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Is Runsfield Incompetent

Is the post war Iraq situation by Rumsfield incompetent as the media is stating?

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 ---John on 9/25/06
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Rummy is gone and things have been going better since the day the door hit him in the rearview mirror.
---lisa on 6/9/08

Well, Pharisee, I agree with you on ONE point anyway: that being in Iraq is a mistake; as far as our "brutal" army goes, well there are PLENTY of good and wonderful soldiers who are not like that! I think the biggest majority are good people who have a terrible job with horrendous sacrifice demanded of them and their families and they should be honored! Are you from America? Just curious.
---Mary on 6/9/08

"Incompetent" will hardly cover the wrongs committed by Rumsfield and friends!!!
---Mima on 10/3/07

Its all about oil, nothing more, nothing less.
---MikeM on 10/3/07

It's not that simple.
The US army is a brute beast in it's tactics, and in Iraq it's asked to be something it's not; a police force that uses minimal force.
The post war campaign is a picture of the army on a short leash, and this is not how the army is most effective. The problems with the war are alot deeper than one man's leadership.
I'd say the problem is being there in the first place.
---Pharisee on 10/3/07

REVOLUTION!!! Excuse my spelling... I shouldn't type when I'm tired!!!
---NurseRobert on 9/28/06

Donna, you make an interesting point. You cannot fight a guerrella war by conventional means. The British learned that lesson with the Revelution and we should have learned it in Vietnam..
Is Rumsfield incompetent?? perhaps. He sure isnt getting results.
---NurseRobert on 9/27/06

Thank you Pharisee; God bless ya :) Mary
---Mary on 9/27/06

You see we do agree...take care Mary, God bless you!
---Pharisee on 9/27/06

Pharisee-If I understand correctly, you aren't criticizing the capabilities nor dedication of our military. IMHO, (as a veteran, I'm biased) the U.S. military is topnotch in conventional warfare.
The situation in Iraq is not conventional warfare. Normal training doesn't prepare troops to police civilians, train civilians in law enforcement, run jails or hunt down and apprehend criminals. Neither Bush, nor Rumsfeld, nor anyone else,anticipated all that would be involved in Iraq.
---Donna2277 on 9/26/06

Ooops--sorry Pharisee; I guess I misunderstood you; sorry :/
---Mary on 9/26/06

First, doesn't Rumsfield take his orders from someone else? So why is he being blamed for something he has no control over? Or does he make decisions by himself with no other authority involved.
Second, we should be praying for leaders who have to make tough decisions, not judging them. I agree with Donna2277. She is right on!
---Donna9759 on 9/26/06

Yes I am American, and I wasn't speaking about the people in the Army, I was speaking about the Army as an organization and what it is made for.
It's made for warfare, and we saw that when it was time to take out Saddam's Army the battle was over almost as quickly as it started.
Now we see them trying to take out criminals in hiding...VERY different.
---Pharisee on 9/26/06

How would the media know if he was incompetant? Are they military strategists? No, they are journalists. As for Rumsfeld, I sure don't know, but I don't trust the media as an authoritative source.
---Donna2277 on 9/25/06

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