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What Is A Evangelical Liberal

Just watched a news headline about evangelical liberals. How can you call yourself a christian and be liberal?

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 ---fhoma6579 on 9/20/06
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For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. Galatians 5:14
---arnoa4334 on 3/2/08

Amen, Madison! :)
---Mary on 6/15/07

Easy. Political liberals can be evangelical Christians, and Evangelical Christians can be politically liberal.
---Madison1101 on 6/10/07

To a pharisee, the teachings of Jesus were very different. However, you can't begin to compare that to todays liberal, anything goes, more tolerance, politicians.
---mike on 9/28/06

I agree with that. We had a similar thing happen here in Georgia. The polls showed that the majority wanted to vote on our state flag. One politician, that I wont name, made the comment that we should not have a vote because the voters would make the wrong choice. Can you believe he would actually say that? Of course he was elected by the same voters.
---mike on 9/28/06

Ever watch Hannity & Colmbs on Fox? I have always liked Bob Bechtel (sp?)a Democratic strategist, for he was considerate, and articulate without being like Ann Coulter.
The other day, someone floated a nasty remark about Christians, and Jesus. He nicely, and gently tore them to pieces, and gave his testimony, saying, "Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior" in the process.
People forget that Jesus was considered a liberal by conservative Pharisees; he upset them so much. Answer is yes.
---JohnT on 9/27/06

Mike, I don't think it's a question of voting morality in, it's voting against all the trash the liberals are trying to get passed. I heard a liberal speaker some yrs ago say, "there are alot of issues that are too important to be left to the voters to decide." that's communisim. thats the liberal view.
---wayne on 9/27/06

If you are talking to me, I am the wrong mike. I say we must make every effort to vote morality in. If the ship is going down, and you have a choice between a life raft with a hole in it or a glass of water, which do you take?

Moderator: I don't get it.
---mike on 9/27/06

Mike, i reread one of your earlier posts. I know that morality can't be voted in. you're right. However I still can't vote for people who say christianity is not revelant in this day and time, as Dem chairman Mr Dean stated last year. So i guess one has to vote their concience.
---wayne on 9/27/06

Mike, I'm not aware of any religous group trying to get control over people. I can't vote for a party that openly opposes biblical morality. In Tn this past November the ACLU tried to block a state wide vote on a constitutional marriage amendment. They perfer that the moral issues be decided by liberal judges. Now why is that?
---wayne on 9/27/06

Wayne: I would check out that government program and get the facts. The federal requirements for welfare require work or education, plus there is a five year limit. Once the five years runs out, the money stops, FOREVER, for that person.
Contact your local welfare office and find out the requirements. Here in Pennsylvania, it goes by the federal guidelines. Some states may be more generous.
---Madison1101 on 9/26/06

Madison, thanks for sharing about your son.
The gov houseing for low income and some with no income here in my town has a 30 family unit. most do not work at anything. their kids (preteen) run the streets all night breaking the curfew, getting into trouble. One 19 yro told his 16 yro pregnant girlfriend to get signed up for that program, cause thats what it was there for. I work with her mother. He said his mom did it and she could to. they are not required to have a job.
---wayne on 9/26/06

An evangelical liberal is like a cold hot bowl of soup.
---mike on 9/26/06

Wayne: Disability is not welfare. It is money from Social Security to support someone who is physically or emotionally incapable of working full time. My nephew is on disability because of his severe learning disabilities and mental illness. He does work part time, but he still collects his disability check and his medical assistance from the government.
You need to study up on welfare before you talk about it as if you know something about it.
---Madison1101 on 9/26/06

Madison, yes every employee deserves Ins coverage. to make that happen the gov federal or state would have to make it mandatory. Which maybe they could. There is a state mandate here in ky which says all the migrite farm employers must carry health Ins on the workers. I'm not familiar with the workfare. I know alot of people on disability who aren't required to work, but they run around all night and get free insurance. (medicaid)
---wayne on 9/26/06

Wayne: Welfare, as it used to be, no longer exists. It is more called "Workfare" because its recipients are required to either work or go to school. That is not promoting laziness.
There are other legitimate programs that I believe all people should have, like medical coverage. Hard working people should have medical insurance, and a lot of employers, like WalMart, are not providiing it for their employees. That is not to encourage laziness, but to ensure a healthy America.
---Madison1101 on 9/25/06

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Madison, yes i'm for supporting the education and athletic programs of our schools. Our kids are our future. I know that some branches of welfare has had they're benifets cut, and it creates hardships on people who really need help.
To increase the "social welfare" in general will make us a lazy, ignorant third world people. To depend on the gov for handouts will have disastrous results. you of all people should know this.
---wayne on 9/25/06

Frequently I have to hold my nose as I fill in my ballot.
---Jack on 9/25/06

Wayne- What is the 'evil political party?' Both parties have good, evil people in them. I see no difference in them except rhetoric. Both want control over peoples lives, just with different jargon. ALL goverment is evil, but a needed evil, thue you limit the evil. The religious right-partially within the republican party- wants far greater control over peoples lives, via goverment, than liberal democrats. They admit this freely. Religion in goverment corrupts both-Thomas Jefferson
---MikeM on 9/25/06

Wayne: I have worked in public education for twenty years, and have studied the social welfare system in grad school for three years. I vote for the politicians that will support those two areas of our society. You vote how you vote, and I will vote how I vote. Don't judge me because I value things differently than you.
---Madison1101 on 9/25/06

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Madison,. Those verses is Jesus talking about the way we'll be judged after He comes back. We as christians must have that compassion on the poor and the people in prision. Thanks.
However it says nothing about voting for an evil political party for the sake of the poor. As you know education and free interprize is the key to prevent poverty. Not more handouts from the gov. Thats why we're not a third world country. thanks..
---wayne on 9/25/06

Wayne-The big lie of conservative is 'limited goverment'(oxymoron) They want bigger goverment than liberals. Voting 'Morality' in history is a disaster. Prohibition, and the Civil War(another oxymoron). The northern Christians were against slavery, the southerners were pro-slavery, both were Bible believing Baptist.
I am Libertarian. People should have the right to be good, or bad.
---MikeM on 9/25/06

Wayne: Matthew 25:31-46
---Madison1101 on 9/24/06

Madison. I have no idea what verse you're refering to. Jesus never said anything about minorities or voting to support the poor. He did say "the poor we'll always have with us."
In proverbs it says "he who does not hear the cry of the poor will someday cry himself and not be heard". He said alot about giving.
It should be done through the church. Not the gov, which would create a welfare state.
---wayne on 9/24/06

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Wayne: Liberal Christians, like myself, look at the message in the New Testament where Jesus separated the sheep and the goats and vote concerning the needs of the poor and minorities.
---Madison1101 on 9/23/06

During the American Revolution, conservative Bible-believing Christians were Royalists.

Later, especially in the 19th-early 20th centuries, liberal political and social goals (e.g., abolition, women's suffrage) were championed by evangelical leaders.

The Pledge of Allegiance was written (without "under God") by Francis Bellamy, a Baptist minister of liberal Socialist outlook.
---Jack on 9/23/06

thats a political discription, actuallly we as christians are to bear witness of jessus and do everything in love,and be in the world but not of the world.
---tom2 on 9/23/06

Not to judge anyone, but as for liberal vs conservative in politicis, we have to look at their agenda. Take the issues one by one.
We have to vote our concience. I just don't like liberal judges overturning popular vote
by saying they know whats good for us. We all have the right to do as we choose. Just don't try to legalize sin. I will vote the moral ticket.
---wayne on 9/23/06

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Wayne: I cannot fathom how Christians can be politically conservative.
---Madison1101 on 9/22/06

How can one be liberal politically and still be a christian?
---wayne on 9/22/06

Donna5759-- >> I believe what Jesus tells me. I take him at His word. What does that make me?>> That makes you a blessed child of God! Praise the Lord! But you could also be called a "conservative" Christian.
I wanted to define these terms because they are used so often in different contexts. One can be liberal in politics and conservative in religion... or vice versa (tho some deny it). It's probably more common to be liberal in both or conservative in both.
---Donna2277 on 9/22/06

Daphn, I will be difficult but I will try (Robert looking embarassed!! ;) )
I agree with Jack, though, and in my own way I was trying to make that point. Liberal or conservative have nothing to do with being Christian.
---NurseRobert on 9/22/06

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AMEN JACK,and again amen
---tom2 on 9/22/06

Iam a follower of jesus christ and the word. if people choose to call me a christian conservstive as merely a discription of me thats fine . but as for me it means nothing.
---tom2 on 9/22/06

Excellent point Jack, that says it all! "No matter how you slice it, the terms "liberal" and "conservative", when applied to social or political programs, are doing nothing but dealing with kingdoms of this world.
To confuse either (or social liberalism/conserativism) with the Gospel of Christ is to make a LIAR of Him who said, "My kingdom is NOT of this world.""
---christina on 9/22/06

Donna2277, thank you for that explanation, I appreciate it sister. I'm going to have to say what the blind man said after Jesus opened his eyes to see, "I only know ONE thing, I was blind, but now I see."

I only know Jesus and Him crucified. I've got that sort of child-like faith. I believe what Jesus tells me and take him at his word. What does that make me? Sometimes I feel naieve because I'm not a scholar or theologian, but I believe Jesus, does that count for something?
---Donna9759 on 9/22/06

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The question's been asked how can a christian be a conservative and also how can they be a liberal. Is there anyone who honestly agrees 100% with either? There is much good as well as bad in both, but I think that we as individuals have certain issues which are closest to our hearts, and are unfortunately put in a position of choosing one side or the other if we wish to vote. ONLY GODS WAY is right, and both sides hit and miss...
---christina on 9/22/06

Nurse Robert, Behave yourself. Donna, I appreciate the breakdown. One can be politically liberal but religiously conservative, as well as religiously liberal and politically conservative. Bottom line is neither Republican nor Democrat = christian. So, perhaps this argument should be laid to rest.
---daphn8897 on 9/22/06

No matter how you slice it, the terms "liberal" and "conservative", when applied to social or political programs, are doing nothing but dealing with kingdoms of this world.
To confuse either (or social liberalism/conserativism) with the Gospel of Christ is to make a LIAR of Him who said, "My kingdom is NOT of this world."
---Jack on 9/22/06

#2 MikeM, I consider myself a liberal, in that, I do not believe we can understand or adhere to the moral code by understanding Law. The only way to have the moral code instilled within us is by having the Holy Spirit live within us and lead us, this tends to be a lberal view in contemporary Christianity. I am not refering to liberal in a sense of secular politics, my response is in the context of Chriatianity. I could care less about secular politics.
---Ryan on 9/21/06

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#1 MikeM, are you calling me a moron, lol? No, I'm just kidding, I love the word 'oxymoron' it's a funny one. Let me explain my response, as I see it has caused some confusion. I consider myself a fundamentalist, in that, I believe we , as Christians, must be guided by a moral code.
---Ryan on 9/21/06

Donna9759 -- There are different ways of being "liberal".

A POLITICAL liberal is one who believes that the traditional ways of judging, governing and promoting the common good are always in need of reform. They call themselves "progressive".

A RELIGIOUS liberal views Faith that same way. They do not interpret the Bible literally. They call Jesus a great "teacher" and "example" of right living and usually deny the existence of sin, evil and hell.
---Donna2277 on 9/21/06

fhomas, I have to ask the same thing... How can you be conservative and call yourself a Christian? Maybe it's all that "compassion" they keep spouting about.
---NurseRobert on 9/21/06

ryan, not to offend but how can that be?the only liberal which is not what paul was saying when he said to a greek I,am greek,etc. he wasn,t meaning he was liberal. he meant he was loving and would not judge anyone who was without jesus.but I can,t undersand how you can be a fundalmentalist and a liberal at the same time.
---tom2 on 9/21/06

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Liberals, as individuals can be decent. Liberal politics I have an issue with. Often I find political conservatives to be the biggest phonys. Ones politics are not a test of ones goodness.

In American history Christians have been on the left and the right. Evangicals have often been self absorbed, conserned with 'hurts.' These make political fodder on BOTH sides.
---MikeM on 9/21/06

Ryan; 'I consider myself a fundamentalist liberal' Now that is an absolute oxymoron. To be a fundamentalist is to be on the far, far right on the political spectrum. evangicals, as I see can be across the political map. When I think of liberal Christians I think of mainline protestants and their leftist 'social gospel' or 'liberation theology.'

Am I missing something?
---MikeM on 9/21/06

I must be so naieve because I really don't know what a liberal is. LOL What is a liberal?
---Donna9759 on 9/21/06

What is your litmus test or hot button position? For me, one of the biggest is abortion. Currently, the majority of pro-life candidates are Republican. I think if one is fair though, you must acknowledge there is garbage on both sides of the isle. Being Democratic doesn't always mean "liberal". We have a couple of Dems on this site that while I don't agree with their positions on a couple of political issues, I don't doubt their position concerning the most important issue - Jesus.
---daphn8897 on 9/21/06

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I consider myself a fundamentalist liberal.
---Ryan on 9/20/06

I watch the news and see news of leaders and church leaders living in total opposition to Gods word and professing to be following jesus, and other christians actually condonong it.How can they not see how lost they are?
---tom2 on 9/20/06

The spirit of antichrist has been around since Jesus.
---Lynn on 9/20/06

fthomas That is exactly MY question!!! I want to know how a Christian can be liberal too.
---Amy9384 on 9/20/06

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