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Condition To Receive From God

Many False Doctrines say God's "Gift's" are "Unconditional", no matter what one does. Is this consistent with God's Truth? Is "ALL" of God's Gift's"conditional"? If so, what are the condition's to receiving and keeping His "Gifts"?

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 ---Mrs._Morgan on 9/23/06
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To Whosoever has an ear to hear?...Continued

4) When we begin to walk-in the love of God with all our heart, soul & mind and also loving our neighbor as ourselves, we will discern the understanding of why God's Gifts are given unconditional.

We'll start to bless them that curse us, pray for them that despitefully use & persecute us. We'll have a mind to do good to them that hate us and to love our enemies. Love is unconditional and this is only realized through the faith of always walking-in the "Love of God".
---Shawn.M.T on 10/8/08

The Bible says that the gifts of God are without repentance. There is also a spiritual principal behind getting something. The Bible says you must give to recieve. You need money, give money, you need love, give love, you need a friend, be a friend - whetever you need, give it away first in order to recieve it (even if it is an act of saying "God I give this to you", and do not have the actual thing to give).
---Leslie on 10/6/08

2) If God did not love us first, we would never be able to love Him (1John4:19). In essence, if He did not unconditionally GIVE His love, we would never be able to RECEIVE His Love and it's His love that enables us to KEEP His Gift of Love!

It's from the unconditional giving of His love that allow/weakens us to receive the ability/His strength to cast-out fear & enter into the perfect peace of the Lord (1John4:18). We need His Love to keep His Love and if it was not given unconditionally we would not be able to obtain His Love! This is the condition, the only condition, by which we're able to keep His Gifts of Love

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---Shawn.M.T on 10/6/08

3) So God's Loving Gifts are "Unconditional" because the one and only condition for receiving & keeping them is given to us, which is His unconditional Love. The Love of God has been given to us by faith and faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

This is not false doctrine, it's the Word of God discerned. The world perceives it as false doctrine do to their lack of love, faith & The Word. The world is more concerned with trying to achieve & acquire, on their own, the things that hang-on the love of God, instead of just walking-in the loving TRUTH of what Christ stated in Matt. 22:40 that all the law and the prophets hang on the commandment of love.

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---Shawn.M.T on 10/6/08

To Whosoever has an ear to hear?

The CONDITION needed to receive & keep all the Loving Gifts of God,is ironically a Gift given by God which is "His UNCONDITIONAL Love". It may sound strange & conflicting but what's GIVEN by God is what's needed by God, from us, for us to be able to RECEIVE & KEEP that which was given by God.

TRUTH of this is found in the faith that God has provided "ALL" our needs in Christ(His riches in glory) by Christ Jesus(Phil.4:19).The cause of much confusing frustration in life & the inability to receive this truth stems from our desire to feel & think that it's by our own choices which enabled us to receive & /or keep God's Gift of Christ.

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---Shawn.M.T on 10/5/08

Spititual gifts are for life. However, if one is not careful the annointing can be lifted until you get straightened out. Earthly gifts is a bit different. God giveth and God taketh away.>>Note: Just don't put God in no kind of a box. He just might surprise you and me.
---catherine on 4/3/08

You can't have both God and the devil! If you belong to the devil, God's promises aren't good to you until you accept Jesus as your savior!
---ralph on 4/3/08

I believe that even if you are saved ,but living outside the word God will not bless the circumstance.Not to confuse my statement with gifts of the spirit. but paul writes about relationships being right so as not to hinder prayers, or allow satan a foothold.Its a narrow path to walk to receive Gods blessings and revelation, and a matter of submission,and crucifying the flesh daily.
---tom2 on 4/16/07

Mrs. Morgan; some of God's gifts are unconditional yes, but God won't pour out his power on just anybody. He won't pour out his power on someone whom isn't going to use the gifts. One can't live any which way and expect God to bless them, it don't work that way. God has instilled all of these gifts unto his children (born again) but it is up to each person to "activate" them, and seek the Holy Ghost for guidance.
---Rebecca_D on 9/25/06

Yes, Emcee, and as it is written, we love because He first loved us!
---Christina on 9/24/06

Mrs M, yes the word does say while we WERE sinners/past tense, still, Jesus died while we were sinners and offered that gift of salvation to us as sinners, we did not or could not earn it, is all. I did not say or mean to suggest that sinning should not stop
---Christina on 9/24/06

Mrs.Morgan. God bless you. You are so right!.Do you know that some believe you can sin all you want and when God look down from heaven he seen Jesus? You can kill and God see Jesus in you. Some say my future sins are forgiven, so I can sin all I want!.
God's gift only comes to those who are Obedient to God's Word. But some say you are saved even if you are disobedient to God's word, live a sinfull life, etc. Its a shame.
---Ramon on 9/24/06

When we talk of God's gift, being one of salvation,we are concerned with salvation,but with this comes His undying love .So do we just set it on a table or a corner or Closet & leave it there to gather dust knowing it is MINE.Or do we take care of it like a treasure & protect it & how do we do that?"HE SAID I ABIDE IN HIM WHO ABIDES IN ME"how do we fulfil that command?This is your eternal soul at risk.How does one repay the love He displayed on that cross.By adoration if nothing else.
---Emcee on 9/24/06

No, that is not consistent with God's Truth. No, some gifts are unconditional, such as air to breathe, and sunshine to see; however, when the believers are taken up from all this earth, such benefits as these will also be taken away from the wicked one by one. God's conditions are written in the Holy Bible, we must be born-again Christians, and we must follow Christ and his Commands even up to the end.
---Eloy on 9/24/06

God's favor is impartial. God gives gifts unconditionally to those he favors. God's promises are conditional.
---Okebaram on 9/24/06

God's Grace is a wonderful "gift", mankind definitely doesn't deserve it, but nevertheless, God so loved the world that He gave Jesus, who is Light and Truth, and those that truly receive this "gift" of God's Grace, also Receive His "gift" of Truth, "Truth is a gift too" and it is Truth that sets us Free. God Bless. --Mrs. Morgan
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/24/06

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Blessings that come from God are those conforming us to His image. These are the works from the foundation of the world,that we walk in. Eph 2:10.It is God who preforms this amazing transformation,as we walk by faith, not law. (2 cor 3. We are changed from Glory to Glory.) Those still under law having a vail over their eyes, can't see Jesus. No transformation there. Their obedience is to law only. Our's is the obedience of yielding to the Lord, by faith, believing in His promises that HE WILL DO IT!!
---kathr4453 on 9/24/06

God's blessings are conditional to the extent,you must come to Him in repentence of sins,Accept Him as Lord and Savior,and have a working relationship with God. The Promises of God are only for the people of God who love Him,live for Him,and obey His Word. You must be repented,redeemed,reborn a new creature in Christ ,to enjoy that kind of relationship with God. Dead to self living for God.
---Darlene_1 on 9/24/06

Christina , The Word says , "...while we were yet sinners"(Romans 5:8), "were" means past tense. The sinning has to stop, God's Word is consistent with that. --Mrs. Morgan
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/24/06

Ramon(2.)Some think they can have a careless attitude about disobedience, then say "God will look over this", because I'm covered,and He is Love(Look at what that attitude it did to Eve!) God is Love, but He don't "look over" carelessness/disobedience, We must take heed,(hold fast to His Truth, Continue in It or we are not covered, "secure"), lest we fall(1 Corinthians 10:12,13) we must walk in Truth, not Deceit.
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/24/06

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Ramon ,(1.)God bless you,God doesn't promise "any gift" to the disobedient, faith without godly obediene,godly fruit,evidence is DEAD, God don't "wink at" disobedience/sin,He never did,"God's Grace" is carelessly and grossly misinterpreted by MANY, His Love is not to be taken for granted. God is a God of Love and Judgment, we must Obey His Word, or face His Judgment side(Hebrews 10:31)"It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God"...
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/24/06

Salvation is a gift offered to everyone but only some will receive. Even the gift of salvation has a condition. Believe, receive.
And a huge price was paid. There are no free gifts, someone paid for them all.
---john on 9/24/06

The rain falls on the just and the unjust. But the rain isn't given to the unjust, they just receive the benefits. 1Cor 2:14 says the natural man recieves not the things of the Spirit of God. I do think he can reap some of the benefits from those who do.
Keeping gifts? Matt.25:29 says use them. Because if we burry our talent in the ground it will be taken away and given to another. If we use them God will give more.
---john on 9/24/06

Mrs.Morgan."#6. Blessings from God will only come to those are Obedient to God's Word. God dont give blessings, gifts, to those who dont follow and obey him."
What of salvation itself? "While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us". His salvation IS the greatest blessing, His life given for all. It was given while we were sinners, still it has to be recieved.
---Christina on 9/24/06

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It is God's LOVE that is unconditional. What comes to mind is Matthew 5:45 "...for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust."
---Christina on 9/24/06

Today is a Gift of God, That's why we call it the present!
---Lynn on 9/24/06

Mrs.Morgan.#6. Blessings from God will only come to those are Obedient to God's Word. God dont give blessings, gifts, to those who dont follow and obey him.
John 3:16 "whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life". What the condition here? We have eternal life if we believe in Jesus Christ. And beliving in him also means obey his commandments and words.
As you can see everything God give is "Conditional".
---Ramon on 9/24/06

Mrs.Morgan #5. 8). We have assurance of eternal life if we believe,accept and remain in the "Word of life"(1 John 1:1), and in the orginal message of Christ and the NT apostles (1 John 2:24).
We have assurance of salvation if we obey what the bible tells us. The free gift of God is given to us, but we must obey His words.
As long as we abide in Christ we have His gift.
---Ramon on 9/24/06

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Mrs.Morgan #4. 4) We have assurance of eternal life if we habitually and persistently practice righteousness rather than.(1 John 2:29). 5)We have assurance of eternal life if we love our brother and sisters.(1 John 3:14, 19; 1 John 13:34-35). 6) We have assurance of eternal if we are conscious of the Holy Spirit dwelling within us (1 John 3:24). 7) We have assurance of eternal life if we humbly follow Jesus example and live as he live.(1 John 2:6).
---Ramon on 9/24/06

Mrs.Morgan.#3. 2) We have assurance of eternal life if we submit to Jesus as Lord of our lives and sincerely endeavor to obey His commands. (1 John 2:3-5; John 8:31,51, 14:21-24; 15:9-14; Heb 5:9)

3). We have assurance of eternal life if we love the father and the Son rather than the world, and if we overcome the influence of the world. (1 John 2:15-16).
---Ramon on 9/24/06

Mrs.Morgan.#2 Now let me tell how you keep that gift. Lets talk about salvation, since a free gift however we need to maintain it. Let me tell you what the bible said about "Assurance of Salvation".

1) We have assurance of eternal life if we believe "on the name of the Son of God"(1 John 5:13). There is not eternal life apart from a genuine faith in Jesus Christ that confesses Him as the incarnate Son of God and Savior.
---Ramon on 9/24/06

The only "condition" to receive God's gifts is that one is born-again. We cannot earn anything from God. Only the self-righteous think that they have to do something to receive from the Lord - not true.
---Helen_5378 on 9/24/06

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A gift is just that, a gift. It is given by God unconditionally.
---Helen_5378 on 9/24/06

A GIFT, by definition, is not earned. If you must work for it, it is a "reward" not a "GIFT". To receive a gift you must only desire and accept it. Both the gifts of salvation and the gifts (not fruit) of the Spirit, are unearned. God's PROMISES MAY be conditional, as "Draw neigh to God and He will draw neigh to thee"(Ja 4:8) But primarily Christian obedience is not so He will call us worthy or from fear of punishment, but from a heart's desire to please Him.
---Donna2277 on 9/24/06

Mrs.Morgan.Nearly all God's promises are conditional; that is, they are dependent in part on us for their fulfillment.

Suppose my friend gave me a car which he brought with his own money. Great I say "Thank-you Bob".Now let me ask another question. Is it going to cost me money to keep and maintain the car?Sure it is. I'm going to have to put gas, change the oil, give it tune-ups, wax the car, and so on. The car is costly to keep, but it was free when I received it.
---Ramon on 9/24/06

A gift is given without merit, otherwise it is not a gift. A gift given with expectations or conditions can no longer be considered a gift, but rather a bribe. The word gift as it applies to the Father is the bestowal of a divine gratuity,(given without claim or demand) such as deliverance from dangers or passions that could hinder ones relationship with him. It is specifically a spiritual endowment freely given. Ones does nothing to receive a gift nor to keep it. One simply cares for & appreciates it.
---Josef on 9/23/06

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