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Heaven Bound Now Or Later

If you were given a chance to go permanently to heaven right now, or remain on earth and still go to heaven when you're ready, which would you choose?

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 ---Okebaram on 10/3/06
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After devastating heart attack, four months in-hospital, and five months in a nursing home during which time I had to be diapered and the doctors were afraid to take me off tabulatetor. I have considered this question many times. Completely satisfied in the knowledge that I would go to heaven, I called for the Lord to take me quickly. Continued.
---mima on 10/11/08

Heaven now. "Love not the world nor the things of this world." I'd rather be with Jesus now, permanently, then to stay on this earth hearing of Amish kids being shot to death by a psychotic maniac who wanted revenge over a 20 year grudge he's held. It's despicable what's happening on this planet. I'd take heaven permanently anyday.
---Donna9759 on 5/28/07

There are times when I would very gladly be home in Heaven permanently. Then I get to telling people that Jesus died for them on the Cross, and I want to stay here doing that.
---Helen_5378 on 10/9/06

Renatta, but what if God gave you the option?
---Okebaram on 10/6/06

If I was to go to heaven right now it would mean I had made it to the marriage of the Lamb, and was immortal, and would later return with Yahushua at the last trump when he is to stand on the Mt of Olives, and to then live on earth for the next 1000 years helping those who made it through the plagues and armageddon,and helping those who are raised at the great white throne judgement at the end of 1000 yrs.
---Toby on 10/6/06

I Will to do the Will of GOD!!!!
---Renatta on 10/3/06

I am not here because I want to be, I am here because of him.
---Eloy on 10/3/06

I would stay here and help and witness to many people. I'd seek the lost and help them open their eyes. I want to go to heaven, but it would be hard to go when you know their are sinners left behind.
---Rebecca_D on 10/3/06

There have been several times in sever sufferings , that I prayed to die and go home. And recently told the Lord, I'm planing suicide. I have no desire to live a long life on earth. I guess I never have. But, then it came to me, now that you hate living, let Jesus take over and live in you - to reach others. So, now a new walk begins. I still need the gentle love of Jesus often to encourage me. But, see He needs us to reach out to others and show them He cares. And He is useing me this way now.
---Linda3939 on 10/3/06

Mima. That's great. It all boils down to this. You're not here for yourself. If I was the only reason I was here I would probably choose to go to heaven but there are lost people out there who need a person to tell them or else how can they hear? So, I'll choose to stay here until I can't be usesful.
---john on 10/3/06

We may want to stay to help those who may not go to heaven so that they will end up where i want to be when i die.
i've been repeatedly reminded to pray for my close family who are still not saved.
---nic on 10/3/06

Part# 4-as wild and unrealistic as this story sounds it is completely true. Today I have fully totally recovered, and still walk with a cane just like I did before the heart attack. I drive, witness, speak to prayer groups and continue on. I look forward to seeing heaven some day but God will choose the day not me.
---mima on 10/3/06

Part# 3-also during this time I was without oxygen to my brain for a period of 15 minutes and was "blue bagged" and declared dead. My wife was told that I would not be right even when I recovered after resuscitation. my wife and I laugh about this now. She says well being dead did not make you smarter but no dumber either. The ways of the Lord are mysterious!!!!!
---mima on 10/3/06

Part# 2 Strangely enough I never lost the "victory". I witnessed to over 70 people during this time. Over 50 of which accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. And one of which became a soulwinner in their own right. Yes I would prefer to go on even now accept for one thing, after witnessing to people many accept Jesus therefore this must be the reason I am still alive. Continued
---mima on 10/3/06

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