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Is Ezekiel 37 True

In your wildest imagination could you conceive of Ezekiel 37 being literally the truth? That is where we are to take it without any symbolism accepting it as being totally literal?

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 ---mima on 9/24/06
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Yes, One way, or another, it's true! It seems to be symbollic: telling how Israel will be rebuilt and re-populated, However, if it is, then the promise of Revelation 20, vs. 4 would be nulified. Especially, since I don't see a pre-trib-rapture happening, why not!
Think about this: 500+ people being raised from the dead the day Jesus died (Matt. 27:52) WITH witnesses to that reality. Who knows, maybe Rev. 20:4 & Ezekiel 37 could be the same event. With God, All things are possible. (Matt. 19:26)
---timotheus on 3/5/08

The WHOLE Bible IS TRUE including Ezekiel 37, wheather you believe it or not. Belief or unbelief does NOT change the TRUTH. God said it, it's settled. Belief has nothing to do with it.
---Leslie on 3/4/08

Yes, I believe it literally, accurately, and implicitly. Ezekiel 37 Jew and Christian. They will stand, they will remain, and they will survive. Jerusalem, the envy of the world, where God has chosen to place His Name.
---Raine on 3/4/08

Amen to all these comments!!
Have you read Romans 11. It will happen!
---kathr4453 on 10/2/06

Today is Global Day of Prayer for Peace of Jerusalem: May God liberate the State of Israel from physical destruction. In this fight the Christian and Jew are one. We share a common heritage, the Bible. May God pour His spirit on all flesh, that these bones shall live. King of Kings, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, give us grace and strength to stand with Israel. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered. Lord God, give wisdom to our leaders to keep Israel as the nation of God's promise. Amen.
---Rachel on 10/2/06

R.A. Meaning if God can make an donkey talk then God can raise the dry bones to life. Meaning if he can do that then he can do this.
---Rebecca_D on 9/29/06

What does a horse's patoot have to do with Ezek. 37?
---R.A. on 9/26/06

If God can make an ass in the first place, then why cant he make one talk out of no where?
---tofurabby on 9/25/06

Yes, I believe this passage is to be taken literally. God is able to do this and more, if He desires. The passage does not refer to Christtians though, it refers to the restoration of the nation Israel only.
---tommy3007 on 9/25/06

If God can make an ass talk to Balaam then he can have the dry bones come alive.
---Rebecca_D on 9/25/06

It is impossible for God to lie. His Word is true.
---Christina on 9/25/06

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