actually I like President Bush. We prayed for the man God wanted us to have...and HE gave us GW Bush. So to complain is to complain against GOD's man of this hour. There are things I don't understand...and humanly speaking wish President Bush would take as seriously as I do, like illegal immigration and support for Israel to never sacrifice the land GOD gave them to appease terrorist,but all in all he is the best choice we had. see #2
---eloia on 9/27/06

Amen. Elder you are absolutely correct. It doesn't mean you're being steam rolled, it indicates that you are a Christian. I prayed just as hard for the previous administration.
---Spike on 9/24/06

We live in a country that has sacrificed many people in all kinds of wars so we can have the freedom of speech. We are proud of the fact that we have it. We are so proud that we forget what the Bible says about speaking evil towards our leaders and attacking them personally. Then we get angered because some terrorist does the same.
Cond #2
---Elder on 9/23/06

Cond #2
In Acts 231-5 Paul realized it was wrong before God to speak personal evil against the ruler. He repented publicly because of it.
We may not like what a leader does but to speak evil and call personal names is just sin before God.
Don't argue with me about this take it up with God and ask Paul why he repented.
---Elder on 9/23/06

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Donna, on the Blog about Liberals being Christian, I was told to behave myself.. so I guess no fighting for now!!!
---NurseRobert on 9/22/06

Dottie, it's a good thing than that I do not consider myself of this world nor do I love the things of this world. I am not an American I am a citizen of Jarusalem.
---Ryan on 9/22/06

For those of you who do not know it, it was not just directed to Bush. but the entire USA, he is thick as thieves with Iran. 1/3 of our oil comes from his country, and in My opinion we should STOP getting it from there, he will quickly change his tune, but the American people TODAY are a whinny and complaining generation of people, and that would never happen. So carry on.(and love your gas prices)
---Dottie on 9/22/06

Nurse: Bush has been called much worse in my house by my son and I. Big deal. That's what I praise the Lord for the 1st amendment for. I can say what I like about the man, and can't be arrested for it.
---Madison1101 on 9/21/06

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NurseRobert -- My post was not directed to you..or anyone here in particular. Thanks for not calling him a "devil". (but I've heard others besides Chavez use that term.) I don't always have compliments for him, either.
No, I'm too busy to fight just now. Maybe later sometime,if you want to :>)
---Donna2277 on 9/21/06

Donna, are you looking to start anothe fight??
I've never called Bush a devil...

An idiot maybe, a moron, once or twice, a lier and incompetent, maybe, BUT never a devil!!!
---NurseRobert on 9/21/06

The U.S. should get the UN out of the country. I laugh as Bush, and at all politicians, liberal and conservative.

The US has ALWAYS supported dictaters who have slaughtered and oppressed their own people, as long as they did what Washington wanted, so why not let them speak here?
---MikeM on 9/21/06

laugh in his face. Whomever is living for Christ will have perscuations. What can the US do other than laugh at him? And Satan. I say we all banned together and tell Satan to go to hell and stay there.
---Rebecca_D on 9/21/06

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Do not answer a fool according to his folly, Lest you also be like him. (Pro.26-4)
Chavez spoke his peace for all to hear and now he will face the consequences of his folly to the International Community. He is wise in his own eyes and many can now see it.
---John on 9/21/06

Ryan and Donna, good answers. Regardless of political views what good does Bush bashing do? Or Kerry bashing, or Clinton bashing, or fill in the blank...
---christina on 9/21/06

When a ruthless "Communist" dictator stands on the UN platform and calls the Leader of the free word and our country something like this and we are not upset it shows how far we have fallen.
It was not only the person of Bush that was attacked but the entire United States and her people.
Cond #2
---Elder on 9/21/06

Cond #2
Freedom of speech is not extended to Chavez's people but he exercises it. With freedom of speech comes responsibility.
If Bush had said Muslims were devils he would have had to offer his first born as an apology.
We as a people are too soft in our gut and afraid if our shadow. I and many others did not approve of the Clinton administration but would have given our life to defend what he represented as a free Nation.
---Elder on 9/21/06

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People should stop talking about the president and support him. He is a born again christian and seeks God's will on all decisions he makes. When he prays, he ask for wisdom. He is trying to protect our country and we need to pray for him.
---shira_9639 on 9/21/06

ts a sign of gross immaturity. The US and the rest of the world should ignore him. As for the rest of us Christians, calling our leaders names is not part of our Biblical mandate. We are asked to pray for them instead!!!
---pkay on 9/21/06

Lynn ... They applauded Hitler.
Did he speak the truth?
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/21/06

Name calling is no big deal. Haiti thinks Bush is a savior. The US. cancelled the Haitian debt. And ships boat loads of rice and flour free of charge along with medical supplies. I know, I handed lots of it out to the hungry people.
It doesn't matter who you are someone is always going to be against you. I hope the US doesn't respond. It's not worth it.
---john on 9/21/06

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Chavez spoke freely today, but his citizens are not afforded the same luxury in his country. Deception at its' greatest. They're not allowed to speak, at all. I believed W. was the man God picked for the world timeline and I still do. There's much more than WMD and oil issues at stake. This is a religious war, the half has not been told or seen, yet. I pray for George and our soldiers. USA is falling into apathy, but I sense something on horizon. So I pray harder for the USA and my loved ones.
---Spike on 9/20/06

Isn't he the Presi-dictator of Venezuela? that wants to destroy the U.S.A? The government that wholly owns Citgo oil. It really is sad that our military has fought & many have died over the decades to allow not only foreign items such as him to call the leader of our nation such names but those here in a Christian environment also? Gee, if we can't degrade our president who can? I say if we don't like our country's leaders vote 'em out. Don't lower ourselves to the level of those who hate our nation.
---mikefl on 9/20/06

Since we are a supposed 'Christian nation' our correct response would be 1) Turn the other cheek and let him strike that as well, 2) Show him love and kindness, 3) Pray for him, & 4) Do not give it any attention because we are told "Resist not evil." Don't give evil any focus because than it has the ability to invade our mind.
---Ryan on 9/20/06

People usually respond with applaud when the truth is spoken.
---Lynn on 9/20/06

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WHY RESPOND? Chavez is a Communist dictator of the same ilk as Castro (They are pals).Same thing Dems have been shrieking for 6 yrs.
Birds of a feather....
(and who even listens any more)
---Donna2277 on 9/20/06

Why should we even do anything? What could we do about it? People are free to say what they want about anybody, at least in free countries. I personally feel Bush is an absolute disaster for our country but he's no devil--lol! My cousin lost a son to the Iraq war and I'm sure she's called him a few unkind things too.
---Mary on 9/20/06

He has been called worse than that at some of my family gatherings. Who cares?
---Madison1101 on 9/20/06

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