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Can I Get An Annulment

I have been married to my husband for seven months. I recently found out that he is a substance abuser. This is information that I did not know prior to the marriage. Is this grounds for an annulment?

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 ---lori on 10/2/06
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Substance abuse is not a ground for divorce in the NT.

if your husband hid this from you and you are finding out 7 months AFTER the marriage it's called FRAUD married a man who lied to you about who he really was

(and any marriage) created where one party withholds information about themselves is grounds for a divorce
---Rhonda on 8/29/08

Substance abuse is not a ground for divorce in the NT. Annulment is nowhere found in the bible so you really have your answer. No annulment as that is a pagan practice. No divorces as you have no biblical grounds.
---Brooks on 8/29/08

I don't think you know what an annulment means. It means an unlawful marriage.
As if the marriage wasn't valid.
As if you married a man that was already married. You wouldn't have to get a divorce. Because the state would tell you, you were not married in the first place.

And it is in the Bible, by Jesus own words.

Matthew 19:9
"I say to you, whoever divorce his wives,
(unless the marriage is unlawful) and marries another commits adultery."
---Nicole on 8/29/08

Substance abuse is not a ground for divorce in the NT. Annulment is nowhere found in the bible so you really have your answer. No annulment as that is a pagan practice. No divorces as you have no biblical grounds.
---Brooks on 8/29/08

No. Annulment is saying that the marriage was unlawful.
Meaning that both person wasn't completely free in marrying each other.

If your husband was drunk, under influence of medication or drugs was he said his vows you can get an annulment.

You have to prove that the choice wasn't freely made.

Such as already with child before the marriage.
Shot gun marriage.
---Nicole on 8/28/08

I don't know about annulment, but I doubt you would find Biblical grounds for divorce in that information.
---Madison1101 on 8/28/08

No,annulment is not the answer nor appropriate thing. Try to work with him to get him in substance abuse counciling and be supportive as he works through his substance abuse. Yes, be in prayer for him.
---Ralph_IL on 6/3/07

mima, (1.)Many churches teach "man's opinions" . The Truth is if one abandons their spouse and commits adultery, then the other spouse is free to re-marry(if they have kept themselves clean). Many times when someone abandons their spouse, adultery is involved, but there are some cases in which a person just wants to be alone( a loner)no longer wants to live with their spouse, or anyone else for that matter, this would not be a Biblical ground for re-marriage....
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/5/06

mima, (2.)The Discipline of the Holy Ghost must be upheld, but nowadays in the Church Mima, just anything goes. God in His perfect Judgment takes into consideration how much "knowledge/light" one had in regard to His Holy Scriptures at the time of the re-marriage, many have been taught wrong,some not, God knows all things, and weighs each situation on His Perfect scale, without being a respecter of persons. God Bless.
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/5/06

Mrs. Morgan, I believe you forgot abandonment.
---mima on 10/5/06

Alan8869_of_UK and Helen5378, I meant to say, Adultry and death are the only Biblical grounds for "re-marriage", sorry for the confusion. Divorce and remarriage are very pertinant issues in the Church!
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/5/06

The Bible teaches that one can divorce for reasons of fornication you can also divorce if you feel that your god given peace will be affected if you remain with an ungodly person. Now If you then Choose to Re-Marry you will find accept the reason for you divorce was for fornication both you and you spouce will commit Adultry. Therefore you would have to remain single or reconcile if possible back to your husband or better still do not divorce. Corinthians 7, Matthew 19:1:11.
---Carla5754 on 10/5/06

lori: Please be EXTRA careful on this. While ANY addiction is not grounds for an immediate divorce, it may eventually come to that, as the addiction most likely will become worse.

I STRONGLY recommend you go to Al-Anon, the support group for family members of addicted persons. You are NOT responsible for his addiction, that is being co-dependent. But you ARE responsible to protect yourself, and any children. thus you are on a tightrope.

Any support from church available?
---JohnT on 10/3/06

It's clear waht Mrs. morgan was trying to say. There's no need for unnecessary argument.
---Okebaram on 10/3/06

Mrs. Morgan - How can you divorce a dead person???
---Helen_5378 on 10/3/06

You didn't mention whether or not you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Do you? Because if you do, you can pray and God can work a miracle. "The effective ferverent prayer of the righteous availeth much." If you aren't saved and if he isn't saved, find a non-demoninational church to go to or one like Mrs. Morgan's and ask the Pastor to pray for him and for your marriage. He will be faithful and pray for your husband. God can do anything above all that we ask or think, amen?
---Donna9759 on 10/3/06

Mrs M ... Adultery & death as grounds for divorce?
Is that what your Grace Cathedral teaches?
---Alan8869_of_UK on 10/3/06

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No, it isn't Lori. The only Biblical grounds for divorce are adultry and death. I would not advice you to stay with a person who is violent. Pray for him, and try to get him to a good church ,where all the 9 Gifts of the Spirit are in operation, like my church in Akron, Ohio, "Grace Cathedral". Many of Drug Addicts and Alcoholics have been delivered through our Jesus ministeries. We invite you and your husband to come and visit! God Bless.
---Mrs._Morgan on 10/2/06

Wow. You sure don't have much fight in you. Is that all he's worth to you? Aren't you supposed to be there for better or for worse? This is information he did not know prior to the marriage. That you were going to give up first sign of trouble. No, it's not grounds for the end of your marriage.
---john on 10/2/06

That's a good question to ask a lawyer.

Different states have different grounds for annulments (as opposed to divorces).

Unless someone who is a lawyer from your state answers this questions, s/he will know no more about it than you.
---Jack on 10/2/06

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