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Those That Persecute You

Please share your thoughts on the 9th Be-Attitude:
Spiritually prosperous are you whenever they shall revile you & persecute you & say every pernicious thing against you, speaking deliberate falsehoods on account of me. Be rejoicing & exult exceedingly, because your reward is great in heaven.

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 ---Ryan on 10/4/06
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It is hard to rejoice and be exceedingly glad when someone persecutes you and speaks deliberate falsehoods against you, but I have learned not to respond to those people who do that and that brings me such peace. I can't think about my reward in heaven when I'm hurting over a false accusation, but I can not respond and allow the Lord to bring me peace.
---Donna9759 on 3/4/08

Praise the Lord for His covering. He helped me a lot in my earlyer years when I was made fun of because of seeking God. Not only me, but they made fun at God too. (but years before that, I did not like Christians either.)

A couple of years latter, I was able to pray a sinners prayer with them.
Praise God for giving us Jesus! He is wonderful!
---Linda3939 on 6/22/07

Spiritually prosperous are you whenever they shall revile you & persecute you & say every pernicious thing against you, speaking deliberate falsehoods on account of me...

It sounds like when people denounce you in the name of Jesus and falsely accuse you for your own Christian beliefs.

Like people who condemn Catholics and think they aren't Christian. Just an example there are enough blogs here on that, we don't need another one.
---grace3869 on 11/2/06

Ryan.#3 The principles of God's kingdom never change: "all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution" (2 Tim 3:12). Those who suffer and endure persecution because of righteousness are promised the kingdom and heavenly rewards.

Persecution in one form or another is inevitable for those who want to live a godly life in Christ Jesus (Mat 5:10-12; 10:22; Acts 14:22; Phil 1:29; 1 Pet 4:12).
---Ramon on 10/9/06

Ryan. Persecution will be the lot of all who seek to live in harmony with the Word of God for the sake of righteousness. 1) Those who uphold God's standards of truth, justice, and purity and who at the same time refuse to compromise with the present evil society or the lifestyles of lukewarm believers (Rev 2; 3:1-4, 14-22) will undergo unpopularity rejection and criticsm.

Persecution and oppostion will come from the world (Mat10:22; 22:9, John 15:19).
---Ramon on 10/9/06

Ryan.#2 Sometimes from those within the professing Church (Acts 20:28-31; 2 Cor 11:3-15; 2 Tim 1:15; 3:8-14; 4:16). When they experience this suffering, Christians are to rejoice (v.12), for to those who suffer most God imparts the highest blessings (2 Cor 1:5; 2 Tim 2:12; 1 Pet 1:7; 4:13).

2) Christians must beware of the temptation to compromise God's will in order to avoid shame, embarrassment or lost (Matt 10:33; Mark 8:38; Luke 9:26; 2 Tim 2:12).
---Ramon on 10/9/06

Eloy, in response to your question I say this:
You tithe of your mint, dill & cummin however you neglect the weightier provisions of the law, justice, mercy & faithfullness.
I say this because our flesh will focus on insignificant details and we miss out on the focus of the scripture. God bless you brother.
---Ryan on 10/6/06

Are you using an unholy Bible? Because that statement you posted is not holy scripture in the Holy Bible.
---Eloy on 10/5/06

While this isn't exactly an instance of "persecution", I'm impressed by the Amish who lost their little daughters to a deranged murderer. They have reached out in compassion to the wife and family of the murderer (who shot himself), recognizing that they also grieve.

As this tragedy has been for the Amish,
persecution can, I think, be a powerful tool in eradicating self centeredness. To experience death of "self" is always cause for "rejoicing and exultation".
---Donna2277 on 10/4/06

greetings,will we as sons and daughters of God continue in courage and true faith to carry the torch of righteousness for the rest of our lives?this truth we carry is the true test of courage and if we fail as a coward then who are we?
we now live up to a higher standard and if we fail all humanity suffers for what any one person will do in life all will experience something of it.if we sucumb to doubt and fear then we have gave our fellow man a dim future. true faith moves a mountain of doubt.
---earl on 10/4/06

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