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How Does Grace Help

How does Grace help? I'm confessing sins all day long as I'm aware of it. I'm afraid not to confess it. It may pile up. Romans 6:1 shall we continue to sin that Grace may abound, God forbid. Born of God-does not sin? But, I sin. I know - I'm not happy. How do I apply grace - I can not ignore sin.

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 ---Linda3939 on 9/22/06
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Christian Saints serve Christ, and sinners serve sin: "Every good tree brings forward good fruit, but a corrupt tree brings forward bad fruit. A good tree cannot bring forward bad fruit, neither a corrupt tree bring forward good fruit. Every tree that brings not forward good fruit is cut down, and thrown into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits you all will know them. Wosoever is born of God does not commit sin, for his seed remains in him and he cannot sin, because he is born of God."
---Eloy on 5/5/08

Page two>>>Justification===deals with the penality for sin. Sanctification===deals with the power of sin. Justification==is a declarative act of God. Sanctification==is a progressive act of God. Both works of God deals with the sinner. Justification with the unsaved sinner. Sanctification with the saved sinner.The end result of justification is salvation, The end result of sanctification is obedience. Justification and sanctification are two aspects of the one work of God in saving men.>>Page three
---catherine on 5/5/08

Page three>> A living sacrifice===The surest evidence of our spiritual life is the dedication of ourselves to God.===To converse with God, to have a regard to Him, a delight in Him, this is to be alive to God [otherwise you are dead]....There is no living---------to God---------but through Him.+ The end
---catherine on 5/5/08

As those that are alive from the dead. To yield a dead carcase to a living God is not to please Him, but to mock Him. "Yield yourselves as those that are alive and good for something".>>>Grace: Undeserved acceptance and love received from another. In our case God. Never, never, ignore sin. This is the very worse sin that God's people can do. Whoever said born of God does not sin? Because the truth is, yes it does. Page two please read. Thank you.
---catherine on 5/5/08

Christians serve Christ, not sin. So I must ask, Why are you sinning all day long, rather than doing good all day long? Do you not know that every time you choose to sin you are nailing inncocent Christ to the cross all over again and again and again? If you love him, then keep his Commandments, and bring a joyful smile to his face rather than shame.
---Eloy on 5/5/08

Linda3939: Yes we are to confess our sins when we are aware of them. But the sins are not counted against a true child of God(one who has accepted Christ) This is where Grace" comes in. God's love and grace covers these sins and when we confess to God,the Father, in Jesus name, we are forgiven or pardoned.Confessing is the key to forgiveness. Not the sin,itself. I hope I have helped some angel.
---Robyn on 5/4/08

Be convinced that it's his will to forgive you. Search the phrases when Jesus said "your sins are forgiven" and see again that those who were forgiven had great joy and experienced healing. They were oridany sin stricken people.

Think now- the ones who would have nothing to do with him sinnned already. Is the crowd holding you back? Jesus wants to go with you in every thought when you leave your kness. When you fail he forgives. If your not sick of it yet you will be, just don't let go.
---Pharisee on 4/19/08

If you're walking around always being sin-conscious, how do you have time to Keep your eyes fixed upon JESUS? Your focus should be on Jesus and Him shedding His blood for your sins and knowing you are FORGIVEN! Past, present and future. The blood of Jesus cleanses you from ALL sin. The Holy Spirit will convict you of the sins you need to confess. God knows we're going to sin, that's why the blood of Jesus was shed for us. YOU ARE FORGIVEN!!!!!
---Donna9759 on 7/13/07

Have you been in Christ-centered counseling? God's prepared people to minister through the person of Christ in them, the power of the Holy Spirit & Word of God to the abused. I hope He'll guide you to that person who can help you gain freedom & joy. I focus on the abuse because I've lead in a lay counseling ministry for abused women. We've dealt with issues coming forth in sharing & discussion that they'd no idea their feelings & thoughts were contaminated by the abuse, they had lived with them so long.
---Linda on 9/24/06

After abuse in a person's life, it's common for them to think the sin acted upon them was a result of something they did to cause the abuse. If you were abused for 30 yrs, you may have much conflict in your emotions & thought life. Feeling weighed down by sin can be a tool Satan uses to keep you captive in thoughts & emotions that are'nt allowing you to experience God's grace. What happened to you was not your fault! False guilt, from the abuse, is subtle & requires help to find where it is coming from.
---Linda on 9/24/06

Thank you Lisa!
---Linda3939 on 9/23/06

Perfect Grace means forgiveness of all sins for those who are trully repentant, regardless of the number of times. Trully repentant means sincere regret fro sin and longing for rigtheousness. perfect Grace also means the provision of power to be righteous for those who want to. Maybe that's where you've missed it, you want to be but you are trying to by your own strength. When you ought to ask God for the power from on high that will transform you into his rigtheousness automatically.
---Okebaram on 9/23/06

2. Many people have gone through so much in life that others would never understand. There is much hurt and pain there, but time with Christ will make you forgive others, for your sake only, to give you peace. How do you apply grace? Read more about God. You will learn not to excuse sin and will move away from it as you walk with God.
---lisa on 9/23/06

Linda, you are human with a commitment to Christ. It does not mean you are sinless. It means that the Holy Spirit will began to clean much of your life. It does not happen in a minute but through your walk with Christ. You are now a child of God and you will confess much all through your life. As you grow in Christ, you will see the changes in you little by little and sometimes you don't even realize you gave up something you did that was wrong. You just stopped.
---lisa on 9/23/06

Linda, why are you confessing your sins all day long. Are you continuously doing something you shouldnt be doing? Shall we continue to sin? No.You should know if your born of the spirit.If you are continuously sinning, then you havent completly made a turn around in your life and give it to the Almighty God.How do you apply grace? Just take it its free and be serious about your decision. This is not a joking matter friend. Be serious for Jesus.
---jana on 9/23/06

Thank you all! Yes, I am born again and know I have new life in me. I know Jesus is in me. Just hard to trust.
I know many have been abusied. I have too. age 5 - 38. Unspeakable - uncomprehendable - in one persons life. God is still bringing me through! I need His help. I just did not want to say how much I need it.
---Linda3939 on 9/22/06

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Praise God even when you are in storms... God inhabits the praises of His people.

Also know that you don't have to keep asking for forgiveness over and over once you truly repent... Thank God for your forgiveness and ask Him to help you learn the next step in your personal walk with Him.

See you in the sky!
---Amy9384 on 9/22/06

Sweet Linda,
Don't ignore sin, just don't focus on it. We all fall short daily. Remember Whose you are. You belong to God through the blood of Jesus once you have confessed.

Fear is not from God. Neither is guilt. Satan uses tools like these to keep Christians crippled.
---Amy9384 on 9/22/06

Those renewed, restored & regenerated from above thru the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, having accepted & confessed the Father word of salvation thru the atoning sacrifice of Jesus does not sin. For sin is missing that mark. The error of our thinking is & will always be revealed to us by His grace. By recognition of that error we receive His truth which dispels it. With true repentance comes reformation or a corresponding change of attitude & actions thru the empowerment of His Spirit. Peace be
---Josef on 9/22/06

Grace is a divine influence upon ones heart or ones central focus in life. A guiding favor, support & act of unmerited kindness that brings one into the condition of being made approvable, without blame & acceptable our Fathers sight. If we confess our error He is just to forgive us & to cleanse us from all unrighteousness, Grace. It is by grace thru Godly sorrow that we are lead to repentance. The cleansing in our lives takes place as the error within us is revealed by truth thus freeing us of the error.
---josef on 9/22/06

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You cannot apply grace. What is grace? Grace is God's unearned favor toward you. I bet you are afraid you will loose your salvation if you don't confess all of your sins, right? God saved you, didn't he? If he has the power to save you doesn't he also have the power to keep you? Do you know for sure you are going to heaven without a doubt?
---Rev_Herb on 9/22/06

Linda3939, (9.)....You are truly in Christ Jesus, thus you are a winner, a overcomer through Him, sin has no dominion over you, never forget it! God knows that you desire to be "Hot" , not "lukewarm", it's the lukewarm Christian's that He will spew out, not you Linda3939, God Bless You, and Keep you! --Mrs. Morgan
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/22/06

Linda3939, (8.)....on the throne, only God, His Word, And stop trying so hard, just place yourself "under the control of the Holy Ghost", by resisting evil and yielding to Him, and every thing will be good. God is working with you dear one, refining you, just let Him work(smile) and ignore the devil when he tries to make you feel bad ,he's the loser, not you! God would not have you worrying, because that is not of Him ......
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/22/06

Linda3939, (7.)If you haven't received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit,receive Him , God's people need Him on the "inside" , but some who have received the Holy Ghost Baptism still don't "fully" yield to Him at all times like they should, this is so very important, Constant Yielding is the key, some Bible fasting can help, we must deny self, let God do His perfect work in our life, and surrender ourselves to Him daily, Just remember that "self" can never be ....
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/22/06

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Linda3939,(6.) ....arm ourselves with praises to God and Keeping His Word fresh in our mind's and hearts, putting on the whole armor of God, letting that Divine Blood of Jesus work in our souls,not hindering It, then the devil won't be able to get our attention, and he has plenty of workers (human and non-human) to do that! Hold fast to the Word, let it become a part of you, Lord,"Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee"(Psalms 119:11)....
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/22/06

Linda3939, (5.)Donna7959 was right, don't focus on not sinning, you can't do that in your own power any way, rather focus on YIELDING to the Holy Spirit let Him take you over, sinner's are very good at letting the devil take them over, God's people must learn to let the Holy Ghost take take them over, take control of their lives, their tongues, we must take on the mind of Christ, refreshing ourselves with the Word of God often.....
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/22/06

Linda3939, (4.) ...they are in the dark, but you are in the light, (1 John 1:7) states this, as long are you are not confused about sin, thus in the dark like some(1 John 1:6) don't condemn yourself, because God isn't condemning you, but calling you to repentance, refining you, Linda, so before you want to condemn your self, thank God you are not confused like those in the dark in regard to the Truth, for it's the light of God's Truth , that sets us free!......
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/22/06

(3.)He quickly discerns the heart and our "attitude"or belief system, He knows if it is of Him or not! First let's look at the problem, my problem was always my temper, I had to learn to submit myself and yield to the Holy Spirit, so he could take that temper and direct it to satan's kingdom, not to people.God knows you up and down, and all around Linda, He knows you are not making excuses for sin, some do, you know, some even say that they are still saved when they sin.....
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/22/06

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Linda3939, (2.)A true child of God , never makes excuses for sinning, never claims that a life style of sinning is acceptable with God, they never claim that God will strive with sin. It is so easy to detect God's true one's they are the one's that want sin nipped in the bud, want it overpowered by God's Truth, that is YOU Linda! You are a true child of God, dear one, stop worrying. God knows that you truly care about serving Him in "Spirit and in Truth", ......
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/22/06

Linda3939, (1.) Maybe some of the things you are doing isn't really sin, take every thing to the Word to find out, the devil can have a true child of God running in circles, worried to death, that is not God. If you sin, honestly repent, God loves you, and adores you because you are so concerned about honoring His commandments, Obeying Him, never forget that dear one, He knows how you are struggling and He is there to help you through, because He knows Linda's heart, even more than Linda does! ...
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/22/06

One of those things that nasty old Apostles' Creed says is "I believe in the forgiveness of sins."
Which means, among other things, we should believe our sins are forgiven.
---Jack on 9/22/06

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