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Trouble Excepting God's Will

Ever had trouble excepting God's Will at present time for your life? Dream has always been to move once my parent's passed away. God has said plainly "Grow Where I'm Planted". My husband, children are happy with their lives. I'm depressed and struggling to be content. Any advice?

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 ---EJ on 10/4/06
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Do you think it's where you are at that's causing you to struggle or the emotional baggage that comes with the place? I hated the town I grew up in. Yet circumstances have put me back here. So if God wants you there find out why. And find someone to talk to who will listen and not judge. You can email me at Christia-net if you need someone to talk to. I have a fairly good understanding about depression.
---grace3869 on 11/1/06

Hi EJ; I've been there for more years than I care to remember and I'm finally at the place where I thank God for NOT giving me the desire of my heart--because I'd have been such a mess if I had had my way! Honest! I'll be praying for ya dear; Mary
---Mary on 11/1/06

It could be worse, and there's always a multitude of ways.

Have you considered that Jesus gives out rewards in Heaven for being the absolute best Wife and Mother you can be?

This life we live is a training ground for Heaven and the greatest among you shall be the servant of all.
---Pharisee on 10/7/06

Yes, right now. I do not like my job, and have to wait until a job in my new career opens up. God has made it clear that I am to be in this current job, and I have not liked it. I have also not been quiet about telling Him I do not like it. He lovingly tells me He knows.
---Madison1101 on 10/5/06

Your question speaks to being "surrendered" to God's will. In the past I have prayed, Father I knowingly, openly, completely, turn myself over to you. I want your will to override my will and I am asking you to do this for me that I may lineup better with what you would have me do.
---mima on 10/5/06

Very frankly I would say your problem, is you. This is always the problem, it is the problem with all of hummanity, SELF. When we learn to get out of the way and submit to God the Father He will teach us to be humble & meek in our soul that is when Christ meets us and gives us His Spirit to comfort & mature us. He gives us the power to overcome all things physical & spiritual.
---Ryan on 10/5/06

Every morning get on your knees and ask for His will to be done in your life. Then let go of your old self and embrace His blessings for you.
---Lynn on 10/4/06

The Bible says the garment of praise is for the spirit of heaviness. If there is anyway that you can get involved in praising the Lord, do so. It works miracles. And if there is any demonic activity causing your depression it will be expelled by the spirit of joy as you praise Him.
---john on 10/4/06

Some would say that this is exactly your problem: you are EXCEPTING, that is, leaving out God's will.

You should be ACCEPTING it, that is receiving it.

However, the word "depressed" makes me wonder if perhaps you are suffering from clinical depression, which is a physical disease, not a spiritual flaw.

In the mean time, your present perplexity and anxiety are your appointed cross. Praying "Thy will be done about this" will be answered with the strength to bear it.
---Jack on 10/4/06

When Peter walked on the water, he was doing fine until he took his eyes off Jesus and put them on his circumstances. Keep your mind fixed on scriptures that bring hope to your heart. "I know the plans I have for you saith the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and hope." "I am the Lord thy God who teaches you to profit, who leads you in the way in which you should go." Sometimes he's leading us to the garden of gethesame where we lay down our will for his.
---Donna9759 on 10/4/06

Paul said he learned to be content in whatever circumstances he was in. Yes, God's will is hard sometimes, but instead of focusing on your outer circumstances, make the best of them by "Making a Joyful Noise unto the Lord." "Sing Praises unto God" and don't let the outer circumstances steal your inner peace. Make Jesus your all in all and walk by the Spirit and you'll forget the pain of having to stay put for a while. Remember, it's only temporary.
---Donna9759 on 10/4/06

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