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Are Demons In Everything

Why do some Christians see demons in everything?

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 ---tom2 on 9/24/06
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No, I do not worship my Karaoke.I only sing Hymns, Praise and Worship. Nothing is recorded on the machine that doesn't pertain to God. I do know the Word, having learned it for almost forty years now, so now you know that I have a Bible! God inhabits the praises of his people. The machine sits on the table, the Word lives in my heart. Now, I sing to him Acapella. But, I did "admire" the Karaoke.
---Danelle8439 on 7/19/08

Yes, pray, indeed pray. If you expect to make it in this world with the devil so busy, you had better get in prayer and stay in prayer. I am DEAD serious.
---catherine on 6/30/08

Hopefully that won't be what you say to God?
"It's not my fault, Satans in everything!"
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/30/08

It is not our fault. Satan is in everything. However, we must remain stable. God is stable, and so we must be also.
---catherine on 6/30/08

Daneele_"Yes, demons are brats and really like getting into your things.Like: they have made one of my prized possessions(a Karaoke) inoperable by breaking the tabs that control taping."

Your prize posession is a machine?

Know wonder you have Demons all around you!

Do you not know that the treasures you gather unto yourself of this world,
become's where YOUR Heart IS?

This makes me wonder how old you are, 12-16 maybe?
I would suggest gettin rid of the machine and read your Bible...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/29/08

Yes, demons are brats and really like getting into your things.Like: they have made one of my prized possessions(a Karaoke) inoperable by breaking the tabs that control taping.This is the second one they have tormented. Basically, I sing and play gospel,so it figures. The computer has to be prayed for to keep it working.I really don't want to talk about them. they are defeated and according to Col.2:15 they are a spectacle, having been defeated at the cross. Yes, they will remove things. Sometimes they return them, sometimes not! AND THEY ARE OVER THE EARTH!
---Danelle on 6/27/08

If God has anything to do with life it's this: He gave people the ability to think for and protect themselves. Every now and then he sends forth an entity to guide those who have been born with extra senses, for example, people who have the ablity to see and sense things others can't. My mother calls my extra senses a blessing. I call them a curse. When you have to watch the people you love die or get injured before or at the moment it happens your will to believe that God is going to protect you starts to fall. I've had to deal with this my entire life and things only get worse.
---kitty on 6/27/08

"Oh how holy and righteous Jahovah is to obliterate the deceivers lies with divine light & unquestionable truth."

I wouldn't say that the truth is unquestionable, at least not by the natural man. As a matter of fact, the next logical question that came about after the gospel was preached and heard was, "So, are you saying that we can sin all we want?" Paul answers, "Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?
---Linda on 7/28/07

God forbid. How shall we who are dead to sin live any longer therein?" The natural man will question the truth because it doesn't make sense to the natural man. However, when truth wakes a man up and is spiritually discerned, his answer to his own question is another shall I, who am dead to sin, live any longer therein?
---Linda on 7/28/07

Father answers back with another question, "Know ye not that so many of you as were baptized into Christ were baptized into His death?" Then He goes on to explain Himself throughout the rest of Romans 6, 7, and 8.
---Linda on 7/28/07

Ryan, what I want to know, did you read the Mod's answers about babies? Did you look at it and where babies go?
---Cindy on 7/28/07

I see it, and it's even here at this Christian blog in some of the people that enter input
---Lisa on 7/28/07

I would ask you just the opposite, why do some Christians not see demonic activity everywhere? We know who the God of this world is (2 Cr 4:4). Don't think that conniving, deceitful serpent is idly sitting by, he is crouching at the doorway patiently awaiting your countenence to fall. He has every lure in place, carefully constructed under his masterful architecture. Oh how holy and righteous Jahovah is to obliterate the deceivers lies with divine light & unquestionable truth.
---Ryan on 7/28/07

Tonne has the best excerpts (esp. "Drugs are demons..."). Peter8365 is correct saying fear=hell, love=heaven. Leslie is only partially correct saying sin is the only way a demon can enter. When Mother Teresa was sick, she was attacked... she was not a sinner. Many Saints get attacked (eg Padre Pio). I was attacked when sick with schizophrenia while being delivered. God protected me by having the Holy Spirit tell me everything I needed to do to get well. I listened and am much better now!
---John on 1/9/07

We are all children of God. The bible states that the heart of man is desparately wicked. They liked darkness more than light that makes them wicked.
---TONNE on 12/25/06

Tonne- What made you judge that "Today the children of hell are numerous". I see these kids as the children of heaven. I think that they are Jesus' thousands of saints to judge the world (as holy innocent). Peace.
---peter8365 on 12/25/06

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Drugs are demons who steal lives by keeping people addicted and lost. The devil roams around like a lion to see who he can devour next. He is trying to get you to fall so that his own empire can dominate. He comes to steal, kill, and destroy and he is the father of lies and deceit. Beware of ravenous wolves in sheeps clothing
---Tonne on 12/25/06

Today the children of hell are numerous because they liked darkness more than light.
They would rather do wrong than right. In the end Jesus is coming with thousands upon thousands of saints to judge the world and of course the seven churches and they will judge angels. I pray this wonderful event unfolds very soon. In Jesus' Name. Amen
---Tonne on 12/25/06

Because in this day and age demons are trying to trade places with the good people.
We are not dealing with flesh and blood but with rulers and authorities, powers and principalities in the heavenly realm.
---Tonne on 12/23/06

There are only two forces in the world, God and satan. If it's not God it has to be satan. Humans are always controlled by one or the other. When a person finds Jesus, it doesn't mean they've actually seen him with their eyes. It means they've found him in their heart. When a person has an encounter with satan it doesn't mean they've actually seen him but they've felt temptation that only he could dish out. Again, if it is not God it has to be satan.
---faye4464 on 12/22/06

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Sin opens the door to Satan and his demons. Either sin of a past relative (generational curses), or our own sin. This is the only way a demon can be in someone.
---Leslie on 12/22/06

Look at what you are saying. "God/angels protect you from them when you are healthy mentally, physically, spiritually..."

Where is God when you are sick? Isn't that when you need his protection most? Why would he abandon you because you are sick?
---Bruce5656 on 12/22/06

They see demons in everything because their view point of GOD is delusional. GOD is everywhere, but you can (with your FREE WILL) see him differently. This is because they have based their emotions in fear instead of LOVE. fear=hell, LOVE=HEAVEN. You might think that your experience is outside of yourself, but that's just not the case. Like in a dream the people you interact with have no recollection of this. You are forgiven automatically, because nothing ever "happened". PEACE BE with YOU.
---peter8365 on 12/22/06

Ok, wanted to post an update... Although I still believe demons are real and in most everything, God/angels protect you from them when you are healthy mentally, physically, spiritually, etc. I say this because as my paranoid schizophrenia improves, my fears and sightings are decreasing being replaced by increasing fruits of the Holy Spirit.
---John on 12/21/06

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people who are not well connected with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior see these demons and allow themselves to panic and not know what to do. In the name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, Satan, I rebuke thee. Get thee behind is what I would say if I suspect this.
---mmadm on 10/24/06

Thanks for the advice, Donna. I like the idea of a "neuro-psych" exam. Right now I'm working a lot on refining my diet, but I'm also planning on more exams/therapy soon. The priest at my parish said I'm probably more susceptible to demonic sightings/attacks than the average person, so I'm trying to make sure I'm fully delivered and stay as pure/protected as possible so that I can have more clarity/effectiveness managing my biochemical issues. So far so good :)
---John on 10/22/06

John-- Ever seen a physician about your experiences? Recognizing that you may be experiencing delusions shows you're not psychotic. Schizoid conditions are biochemical and tend to be familial. The medical establishment doesn't often recognize true spiritual manifestations, but a neuro-psych exam might help YOU determine what is spiritual and what is biochemical. If you generally manage your life OK, the docs shouldn't cause you any problem...just an idea..
---Donna_Smith on 10/22/06

You can't even imagine how much I've researched, learned and treated this disorder myself! Although I'm highly intellectual, separating reality from my delusions using my "self-measuring ruler" (brain) has been a huge challenge. I've focused on ALL facets of this and you're correct, this is a disorder that requires treatment on all fronts! Vit B (esp. B12 & Folic Acid), Vit C, Mag/Cal, Omega-3, GABA, Nutratose, Gingko produce the best results. I also supplement with Egg protein/amino acids.
---John on 10/21/06

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I also get backrubs twice a week, do 10 min deep breathing exercises 3-5x a day, jog everyday for 45 mins, stick to a VERY strict diet and frequently do various body detoxes/cleanses/fasts. Believe me, this overall treatment does work, but it MUST also have Christ our Lord at the center! I attend Catholic mass everyday (except Sat), partake in all sacraments (eucharist, confession, etc.) and pray continuously as well. It has been Christ our Deliverer, Lord and Savior who really deserves all the credit!
---John on 10/21/06

2/2 Orthomolecular therapy LACKS support as clinical trials have not found it effective. (NIMH and APA )I will add nothing further here as you may know more than I do on the subject, but I strongly urge caution when relying on one modality to fight a complex problem.

The good thing is that you recognize and can battle the delusions.
---John_T on 10/20/06

John, let me quote a schizophrenic hospitalized client's psychiatrist (sp?). The client asked him , "Doctor, how can I stop the demons from manifesting?
He replied, "Only by the blood of Jesus."

Because you are predisposed to being delusional, and the fact that mental illness can have a spiritual dimension along with a brain chemical dimension, you need to treat your disease on every front possible SIMULTANEOUSLY.
---John_T on 10/20/06

I appreciate your candor in telling us that you do not know if the sightings are real or not. The tone of your original post was that they are real. Please bear in mind, in a form such as this, many people do not understand what schizophrenia really is and would take your words to represent a firm reality.
---Bruce5656 on 10/20/06

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I have no way of knowing if they are actually real or not. All I know is that I saw what I saw. These sightings have happened all the way through my life. Demon sightings are also well documented by other people as well, including Jesus himself. BTW, Orthomolecular therapy does work as it has pulled me back from schizo triggered relapses several times w/o fail whereas doing nothing would have left me there.
---John on 10/20/06

John:There is good & bad in every person.Mother Teresa said she saw Christ in every suffering soul.Look for Jesus Till you find him.I believe you will.peace be wih you.Satan & his demonds always attack the good, he already has the bad.
---Emcee on 10/19/06

John:There is good & bad in every person.Mother Teresa said she saw Christ in every suffering soul.Look for Jesus Till you find him.I believe you will.peace be wih you.Satan & his demonds always attack the good, he already has the bad.
---Emcee on 10/19/06

Orthomolecular Therapy has been rejected by the established medical establishment as being ineffective and even dangerous.

What makes you so sure that the "demons" you see are real? How do you know that it is not just a manifestation of your disease? Please seek the advice of a doctor who can help you get a grip on reality.

Do you realize that what you are describing are classic paranoid schizophrenia induced hallucinations and delusions?
---Bruce5656 on 10/19/06

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I am predisposed to paranoid schizophrenia. I treat it by using Orthermolecular therapy, strict diet, exercise, breathing, stress management. I have seen/sensed demons in many things (people, computers, trees, cars) I have also seen actual demons (succubus) These foul creatures do exist. I have to wrestle with them nearly every day, no matter how good I am. Taking up the full armor of God, prayer, sacraments, Jesus Christ and taking heed of alerts/discernment from the Holy Spirit are your defenses.
---John on 10/19/06

Because they are "looking" for them. I know demons are here and I have seen them in people. bottom line, people have a tendency to look for the worst in things, as well as demons. If they get a flat tire on the way to church, what do they do? Blame it on Satan, and him not wanting them to go to church. stuff like that is hogwash.
---Rebecca_D on 10/1/06

Our war is not against flesh and blood but against spirits and principalities. When someone persecutes you, it is the demons in them, so don't be angry at the person. Everything is a spiritual battle. However we have the victory in the blood of Jesus.
---moses on 9/28/06

I think through false teaching it is that Christians see demons in everything. When I got saved 8 years ago, I was involved in a deliverance ministry and for years I have had the thinking that everything is demons. Well that is not true. The Lord is freeing me from that thinking.
---Helen_5378 on 9/28/06

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paul wrote, don,t think yourself suffering from anything that is not common to point is as many have stated many christian in my opinion are unaware of the correction going on in their lives and they shift it to demonic persecution in their lives. I f you are out of Gods will, living without being in obidience and submission lord only knows what can or may go wrong.And demons really don,t need to attack you ,you have given in to the flesh already
---tom2 on 9/25/06

jack, you just gave a perfect discription of my first wife, except that she also blamed every person she ever knew or meet along with satan for all her bad choices and her in ability to live a victorious life.
---tom2 on 9/25/06

Part 2:
She reached the point where she would go to no church in the area--there was "just no love" in any of them.
She never faced the obvious question of just why she was the devil's special target. As you can guess, she was a very unhappy woman who projected her misery onto others.
It's easy to blame the devil for our own weaknesses and failings. That way we don't have to "re-pent" (literally, rethink) and take responsibility for our own actions.
---Jack on 9/25/06

I know a lady who blamed everything wrong in her life on "the devil coming against her."
She was never able to hold a job more than a couple of years--it was always the devil working through her supervisors.
Against the advice of all her friends, her adult children, her pastor, and the groom himself, she entered a marriage that collapsed in 3 months--but it was the devil coming against her and not her own bad choices.
---Jack on 9/25/06

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tom2-I hear what you are saying. My christian friends give me an account of all that satan is trying to do in their lives, attack them, devour them, etc., We need to lift up the name of Jesus. Sing songs to one another and RESIST the devil and he will flee. Jesus said, IF I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.
---Donna9759 on 9/25/06

Ofcourse as Christians we need to be alert and aware that we wrestle not against blood and flesh but against principalities and spiritual forces. That does not mean however that there is demonic activity in everything. We just need wisdom in doing some things, no need for casting out demons where they clearly dont exist....
---pkay on 9/25/06

ryan, in spinach,??? people are swayed by not following Gods word,not submitting to God.allowing temptation to conceive in their heatrs and minds.but rude people aren,t demonic, they are just rude.the lost may have no demonic possession but are merely lost.many christian try to explain all sin as a demonic possession in their lives,when actually they are giving in to temptation. sounds erely like justification to me.the devil made me do it theology.
---tom2 on 9/24/06

Because they live in fear, and don't undestand that they are conquerors in Christ. The battle has been won at the cross, and Satan knows he is defeated. Read Romans 8 to find out more about who we really are.
---Madison1101 on 9/24/06

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I agree with Ryan. Why don't more Christians see demons in everything? When we do anything that is not in the will of God, we are opening doors for demonic worrying, fear, and a host of things that God did not intend for us to have in our lives. We need to be careful to know who is leading us... satan comes as an angel of light.
---Amy9384 on 9/24/06

There are 2 extremes, Ryan. Some Christians see demons in everything, even things that are their own fault, coincidental or harmless. We should not be unaware of Satan's devices, but we should be balanced.
---Okebaram on 9/24/06

Seeing demons everywhere is not a sin. They are everywhere like Ryan says. Some people are gifted to see in the spiritual more than others. The problem is with what the people do who see them. Some of them go crazy about it and cause fear and panic among the people. Others pray and trust that God is doing something.
---john on 9/24/06

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