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Why Are Males Disrespected

Why is there so much eroding of respect for men and maleness in today's society?

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 ---steve on 9/27/06
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I think it's because society has been conditioned by television and other media. In the 1950s men were our heros in movies and television and real life. Now the sitcom programs have for the past 30 or 40 years depicted men as bumbling idiots. Wives are disrepectful and treat their husband's as idiotic children. And children do the same thing! That has taught our children not to respect men or their fathers and this has then permeated all of society as the generations of children have grown up.
---Gena on 11/10/07

Gordon: O yes! Women have their part to do.Most certainly. We must love and respect our husbands, at all times. I think both sexes need to learn how to relate and communicate better. Be willing to listen and make changes where needed. But love should be the foundation of any relationship. Love covers a multitude of sins and forgives easily. That is so important.
---Robyn on 11/9/07

Regarding my last comment: I did not mean to imply that mothers (women) do not play a vital role in raising boys to be real men. They certainly do. It's just that fathers (men) are CRUCIAL in teaching, helping and leading a boy to become a man. Men and Women are both BEAUTIFUL creations of GOD. Made in His Image. It's imperative that we get connected to Him IF we are to be who were created to be.
---Gordon on 11/9/07

Robyn, You are right. But, also, women need to LOVE and RESPECT their husbands, even when they do not "measure up". Do not criticize everytime he "gets it wrong". LOVE him. RESPECT him. He is your man. GOD hates divorce. Even in infidelities, He hates it. But, it is permissible if one is an unbeliever and wants out. AND in cases of infidelity. But, GOD would rather that each spouse just LOVE each other faithfully until death. To learn to GROW into being "one flesh".
---Gordon on 11/9/07

I see my original response did not make it to the blog.
I will try again. Men need to learn their rightful place in society again. Learn to be men again. Take the lead in the family. Learn what submit(for the wife) really means. Learn to show your feelings to your wife and family.Don't shirk your husbandly duties.Work. Complement your wife in private and public. These type behaviors demand respect from others. Especially your wife and family.
---Robyn on 11/8/07

Some of it has to do with father issues. Lack of "father and son bonding" in love, honour and respect. Only fathers can show sons how to be men. Becoming a Child of GOD the best Place to start. He created men in His Image and He knows how they are meant to be. But, the Feminist Movement also has aided in the destructive act of disrespecting men. Some women should back off from "taking control", and just let the man take over. Men and women are equal but different, too.
---Gordon on 11/8/07

Men should never be 'respected' just because they are male.

They should be respected because they are good, honorable persons who support their mates and children financially when necessary and emotionally all the time. They should be respected for their good deeds, both public and private.

But any man who thinks that just having a Y chromosome entitles him to ANYTHING, is an egotist.

And he deserves to have that ego smacked down. As often as necessary.
---Nancy on 11/7/07

Part 1:
There are so much eroding of respect for men and maleness in today's society because "some men are so proud of themselves" that one could conclude that this "type of men" believes they are the best creation of God and all the rest are simply secondary. This type of men believes that women are simply their subordinate and to be relegated to things and issues not of importance. This type of men are the enemy of women who believes that men and women are of equal footing.
---bebet3754 on 11/7/07

I,am so confused,nobody respects me, or cares,GIVE ME A BREAK. mature disciples don,t get involved in issues of insecurity.respect is earned,but a fliting issue with todays hurry scurry world. I would worry more about having self respect in following Gods will,than what anyone thinks of me.cause give it a minute and like the weather many peoples opinion of you will change for the worse. thats the world today, ME,ME,ME,ME, what will you do for ME.
---tom2 on 12/18/06

steve, if you live your life as taught by jesus, why would anyone be concerned about the respect they FEEL they deserve?jesus surely wasn,t given his due while he lived,do you expect yours?I live my life as directed by Gods word, and leave peoples issues to Gods conviction thru his holy spirit.
---tom2 on 12/17/06

Linda: Insecurities are a HUMAN issue, not just a male issue.

Norma: If in 17 years you only found two men worth dating, and even they weren't worth it, then YOU need some Inner-Reflection Time. There are MORE than 2 Good Men.

---Reiter on 10/30/06

The bible tells us that men should respect women and women should respect men. The only problem with that is women have a hard time respecting men becuase of the way that men treat women. I've been on a widow for 17 years and have only found 2 men even worth dating and that even went wrong. Men in this day and age, even Christian men, think just because they take you out on a date a few times they expect payment in return. Don't get me wrong, but the same can apply to the way women treat men.
---Norma7374 on 10/16/06

I wonder if men sometimes confuse arrogance with leadership, tenderness with weakness, harshness begets obedience etc. I do think men have insecurities because many don't take the spiritual leadership God gave them of their lives & homes. This translates to the wife/woman having that responsibility placed on her for her family. Women were created to be the "helpmeet" to the man. There won't be spiritual harmony in relationships without Christ. Do you know Christ as Saviour, Steve?
---Linda on 10/16/06

Jack, I did seek therapy because of my issues with men. I was abused by one and my father was an alcoholic. My advice to Steve came from personal experience AND professional opinion.
---Madison1101 on 10/15/06

**I am a woman and he obviously does not respect my opinion, or he would have followed my advice the last time he posted this same question.**

Madison, is there any particular reason why Steve should respect your opinion when you obviously do not respect his?

How would you feel if you were told that you should seek therapy because of your issues with men?

Did it occur to you that your attitude might well be simply proving his point?
---Jack on 10/15/06

Shiela ... if you click on the name steve, at the end of one of his posts, you will see everything he has recently said, on this and another subject, and you may understand him a little more.
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/15/06

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Shiela, steve posted this same blog a while ago. At that time, he was told to get therapy for his issues with women. He obviously has not gotten therapy and is still blaming women for his terrible lot in life. Aside from suggesting therapy, there is nothing more I can do to help him. I am a woman and he obviously does not respect my opinion, or he would have followed my advice the last time he posted this same question.
---Madison1101 on 10/14/06

Also men, please be aware that women have learned to fear unknown men who approach them in public places. How do we know their motives? If my care breaks down when I'm alone and 1 or more men show up, I don't know whether to thank God for the help, or get the mace out of my purse...and I can't always believe what they say.
---Donna2277 on 10/14/06

Alright now. I call out to all the experts here to help Steve. Help Steve with the abuse he suffered at the hands of a woman or man that have made him feel this way. Give it your best shot, help this man.
---Shiela on 10/14/06

I am against what most of modern feminism teaches women.(Bless all you guys who were taught manners and still use them).

BUT I'm glad to see that so many men NOW know how women have been made to feel for generations.
---Donna2277 on 10/14/06

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, feminists have become blind to the verbal and psychological brutality they inflict on men and boys. this is why many boys now grow up secretly wishing they were women.
---steve on 10/14/06

Part 2.
The other issue comes to how women treat men. Women will make jokes regarding cucumbers. Women will say things that are bad about husbands.

Likewise, most men do not disrespect the wives as a rule of thumb.
---BilllyBob on 10/5/06

Watch TV and the commercials. White men (usually married) are idiots. Everyone else is cool.

When was the last time a white male was not the brunt of a joke on TV? When was the last time in a mixed gender commercial that a man was not the brunt of the joke.
---BilllyBob on 10/5/06

part 2, oh yes and in the great usa women to this day get paid about half what men do on the average for the same job, how respectful is that?????
---tom2 on 10/3/06

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let me just say that until some 80 odd years ago women were considered property and had no rights at all, and in better than half the world that condition still exists today.And you are concened about men being disrespected?????
---tom2 on 10/3/06

yes ,thank you. I especially like 2nd timothy-7 Ever learning,and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth of God.
---tom2 on 10/1/06

It's written in scripture that man will have authority over women. The feminist movement began in 1848 when Elizabeth Stanton wrote the "Declaration on Women's Rights." Early feminists viewed the Bible to be degrading to women and tried to re-interpret it. Just after WWII, the feminist movement boiled over. Women wanted to be equal to man no matter what even when it meant to disregard the Bible. That was the beginning of the fall of man.
---Steveng on 10/1/06

Kim, as I read through the replies I looked for a way to say what I felt. You did it so very well. I spent a couple years in northern U.S. and being from the south (taught manners by my momma)spent a lot of time with my mouth dropped open at how many "ladies" could cuss. And just because I opened a door or stepped aside saying something stupid like "ladies first"... just made me want to go home.
---mikefl on 10/1/06

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Jesus made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a servant, and coming in the likeness of men. And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death of the cross. Therefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name, tht at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven, on earth, and those under the earth, every tongue confess Jesus Christ is Lord, to the Glory of God the Father. Ph2:7-11
---Spike on 9/30/06

Kim, something like that has happened to my brother, on a rainy night he stopped to help a lady with a flat tire, and she yelled at him. I couldn't believe the way she went after him when all he was doing was trying to help. My poor brother is scared now to offer help.
---bethie on 9/30/06

, every man i have known has been honorable toward women, yet most of them report being treated like garbage by those who think they are owed respect just for being female.
---steve on 9/29/06

, the mind-set that motivates many women to hate men is grounded only in their perceptions, not in reality. such women will always hate men, and will never see how cruel and undeserving of respect their own lives are.
---steve on 9/29/06

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, sadly, those who are asked why they don't respect men, often reply with endless comments about awful things men do. if such comments were about a racial group, it would be called bigotry.
---steve on 9/29/06

Bethie: I can relate...Good answer.
Mima: Great info.
MikeM: Way to be! You did well on this one. :-)
Tom2: Paul's description that you're referring to is in Romans chap. 1; and 2 Timothy chap. 3
---Tbabe on 9/29/06

I've noticed this, too. On sitcoms & "children's" shows where families are depicted, the men act like such doofuses & the moms or the kids are so smart---UGH!!!!
In Hollywood, white males are the only safe group to "poke fun at". Any other ethnic group, you're racist. If you poke fun at women, you're sexist.
I've seen men acting like gentlemen towards some women (opening doors, helping with heavy pkgs) & the women get SO offended that the man offered to help!
---Kim on 9/29/06

greetings,the male gender continues to lord over his counterpart,the woman, without conscious and without cloaks his attitude under the umbrella of protecting the weaker gender from dangers of this world.while dangers are real, man thrives on controlling female freedom for personal gains and ego praising.
---earl on 9/29/06

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If I ever hit my wife my Father would have disowned me. The thought of my Father, through 6" 5 and a tough cop hitting any women is unthinkable. A 'real man' respects women. I think thats more than an opinion.
---MikeM on 9/29/06

most men live lives today not respecting their wives,their bosses, their government leaders, and on and on.So when you sow disrespect in just about every area of your life what do you expect in return?? for whatever a man sows so shall he reap, AND THATS THE TRUTH.
---tom2 on 9/28/06

paul writes and gives a description of men in the end times.Not sure where its located ,but read it. afterwards you should see why respect has gone from people.By their actions described by paul they are lovers od the flesh and atleast a handful of other traits that are completely against God and his word, ego no respect anymore.when you have no respect, don,t expect any in return.
---tom2 on 9/28/06

When you look at the big picture around the world, it is usually women who get the short end of the stick in society. I don't respect men who abuse women or children, or let them go hungry.
---Spike on 9/28/06

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Jack, my son was married to a woman that abused him, and look at the news of some women killing their children.

Moderator: ...and husbands.
---Rev_Herb on 9/28/06

Most of the men I know, I have great respect for, they are kind, generous men, who have Jesus as the centre of their lives. However there are a few men I know who refuse to work, raise their family on welfare, (these men are capable of working), ignore their children, these are the men I find it hard to respect. Maybe what we need is for men to reclaim the role as spiritual head of the house. We need a big effort to witness to men, and to see them come to Christ.
---bethie on 9/28/06

Headline on today's newspaper. "Gunman wanted the females". "Took six girls hostage, killed one and then himself. Bailey, Colorado." Why is respect eroding for men in today's society? Crimes against women. Steve said in society, not the church.
---mous on 9/28/06

One of the "red flags" in interpersonal relationships with men is to listen to a man's opinion of his mother. Having been a captain over many men for many years this always served me well in judging men. In fact as I think back, I do not remember a single exception.
---mima on 9/28/06

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I respect men. Crimes against women in third world countries are horrible. Men at top of food chain, while some women must be covered up head to toe. Not manual labor jobs but in offices, men usually paid on higher scale for equal or less work. Women watch that, respect goes. In Christian situations, easy to give men respect. Cases of abuse, can't stay and show love while womens heads or kids being bashed around. They have to leave.
----mous on 9/27/06

Because there are many men walking around today that suffered severe damage in their childhood and never sought the Lord for healing. They won't even admit they need healing and so they grow up in a man's body and are still little boys inside, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. I've seen so much pride in men, enough to fill a landfill the size of California. Why won't men admit they need healing from the brutal childhood they suffered a long time ago?
---Donna9759 on 9/28/06

Turn on prime time TV.
It doesn't matter what show you watch that appeals to mainstream audiences, when you see it this is the rule and the exception is different.
The husband is almost ALWAYS portrayed as a bumbling idiot, or a child who never grew up, or some brute beast incapable of emotion and equally alergic to it.
Real men love Jesus
---Pharisee on 9/28/06

The disrespect given to men is probably as evil of a sin as the reason why the disrespect is given. 2 wrongs don't make a right. There is also eroding of respect to authorities such as teachers, police, and other civil servants.
---john on 9/28/06

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** Maybe because men have beaten up too many wives and abused too many children. Maybe because of deadbeat dads that abandon families, no child support**
Women, of course, have NEVER physically abused their husbands or children, or abandoned them and failed to support them.
Never in history.

Moderator: You are being sarcastic...right?
---Jack on 9/27/06

In todays society men are told to get in touch with there feminine side. They wear earrings some even lock like they fell into a tackle box. Women are pushing for leadership roles and wanting to rule over the men even in churches. Men arent men today. It is hard to find a real man that will stand for what is right and take a leadership role.
---Rev_Herb on 9/27/06

Maybe because men have beaten up too many wives and abused too many children. Maybe because of deadbeat dads that abandon families, no child support. Maybe because men no longer are the Christian head of the household. Wives and children go to church while dad stays home and watches sports. Maybe because women no longer bow down at the altar of men, but bow down before God. Maybe if you respected women more, you would get more respect.

Moderator: You have a good point, all things men should consider, BUT, God does not say to love and respect your parents/husband/whoever only if they deserve it. We have to reach out and show God's love ESPECIALLY to those that do not deserve it, so that they might live right by us. Disrespecting men back does not solve the problem. Right?
----mous on 9/27/06

Steve, I think a lot of today's disrespect of males comes as a result--to be honest--of the Christian male's disrespect for women. We are tired of being second or third class pets to the so-called "Christian" man. Sorry but it's how I feel.
---Mary on 9/27/06

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I believe that is a figment of your imagination. There is plenty of respect for men in our society today. Can you give specific examples of this happening?
---Madison1101 on 9/27/06

Part 2:
If men wants that respect for them would not erode, then they have to learn to respect others, especially women.
---bebet3754 on 9/27/06

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